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File 131883031159.png - (244.60KB , 564x635 , I fap to this Spy.png )
3272 No. 3272
It's kink meme time again, folks! I'm sure we have enough people around here who never filled this. Or just repost your own fills if you did it already, whatevers.

Expand all images
>> No. 3273
File 131883037958.jpg - (84.42KB , 553x1852 , 125321580665.jpg )
RED flavor
>> No. 3274
File 131883039727.jpg - (90.99KB , 553x1852 , 125321584763.jpg )
BLU flavor
>> No. 3277
File 131884310411.jpg - (639.52KB , 553x1852 , TF2 kink meme red copy.jpg )
I've done it twice! I can't promise that either is well done, of course...
>> No. 3278
File 131884316151.jpg - (713.22KB , 553x1852 , TF2 kink meme blue copy.jpg )
I should just redo this with... better art. Or better handwriting.

I should redo this better. But for now, here's my first fill.
>> No. 3285
File 131891163523.png - (879.08KB , 553x1852 , tf2kinkmeme.png )
I lurk a ton, enjoy.
>> No. 3288
File 131892605165.png - (678.07KB , 553x1852 , MongrelMeme.png )
holy shit... i actually did a meme and only got completely lazy about one panel. kind sped through this as a distraction from actual work.

>> No. 3291
File 131900046877.png - (645.69KB , 553x1852 , TF2KINKMEME_BLU.png )
Blighting the chan with my mouse art for the first time.
>> No. 3297
I seem to have gotten the credits for nose spy wrong, so here's the corrected version with some little things changed in the art.
>> No. 3298
File 131906920664.png - (882.21KB , 553x1852 , kinkmemetf2fixed.png )
And I forgot the art. Sage for durp.
>> No. 3311
I can't believe someone actually liked our nosespy since I drew him up for Saikku when I had been awake for 27 without any sleep. :D

>> No. 3346

I'm not >>3298 but I also love NoseSpy.

Hon hon hon, now everyone will know!
>> No. 3353
i love that the fifth panel of this predicted the future

>> No. 3398
File 132079373759.jpg - (327.82KB , 553x1852 , fetTF2.jpg )
Okay, did this just now and spent a whole 30min on it. Am so pro yo.
May it never see the light of day again.
>> No. 3402
where can we find more art from you?
>> No. 3407
I haven't ever drawn any TF2 art before so.. Nowhere if that's what you're after, sadly.
>> No. 3414

If we ask you very nicely, will you start?
>> No. 3420
Mmmmaybe? :DD
>> No. 3430
I love the way you draw :D
>> No. 3442
File 132182329834.png - (832.58KB , 553x1852 , tf2kinkmeme.png )
not sure if i'm welcome here, ahaaaa
i did this in like maybe an hour? whatevs, here you go. it's my first time drawing tf2 stuff, please be gentle!!
>> No. 3443
File 132182508250.png - (689.91KB , 553x1852 , OHEYIDIDITTOOOMG.png )
ZOMG CONTAINS A FUTA! A futa spy to be exact. (futa= has boobs and a peener).... I really hope that doesn't somehow breach the rules of this board or something....

Bro, by the way, if I were to post art that had a futa spy in it, where would it go? I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP /tits/? or the regular board? AAAH!!
>> No. 3444
I'm usually not into feet, but fuck, that fifth panel.
>> No. 3446
I'd probably stick put dickgirls in tits. I don't recall this sort of thing turning up here before that wasn't just for laughs, so I honestly have no idea.

Also, looks like you snagged a word filter there. Stay away from the weeaboo emotes, please.

TF2chan frowns upon developing artists using a generic anime style as a crutch to avoid actual understanding of anatomy and how to use a style to represent reality. I recommend that you place any future art in /workshop/ to help understand how to use that style of drawing.
>> No. 3447
Thanks, and thanks for the tip there, old habits die hard but I plan to kill'em on sight now.
>> No. 3488

Oh yes, a fellow Medicest lover! Yes, the world does need more Medicest and Medigun kink.
>> No. 3517

>chan characterization

Laughing because it has a grain of truth.

I'd do this meme, but I have no drawing talent to speak of. Fanfic is more my style.
>> No. 3518
File 132298064728.png - (404.69KB , 947x367 , i hope you don\'t sell charcoal.png )
Disregarding the mention of ya0i...

>"...All the girls are fugly..."

