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File 131372944770.jpg - (268.50KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 01-35-09-89.jpg )
1435 No. 1435
Pyro Porn guy here, with a new thread!

Dunno what happened to my last one, bumps stopped working and then it was removed alltogether (diddn't even fall off the front page, just -*poof!*-)

Was a little bummer but I do plan on making more, any suggestions for a more stable site I can archive these would be very appreciated.
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>> No. 1666

Femme Pyros texture f'd in the a'?

Either that or shes batman.
>> No. 1668
File 132034166964.jpg - (865.73KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-11-04 00-38-59-40.jpg )
> Also I have a request, red femme pyro slapping the blu femme pyro on the ass with that whip the soldier has





>> No. 1669
Oh god, Scout again.
Also that hat combo is menacing. Now I want it to be possible in-game.
>> No. 1670

No reason they shouldn't make is a misc item! Only changing the face n' all. Kinda makes her look like a succubus with all those horns and demonic bits.

Also nice eye for the Scoot.
>> No. 1671
Okay, here's a unique request:

The femmepyro with her leather bodice thing, wearing the new Last Breath, but somehow looking bad-ass and sexy at the same time.

I want to see how creative OP can actually get.
>> No. 1672

> Heres a unique request!

> Make her sexy!

A bit more info on what you want would make it easier.
>> No. 1673
Well there's still me alllll the way up here. Since it looks like there's not much else going on at the moment.
>> No. 1674
I downloaded the skin, why does the Pyro have a skull painted on his/her face?
>> No. 1675

Easy to fix, find the red pyro texture from the gmod folder and replace it. The skull was something I left on the TF2 version of the red pyro skin by mistake.
>> No. 1676
hey, i dlled the femmepyro skin, and it fucks up whenever i get in game (i had fixed hte red pyro with the gmod files)
>> No. 1677
Make sure you are only replacing the texture for the red pyro, the gmod files are made for gmod not tf2, probably whats causing it to break.

If your still having troubles, try running the game with the TF2 files as they where, let me know if it works then.

Worse comes to worse I'll re-upload.
>> No. 1679
jason, if you're looking for an updated femme pyro model, i found one some time ago


the guy who made it knew that the_fanciest_of_hats was offline for some time, and he decided to work on updating it himself, the update helps with the original mask clipping with the fosters and more fixes(i really want to get your model updated)
>> No. 1680
File 132107492891.jpg - (152.64KB , 549x489 , bb836132.jpg )
Got in contact with VideoG, the guy who made the fixes for the old model.

Click the download link below to enjoy the new Femme Pyro with all nagging bugs fixed!:


- Head size corrected
- All mask changes such as Fosters Facade work as intended without clipping (Her mask removed now)
- Über texture fixed
- Gmod model is now far more flexible
- Gmod model now with proper filepath
- Glove texture fixed
>> No. 1681
File 132110202652.jpg - (265.58KB , 1200x520 , arms.jpg )
As neat as this is, there's a few rigging issues around the arms and other small spots that seriously irk me.
>> No. 1683
File 132110582172.png - (242.19KB , 543x472 , 6f5d55ad.png )

Thanks for letting me know about this, resolving it now. it was an issue regarding decompiling.
>> No. 1684
glad to see my favorite pyro model got updated :D
>> No. 1685
Hey, Jasonafex. I'm a big fan of you FemmePyro. I was looking on one of the Rule34 posts by you (which is how I found this thread)and I saw that you take requests. You think you could make a picture of the FemmePyro doing the taunt where she lifts the flamethrower over her head like the normal Pryo does on TF2? You can use any background map you want. Oh yeah, do think you can make it a clean version (no camel-toe, no apparent nipples) because I think it would make an awesome wallpaper but I don't odd questioning from others around me.
>> No. 1688
File 132116114316.png - (247.01KB , 565x487 , 384268cb.png )

I love making clean stuff, I just rarely get those kind of requests lol.

I'll whip it up soon!

Oh and the shoulder rigging issue will be fixed sometime today, just waiting on the source-files. I'll update the download link once it's fixed.
>> No. 1689
Cool, thanks dude!
>> No. 1691
That... is... awesome! Thanks again!
>> No. 1692
I'm sorry, I'm probably asking a bit much but do you think you can get me a version from the front too? Maybe the FemmePryo a bit more centered also?
>> No. 1693
File 132117012410.jpg - (729.05KB , 1920x1080 , Pyro Solo Wallpaper.jpg )

Boy you responded quickly! Diddn't even have time to update it with fixed shadows around her corset.

