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File 131372944770.jpg - (268.50KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 01-35-09-89.jpg )
1435 No. 1435
Pyro Porn guy here, with a new thread!

Dunno what happened to my last one, bumps stopped working and then it was removed alltogether (diddn't even fall off the front page, just -*poof!*-)

Was a little bummer but I do plan on making more, any suggestions for a more stable site I can archive these would be very appreciated.
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>> No. 1436
I requested a gangbang last thread.
>> No. 1437
It got moved to that fancy new /dump/ board. However, I like the idea of you still having your own little thread here in Gmod.
>> No. 1438
Well, looks like having an archive of the stuff fixed itself huh? Great great. Anyway, reposting my previous request here, just in case.

And if I may make a request from my 3DS, laptop's checking for drive errors, more of that lil' Napper's shota and his peachy buns. I know you'd like to work with the fempyro model more though, so let's pair him up with a futapyro. As for the position, shota ass facing the camera, spread open to see the hole as best as managable, with the futa leg over the side of the bed about to climb in, ass, side breast, and dangling balls facing the camera, hat up to your discretion.

And clarification from later in the thread.

On all fours yep, and the futa has his/her leg over the side of the bed, there shouldn't be anything obstructing the view of the shota.
>> No. 1439
Oh, and I found a little site that might work out with your storage needs, another porn artist uses this when some of his stuff doesn't quite fit into furaffinity.

>> No. 1440
Oh man that was awesome! I don't really need a backup site now since all my pics are in the dump section. Big thanks to the mod who added my thread to that!

Rather then repost all the pics, i'll use this thread for the new stuff.

View the saved thread here!


I'll add anything new to that aswell so its in one big easy to nab bunch.
>> No. 1441
File 131386890227.jpg - (240.81KB , 1600x900 , arena_watchtower0010.jpg )
FYI, more versions of the pic are coming (Easy for you to edit). You can either edit with the strap on or your pyro's johnson. Keep in mind that #006 is not just to help edit the strap on, the hay stacks' lighting are messed up. #006 should do fine (Splice them).
I hope you can understand.

Also Jason, I'm sending you a message at R34 in a few minutes, Just a fyi.
>> No. 1442
File 13138689964.jpg - (263.74KB , 1600x900 , arena_watchtower0006.jpg )
>> No. 1443
File 131386904598.jpg - (239.41KB , 1600x900 , arena_watchtower0011.jpg )
>> No. 1444
File 131386912410.jpg - (212.63KB , 1600x900 , arena_watchtower0014.jpg )
>> No. 1445
Some futa Pyro on Scout action would be nice.
>> No. 1446

>> No. 1447
File 131392069857.jpg - (186.14KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 13-41-35-05b.jpg )

>> No. 1448
File 131392080423.jpg - (184.74KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 13-41-35-05.jpg )
Straight version.
>> No. 1449
Fantastic! And now that I gave that fempyro model some work, I can feel less about about going total gay shota request again, after you get some of that backlog done and I think of something special, of course.
>> No. 1450

Yipes that was quick feedback!

Glad you like it brah, I'm working on a couple others but yeah feel free to post any ideas you get.
>> No. 1451
Just happened to drop in at the right time, and I have just the idea. Let's bump shota ass, side to side with the left pyro spreading his left cheek and the pyro on the right spreading his right cheek, the asses smushing into each other as the two young pyros look over their shoulders at the camera, ready to be well used as finely shaped Pyros should.
>> No. 1452
File 131393006590.jpg - (221.08KB , 1600x900 , Doc Funky Request Penetration.jpg )
More deliveries!
>> No. 1454
File 131393747393.jpg - (195.79KB , 1573x1080 , Femscoot examination request.jpg )
Fem Scoot was not prepared for her examination.
>> No. 1455
...continue, please.
>> No. 1456
any idea when the new skin will be published?
>> No. 1457
So is this skin ever going to be released?
>> No. 1458
>> No. 1459
File 131428384598.jpg - (199.58KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 12-35-23-15.jpg )
Sorry for the late delivery, very busy week.
>> No. 1460
File 13142843553.jpg - (197.50KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 12-30-24-00.jpg )
Nekked version

2 more for this set i'll post after work tomorrow! (Well one really, nude and not nude).
>> No. 1461
File 131443201910.jpg - (207.70KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 12-35-25-39.jpg )
With clothes
>> No. 1462
File 131444585377.jpg - (200.89KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-21 12-30-29-80.jpg )
Zhe, clothes, zhey do nosthzing.

