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File 131822617155.jpg - (298.15KB , 1000x1500 , page 01.jpg )
3217 No. 3217
@cp_egypt - page 01

Helmet Party comic

Influencied by lots of fanfics.
Expand all images
>> No. 3218
A new thread!

I like this already. Soldier and Engineer is a great way to start off.
>> No. 3223
File 131824946528.jpg - (266.41KB , 1000x1500 , page 02.jpg )
>> No. 3225
I like where this is going! Also, since this is in Adult Fiction I have great hope for this thread
>> No. 3226
File 131825667680.png - (76.99KB , 1024x768 , 130895431446.png )
Nothing hurt
>> No. 3227
>> No. 3228
Helmet party? Yes please.
>> No. 3237
File 131838926755.jpg - (245.69KB , 1000x1500 , page 03.jpg )
page 03
>> No. 3239
Take him up one that, Scoot!
>> No. 3240
Whoa, glad to see you have a thread once again, Furei! This is looking great, you have improved a lot! I love the colors you use, they are so soft.
>> No. 3259
File 131856086923.png - (221.42KB , 437x386 , Isthereanymorecoffee.png )
I eagerly await more.
>> No. 3261
File 131860579863.jpg - (27.57KB , 404x267 , 1263665974475.jpg )
mfw wrong direction sign.

First the HeavyMedic comic by Monkan gets finished and now we get some Helmet Party? THANK YOU TF2CHAN!
>> No. 3266
File 131877709625.jpg - (5.72KB , 173x120 , 45ae8f44_7bfb_ad55.jpg )
I don't know where this is going, but I can't wait to find out.
>> No. 3267
File 131878020836.png - (55.13KB , 222x273 , CREAM GRAVY Engie.png )
Moar plz kthxbai.
Man, Furei, you are improving in heaps! It's really inspiring! Keep going with this project, I'm sure it will be educational for you and pleasant for us
>> No. 3269
File 131882762158.jpg - (282.75KB , 1000x1500 , page 04.jpg )
Aww I'm glad you guys are enjoying this!
Sorry for the slow update, have some buzy and lazy times in real life sometimes.
>> No. 3275
someone's using my picture, this makes me super happy.
Also I await more from this comic. Most lovely.
>> No. 3283
I read the first dialogue as "Yer gonna overheat the engie".
Damn engie spoiling the comic!
I like where this is going~ ♥
>> No. 3284
DAT ENGIE FACE. It looks really sexual for some reason.

>> No. 3289
File 131897286942.jpg - (370.77KB , 1000x1500 , page 05.jpg )
In time early to helmet wednesday!
>> No. 3290
That second panel. I want to take it out of context and put it everywhere. It's just too darn funny.
>> No. 3294
File 131905945853.jpg - (285.09KB , 1000x1500 , page 06.jpg )
Still wednesday!
Things are getting hot! HÁ ...
>> No. 3295
>> No. 3296

There is not enough naked Soldier in this world..
>> No. 3299
yet he keeps his boots on...
>> No. 3300
File 13190805405.png - (40.78KB , 360x295 , I like where this is going Spy.png )
Soldier forgot to pack sun block! NOW EVERYTHING IS RUINED

Of course, dude. He knows how it looks best.
>> No. 3301
uh duh they're on sand, there's no way i'm getting my feet burnt by sand.
>> No. 3306
Damn, Solly, looking good there!
I love the way you portrait Engie, he's so shy.
>> No. 3312
words cannot describe how much I love this page
And you draw Soldier's expressions so well. I feel the need to screenshot every one as a reaction image...
>> No. 3324
I bump because I care.
Also, I like where this is going.
>> No. 3325

>> No. 3327
File 131963586071.jpg - (66.43KB , 535x445 , Capture.jpg )
Sorry for the hiatus, I usualy don't like to reply my threads without new image. I got abducted my real life this week, was hired for a job and shit, plus semester ending on university, homeworks.

The sand is hot and he likes his boots.
Dammit I'm that obvious? lol
Actualy wasn't my intention make him looks shy, my engies are never shy, they are aways getting suprized by the impulsiveness of my soldiers.
Heh, I will do some photosets with his faces for you later.

