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File 131822617155.jpg - (298.15KB , 1000x1500 , page 01.jpg )
3217 No. 3217
@cp_egypt - page 01

Helmet Party comic

Influencied by lots of fanfics.
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>> No. 4532
File 135568023796.png - (459.20KB , 705x835 , dicks.png )
better I do the real end (that's not even close) before thinking about doing an extra...
I have no idea, being real buzy with my thesis (while procastinating with sfm...)

Meanwhille have this "procastinating" drawing...
>> No. 4538
Mmm I would just love to suck solly off. Can't wait for more! Also my first post on the chan ever.
>> No. 4539
thats nice but learn to sage next time sweety
>> No. 4653
File 135816482686.png - (465.04KB , 861x851 , sollyheavy.png )
>> No. 4656
File 135852164062.png - (692.88KB , 1100x905 , akuma.png )
>> No. 4657
>> No. 4658
Truth be told, the Scout kind of kills it for me. But that's just me.
>> No. 4659
As always, I love your work, but Scout looks a bit awkward in this picture.

I'm kind of curious of what Scout would like if he was muscular.

Again, great work. <3
>> No. 4666
Comic seems dead. I guess I can unbookmark this thread then.
>> No. 4667
I'm sorry for have life.
I already said I not gived up the comic, complaing not gonna make me do it faster.
>> No. 4668
I can understand the poster above you a little bit, though. You seem to be more intent on posting non-comic related pictures, which is fine, and they are lovely, but it's coming across as if you don't want to do the comic anymore.

You're allowed to have a life, of course, and you're allowed to draw whatever it is you want to draw, but if you start drawing a comic, and draw it for a while, but then not update it for an extended period of time, while still sharing other pictures you're doing, then it's going to come across as disinterest in your comic. That's just how I think it's being seen, for some.
>> No. 4669
File 135964959685.png - (19.20KB , 319x317 , forgodsake.png )
I don't even know why I'm justifing myself now, I'm doing 1 essay and trying to finish my thesis to finaly graduate in the colege, plus being have working on relatives houses helping, when I get free time I try to work in the comic, I'm actualy design all teh pages and already have the entire script, to when I finaly release them don't have this huge delay between them. those other random drawings I do are gifts for people who I adimre or had helped me with the comic. Those random drawings are faster and easier to do than the comic pages.
>> No. 4670
And as I said, you're allowed to draw what you want. I'm just trying to illustrate how it can come across to some people as disinterest.

For example, if I were to create a multi-chapter epic, left it at a cliffhanger for a while, and then started posting teeny little ficlets I'd written up for people, then some might think I'd given up on the original epic, even if I hadn't, and had simply gotten busy with things.

I understand that you're busy, and I don't mind waiting, personally. I'm just trying to help you understand why some might be getting frustrated.
>> No. 4671

Yes but clearly you're wrong.

I don't care what you do Furei, just keep drawing period.
>> No. 4672
I don't see how my offering one possible perspective out of many is clearly wrong, but alrighty.
>> No. 4673
Its clearly wrong because most people don't have that perspective because we know furei has had longer hiatuses between pages with art in between them and if you are following his blog then you would know hes is busy also use your basic deductive reasoning and see that he created a deadline for the hiatus meaning he had stuff planned and he DIRECTLY SAID he was busy with his thesis in >>4532 so how about you just shoosh before you stress him out with the perspective of people who care about his comic more than his general art or his actual well-being

Furei, It looks like helmet dicks aren't the only dicks clogging up your thread. Good luck on your thesis.
>> No. 4674

Did I ever say that EVERYONE felt this way about the comic? No.

Did I say that the majority of people felt this way? No.

Did I ever say that I felt this way about the comic? No.

What I did say is that >>4666 might believe this comic is dead, for the reasons I have already stated. That is all.

Furei is free to draw as he pleases, and to live his life as he pleases. Whether he's taking a hiatus, or whether he's giving up on the comic entirely, or whether he decides to give up drawing and join the circus does not affect me in any way, shape, or form.

