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File 138718449890.png - (633.81KB , 1280x720 , SoldierandSpy2.png )
2327 No. 2327
So I've been around the chan, mostly lurked, for quite a while now. And I finally did a thing! Though I gotta say, trying to blindly transition from Lightwave to SFM was confusing as all hell. Thank goodness for youtube tutorials.

Since I don't really have a whole lot of my own ideas on what to do with these guys, I guess I could do some requests. At the moment I'm not really up for doing anything nsfw, but after I get more confident with posing and with the program in general, I might change my tune.
>> No. 2328
Aw yis, so excited.

This image is great, I love Soldier's body language and their expressions are great. Only suggestion I have would be adding more lighting? The scene's pretty dark at the moment, so a little extra lighting might make the characters pop more (sorry, I'm a bit rubbish at explaining myself so late at night)

As for requests... hrm, how about Spy messing with Soldier's decapitated head collection?
>> No. 2330
Yeah, I was really lazy with the lighting. As in, I didn't actually do anything with it, and that's the map's stock lighting. I do have the scene saved, so I'll go back to it some time and futz around with that. I do see what you mean, though. Just looking at the thumbnail now, Spy really kinda blends in with the wall.

Oh, that sounds like fun. I'll get to trying to make that after I've got some more time once the holidays are over.

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