An people don't worry, I have already more 4 pages designed (stick figures ftw) just to be draw, I'm just buzy and using my free time to study how to draw "backs". I shouldn't have ignored how to draw then for 11 years
>> No. 3349
solly noooo the worst thing you can do when stranded in the desert is take off all your clothes
>> No. 3373
File 132053938468.jpg - (324.50KB , 1000x1500 , page 07.jpg )
Finaly new page! Sorry for the delay, I will try make more faster...
>> No. 3381
Mann Co. sells lubricant.
I'm not even surprised.
>> No. 3382
But why does Engineer keep it, ah, on hand?

Oh that delicious Solly butt. Please continue.
>> No. 3386
Saxton Hale
Hot Anal Sex
>> No. 3391
Hahahaha. I'm loving every pannel of your comic! Can't wait to see Engineer applying lube sunblock on Soldier's body.
>> No. 3394
Engie appears to have lost a finger in the first panel. Actually that whole hand is pretty fudged at this angle.

Admittedly, it's difficult to point out your errors as I feel like spme of these things that just improves with more practice. Maybe later on though I can talk to you about doing comic paneling, composition, etc. I still want to do a redline on that intro panel to help you with perspective as well.
>> No. 3532
>> No. 3534
File 132336764112.jpg - (355.40KB , 1000x1500 , pagina 08.jpg )
>> No. 3536
File 132338226721.jpg - (107.87KB , 630x494 , i-came-again.jpg )
yay, new page.
>> No. 3537

As much as I absofuckinglutely adore this, wasn't Solly already hard in >>3294 ?
>> No. 3538
no, it's sort of wagging back and forth as he walks. There's little movement lines.
>> No. 3539
File 132340668837.png - (147.73KB , 566x478 , IlikewherethisisgoingMedic.png )
>> No. 3541

I swear, when Solly says OH, I hear the same OH as when when Heavy shows him one of the photos in Meet the Spy.
>> No. 3550

That...actually makes it hotter.
>> No. 3554
File 132376652014.jpg - (80.82KB , 398x326 , t246635_dat_ass_engineer.jpg )
Soldier's ass.. Yes.
>> No. 3556
File 132376847558.jpg - (27.01KB , 391x506 , 13004876952.jpg )
>> No. 3557

That's a Rembrandt.
>> No. 3558
File 132377899232.png - (227.13KB , 500x500 , 126291591155.png )

Anyone else notice Engie's "tent"?
>> No. 3630
File 132598209720.jpg - (354.82KB , 1000x1500 , page 09.jpg )

>> No. 3631
Yes! New update! I love the hippe soldier.
>> No. 3632
File 132599150635.jpg - (60.46KB , 640x435 , mlfw2105-happymanlookingatcomput.jpg )
>desert hippie scrabs

Oh Engie, you crafty little devil you.
>> No. 3633
An update! Oh, happy day. This is looking wonderful.
>> No. 3634
File 132604803749.jpg - (12.44KB , 400x326 , 72141e38-f65d-472a-a0a9-c7b907c9cb38.jpg )
first panel is very sexy. but i laugh with the dessert hippie scarbs explain (and solly is so ingenuous).
>> No. 3651
Ha! The little beetle on his peanut brain made me giggle.
>> No. 3654
File 132655770537.jpg - (449.80KB , 1000x1500 , page 10.jpg )
page 10

thanks for like this people!
>> No. 3656

And Engie's green eyes are so pretty.
>> No. 3657
I can fap to this... Thanks.
>> No. 3660
I strongly approve.
>> No. 3661
Haha, I love this! I thought this was gonna be another 'shy Engie' comic, but I absolutely love the fact he's actually being giant perv! Keep it up!
>> No. 3664
File 132672545353.jpg - (45.53KB , 949x591 , Capturar.jpg )
Sorry, but I can't see this guy acting shy. keheheheh
>> No. 3665
I never saw Engineer as a shy guy, and I always see Soldier being extremely insecure imo.
>> No. 3678
Minor criticism, you should draw their teeth when their mouths are open, it looks kind of weird to me (and Soldier has lovely teeth). The hippie scarab made me laugh my ass off, funny porn is good porn.
>> No. 3717
File 132902373682.jpg - (446.13KB , 1000x1500 , page 11.jpg )
Exactly as I see haha
I'm trying my best since I read your critc.
Gah finaly new page! Things getting messy...
>> No. 3719
I like mess.

