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File 134313364345.jpg - (205.83KB , 1152x648 , pyrohawtness.jpg )
142 No. 142
Some SFM pyro poses.
Weep in glory!
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>> No. 2257
When I try to download it from TF2banana, it takes me to a blank page. Is there a way you can upload it somewhere
>> No. 2258
TF2Banana? You trying to get it for TF2? Sorry man, I only installed the GMod version, that has a link to a dropbox file. I just followed the TF2Banana link, and yes, it is broken. I guess your best bet is going onto TF2Banana itself and searching. You might wanna tell the mod's author.
>> No. 2259
Woops. Forgot that gamebanana is down. Sorry anon, you gotta wait for it to come back online. The gmod/sfm version is still available though.
>> No. 2260
Ah okay, I'll have to wait then. Thank you for the link!
>> No. 2261
File 137804098711.jpg - (507.14KB , 1907x1069 , image.jpg )
Alright, I decided that this should be the last picture in this session of light testing. Taking requests again. Remember, the main rule is anything femmepyro goes really, just as long as there's no furry/pony/animu girls. Sorry, that's outta my comfort zone by a lot. A LOT.
>> No. 2262
Request Red Femme Pyro pleasuring herself with the handle of her axe in the respawn room, while a Blue Femme Pyro watches in secret.
>> No. 2263
Firstly, don't worry anon, I didn't forget your request. I got a lot of life crap to sort through. I'll see if I have spare time tonight.
Secondly. There's yet ANOTHER GMod/SFM femme pyro model from the same guy that is now fully HD (higher polys everywhere) and is also on the workshop.
http://donanman.Sparkledog Central.com/art/The-HD-Femme-Pyro-Gmod-Addon-397708025
>> No. 2264
File 137833453495.jpg - (331.54KB , 1903x1067 , image.jpg )
Sorry for the lateness. I think I got some more free time now.
>> No. 2265
I got one, Blue and Red Femme Pyro showing off their booties.
>> No. 2266
I request pyro in reverse cowgirl facing the camera with engie and cum dripping out.
>> No. 2267
Yep, I'll get on it!
Sure, I'll do it! I just need a link for nude models or I'll lurk around the internet tomorrow for some. So it may take a bit longer, but it will be done!
>> No. 2268
Good news! I found the models, it's posing time.
>> No. 2269
I have a request, if you can do it, i'd like simply a femme pyro wearing a Last Breath flashing her tits, either from a front view, or back (over the shoulder, maybe) view with a bunch of other random classes (including another femme pyro) watching in awe.
>> No. 2270
File 137846934835.jpg - (472.60KB , 1911x1069 , image.jpg )
Delivery for one of the anons. Sorry this took a while. Few good hours put into this, hope you enjoy.
>> No. 2271
File 137853046848.jpg - (342.25KB , 1912x1067 , image.jpg )
I aint too happy about how the blue pyro's vagina turned out, it's kinda out-of-whack scale wise. I noticed this at the end and my heart sank 400000 metres. Well here it is.
>> No. 2272
You are too hard on yourself.
>> No. 2273
File 137855703412.jpg - (517.64KB , 1914x1076 , image.jpg )
Here's the last request delivery for those 3 posts, hoping to see more requests.
>> No. 2274
Woops, almost forgot. The nude engy model was made by Rebbacus, and I downloaded it off of Source.Maxofs2d.net .
>> No. 2276
Best use of the Sight For Sore Eyes.

>>/dumps/321 I'd like to request a short series along the same lines as this one (That is to say, fempyro KO'd by malepyro and ravished), but with your own take on the situation/positions/etc.
>> No. 2277
Alright, I'll give it a shot! Should be done in a bit, hopefully tonight.
>> No. 2278
Was wondering if I could take my non-conventionally attractive romantic fluffy Fempyro request here? So using a model that isn't the Succubus. Even better, if using the regular Pyro model.
>> No. 2279
Also curious to know if regular-pyro-model requests can be made. I'm thinking something akin to the OP image for this thread
>> No. 2280
Wait, so you guys want regular pyro now? I thought you guys were happy with Femme Pyro anyway. Well, if you want regular pyro stuff, sorry people. I don't wanna sound like a complete and totally selfish ass-hat here, but I prefer sticking to Femme. I'm just used to it, I enjoy it a heck of a lot too. I might also consider making my own thread soon, that is assuming people like my 'work'. I feel terrible about this, so are you guys gonna lynch-mob my sorry ass now(I most likely totally deserve it), or can I stick to my weird fantasy land of Femme Pyro butts and whatnot?
>> No. 2281
Speaking of other things than Fempyro, is there any sexualized male pyro model?


