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No. 2309
  Okay, bit of a shameless self-plug here, but everyone worked so hard on this project that I just have to share it.
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>> No. 2312
This is AWESOME!!!
Everything about it is so well done, I can tell there was a lot of thoughtful consideration in every part of this. I hope you can get some views, this deserves to win!!
>> No. 2317
Holy wow, that was great! Y'alls got my vote
>> No. 2324
Fantastic! Congratulations on an honorable mention, and I hope to see more voiced Fem Fortress in the next Saxxies!
>> No. 2339
I love this.

Seriously makes me wish that TF2 really did have male/female options.

Kinda raises questions about Jarate, though...
>> No. 2340
No it doesnnnn'ttttt. Women can pee tooooo.

Sorry for whining, but for the love of god, this has been brought up so many times that all I can do is just shake my head. Apparently there are a LOT of a people out there who don't know how women pee.
>> No. 2341
File 138896628240.jpg - (22.93KB , 240x200 , shenis-use.jpg )
I know how women pee. The internet has shown me there are fetish sites all about it. It's just far harder to do it spontaneously than for guys on account of lack of pecker to quick-deploy.
Unless you're suggesting she's got some sort of travel-assist device like this carried with her, I can't help but picturing her having to awkwardly stop, drop her pants, and squat, in order to "reload".
>> No. 2349
File 138909285526.png - (107.17KB , 256x231 , 128305328313.png )
I just figured Snipers (of either gender) could fashion a sort of catheter, strapped to their thigh and allowing them to refill on the run.
>> No. 2350
File 138913881539.jpg - (66.17KB , 308x746 , sniperfsniper4.jpg )
Catheters are uncomfortable enough when laying still, I can't imagine how painful they'd be when running around...

Really, I blame Valve for these questions... had they made the stuff a bottle of skunky beer or some other such container of foul-and-unpleasant-liquid, nobody would wonder about such things - but no, they went with a mason-jar full of piss.
>> No. 2351
File 138924448424.jpg - (91.91KB , 347x257 , why.jpg )
I'm sure in a world with teleporters and respawn systems, they would be able to fashion something comfortable enough.

>but no, they went with a mason-jar full of piss
But but... discussing the finer points of potty humour appeals to my immature sensibilities...
>> No. 2352

Clearly, we'll need Izzy, as Femsniper, to make a video that'll give a definitive answer to this great mystery.

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