Mess is good.

So. Very. Good.
>> No. 3722
I'm guessing Solly was trying to get the plug out, and it... felt too good?

(captch Same Antsily... more bug excuses maybe?)
>> No. 3737
I have never been more satisfied by a comic. The characterization is perfect, the art is close to home, and best of all it is my OTP.

Checking thread every day.
OP will deliver.
>> No. 3746
File 133003704775.jpg - (465.36KB , 1000x1500 , page 12.jpg )
He's just pokeing, like when you have a piece of meat between your teeth hehe.

thanks for the suport people, doing my best to finish this!
>> No. 3748
Soldier use Rip
Enginner is now naked.
It's Super Effective.
>> No. 3749
Wait a minute...
Surely with his clothes missing Soldier is going to have to comply with the whole hippie scarab thing and give himself a butt plug. Unless he doesn't have a spare, in which case somebody is going to have to get filled with something...
I wonder what that could be?

>> No. 3750
Wait a minute...
Surely with his clothes missing Soldier is going to have to comply with the whole hippie scarab thing and give himself a butt plug. Unless he doesn't have a spare, in which case somebody is going to have to get filled with something...
I wonder what that could be?

>> No. 3754
Really liking the comic so far,keep up the good work!
>> No. 3756
File 133037224580.gif - (151.70KB , 500x280 , 0e377aeb0be222055ee509959ee243a4.gif )
For some reason, Engineer not being completely naked just makes him seem MORE naked.... I like this.
>> No. 3785

I think they call that "The Theiss Principle". It usually applies to Captain Kirk's dates, but also works to describe the mechanics of fun things like assless chaps. Muhahaha.
>> No. 3794
awww mama yes
>> No. 3818
File 133176756082.jpg - (395.58KB , 1058x1200 , orgy.jpg )
I didn't give up the comic, don't worry people, just beeing buzy...
Yep, my colouring sucks.
>> No. 3819
...Whose foot is next to Pyro's head?
>> No. 3820
Most likely Soldier's foot supported by Pyro's hand making it easier to thrust.
>> No. 3829
File 133211997045.jpg - (276.25KB , 833x900 , engie solly redrew.jpg )
Redraw meme (find yourself what I redid lol)
>> No. 3832
File 133221239375.jpg - (362.68KB , 900x969 , engie solly redrew pt2.jpg )
>> No. 3839
Man, your art is facinating! Solly/Engie FTW
>> No. 3846
File 133264533614.jpg - (328.82KB , 1400x989 , RADDARLING.jpg )

can't belive no one Ruled34 this yet.
>> No. 3849
YES! Haha, I made my friend request that in the Secret Santa, but hers never got done for some reason.

>> No. 3850
>> No. 3853
File 133284246992.jpg - (66.45KB , 351x351 , 126819063311.jpg )
Aaand it's on Paheal.
No need to thank me. You only have yourself and your skills to thank.
>> No. 3882
File 133349795152.jpg - (378.97KB , 1000x1500 , page 13.jpg )
>> No. 3886
>> No. 3889
AHAHA!!! hit him with the gloved hand
>> No. 3913
What's in Solly's boot?
>> No. 3916
This needs to have updates faster!
I'm way too eager to see what's going to happen.
>> No. 3919
I check for updates everyday, sometimes even twice a day! (I know I'm not the only one)

Mr. Furei, please continue the comic...faster.
>> No. 3920
yes! it would really fit my fancy if you'd pick up the pace on this comic, mr/ms. furei
>> No. 3921

Woah guys.

How about the fact that Furei has a life outside of TF2Chan?

Good things come to those who wait.
>> No. 3937
File 133495674980.jpg - (485.66KB , 1191x1000 , saxton darling.jpg )
Sorry for the lack of update in the comic, lots of projects and distractions, but I already have all the pages doodled, I won't let it die, don't worry.

