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File 13323378243.jpg - (530.14KB , 1187x2246 , finding.jpg )
2163 No. 2163
Tutorial thread.

I'll start with the basics:
>adding stuff to garry's mod 1/4
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>> No. 2164
File 133233786613.jpg - (589.04KB , 1055x2707 , huehue.jpg )
>adding stuff to garry's mod 2/4
>> No. 2165
File 133233789891.jpg - (649.79KB , 960x2597 , peep1.jpg )
>adding stuff to garry's mod 3/4
>> No. 2166
File 133233793914.jpg - (407.60KB , 960x1909 , peep2.jpg )
>adding stuff to garry's mod 4/4
>> No. 2167
Stickied because those were excellent and hopefully we can get more tutorials in here.
>> No. 2168

I've seen this for several other players who use GMod but haven't been able to figure why my general spawnlist layout is different from everyone else (ie: categories, darker gray).
Are the pros using an older version of GMod or have they all changed their menus?

P.S.- Do you have any experience and knowledge about GMod 13 and ways to work around bugs and issues with Workshop addons versus addons from Garrysmod.org?
>> No. 2243
could someone make a tutorials on making workshop promos for idiots? because i have no experience with it but i want to learn.

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