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File 131431092649.jpg - (375.76KB , 900x600 , sniper_engie_01.jpg )
2848 No. 2848
S'up. Been a long while since I drew me some TF2 fanart, but I'm suddenly inspired again so, have a thread. I'll be posting more here soon enough.
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>> No. 2855
File 131433621144.jpg - (379.19KB , 602x868 , scout_alone_time.jpg )
Here. Have a naked scout.
>> No. 2860
File 131435476058.jpg - (38.71KB , 367x512 , 54326764.jpg )
>>2855 DAT SCOUT. Love his facial expression.
>> No. 2868
I am turned on.
>> No. 2877
File 131452098919.jpg - (287.30KB , 652x800 , doublescout.jpg )
This is a response to the request thread.

"Requesting 2 shirtless Scouts making out. One wearing the Whoopee Cap, another with the Baker Boy."
>> No. 2878
Mmm, Scout-on-Scout. I like me some of that action...
>> No. 2883
I love the way you draw Scouts! I noticed a few thing that bother me though. The Scout on the right seems kind of Detached. Like, to me at least, it appears as though he's staring into space/other Scout's cheekbone. Maybe try making it look more like he's staring in the other Scout's eyes' general direction? Also, it seems almost like his teeth are hovering over other Scout's lips. Perhaps have them overlap a bit more, and have the lip have the slightest indent where the teeth would be sinking in? And where is the right Scout's right arm? I feel like his hand would go well behind the left Scout's head, or perhaps around his waist. Also, the left Scout's eyebrow's high arches seem to suggest anger, which contradicts the rest of his body language. Sorry for getting so nitpicky, heh. Over all the picture is absolutely wonderful though! Very hot indeed, unf. (So much so my phone tried to autocorrect very to sexy.)
>> No. 2884
Ah, yes, I see exactly what you're talking about. And mother of crap, I had sketched in the right scout's hand on the other's shoulder/back and somehow it got lost in rendering. I hate when things like that happen. I hadn't noticed it wasn't there until you mentioned it. I may go back and modify a couple of these things once I have a chance. Thanks for the con crit!
>> No. 2887
File 131473758639.jpg - (274.26KB , 532x900 , doublemedic.jpg )
Medics kissing medics. It happens, and it is gud.

(Another request. >>619 )
>> No. 2888
File 131473768436.jpg - (96.39KB , 500x372 , heavyBlush.jpg )
And because I couldn't help myself, the Heavys' response to said display. A-derp.
>> No. 2889
File 131473977737.gif - (12.75KB , 236x256 , yess.gif )
A big part of me wants to squeal in delight, but all I can manage is a dry, ecstatic rasp.
There is never a bad time for Medicest. I will never say no to Medicest. Fact: Medicest counts towards your daily protein intake.
I love their necks, and their jaws, and their torsos. Hnng. Also great are the colours being correct for each, and the way their coats are folding over.. though it does beg the question as to where their shirts disappeared to. And I'm not sure a rubber glove of that thickness would look quite so crumpled on the floor like that, though it does lend some hormone-inspired haste to the picture.

tl;dr Please draw Medic again.
>> No. 2890
Spasibo. I am in total agreement with Heavies.

this needs to be epic foursome...
>> No. 2891
File 131474700447.png - (255.73KB , 504x307 , YES.png )
FUCK YES. I am a huge sick-minded sucker for Medicest.
>> No. 2913
File 131500422891.jpg - (329.74KB , 611x900 , scout_engie_lap.jpg )
Steve mentioned that he wanted to see Engie and Scout stuff. This is what came of it.
>> No. 2962
So I have no idea if anyone would actually be interested in this, but I'm live streaming my drawing of some Sniper/Sniper kissing goodness.
>> No. 2992
File 131578968221.jpg - (243.60KB , 520x900 , snipers.jpg )
Can't decide if I like this or not. I've stared at it too long to care. Have it anyway.
>> No. 3001
Was too shy to say this at first, but I really like your stuff. I have a huge class-clash fetish.
>> No. 3014
File 131625408330.jpg - (19.30KB , 268x270 , tumblr_llxyim2Cql1qc6xeao1_500.jpg )
I like where this thread is going...
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