*Ms. Pauling
*Young Announcer

Your argument is rendered invalid.
>> No. 3522
File 132312993494.png - (2.88KB , 203x210 , 1309633055203.png )
Careful there, Kilo already mentioned it earlier but you really don't want to sound like underageb&.
>> No. 3530
>>3522 Yes, I know, and I again apologize. That won't be happening again.
>> No. 3535
File 132337770837.jpg - (431.88KB , 553x1852 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 3547
File 132346736854.jpg - (334.43KB , 553x1852 , kink.jpg )
I can't recall if I have filled this one before or not, but here is mine~
>> No. 3552
Oh Monkan I agree on just about everything you love about Sniper! And damn is that two Heavies teaming up on Medic I see? You're spoiling us like little rich kids!
>> No. 3561
File 132398582014.jpg - (171.21KB , 553x2529 , meme.jpg )
I'm a cool kid now?
>> No. 3566
Looks like the one on top is an engie, but I could be wrong.
>> No. 3581
File 132434614157.jpg - (680.76KB , 553x1852 , 131883039727.jpg )
I don't draw porn but I like it, so thought I might as well reply. Its quite boring, I know, and my tablet induced enough rage to make me want to throw it at a wall, and memes don't go well with traditional media.

A few notes on the panels:

Panel 2 - ew this picture sucks

Panel 3 - I personally prefer stuff that feels more intimate, like a slow slide into the action rather than particular fetishes or anything like that. I do like pictures that are playful between the two but that's hardly "not often explored".

Panel 4 - Seriously, considering Pyro's questionable gender I would have thought he/she/it would have gotten a ton of crazy artwork.

Panel 5 - I am damn serious. If anything, I'd rather have a self insert. But that's just me. I like men like Engie than just Engie himself, so in a way he idealizes what I want in a man.

Panel 6 - Call it blasphemy but I don't see what's attractive about spy at all.
>> No. 3609
File 132540204781.png - (1.11MB , 553x2300 , Kinks and Fetishes Meme.png )
It's about time I filled this out.
>> No. 3617
File 132569552498.jpg - (18.82KB , 631x346 , Mufasa I Came 1.jpg )

I "hnnnnghed" at the panel of bottom Heavy and Top Medic.

Seriously; this is how it could go.
>> No. 3619

I love pictures of larger men bottoming, but I always struggle to figure out poses involving the Heavy that don't just look silly. His sheer size means that his body hides most of his partner in a couple picture, and he always looks a bit like a big slab when he appears laying on his back and viewed from above. Drawing him partially clothed might be a way to work around this, which makes me sad because I love his gloriously huge body.
>> No. 3659
File 132664922026.jpg - (665.21KB , 553x1852 , tf2 meme.jpg )
sooo.... this is my first time posting... I hope I'm doing it right.
>> No. 3662
>> No. 3723
File 132919220999.png - (780.39KB , 553x1852 , RedEdMeme.png )
I feel pretty good about this. How'd I do?

And if you want to know what something in my illegible handwriting says, don't hesitate to ask. I think it's all pretty self-explanatory, though.

(Seriously though, weapon misuse. Putting your dick in a sentry is totally a good idea.)
>> No. 3844
File 133249756631.jpg - (1.20MB , 531x3127 , Tf2-Meme.jpg )
Just when you thought this thread was going to go away.
>> No. 3852
File 133281284820.jpg - (344.84KB , 880x2593 , untitled.jpg )
I don't have none of these 'tablets' or 'artistic talents'
I have paper, pens and the program Paint.
>> No. 4083
File 134000445248.png - (749.61KB , 553x1852 , chot-tf2-kinkmeme.png )
My first art after being absent from the chan for two years and it turns out to be this.

oh well.
>> No. 4084

You know, I've always been pretty neutral on HeavyXMedic, but your drawings could possibly sway me... there needs to be more medic BJs.
>> No. 4086
>>4084 thanks! I'm glad I'm spreading the love haha. Maybe I'll draw some more adult fanart in the future.
>> No. 4120
File 13409644273.png - (858.98KB , 553x1852 , meme2.png )
Hi I am 5 years late to this bandwagon.
>> No. 4122
Exactly what does "P.O.W Abuse" stand for, anyway? Is short for power abuse or is P.O.W an abbreviation for something else entirely?

Just Curious.
>> No. 4123
Prisoner of War. Capture the point other team and have at 'em. Preferably over extended periods of time.
>> No. 4124
File 134099782995.png - (47.79KB , 203x198 , Creepynieer.png )
soo... when you doing your own thread? hehehe
>> No. 4127
Thanks for answering my question, Sidereal.

I should try that idea one day.
>> No. 4141
>> No. 4149
File 134119813848.jpg - (462.34KB , 800x2679 , kinkmeme.jpg )
after lurking for a year here and there... it was about time for me to post something decent here
>> No. 4156
please draw more forever
>> No. 4436
File 135043308491.jpg - (150.93KB , 600x687 , medicest.jpg )
Dumping here for ya
>> No. 4439
(captcha: impish reason. go home, captcha.)
>> No. 4448
I am enjoying this thread. Might have to add my own work to it soon.

Captcha: nwillys $1.25. I guess willy's have gone down in price, if you know what I mean
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