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File 130811731086.jpg - (148.04KB , 481x880 , fsaasefasdf.jpg )
1895 No. 1895

kumori told me to dump some arts here so i will be doing this as soon as i can, in the meantime enjoy some more bloody medic
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>> No. 1897
I can't decide whether medic is smiling or not.
>> No. 1898

He has a kind of relieved expression, despite the blood and manly tears.

Your colouring inspires manly tears in me as always, Katya.
>> No. 1900
File 130815970561.jpg - (173.49KB , 569x776 , masochismtangoNEW.jpg )
indeed, i meant for his expression to be ambiguous!
here is more older stuff, a remake of one of the first pics i uploaded on the chan way last year!
>> No. 1901
File 130815986644.jpg - (597.67KB , 782x1000 , kazgift2-sm.jpg )
a gift i did for the lovely kaz!
>> No. 1902
File 130816014970.jpg - (222.57KB , 700x982 , un-adieu.jpg )
i despise you, brother, you who wished to kill
all those dressed in rags
look who’s hiding now so still
behind red flags
>> No. 1903
File 130816031854.jpg - (230.79KB , 567x850 , stickies.jpg )
this is kind of a sketch, but i still like the idea. spychecking with demoman can be very satisfying.
>> No. 1905
Oh goodness, this place needs more gore.

>> No. 1907

It so is... I like shooting suspicious people at point-blank with grenades, just to see if they turn into spy chunks.
>> No. 1912
oh my god I miss your guro

I might have to join you in this revival, Katya
>> No. 1944
Once again... Blood Fetish is happy.

Good work Katya. Praise ye'.
>> No. 3090
File 131681640281.jpg - (206.26KB , 565x813 , sassymedic.jpg )
it's tiem
>> No. 3091
File 131681651874.jpg - (288.36KB , 1019x781 , heartsurgery3.jpg )
i have the biggest heart surgery fetish it's not even funny

this was a suggestion by veit, to draw the removal scene as something more serious
>> No. 3092
File 131681664345.jpg - (246.16KB , 708x736 , rthryre.jpg )
also this, joining the dead-scout-is-best-scout club
>> No. 3093
Captcha says 'agree shookme', which is... pretty darn accurate?

All this blood is so pretty... I feel weird typing that sentence out, but it's true. And that heart surgery, guh, it does things to me.
>> No. 3095
Ah, Ich liebe Blut. Bitte, mehr.

It disturbs me how turned on I am by this.
>> No. 3108
First thought- See, He’ll turn red any second now. See, Red! Oh wait, that’s blood.

Second Thought- The head’s tilted way to far back for it to be...oh. Nevermind then.

Love the picture.
>> No. 3643
The first time I saw this piece, I was instantly reminded of Baglione's "St. Sebastian Healed by an Angel."
I appreciate the reference (which I'm assuming was intended), and as always, your work is stunning.

(If my art history classes had more of this, I probably would have had an easier time getting the material in my head, haha!)
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