Would you like a new pose? I will need to pose and edit again anyway for another one. Probably with a different backdrop too.
>> No. 1694
Sorry, I type fast. Yeah, the same pose would be cool if it's not too much trouble. Just a front view of the FemmePyro doing the taunt and have it more centered, please. I'm fine with a different background also.
>> No. 1695
Oh yeah, could you possibly zoom-in a bit closer to the FemmePryo too, please. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
>> No. 1698
File 13212523873.jpg - (44.86KB , 426x640 , 4084 - Deadpool Marvel.jpg )
I have a request if you have the time.

Can you make a pic of a red FemmePyro dressed in a Respectless Rubber glove, Deus Specs, and a Stockbroker's Scarf in this pose, only holding a Flare Gun? The setting isn't important, just as long as it looks cool. :D

Also I'd like this to be clean, though I think that would go without saying.
>> No. 1700
File 132128409219.jpg - (599.74KB , 1920x1080 , Pyro Solo wallpaper Dues.jpg )

Updating the model is on hold for a week, as Fanciest Pants is working on the model again, and it'd be silly to finish off his older versions when the official release isn't far around the corner.

And on an un-related note, looks like I've hit the bump cap again! I may have to make a new thread if this slips off the front page.
>> No. 1701
This is beautiful. Not even a day after I made the request and its done, and looks awesome to boot.

I love this image board so much more than 4chan.
>> No. 1702
Hey, me again. Sorry to bug you, Jasonafex, but I was just wondering if you were still going to do the request I asked for earlier with the FemmePryo doing the flamethrower taunt with an angle from the front, closer and more centered than the other before.

I also put the first taunt picture as the wallpaper for the main menu on my PSP too. It looks awesome! Thanks Again
>> No. 1703
Hey jasonafex, Can you make a red female futa pyro with blu female pyro sucking her off? with bills hat on red and respectless glove on the blu.
>> No. 1706
Posting three times isn't going to encourage me to make it any faster.
>> No. 1707
It's also going to get your ( >4382 ) posts deleted and banned if I see it again. I'm going to be lenient and let you off with a warning though, just because I'm feeling nice today.
>> No. 1709
Oh, sorry, Jasonafex. Just was wondering if you were still making the second taunt picture or not. Didn't mean to rush you. In fact, take your time.
>> No. 1710
Sorry bout tripple post, My post wasnt showing up :l
>> No. 1711

Maybe a nice follow up to this picture?
>> No. 1712
How about a reverse cowgirl picture.

(Unrelated, but "reverse cowgirl" makes me think of a cow riding on a person's back.)
>> No. 1713

This is the one i meant >.<
>> No. 1714
need more pronz hnnng
>> No. 1715
File 132211831677.jpg - (123.54KB , 1539x500 , Welp.jpg )
New thread!

>> No. 1716
I can't seem to find the skin of the femme pyro used in the spray. (with the zipper up the middle) can anyone help me out?
>> No. 1717
The zipper model is being realesed on gamebanana this week, please post in the new thread next time though.
>> No. 1718
File 134849438998.jpg - (193.41KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-23_00002.jpg )
>> No. 1719
File 134902811419.jpg - (182.67KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00001.jpg )
Every pyro is different
>> No. 1720
File 134902816075.jpg - (182.31KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00002.jpg )
Some pyros steal moneys
>> No. 1721
File 134902819670.jpg - (213.29KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00003.jpg )
Some pyros fuck theirselfs
>> No. 1722
File 13490282401.jpg - (197.20KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00004.jpg )
Some pyros like to suck others dick
>> No. 1723
File 134902827851.jpg - (179.90KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00005.jpg )
Some pyros like to go hot on winter
>> No. 1724
File 134902836860.jpg - (186.02KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00006.jpg )
Some pyros like to be fucked
>> No. 1725
File 134902842376.jpg - (173.24KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00007.jpg )
Some pyros are being fucked every minute
>> No. 1726
File 134902846971.jpg - (196.90KB , 1280x1024 , 2012-09-30_00008.jpg )
And some pyros just like to go crazy
>> No. 1727
Master, I'd like to refer you to the post I just made over in >>/dumps/2989 , because it bears strong relevance to the images you're posting here as well as your, quite frankly, awkward descriptions.
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