Meanwille, more Darling/Sax sex
>> No. 3995
File 13372970623.jpg - (447.89KB , 1000x1500 , pagina 14.jpg )
>> No. 3996
I like where this is going.
>> No. 3997

Every time the novelty of the previous page wears off I resign myself to thinking "the next page will probably just be a gapping page" or something but then the next one comes and I'm thrown through a humorous loop. Your pacing is great, it's almost like reading a really good daily webcomic. There's always a punchline, I guess. It's quite refreshing.
>> No. 3998
Holy smokes! I think I nose bled all over the keyboard. I'll be in my bunk.

It's so nice to see a new page! Really, really nice.
>> No. 3999
Well, what a turn of events this is. Things on the Adult Fan Art board have been getting pretty slow here to tell the truth, so I'm happy to see an update of some kind.

or maybe that's just me.
>> No. 4001
gettin inside engie's pants.
>> No. 4011
The name of that plan is a subtle as the lyrics from "Coming For You" from The Apple.
>> No. 4012
And this is what I mean by that.

>> No. 4015
File 13375366816.jpg - (464.79KB , 1600x1500 , megasolly.jpg )
Everyone's reaction is priceless!
Meanwhille get this crossoverception.
>> No. 4018
Is this a Super Monday Night Combat crossover picture? Because I can't help but laugh at how funny this is.
>> No. 4027
File 133824945827.jpg - (499.38KB , 800x1200 , sexypyro.jpg )
>> No. 4029
This is very, very okay.
>> No. 4031
File 133835129359.jpg - (415.08KB , 1000x1500 , pagina 15.jpg )
wednesday people.
>> No. 4032
I'm enjoying this
>> No. 4033

Thank you
>> No. 4035
I don't think they have coconuts in the desert, but by all means proceed.
>> No. 4036
pshh spoiler
>> No. 4037
Everything is going to come together in the end isn't it.

Suddenly critique: Engie's kneepad thingamadoobers are very 2-dimensional. They look like they're markered on his knees rather than being their own objects.

Although I kind of question why he would want to protect his knees when everything else is so exposed. I assume they're there normally for practicality (getting on his knees to build stuff) and he wouldn't need them so much atm, at least not nearly as much as you would think he would need pants. I guess they're not as replaceable as pants, though...
>> No. 4055
Repairing buildings isn't the only thing you do on your knees.
>> No. 4056
File 133929075679.png - (120.73KB , 444x491 , page17spoiler.png )
Exactly! If you know what I mean...

I kinda rushed on them, almost forgot draw them, yeah they look bad haha, it's kinda hard draw them in perspective too.
Also engie keeps them because they didn't got ruined by solly, also he don't have anyother place to keep them hahah.
>> No. 4077
File 133995874717.jpg - (514.92KB , 1000x1500 , pagina 16.jpg )
I have every detail planned people, mmmwhahahha...
>> No. 4078
there goes that fourth wall.
and here come the sex. I think. Its been at "almost sex" a few times now.
>> No. 4081

mmmmmm look at that handsome mug.
>> No. 4087
Obviously the fourth wall needed to die for sex to happen.
>> No. 4088
its a small sacrifice.
>> No. 4089
My movie senses are tingling.

One of them must be dreaming.(?)
>> No. 4100
>> No. 4151
File 134120460446.jpg - (357.13KB , 950x888 , emzy copy.jpg )
Just an interruption, be right back to the comic soon.
>> No. 4155
Mmm solly sandvich on Texas toast. My favorite.
>> No. 4167
I love the faces Soldier makes. :3
>> No. 4173
Just so you know, my boyfriend made this, cause I showed him your comic.

