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File 130764571914.jpg - (257.52KB , 1209x957 , tf2-camo.jpg )
1863 No. 1863
The captcha was "Finally,". Wierd.
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>> No. 1978
File 130897236597.jpg - (230.41KB , 1244x1306 , tf2-aftermath7.jpg )
>> No. 1979
File 130897245937.jpg - (311.55KB , 1252x1306 , tf2-aftermath8.jpg )
Still working on a bigger picture of "Demoman and Sniper fucking on a tropical island".
>> No. 1980
File 130897250065.jpg - (222.99KB , 1194x1221 , tf2-aftermath9.jpg )
>> No. 1981
File 130897279369.jpg - (234.33KB , 1303x1221 , tf2-aftermath10.jpg )
>> No. 1982
File 130897285530.jpg - (230.55KB , 1194x1276 , tf2-aftermath11.jpg )
>> No. 1983
Thank you for uploading it again! I enjoyed myself just as much as last time!Glad you're doing a big picture of Demo and Sniper, too.
>> No. 1985
"Getting off on this in ways that don't even make sense anymore" is still my favourite panel.
>> No. 1987
Ahhh... This comic is still fresh as a daisy. Good work.
>> No. 1994
File 130906703133.jpg - (63.39KB , 525x420 , tf-thought.jpg )

Hehe... the dialogue for this was very fun to write, especially the Scout. C'mon, Scout- less overanalysing, more humping!
>> No. 2016
File 130924904172.jpg - (325.67KB , 1050x1388 , tf-tropicalfantasy.jpg )
The shirts were a real pain. I also decided to change the theme from "crazy drunk sex on a tropical island" to "crazy drunk sex at the July Fourth picnic". It's easy to mistake a volleyball pit for a tropical island when you're drunk enough, right?
>> No. 2018
File 130925543768.jpg - (136.08KB , 344x295 , s02e03_066.jpg )

Oh man.
>> No. 2020
Also, your feet look much better! Way to improve in such a short amount of time! Bare feet are hard!
>> No. 2021
File 130927391619.gif - (736.02KB , 480x300 , joejack.gif )

Words are not sufficient to describe the sheer win in this. I was hoping you'd post something like it after dat comic, but damn.
>> No. 2023
File 130927807782.jpg - (55.58KB , 494x464 , FFFFFFF.jpg )

>> No. 2024
This is amazing!
>> No. 2039

I approve, immensely.
>> No. 2040
File 130946737758.png - (144.14KB , 428x321 , DICKS EVERWHERE.png )

I love you forever.
>> No. 2041
File 130947001356.jpg - (367.83KB , 1625x1166 , tf2-rosen.jpg )
Aw, shucks. I didn't know the thing with the hawaiian shirts would entertain so many people!

Here's more porn. Inspired by one of the fics in the archive.
>> No. 2042

Oh man, I love that fic.
>> No. 2043

I beg of you, what is this glorious fic called, because God damn, I love bloody threesomes that involve Heavy and Medic.
>> No. 2045
Holy crap I remember this. I love you long time.
>> No. 2046


Here you go.
>> No. 2064
I am eternally grateful for this
>> No. 2144
File 131036515588.jpg - (252.04KB , 1060x1059 , tf2-discipline.jpg )

It's 3 a.m., have some helmets.
>> No. 2147
>> No. 2179
I like everything about this. Ow at all those cut marks across Engineer's butt, but he's looking quite pleased anyway.
>> No. 2227
Never stop drawing!
>> No. 2472
I think that's one of the few porns that actually incorporate the fact that our favorite mercs are constantly being baked by the sun for hours on end.
>> No. 2473
File 131224379642.jpg - (292.67KB , 1300x1097 , tf2-dontwannashare.jpg )
>> No. 2474
I highly approve of this!
>> No. 2477
File 131225332958.png - (1.80MB , 1300x1097 , redline.png )
The idea, pose, and expressions are hot, but jesus christ the proportions need serious work.

Their legs are too skinny and their asses are too flat. And their arms are downright enormous. Sniper's hand alone looks even bigger than his face. The arm thicknesses look more appropriate on someone like Heavy or Soldier here.

I tried to redline it to more reasonable proportions, hopefully that helps.
>> No. 2478

Where were you when I posted the lineart of this in /workshop/? Before all the revisions and re-revisions and colouring? Gaaahhhhh.......

Nevertheless, I always appreciate help. Maybe after my mom stops hogging the art computer, I'll be able to tweak this.
>> No. 2480
Sorry, I must've missed it. Glad to be of help though.
>> No. 2482
The thighs are skinny(along with the rest of their lower bodies), yeah, but I think the hands are ok the way they are now; if you look at the models in-game, everyone's forearms and hands are ginormous.
>> No. 2484
But it works because the character models are cartoony and simplistic. When you add details like muscles and the like, retaining the original proportions of the game just don't quite look right.
>> No. 3158
File 131752839344.jpg - (92.66KB , 750x1037 , tf2-hoovybutt.jpg )
>> No. 3160

Those fucking boxers...
>> No. 3161

"Why is Heavy carrying peaches? in his hand like that? ....... Wait. Those aren't peaches..."

And then I gusta'd.
>> No. 3164
Mmm, do want.
>> No. 3165
Ahahaha, nice boxers. I love how he erotically bites his gloves. There's only one thing bothering me and that's the position of his left thumb, but who cares, your stuff is really hot!
>> No. 3172
File 131771038227.jpg - (249.39KB , 1182x1178 , tf2-backseat.jpg )
I don't know where they are. Everyone thought the ugly decor would keep people from fucking there. BUT THEY WERE WRONG. The ugly couch will hide stains of any kind.
>> No. 3173
The shape outside the window scares me
>> No. 3174

That's Demo's reflection.
>> No. 3175
Miss Pauling?!
>> No. 3176

It might be the perspective, but sniper’s face is very round.
>> No. 3188

I intentionally goofed the perspective here a little, although foreshortening itself is probably what's giving his face a blunter look. Sniper has a pretty heavy brow and realistically, his eyes shouldn't be visible at all- but I said "fuck you perspective, my porn is cartoony!" and drew them anyway so his expression would be more obvious.

And yeah, that's just Demoman's reflection in the window.
>> No. 3189
I love the coloring in this one, the colors are so saturated. I really like when people color noses red, it gives characters a nice touch.
Those tan lines on sniper's butt are pretty cute too, I enjoy the details you put on your drawings.
>> No. 3214

This is fucking amazing and you should feel accordingly.
>> No. 4380
>> No. 4382
C'mon, really? Why bump ancient threads? There's a reason I started a new thread, it's because I drew these things over a year ago. Now I'm gonna' get some joker complaining about mistakes I made in old art, and there's no way I'm going to go back and redo shit from 2011. Is someone trying to send me a subliminal message or something?
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