Thats the last of the medic/scoot pics!
>> No. 1463

>> No. 1464
Hey,whatever happened to that gmod video you said you were making?
>> No. 1465
Requesting Futa RED Fem Pyro on BLU Fem Pyro
>> No. 1466

In my spare gmod time I've been making these rather then the vid, keen to get back on it and finish it though.

It's not centred around pyros mind you, the club scene is a short skit half way through. It'll Mainly another silly gmod vid.
>> No. 1467
Rawr! It's been a good long while and no update to the female pyro! I hate getting all antsy about something, but it's been a few weeks and still no release for this classy model.

Any idea when it's happening?
>> No. 1468
Hey op,

How's the progress on editing my other poses (Bathroom and coldfront meeting room)? Just wondering, but like said before I understand about delays.
>> No. 1469
Also the medieval one aswell, there should be enough space for nsfw on it, if can't just edited cum or both.
>> No. 1470

OP here, please hang in there regarding the release of the model, I'll do my best to egg him on to get it out as soon as possible. It should be very soon though.


I may do one more for ya, I'll probably do the futa request first, as its been floating around everywhere.
>> No. 1471
File 131537671973.jpg - (350.47KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 00-08-46-94.jpg )

Finishing off the futa comic.
>> No. 1472
File 131537676821.jpg - (334.56KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 00-39-52-54.jpg )
Just reposting the begining so it flows better.
>> No. 1473
File 131537708917.jpg - (319.32KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 00-47-10-24.jpg )
Thats gotta sting.
>> No. 1474
File 131537764348.jpg - (240.44KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 01-06-25-48.jpg )
So cock sure!
>> No. 1475
File 131537820882.jpg - (243.77KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 01-06-25-48b.jpg )
and so the plot thickens.
>> No. 1476
File 131537858282.jpg - (238.05KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-08-13 01-13-25-56.jpg )
Dicks certainly are everywhere.
>> No. 1477
File 131537871115.jpg - (944.98KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 10-32-13-14.jpg )
>> No. 1478
File 131537898234.jpg - (863.36KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 10-37-23-82.jpg )
Probably not a good time for a leisurely stroll Blue Pyro.
>> No. 1480
File 131537935924.jpg - (879.32KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 10-49-29-72.jpg )
Well you where warned.
>> No. 1481
File 131537968046.jpg - (890.62KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 11-25-36-11.jpg )
It's very consentful what are you on about.
>> No. 1482
File 131538372053.jpg - (905.87KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 11-54-23-29.jpg )
Could be worse.
>> No. 1484
File 131538468257.jpg - (839.46KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 12-05-24-24.jpg )
Thats pretty worse!

>> No. 1487
File 131538811577.jpg - (804.00KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 12-09-33-98.jpg )
This buttsex is brought to you by Spineroony, the delux dynamic spinning camera.

If its not Spineroony, you got jipped!
>> No. 1488
File 131538820112.jpg - (949.87KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 12-56-55-90.jpg )
What is Scoot up to?
>> No. 1489
File 131539720838.jpg - (857.07KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 13-01-19-09.jpg )
Too late to pull out! Red Pyro really screwed the pooch this time!
>> No. 1490
File 131540083822.jpg - (970.91KB , 1660x1080 , scoot bat hit resized.jpg )
Gonna hit on yo cock till I hit testicles.
>> No. 1491
File 131540332057.jpg - (755.20KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 14-05-14-28.jpg )
Scoot was already too late, red pyro had done her deed by sharing her seed.
>> No. 1492
File 131540525634.jpg - (720.63KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 14-10-21-60.jpg )
Looks like Pyro wants another charge here Doktor.
>> No. 1493
File 131540542373.jpg - (576.11KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-07 14-16-18-36.jpg )
That rump.
>> No. 1494
Well no wonder these are taking much longer, not only are you busy, these are getting very elaborate with the posing, not to mention catching up with the new hats. Once you get all the long stuff cleared out, I'm still around for some simple one off shota. Mmm, futa kids would be agreeable too.

