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File 138612406052.png - (697.79KB , 1280x720 , medi2.png )
2319 No. 2319
Yet still I offer this eye-tainting dump of attempted cute imagery.

I'm sorry.
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>> No. 2320
File 138612416676.png - (664.73KB , 1158x717 , pengi2ed.png )
>> No. 2321
File 138612428355.png - (592.80KB , 1067x592 , pengied.png )
The above message is misleading.

I hope it isn't passé to post images of the same poses from different views.
>> No. 2322
File 138612454793.png - (411.82KB , 1156x720 , pybros3ed.png )
Because it'll be the only time. Really.

This is a very small image dump. It'll grow. Maybe. I just lurk here.
>> No. 2323
File 138614528176.gif - (0.98MB , 385x162 , you yes you.gif )
Yes please, grace us with your diabeetus forever. It certainly makes up for the lack of dicks (and then some).

muhhhhhh dat pybroship

Between these two, I much prefer the dynamic angle of the first one. The second one reveals their awkward poses, which work fine for the first image (camera magic!), but looks quite uncomfortable/stiff/like there isn't enough bodily weight to the poses.

For example, Engie's legs are too far forward in front of him to stand comfortably in that pose. When you stand up straight, you usually need at least one leg to be straight underneath you for support and balance (unless leaning against something.

My suggestion for stuff like this in the future is: do you have a mirror or a camera you can use to take a selfie? Getting in the pose and looking at yourself (unless you're working from a reference photo) will help you see if it feels comfortable, and thus reflect in your subjects as a believable pose. If you haven't got access to either, you can try hopping in the pose yourself and be aware of where your own body parts are.

Anyhow, enough of ranting. Your stuff is great so far, I can't wait to see more!
>> No. 2325
File 138629429799.png - (588.79KB , 1000x563 , pierows1.png )
Pybroship is the best broship. Also, my hand slipped. Pyros everywhere.

It's a good thing I posted that one, then--I never even considered the faintest notion of attempting the poses myself. Thank-you! And now I finally have a use for my dinky little cam.

And thanks twice-over! I can't wait to do more. I just hope I don't start running out of ideas, thus ending up doing the same things over and over, ad infinitum. I'm kind of stuck on Pyros at the moment.
>> No. 2326
Pyros are a good thing to be stuck on, for they are adorable. Really love the lighting in this one, too.

Blue Pyro's left foot does seem bent back quite a bit though. Feet generally don't bend further back than 90 degrees at the ankle bone (not heel).

If you need more ideas, there is the request thread in /fanart/ or you could.. you know.. ask for prompts.
>> No. 2362
OP here. I've gotten back into SFM after a long time of having forgotten it's existence.

I didn't know that about feet. Thank-you, I'll keep that in mind!

And prompts would be lovely, if anyone sees this. I'll admit that I'm a dunderhead. Neither the request thread nor asking for prompts had occurred to me... Last year, haha.

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