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File 130735449366.jpg - (62.68KB , 500x500 , DO IT MAGGOT.jpg )
1825 No. 1825
Exactly what it says on the tin.

The TF2 tag on Paheal currently has 1967 pictures and we need something wonderful for the 2000th. It can be something with characters that haven't been rule 34'd so far (for example, there hasn't been any wincest with Blutarch and Redmond yet. Also there's no porn with Radigan Conagher, Demo's mom and a couple of others. And no porn with Charles Darling and Saxton Hale hatesex!), it can be something of stunning beauty, whatever. As long as it's worthy of being the milenium picture, it's great.

I hope I tickled someone's fancy here. Every attempt at producing something for this is appreciated! WE CAN DO IT, LADS
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>> No. 1826
File 130735901034.png - (65.29KB , 338x303 , TFC_Medic.png )
There's nothing of Sniper's mum and dad, either.

We should have a mass orgy of the entire goddamn cast of TF2. Like... a sculpture made of sex. Something mind-blowing.
>> No. 1827
File 130740543119.gif - (496.68KB , 200x148 , tumblr_lm6vl7aNR91qhtv4z.gif )
ohman. this.
this would be EPIC
>> No. 1828
Radigan Conagher (pos australium) x Saxton Hale
>> No. 1829

It would be unfathomably manly...
>> No. 1830
I'm gonna draw that NO ONE DO THAT OK!?
>> No. 1866
We are on pictures 1975! Any other takers? The more we have to celebrate, the better.
>> No. 1896
I think that a picture of the announcer dominating Saxton Hale should exist at some point. Maybe not so much for the 2000th but, just in general.
>> No. 1899
File 130815785928.jpg - (561.74KB , 1100x1266 , 126081091812.jpg )
There's this one, although it might not be exactly what you're thinking of.
>> No. 1913
I just realized there is no Bidwell and Reddy porn. Wouldn't that be crazy enough to add to this list for the 2000 celebration?
>> No. 1915
demomom x administrator.
>> No. 1929
Man, I totally forgot demomom existed. But seconded. (Would if I could but I still can't draw women or porn)
>> No. 1945
File 130853344580.png - (392.32KB , 1015x651 , 130815415388.png )
Okay, forget all the other suggestions in this thread.

Clearly, there is only one thing we should do right now.

Soldier x Rocket porn.

>> No. 1946


Everyone needs fanart of Solly and his inbred half-brother.
>> No. 1947
File 130853513988.png - (167.46KB , 400x313 , 765px-Painted_Brigade_Helm_B8383B.png )
Actually, to make this more interesting for our artists around here, I'm offering a hat for it.

Post your Steam ID with the finished artwork and you will get a Brigade Helm! Hooray for bribery with hats!
>> No. 1948
File 130856545354.jpg - (449.17KB , 1200x799 , tumblr_ln2wosfJcr1qk42mho1_1280.jpg )

So going to post this as the 2000th. But runner ups are still welcome, since we need something to lead up to this amazingness!
>> No. 1949
Best day EVER. I love the internet. I really do.
>> No. 1954
You forgot the Fire-fighter's mustache...
>> No. 1955
Only the boss Rocket has a moustache.
>> No. 1956
What's the chinese say?
>> No. 1959
The artist says it's just mangled Google Chinese, but it's intended to say "I CANNOT CONTAIN MY OVERWHELMING ORGASM"
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