(No, no and NO!)
>> No. 1495
Can you make a strap on edit of these for those of us that don't enjoy females with male genitalia?
>> No. 1496
File 131542885524.png - (81.30KB , 304x228 , seriously-stop-this-shit-thumb_jpg.png )
>Mmm, futa kids would be agreeable too.


To make a general statement, shota and futa (in referring to a kid/child) is disallowed on the Chan. Please refrain from posting illegal material.
>> No. 1497
I feel I should clarify this, it's the underage children issue that is illegal, not the futa pyro. Feel free to continue posting that, or to post pyros acting childish so you can pretend it's shota, but no actual child pyro models or that sort of thing, if you've got them.

Also, can't login as mod on laptop, but I'll repost it on my usual computer later. Just wanted to correct this before you got the wrong idea.
>> No. 1498
OP here, Not making anything thats going to violate the rules sorry. No underage requests.
Futa is against the rules aswell? Ah well I'll stop making those too (unless someone can clarify).
>> No. 1499
I did just clarify, Futa is allowed. Go right ahead.
>> No. 1500

Ah cheers, I'll probably do something else first before I make something futa related again. Unless i'm bombarded with requests.
>> No. 1502
File 13154443842.jpg - (11.40KB , 225x225 , derp.jpg )
Ashe is currently on a bad laptop and as such, wasn't able to post with the Mod tag for her previous post. Adult futa is allowed, but underage material and underage requests (as you have mentioned) are not. So by all means, if you want to make futa, go for it. I'm sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 1503
Well shucks, rules are rules and all sorry for the fuss, can't reach you via Rule 34 or Steam though huh?
>> No. 1504

Sorry but I love how Tf2chan archives my stuff so I don't want to fragment it all over the place. I won't be making anything against the rules.

Least you had a bunch made! If you have any requests that are fine to post I have a keen ear.
>> No. 1505
Dag, well I really don't, thanks for what you did whip up though. :/
>> No. 1507
Back now, but I don't really need to repost since Kumori came back and cleared it up. Instead I will make up for it in other ways.

Well then in lieu of other requests, how about more Scout-in-bad-situations involving fempyro? I found him and his reactions to be the most fun part of the running gag you have going on here. If nothing else, it'll be a fun break from DICKS DICKS DICKS, unless you plan on involving them.

Alternately if it has to be porn more visible genetalia/penetration things because it looks less like the crappily posed gmod porn I see every time I look through this board, due to you actually taking the time to post-process it and make it look decent. Hardly anyone else does and I commend you for it.
>> No. 1508
Should have scout fuck her one day.
>> No. 1509
God dammit I can't take it anymore.I request hot Scout-on-Fempyro action. It can be rape and stuff,but try to keep it to anal/vaginal sex.
>> No. 1510
Gotta' be pegging.

Or just more cheesecake would be fine, too. The huge, shiny boobs and butt are hypnotizing.
>> No. 1512

Wow man thats the nicest spoiler i've had in a long time, I really appreciate that.

Also you caught me there, you'll notice I showed the red pyros crotch as little as possible to be able to make it, my original idea would have taken so long I just ended up dropping it.

A Dickless break does sound incredibly pleasing so something straight will probably be next.


Cheesecake? I only think of one thing when it comes to dick and cheese and it certaintly doesn't sound appetizing.

Yeah overdid the shiney of everything on purpose, turned out pretty good in the end! Makes those suits look alot more like latex.


Scoot getting some will be my last comic, so if it hasn't happened yet, it means my porn making days aren't over.
>> No. 1513
>The huge, shiny boobs and butt are hypnotizing

Very agreed, I'm feeling a bit less bummed out compared to last night, so I do have a little one-shot request out of me (sans shota of course :|c). You get all this long stuff out of the way first, I despise joining in overburdening you, since you're the only guy I know whipping up Pyro/Pyro porn, my only TF2 pairing I enjoy.
>> No. 1514

If not futa, then pegging. Crabby throws in an enthusiastic second for this.
>> No. 1515
I love this thread so, so much.

>overdid the shiney of everything on purpose, turned out pretty good in the end!
When you say that, do you mean you manually brightened it all, or you messed with the phong variables in the vmt? 'Cause I know that's a pretty easy way to get that shiny effect... shinier.
>> No. 1516

Entire reason I started actually was because there wasn't any! Glad I'm filling a void!