I am merely offering one possible reason out of many, for the poster that believed this comic was dead. That's all. Don't bite my head off for playing devil's advocate.

And for the record, I didn't even know Furei had a blog. If I didn't know it, then there's a chance that 4666 didn't know it, and therefore could not follow what he doesn't know exists.
>> No. 4675
er mah gerd guys just calm yo tits

didn't mean to start nothin'

just saying furei flat out came out and said your opinion was wrong.
>> No. 4676
How can an opinion be wrong? It's an opinion. By nature it has no right or wrong. Just saying.
>> No. 4677
File 136011453625.jpg - (76.66KB , 230x282 , pauling.jpg )
Stop the drama.
>> No. 4727
File 136513095430.jpg - (571.77KB , 1000x1500 , page 19.jpg )
>> No. 4728
>> No. 4729

>> No. 4730
Ouch! that's gotta hurt. Who would have thought Solly was so accident prone?
>> No. 4735
File 136615471969.gif - (974.29KB , 245x245 , phoebe.gif )
>> No. 4738
File 13675594772.png - (47.48KB , 150x150 , tumblr_inline_mfqcxdCo7p1rso5ng.png )
ooh, it's 1:30am and i've just stumbled across this thread. can't wait to see more.
>> No. 5627
File 13719187162.jpg - (40.87KB , 615x615 , 1366634345196.jpg )
>last update 04/04/13
>> No. 5632
File 137238388383.jpg - (668.70KB , 1000x1500 , page 20.jpg )
>> No. 5633
Thank you so much op.
>> No. 5634
Oh Man! That part with Soldier and his friends was hilarious.

That had me laughing like a hyena.
>> No. 5636
every face engineer made is priceless. His snicker face especially.

Also soldier with dildos always makes me happy.

This is my favorite page so far.
>> No. 5638
I like the fact, that you can see how much you improve on anatomy each time you make a new page.

Not sure if it's on purpose, or you just get better naturally. But dang son, it's good.
>> No. 5653
This has to continue, Furei.
>> No. 5663
File 138420893261.png - (1.04MB , 1086x905 , jem.png )
heheh thanks! the main reason I started this comic actualy was to pratice some more complex poses.
Don't worry people I didn't abandoned this. meanwhile have some random porn...
>> No. 5664
File 138420898631.jpg - (267.46KB , 1070x1086 , nips copy.jpg )
>> No. 5665
File 138420908728.png - (385.86KB , 809x817 , halehale.png )
Captcha:buhmann eempile
>> No. 5666
File 138420916140.png - (567.25KB , 724x816 , hp.png )
>> No. 5667
File 138420921095.png - (425.10KB , 759x945 , lockness.png )
>> No. 5672
Oh.. oh my.. I'll be in my bunk
>> No. 5676
i havent been here in like, months and there have only been 2 updates since.
>> No. 5749
I miss this comic :(
>> No. 5754
File 139154328074.jpg - (644.47KB , 1000x1500 , page 21.jpg )
new page,
not sorry for the delay.
>> No. 5755
Definitely worth the wait :) great job as always Furei
>> No. 5759
File 139216867858.jpg - (621.75KB , 1000x1500 , page 22.jpg )
>> No. 5760
well done you magnificant bastard. how many pages from the original plan are there to do?

the engi face in top right panel - very nice work.
>> No. 5761

Awesome; still watching this.
>> No. 5762
File 139276588652.jpg - (676.54KB , 1000x1500 , page 23.jpg )
it will end in page 30 or 31
>> No. 5763
damn, Furei! Look at you go! I'm super excited for the sex. it's gonna be awesome.
>> No. 5766
Aw no, I think your thread is autosaging!

These are coming along great, Furei. I spy improvement over the course of this comic, too... good job, man!
>> No. 5856
oh god dont stoop
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