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File 130922730852.jpg - (585.33KB , 1984x2739 , triple_bypass.jpg )
2008 No. 2008
seems like a good thread starter

TRIPLE BYPASS this is not how you bypass hearts medic what are you doing

put those things back they're filthy
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>> No. 2010
This made me go BWAHAHAHA and Ms Jess asked why and I had to tell her she didn't want to know.
>> No. 2011
He hast zer auge-hand-koordination! I seriously love the enormous sculpted jaw you alwauys give your Medics.

captcha: dummy lighlim
>> No. 2012
...I love how your men have the most awesome manly jaws. and that the lines around their faces are always so clean. And pretty much what yang said.
>> No. 2015
Medic wonders why he can't hold all those hearts.
>> No. 2019
Those squirts of blood look so fresh and realistic, I'm impressed!
>> No. 2027
So. Fucking. Manry. And Medic seems to have such a cavalier attitude towards people's vital organs, I'm sure he'll handle them safely! If not... well, the floor can't be too dirty, right? He can clean them off if he drops them. Five second rule.
>> No. 2050
File 130964203078.jpg - (245.99KB , 510x514 , neck_flappie-edition.jpg )
Kaz told me to post this here so that's what I'm doing. COLORS ON HER BEAUTIFUL LINES.
>> No. 2053
This is magnificent. You two must be joined in un/holy matrimony so more awesomeness can be spawned.
>> No. 2057

And now I somehow have this idea in my head of Alexander being Medic's ancestor and Medic having grown up in Castle Brennenburg.
>> No. 2086
I need a fanfic of this. Or some fanart. Or-
Oh god. Medic/Alexander. SUDDEN WANT.
>> No. 2221
File 131075753759.jpg - (91.90KB , 330x352 , medicalexander.jpg )
>> No. 2226
File 131076486718.jpg - (111.15KB , 480x622 , just_as_planned.jpg )
>> No. 2396
File 131183795115.jpg - (262.89KB , 1200x896 , you_wont_be_needing_this_anymore3.jpg )
oh I somehow forgot to post this sketch WIP. this is a crop, and spy doesn't have clothes yet OOooOOOOoOoOHhHHhHhh~~

here you go
>> No. 2427
I'm not even into gore whatsoever but your really well executed drawings make me look anyway. You don't please any goretastic phantasies, but you please my inner art nut. Can't wait for the colored version!
>> No. 2468
No. You don't GET to do Medic/Spy torture sexy-times again yet. I still want more of this.

Joking. I'm not one to think that fans have any right to tell the artist they're stalking what to do, BUT I'D REEEALLY LOVE IT IF YOU DID MORE.
>> No. 2721
File 131337798824.jpg - (257.84KB , 884x1500 , pron1.jpg )
I sketched this several months ago in between projects and never finished it. welp here you go, TF2chan. Kaz drew dicks. in my defense, I'm pretty sure the biggest reason I wanted to draw this was the hand.

(most stiff poses ever)
>> No. 2724
Excuse me while I make gurgling awkward sex noises and melt into my chair. Them's indeed some sexy hands.

Oh, yeah, and porn. That's hot, too.

>> No. 2872
File 131448052291.jpg - (187.38KB , 892x734 , captain hero numnum.jpg )
This. Is. Awesome.
>> No. 4071
I so totally read that in his voice.

Please don't bump threads that have been dead for this long.
>> No. 4121
If you want to comment but not bump, place "sage" in the email field like so
>> No. 4165
I think this means I need to draw more gore huh
>> No. 4195
Um, duh. Always.
>> No. 4263
Yes, yes please.
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