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File 129096401615.jpg - (182.66KB , 1280x800 , cp_mountainlab0000.jpg )
2039 No. 2039
The Gmod Help Thread
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>> No. 2118
you click to select weapons
>> No. 2119
Thank you.

I really wish there was a real tutorial out there. Knowing how to construct a car is nice, but it's nicer to know how to properly switch shit.
>> No. 2120
as it is based off half life 2, it assumes you know how that game switches weapons. there is an alternate option that allows you to switch weapons immediately in the advanced section of keyboard setting if you like that better.
>> No. 2121
How do I make the backburner-piece blue? I've tried using the Bodygroup changer tool before and after merging it with the flamethrower, but neither works. Looks a bit silly with a blue handle and red piece at the front of it.. :(
>> No. 2122
I've noticed that Rebbacus seems to have some medical exam table prop that she uses in some scenes http://tf2chan.net/gmod/res/2359.html (the second) and I was wondering if it was available and if anyone knew where to get it?
>> No. 2123
I'm pretty sure that's a HL2 prop.
>> No. 2124
File 132945307019.jpg - (206.67KB , 1600x900 , 1stgmod.jpg )
Thought I'd share my first gmod attempt along with my question.

What mods, add-ons, downloads ect., do you recommend for use in gmod in addition to the base program?

Also, when doing face or finger posing, is there any way to get rid of the spawn window to see what you're editing as you edit it?
>> No. 2125

See >>2868 >>3501

to the finger/faceposer, select the tool and then hold ¨C¨
>> No. 2126
why does my game lag and/or crash when i try to open options? also, ive tried multiple fixes but i still get pink and black covering the entire screen underwater. how do i fix these?
>> No. 2127
Why is kilo such a faggot?

>> No. 2128
A question...Is there some way of have HMWfaces and Physics Fix in the same tf2 ragdoll?

Because I only find ragdolls with one option or the other, not the 2 in the same
>> No. 2129
File 133195907623.jpg - (403.97KB , 1360x768 , koth_harvest_final0002.jpg )
This isn't so much a help-related question but more of a quality check so I don't wind up flooding the board with a bunch of garbage.
Took about a day~ to make this, does it pass Quality Control or should I work on improving more before I make a thread proper?
>> No. 2130
you're using post processing which means you're already better than half the crap on here

go right ahead, i look forward to it
>> No. 2131
So. Custom content.

Downloaded this.
Put it in my game like it said. Can't find the fucker in-game now.
>> No. 2132
What physics fix are you using? Because your physics fix should affect all ragdolls, including HMW ones.


Find 'nexuselite' under wither 'All' or 'Garry's Mod' when you're browsing. Expand that and the folder with the Meet the Sniper stuff is there.
>> No. 2133
Looked for that. Looked through every folder, and so far cannot find it.
>> No. 2134

Hmm. Well try this. Go to your GMod folder, go into settings, and then spawnlist.

Open Notepad and copy this into it:

"name""Meet the Sniper"
"11""models/nexuselite/meetthesniper/sniper mug.mdl"
"12""models/nexuselite/meetthesniper/sniper sign.mdl"

Save it with whatever name you want it to come up as and put the notepad file into your Gmod spawnlist folder.

Hopefully that'll work and you'll have the Meet the Sniper stuff without digging around for it. If that doesn't work though, maybe redownload and try to reinstall. I don't know if they're those types of props that will only show up if you drag the materials and models into your gmod folder and merge them, rather then just dropping it into addons.
>> No. 2135
Okay, now the files show up there, but as nothing but giant red ERRORs.

We're getting closer. I can FEEL it.
>> No. 2136

Hmm... Where did you install the pack? Did you install it in addons? Did you try dragging the contents of the zip just into the Gmod and merging it with you models and materials folders?

Sometimes that's the only way to get some props and ragdolls working in Gmod, I've discovered. That's the only other thing I can think of..

Also sorry for the late reply, I was at Anime Boston and had a pretty busy week after that.
>> No. 2137

Thank you for all your help! Putting it in with the other Materials folder made everything pop up just right.
>> No. 2138
hey so i had GMod for a while and know the basics aside from skins and adding/removing props on dolls.

Any help on this and willing to have a GMod mentor.
>> No. 2139
File 133478645391.png - (452.78KB , 1282x510 , Hat probs.png )
anyone have this problem when using HAT, and how do you fix it?

{trying to recreate Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" video]
>> No. 2140
Glad to help!

Did you just start the animation? Because HAT leaves a 'shadow' so you can keep track of where something has been to help you keep your animation from looking too jarring.

Also I saw you post that you didn't know the basics of skins and adding and removing items from models?