We'll just have to wait and find out how Scoot gets his comeuppance! Whether he gets dicked or does the dicking is what we'll find out soon enough! I don't mind doing either futa or strap-on, though the latter means some straight stuff can still be done.


Manual shiney, going any further would lead to your monitor erupting a large glowing light of jiggling. Though it would be a nice skin to have in the TF2 version for super glossy pyro suits.
>> No. 1517
I'd imagine that the super glossy effect could be obtained through enough tweaking of the phong in the .VMT files, maybe a custom lightwarp, but I'm not exactly sure what part of the commands govern what, so... yeah.
>> No. 1518
*pokes thread*

Just bumping considering that nothing has been posted recently. I also request,incase Jasona isn't working on anything,some Pyro raping fempyro.
>> No. 1520
>7 weeks
Oh noooo-
>I will let you guys use the model anyway because I've been teasing it for weeks, just please don't distribute as its unfinished.
-oh. Okay. That's awesome.
>> No. 1521
File 131650439639.jpg - (886.46KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 12-39-55-14.jpg )
Heres some new content (Though short)! Had this on my to do list for a while.
>> No. 1522
File 131650545688.jpg - (767.62KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 12-56-28-20.jpg )
How long does it take to beat a moron to death?


Sorry times up y'dead.
>> No. 1523
File 131650596413.jpg - (760.20KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 13-14-54-88.jpg )
Wheres my freakin' bat!?
>> No. 1524
File 131651301766.jpg - (871.26KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 14-25-10-45.jpg )
Freakin' sister took it!
>> No. 1525
Do a male pyro getting blowjob from someone :D
>> No. 1527
File 131652719885.jpg - (901.53KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 14-44-57-73.jpg )

Would a bj work with the latex thing going on? Or would a hole in the suit be better. Who is this someone? Not fussed?
>> No. 1528
File 131652873853.jpg - (723.59KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 15-18-44-40.jpg )
This'll beat on that chucklenut just fine! Oh boy I can't wait to see the look on his face when I beat on that blockhead!
>> No. 1529
File 131653478134.jpg - (897.61KB , 1920x1080 , hl2 2011-09-20 15-01-11-20.jpg )
Theres only one reasonable action in response to this situation.
>> No. 1530
File 131653675877.jpg - (339.41KB , 1920x1080 , I don\'t want to capture the point anymore.jpg )
Think you have it tough? I walked in on my bat getting raped.
>> No. 1531
>Female Scout making an appearance

>> No. 1532
I would like to see Scout's mom having sex with a FutaPyro
>> No. 1533

First his sister, NOW HIS MOM!?

Scoots gonna have one expensive energy drink tab.
>> No. 1534
Especially if she knocks both of them up.
>> No. 1535
I didn't request the BJ,but I think a hole in the suit would work better,and not confuse everybody else.
>> No. 1536
bumping because my boner grows impatient
>> No. 1537

Which one brah, these look like the 2 requests I've got so far:




Though whos givin' the deed hasn't been specified.

Unless you have one of your own?
>> No. 1538
I would vote for >>3995
>> No. 1539
File 131759684241.jpg - (253.33KB , 1600x900 , ctf_2fort0000.jpg )
A BLU Pyro caught unaware by a RED Pyro!
>> No. 1540
File 131759688264.jpg - (232.25KB , 1600x900 , ctf_2fort0001.jpg )
Doesn't look good for the BLU Pyro.
>> No. 1541
File 131759692851.jpg - (284.11KB , 1600x900 , ctf_2fort0004.jpg )
She's got her pinned!
>> No. 1542
File 131759696360.jpg - (244.39KB , 1600x900 , ctf_2fort0005.jpg )
Fun times ahead...?
>> No. 1543
You should change the material files of the no frills pyro like I do. Due to the jarate error on it. Simply use the current gamebanana model and replace the texture. materials/models/player/nfro (No Frills) replace it with materials/models/player/pyro (Current GB model).
Just use pyrotex files to rename as nfrotex. There, it's fix.
>> No. 1544
Glad, we have another contributer here.

Also, very nice editing skills.
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