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File 130905588841.png - (1.34MB , 2000x1820 , GivingHead.png )
1989 No. 1989
Somebody had to do it.
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>> No. 1990
File 130906142277.jpg - (71.71KB , 288x499 , why.jpg )
>> No. 1991
This is why we love you, Cat.
>> No. 1993
...no wonder why spy said "kill me latter" but still.... You have no idea how much you made my day... Well actualy night.....
>> No. 1995
The saddest-looking recipient of fellatio ever. Poor Heavy... I'm sure that he sometimes wonders what he's doing, getting into a relationship with this man.
>> No. 1997

He puts up with it because he loves dis doktor.

... He's just, you know, kind of unnerved from getting a BJ from a disembodied head.
>> No. 1998
Deep-throating could get pretty awkward, depending on if the bottom of that Spy is solid.
>> No. 2003
Poor Spy head. Although I have to admit this was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the video.
>> No. 2004

Or interestng. I have now a picture in mind how n´medic will fondle the tipp, while Spy sucks on it.

(I´m sorry, i bring porn here. I´m sorry i bring disturbing porn here. I´m sorry.)
>> No. 2005
Oh lord. Somebody please draw this.
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