For those things you'll need

Skin Switcher: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=76939 (I think this is the right one I'm not entirely sure)

Bodygroup Changer (for removing items): http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=125861

And the BoneMerger Tool (for attaching them): http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=126298

Also I'd try to suggest avoiding props from Half-Life and other games whose style is so jarring from TF2. A great game that's props are close enough to TF2 to not be jarring, in my opinion, is The Ship. But I also know you gotta use what you have.
>> No. 2141

thanks for the links

i have animated before, but the skin usually went away, but for this pic, the shadow still stayed during the animation process or kept vibrating.
>> No. 2142
also, i have body group changer but how do i add skins and where can i find some?
>> No. 2143
What do you mean exactly by adding skins?
>> No. 2144

like lets say you download a skin from gamebanana, where would you put it? in addons?

im still a gmod newb so i want to try some skins for my dolls.
>> No. 2145

I think I see what you mean. But I think gamebanana is just skins usually used in game to replace your player model for you. In gmod you would need a new ragdoll and if you take what's on gamebanana it will replace the default of whatever class you have.

What you would need, if I'm understanding you, is hexed ragdolls. In that case you would have to put them in addons OR drag and drop the materials and models folders into your gmod folders. Dropping them in addons doesn't always work, but that does.
>> No. 2146
Okay now I need some help of my own.

There are certain class items in Gmod which, in TF2, have different skins for RED and BLU but in Gmod it says they only have one skin. Like the Chargin' Targe.

Is there some roundabout way to change the skin in Gmod that I don't know? Because all I know using the Skin Switcher doesn't work.
>> No. 2147
How do I pose?

I mean, I know the basics, but is there an easier way to make arms and stuff be in the position I want them? And faces, and hands, etc. It just takes so long to pose anything, and it always comes out looking blocky and wrong.
>> No. 2148
Have you downloaded a better phys pack than the ones that are with TF2 by default?

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=122453 this tool pack contains an advanced weight tool that can change the weight of different parts of ragdolls if they're being troublesome.

Have you posted anything up on here? I think I might be able to give some better suggestions if I see what you're talking about.
>> No. 2150
Not really TF2 related but,

I'm trying to get some addons to work in gmod. The textures work fine, but the models don't (they turn into red errors). I Extracted the files into the addon folder in gmod, I verified gmod through steam.. the textures that were missing work, but not the models. I have no idea why. Suggestions?
>> No. 2151
File 134133335877.jpg - (553.96KB , 1600x900 , cp_manor_event0004b.jpg )
Lighting question here.

I can't seem to properly light my 'stage' without making the photo look like the characters are about to be hit by a semi.

I've fiddled around with distant Lamps and using multiple Lights on a rope to get the ambient light affect, but I can't get the photo well-lit without throwing crazy shadows around.

Tl;dr, how do I attractively light screenshots?
>> No. 2152
I haven't tried this yet, but you might get some use out of it.
>> No. 2153
Does anyone know where I can find/get the Episode 1 version of Barney? Tried using bodygroup changer on the model found in the episode 1 folder, doesn't change a thing.
>> No. 2154
theres a difference?
>> No. 2155
I just need a car model that has movable doors. Not welded. Big, big thanks in advance.
>> No. 2156
in all my time i dont think i've ever seen one. sorry buddy
>> No. 2157
File 13515393577.jpg - (671.59KB , 1920x1080 , cp_manor_event0000.jpg )
You mean something like this?
>> No. 2158
I'm having troubles with the shirtless and nude models. When Garry's Mod updated and addons broke I copied the files to the garrysmod folder like someone told me to and they worked, but then something else updated and they disappeared. I tried to create a new spawnlist with no luck. Does anyone know what I can do?
In return for help I might do some sort of request, but I'm no Garry's Mod expert and I also have school to think about so no promises.
>> No. 2159
Turns out it wasn't the update. I had too many folders named Spy and it was confusing the programming. Thank you anyways.
>> No. 2160
This isn't really gmod, but does anybody here know how to get Rebbacus' nude tf2 models into source filmmaker?
>> No. 2161
Put them in the usermod folder
You'll have to make sure the materials are there, too
>> No. 2162
I'm looking for a maskless spy. Where can i download him?

(The handsome one, not the bald one)
>> No. 2172
Duh! Go to the Steam workshop or go to GMod banana!
>> No. 2197
File 137420342036.jpg - (407.74KB , 1600x900 , 2013-07-18_00005.jpg )
Whenever I attach items to the nude models using bonemerge they just clip inside the character. I've seen images where this doesn't happen so i would like to know if I'm missing something.

I'm really new to this so sorry if this is something simple.
>> No. 2200
Bodygroups, perhaps?
>> No. 2366
where is rebbacus's nude models .-. the blog is dead obviously and i have searched high and low for it but nope
>> No. 2399
i dont know im still looking
>> No. 2401
Bla bla necropost whatever, answering these in case anyone else checks here for resources

>> 2162
The Steam SFM workshop has him up there as of right now, and it's on a Subscribe-to-download situation (which is super handy by the by)

>> 2366
>> 2399
MaxofS2D has an online archive where I found them here. I had a couple problems getting them to download at first but I eventually got them. source. m a x ofs2d. n e t/index.php?dir=models%2Frebbacus%2F
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