Just wanted to let you know.
>> No. 4174
I don't know whats weirder
How great this is
Or the fact that you openly show porn comics to your boyfriend
>> No. 4175
File 134201991230.gif - (493.52KB , 291x240 , over.gif )
You have a realy nice boyfriend, marry him already! I'm so amuzed by the video aaaaaa!!!!!
Ok I swear I will continue the comic soon...
>> No. 4261
>> No. 4279
File 134475982813.jpg - (499.24KB , 1000x1189 , HELMET PERSONAL.jpg )
>> No. 4372
Sweet Jesus BUMP.
>> No. 4373
Continue it PLEASE. This comic is just so hnnng.
>> No. 4374
I swear to God, Furei if you stop making this awesome comic I'll never forgive you! ;~;
>> No. 4391
make more
>> No. 4399
File 13486612984.jpg - (82.51KB , 540x720 , 25881_1207865811859_1685116716_451057_2119669_n.jpg )
bumping for more to come
>> No. 4418
File 13497427254.jpg - (295.36KB , 1100x1100 , 1890porn.jpg )
Have this porn meanwhile:
>> No. 4420
File 134998721296.jpg - (411.19KB , 1000x1500 , page17.jpg )
Just took 1 year to Solly get Engie's cock.
>> No. 4421
File 134999925494.png - (291.06KB , 434x395 , ew.png )
>> No. 4422
File 135004341557.jpg - (10.90KB , 308x313 , original.jpg )

The waiting was totally worth it! NNgh!
>> No. 4423
File 135005821278.jpg - (8.89KB , 183x200 , Now+that+s+Tentacruel+_3155c8a3afa428952616f98ba38.jpg )
what is engineer sitting on?
>> No. 4424
Wait... if Engie doesn't have his clothes... Where did the Saxton Hale's Industrial Anal Lubricant go?
>> No. 4426
up his arse
>> No. 4427
File 135026177884.png - (486.25KB , 579x822 , sexyengie.png )
It's what left from his pant's fabric, becuase you know, sand+sex shouldn't mix...

he still have his belt and helmets, I just forgot draw them...its someplace in the floor behind the "camera", also solly is lubed and sore enough already...
>> No. 4429
how long does it take on average to draw these character sketches and the comics?
>> No. 4430
Depends on free time+ motivation+ family not around. Those recent pages have more complex poses, so yeah they took something around 1 week.
>> No. 4431
I'll just say it: I really dislike your art style.

Maybe it's because you don't have much shadowing, or something to do with the thick lines you give all the muscles, but it really puts me off. I can't get a sense of depth in your art, the definition is all the same.

Everyone just looks like a balloon animal. All blimpy but no substance.

Also the way you have such wide open mouths in some shots makes a person look toothless, like Soldier in the bottom right panel of the first page you posted.

I do like the lining you have for the faces, though. Particularly the individual jaw shapes they have.
>> No. 4432
File 135034058273.png - (227.99KB , 458x434 , Capturar.png )
All I can say is that the toothless faces I made on purpose, also I dont do them all the time. I have no excuses to the rest, I'm doing the best I can.
>> No. 4440
dude, Fuck you, Its awsome the way it is, Its not a big deal. I know I love this fucking comic. Fucking love engi x solder.

please make more op! I can't tell you how much i love your work. Have you thought of tumblr? if so get one and use it to post your work, I know many people there will love your work also.

>> No. 4450

>> No. 4454
File 135113655044.jpg - (526.65KB , 1000x1500 , page 18.jpg )
Page 18
>> No. 4455
File 135114742834.png - (304.57KB , 410x380 , hnngg.png )
do you know how much i love your work....
even the wait is usually worth it. cant wait for the the finales
i love you
>> No. 4458
I just noticed how much I stopped caring as much about the porn and more about the actual story.
>> No. 4461
speak for yourself, I am 11 kinds of "hard", and eagerly awaiting each page.

also that fourth panel damn hot a what
>> No. 4462
File 135146668771.jpg - (8.11KB , 178x200 , Take+it+easy+bro+_c6c7ec432519a456ebddb3d84b6194fc.jpg )
maybe outta context, but you just admitted you are 11
>> No. 4463
File 135146776551.png - (80.67KB , 260x391 , WatSoldier.png )
>> No. 4471
File 135173839187.jpg - (298.34KB , 1000x810 , happybdaymrnubs.jpg )
being realy buzzy now, no new page before december
>> No. 4473
Kinky, I like that.

Thought i have to admit, that wrench and jumbo-screw have me thinking something scary. Or maybe that's just me with my head a little too far in the gutter.

(capcha: him alstSc. Hey! leave my childhood out of this, capcha.)
>> No. 4482
File 135184723814.jpg - (124.68KB , 860x928 , team_fortress_2___mother_of_god_by_tadeu_costa-d5j.jpg )
>>3217 Hippie Solly? I couldn't even imagine that.
I love your art you make such great stuff.
Helmet party even in the desert. Damn Solly you horny.
>> No. 4486
Just so you know it's against the rules to post memes.