I, for one, always welcome more Fempyro over normal Pyro.
>> No. 2283
Requesting BLU Fem pyro riding on futa Red Pyro.
>> No. 2284
Nono, what you're doing is totally fine! I'm really sorry if I made you feel bad! I just really like small-breasted, heavily scarred, tomboyish Fempyro a lot. That's what I meant. Like where canon Pyro is female, but you can't tell initially, because her suit is baggy.
>> No. 2285
No sweat on not wanting to take requests. I personally prefer regular Pyro model with either gender encased within, but that's just me.

As for the lynching thing, stating personal preference has no bearing on the quality of your own work, which is fine by my standards. Just do what you want to do, fuck the haters.

I also severely doubt anyone here would lynch you, much less bring on a mob
>> No. 2286
...Is this still a thing or did LiquidPotato start posting his stuff somewhere else and I missed it?
>> No. 2287
Oh, no no no. I'm still here, sorry for taking my sweet time. Comic is almost done.
>> No. 2288


Fuck yes.
>> No. 2289
hey, everyone, i'm the one who made the hd femme pyro and i'm glad you guys like it!

if theres anything bugging you about it, or you have any suggestions, let me know.
>> No. 2290

Is it just me, or is the right arm of the HD Femme Pyro a bit iffy to pose sometimes?

If it's not just on my end, would that get fixed? Would be neat.
>> No. 2291
File 137977323144.jpg - (322.28KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2292
File 137977331710.jpg - (363.20KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2293
File 137977336079.jpg - (287.69KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2294
File 137977341945.jpg - (314.30KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2295
File 137977345629.jpg - (330.82KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2296
File 137977349827.jpg - (376.75KB , 1869x1055 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2297
Donan (I am assuming), you are a legend for making HD Femme Pyro. All I can say is that my job posing and editing stuff here is way easier because of you. I haven't seen any issues with the model, but I'll tell ya if I run into something.
Also, on a kinda-related note, I just wanna apologise for that taking ages about delivery. That was my fault being unmotivated, and I apologise for making people think that I just ditched everyone. Another thing is that I'll never post my work on any other site unless I specify that I am deciding to do so. Thanks to Ashe, Mawaru and the anons for all the help you guys gave me doing this. I know my work aint fantastic, but I gotta say it's better than what I started with, and all I can say is thanks for providing the constructive criticism and red-lining. Gonna get started on >>2283 and I'll be taking more requests after that's done and posted.
>> No. 2298
thanks man, that really means a lot. i love your work too, keep it up and i'm glad i could help
>> No. 2299
If you are still doing these and taking requests, I would like to see something like this
except not anal, with the fempyro in a less unconscious position, and with the male pyro cumming in her.
>> No. 2301
...Is there an all-black skin for the femme pyro around somewhere?

With all the rubber and gasmask fetishists fempyro attracts, it's almost a given that that exists.
>> No. 2304
It probably wouldn't be too hard to make one. The source files for the textures were released a while ago.
>> No. 2305
if i could make a request, some more anal with femme pyro
>> No. 2306
hey someone made a femme pyro with bigger tits and ass if anyone wants it https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2wm6550uo2o3pc/xl%20hwm%20femme%20pyro.zip
>> No. 2307

I foresee lots of hyper Femme Pyro.
>> No. 2308
How do you install this, or any model for that fact, to Gmod manually? Every tutorial I've found has been either outdated or simply hasn't worked, everything else says to just use the Steam Workshop. Tried addons folder, garrysmod/garrysmod, and a couple of other obviously wrong things.
>> No. 2310
i usually put a folder in the garrysmod/addons folder, name it what ever i want to call it, and put the models and materials folders in it. then i search the models file name in all the game directories and see when it pops up.
>> No. 2311
File 138453509297.jpg - (68.72KB , 1280x720 , shirtless male pyro.jpg )

Might have to create an addon.txt or info.txt like you see in the folders of most addons. Just copy&paste an existing one into your femmepyro folder and change the info in that *.txt a bit. Worked for me.

Also, did the ragdoll in pic related get released anywhere? Workshop and any other pages dont yield any results.
>> No. 2318
theres a nude femme pyro now, but i guess it aint finished yet


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