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File 132425223663.png - (1.90MB , 1000x1415 , proo2.png )
3570 No. 3570
no crits :p just want to share thats all
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>> No. 3571
Please do tell me that you have more Tentaspies.

If you don't, I won't love you.

Also, watch out for emoticons; they're generally frowned upon here.
>> No. 3572
Awwww what the matter Sniper? There are enough tentacles for you too!

Seriously though, great picture. I sincerely hope you do have more Tentaspy.
>> No. 3574
File 132430030774.png - (1.70MB , 1000x1415 , tf2__medic_by_lildevil92-d4jb8an.png )
i do have more but it is not much like the first post, but here it is anyways hahaha..
hopefully wen i get more interesting ideas i will get it out of my hand.
>> No. 3576
File 132430278278.png - (1.85MB , 1240x1754 , tenkissant.png )
a little stupid joke hehe
>> No. 3577
File 132430349583.png - (0.97MB , 1240x1161 , ah.png )
ah sorry for spam
last for now
>> No. 3578
Not to be a bitch, but you can't really post here and tell people not to offer criticism of your stuff.

Also, smilies/emoticons are frowned upon on this site.
>> No. 3579
Neighborhood modster stepping in to inform you that there is no guarantee chan citizens will not offer you critique on your work. You may want to read the rules, because crit is something we take seriously here. Of course, I'd like to also remind channers that since the artist has expressed that they don't want criticism, any crits you offer may very well fall upon deaf ears, so consider that before putting in the time for that.

But like yang said, no one gets to be exempt from criticism here. If you can't handle that, you should not post.
>> No. 3580
I see sorry about that, but I did stop with emotes, I will say I did read back the rules, and my writing grammer isn't good because I am dyslexic, so I apoligize.
I do not want to delete this work but feel free to crits.
>> No. 3587
mmmm... scout likes wet torture I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPDD
>> No. 3588

>> No. 3592

Youngin', cut that shit out.

It makes you look underaged and ban-worthy.
>> No. 5805
File 140083315691.png - (91.87KB , 500x683 , tumblr_mznu56Hy8w1slqyhto2_500.png )
I've checked out your fumblrs, And I have nothing to really nitpick at, though I have to commend you on your tentaspy/tentascout stuff, especially pic related, good male Scylla with normal women is RARE AS FUCK, even on /d/, so thank you for making this sort of stuff.

Dare I humbly request the possibility of the thought of moar strait or gender-bent tentacle porn? Whenever i think of it, I tend to think of your art style.
>> No. 5806
My kingdom for Tenta!Fem!Medic x Heavy (or alternately, Tenta!Miss Pauling x Heavy) porn. I have a pegging kink and no knowledge on where to find fuel.
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