Just wanted to let you know.

>> No. 4488
File 135192350673.gif - (39.81KB , 100x100 , ha.gif )
>> No. 4512
please give us just a little spoiler
is it really the end or near-end or is there a lil more action?
>> No. 4513
File 135309830940.png - (200.89KB , 732x744 , yaoi end.png )
ok, this is how it ends, in the next page.

will reach page 23 at last, probably will go until page 30 or less
>> No. 4515
perfect ending 10/10 would read again
>> No. 4516
Please make this an extra or something.
>> No. 4523
even with the spoilers, i await the next installment! should be here soon?
>> No. 4526
I cry every time
>> No. 4532
File 135568023796.png - (459.20KB , 705x835 , dicks.png )
better I do the real end (that's not even close) before thinking about doing an extra...
I have no idea, being real buzy with my thesis (while procastinating with sfm...)

Meanwhille have this "procastinating" drawing...
>> No. 4538
Mmm I would just love to suck solly off. Can't wait for more! Also my first post on the chan ever.
>> No. 4539
thats nice but learn to sage next time sweety
>> No. 4653
File 135816482686.png - (465.04KB , 861x851 , sollyheavy.png )
>> No. 4656
File 135852164062.png - (692.88KB , 1100x905 , akuma.png )
>> No. 4657
>> No. 4658
Truth be told, the Scout kind of kills it for me. But that's just me.
>> No. 4659
As always, I love your work, but Scout looks a bit awkward in this picture.

I'm kind of curious of what Scout would like if he was muscular.

Again, great work. <3
>> No. 4666
Comic seems dead. I guess I can unbookmark this thread then.
>> No. 4667
I'm sorry for have life.
I already said I not gived up the comic, complaing not gonna make me do it faster.
>> No. 4668
I can understand the poster above you a little bit, though. You seem to be more intent on posting non-comic related pictures, which is fine, and they are lovely, but it's coming across as if you don't want to do the comic anymore.

You're allowed to have a life, of course, and you're allowed to draw whatever it is you want to draw, but if you start drawing a comic, and draw it for a while, but then not update it for an extended period of time, while still sharing other pictures you're doing, then it's going to come across as disinterest in your comic. That's just how I think it's being seen, for some.
>> No. 4669
File 135964959685.png - (19.20KB , 319x317 , forgodsake.png )
I don't even know why I'm justifing myself now, I'm doing 1 essay and trying to finish my thesis to finaly graduate in the colege, plus being have working on relatives houses helping, when I get free time I try to work in the comic, I'm actualy design all teh pages and already have the entire script, to when I finaly release them don't have this huge delay between them. those other random drawings I do are gifts for people who I adimre or had helped me with the comic. Those random drawings are faster and easier to do than the comic pages.
>> No. 4670
And as I said, you're allowed to draw what you want. I'm just trying to illustrate how it can come across to some people as disinterest.

For example, if I were to create a multi-chapter epic, left it at a cliffhanger for a while, and then started posting teeny little ficlets I'd written up for people, then some might think I'd given up on the original epic, even if I hadn't, and had simply gotten busy with things.

I understand that you're busy, and I don't mind waiting, personally. I'm just trying to help you understand why some might be getting frustrated.
>> No. 4671

Yes but clearly you're wrong.

I don't care what you do Furei, just keep drawing period.
>> No. 4672
I don't see how my offering one possible perspective out of many is clearly wrong, but alrighty.
>> No. 4673
Its clearly wrong because most people don't have that perspective because we know furei has had longer hiatuses between pages with art in between them and if you are following his blog then you would know hes is busy also use your basic deductive reasoning and see that he created a deadline for the hiatus meaning he had stuff planned and he DIRECTLY SAID he was busy with his thesis in >>4532 so how about you just shoosh before you stress him out with the perspective of people who care about his comic more than his general art or his actual well-being

Furei, It looks like helmet dicks aren't the only dicks clogging up your thread. Good luck on your thesis.
>> No. 4674

Did I ever say that EVERYONE felt this way about the comic? No.

Did I say that the majority of people felt this way? No.

Did I ever say that I felt this way about the comic? No.

What I did say is that >>4666 might believe this comic is dead, for the reasons I have already stated. That is all.

Furei is free to draw as he pleases, and to live his life as he pleases. Whether he's taking a hiatus, or whether he's giving up on the comic entirely, or whether he decides to give up drawing and join the circus does not affect me in any way, shape, or form.

I am merely offering one possible reason out of many, for the poster that believed this comic was dead. That's all. Don't bite my head off for playing devil's advocate.

And for the record, I didn't even know Furei had a blog. If I didn't know it, then there's a chance that 4666 didn't know it, and therefore could not follow what he doesn't know exists.
>> No. 4675
er mah gerd guys just calm yo tits

didn't mean to start nothin'

just saying furei flat out came out and said your opinion was wrong.
>> No. 4676
How can an opinion be wrong? It's an opinion. By nature it has no right or wrong. Just saying.
>> No. 4677
File 136011453625.jpg - (76.66KB , 230x282 , pauling.jpg )
Stop the drama.
>> No. 4727
File 136513095430.jpg - (571.77KB , 1000x1500 , page 19.jpg )
>> No. 4728
>> No. 4729

>> No. 4730
Ouch! that's gotta hurt. Who would have thought Solly was so accident prone?
>> No. 4735
File 136615471969.gif - (974.29KB , 245x245 , phoebe.gif )
>> No. 4738
File 13675594772.png - (47.48KB , 150x150 , tumblr_inline_mfqcxdCo7p1rso5ng.png )
ooh, it's 1:30am and i've just stumbled across this thread. can't wait to see more.
>> No. 5627
File 13719187162.jpg - (40.87KB , 615x615 , 1366634345196.jpg )
>last update 04/04/13
>> No. 5632
File 137238388383.jpg - (668.70KB , 1000x1500 , page 20.jpg )
>> No. 5633
Thank you so much op.
>> No. 5634
Oh Man! That part with Soldier and his friends was hilarious.

That had me laughing like a hyena.
>> No. 5636
every face engineer made is priceless. His snicker face especially.

Also soldier with dildos always makes me happy.

This is my favorite page so far.
>> No. 5638
I like the fact, that you can see how much you improve on anatomy each time you make a new page.

Not sure if it's on purpose, or you just get better naturally. But dang son, it's good.
>> No. 5653
This has to continue, Furei.
>> No. 5663
File 138420893261.png - (1.04MB , 1086x905 , jem.png )
heheh thanks! the main reason I started this comic actualy was to pratice some more complex poses.
Don't worry people I didn't abandoned this. meanwhile have some random porn...
>> No. 5664
File 138420898631.jpg - (267.46KB , 1070x1086 , nips copy.jpg )
>> No. 5665
File 138420908728.png - (385.86KB , 809x817 , halehale.png )
Captcha:buhmann eempile
>> No. 5666
File 138420916140.png - (567.25KB , 724x816 , hp.png )
>> No. 5667
File 138420921095.png - (425.10KB , 759x945 , lockness.png )
>> No. 5672
Oh.. oh my.. I'll be in my bunk
>> No. 5676
i havent been here in like, months and there have only been 2 updates since.
>> No. 5749
I miss this comic :(
>> No. 5754
File 139154328074.jpg - (644.47KB , 1000x1500 , page 21.jpg )
new page,
not sorry for the delay.
>> No. 5755
Definitely worth the wait :) great job as always Furei
>> No. 5759
File 139216867858.jpg - (621.75KB , 1000x1500 , page 22.jpg )
>> No. 5760
well done you magnificant bastard. how many pages from the original plan are there to do?

the engi face in top right panel - very nice work.
>> No. 5761

Awesome; still watching this.
>> No. 5762
File 139276588652.jpg - (676.54KB , 1000x1500 , page 23.jpg )
it will end in page 30 or 31
>> No. 5763
damn, Furei! Look at you go! I'm super excited for the sex. it's gonna be awesome.
>> No. 5766
Aw no, I think your thread is autosaging!

These are coming along great, Furei. I spy improvement over the course of this comic, too... good job, man!
>> No. 5856
oh god dont stoop
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