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File 133520922240.jpg - (287.46KB , 700x779 , finallyhmpronfixed.jpg )
3947 No. 3947
Not sure why I haven't started a thread here. But here I am, ready and willing for your critiques! Help me be a good porn artist.
First here's this one that... is now starting to bother me. Because I always end up being unhappy with something I draw eventually.

Stay tuned, kids.
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>> No. 3948
File 133522345125.jpg - (94.30KB , 700x779 , 133520922240.jpg )

I think that being dissatisfied with what you draw is just part of being an artist, unfortunately. Looking at your picture, a few things stand out to me. Medic's neck seems a bit thick and ill-defined, and both characters' forearms seem to bulge improperly, given how muscles lay on the human arm. Heavy's face looks a little offcenter to me, as well. I've attached a quick redline to better indicate what I'm trying to say, for your convenience, though if my attempt at explanation falls short, there are loads of good photos and diagrams in /workshop/ showing things like where what goes on the human arm. I still look at them regularly to try and understand how they work, since it really is kind of confusing.

Mistakes aside, this is still a lovely picture, and I really like the emotion you've given both characters.
>> No. 3949
File 133523845096.jpg - (184.76KB , 2103x837 , Lavisant Redlines.jpg )
You're a pleasant surprise. There's a lot of things right about this picture, like the hue-based contrast, and Medic's expression. And Medic's expression. And the expression on Medic. Medic's face. There were some teedy issues with the likeness and with posing and anatomy. The file is the i) original; ii) a redline; and iii) the original with the redlined alterations badly shooped in for your cross-examining pleasure. Ignore Heavy’s off arm; I just made it a different kind of messed up because I'm too lazy to redraw it properly. But it's closer, anyway.
>> No. 3951
By the gods, thank you both so much! I plan to redo the drawing as a sketch using your critiques later on today. And Yang, I could learn so much about elbows from you.

And yeah there's something about a Medic OH face that I really like drawing. Hurrhurr. Thanks again. ♥
>> No. 3971
There seems to be something slightly askew with Medic's chin compared to the line of his mouth - one side of his jaw seems far more angular than the other, but I have neither the skill to redline it nor any wish to meddle with That Expression. Hngh.
>> No. 3972
>>3971 It's the mouth. It's too far to the near [Medic's left] side. A bit hard to put your finger on because a) every time I look at Medic's face my fingers end up in my pants, and b) sex faces will often end up looking a bit misaligned even when things are in their anatomical places. That's just how they are. What that means for Lavisant is that basic shapes and reference lines are your friends, even though their results don't always match your instincts.
>> No. 3974
Pointing out anatomical errors in fan art is utterly pointless. It's a cartoon, not still life.
>> No. 3975

Please don't insult the OP by white-knighting here, Anon. She asked for critique, which I and other people gave her politely. While her style is not an intensely detailed and realistic style, understanding the way that the real body works helps to inform a good cartoon style; knowing that the brachioradialis muscle wraps around the forearm from the elbow to the inside of the arm helps an artist visualize and render the bulge on a cartoon man's forearm in a way that makes sense, even if the artist consciously chooses to make his arms unrealistically long or his hands unrealistically large.
>> No. 3978
Let me point you to Fanart rules #4 and #5. Go read them and learn them before you set foot anywhere in this board again.
>> No. 3989
Fuckin' rude. Stop coming here if you're going to say these things.

I thought the fanart was lovely. My only critique is brighter colors on Heavy's jacket, and maybe some more developed glasses on Medic, but that's all I can think of.

Keep on drawing!
>> No. 4007
I love this pic. I'm not an artist and others have already suggested ways to improve it. I must say it looks very....animated? I keep having to double check that it's not a gif because my brain keeps thinking the characters are about to move. You can really see the action, and I love Medic's expression.
>> No. 4057
File 133934834522.jpg - (294.96KB , 897x669 , you are a cool guys.jpg )
I love this thread because not only is helpful critique everywhere and this wonderful piece is becoming better (I can't wait to see the final version), I also can't wait for the next piece you draw! Keep it up.
>> No. 4064
Thanks Anon! I now understand by your gracious wisdom that my anatomy is perfect because it's a cartoon, therefore I have nothing to learn. By your logic, I have achieved what all artists strive for their entire lives. Thanks for your help. I will now ride a golden unicorn to Mt. Olympus to take my place as the goddess of perfect cartoon art.

So, anyway, to the rest of you who understand why critique is important for artists of all styles and skill levels, sorry for disappearing and neglecting all these wonderful new pointers. I'm glad you like the drawing and I have been lately working on drawing Heavy properly. The fact that it was mentioned that this drawing moves to them, though... ahahaha. That makes me smile all big. I like motion in still drawings. Thank you. Thank you very much! I will post more art soon that will definitely need critique.
>> No. 4494
File 135200407318.jpg - (362.79KB , 897x669 , dickseverywhere.jpg )

This site is messing with my perception of reality
>> No. 4641
File 135743407231.jpg - (139.28KB , 600x568 , nsfw_01.jpg )
I need to post my artwork here for crit more often. 'tis a new year. We can make this a thing, I think. Have some porn I did.
>> No. 4642
File 135743423838.jpg - (164.82KB , 600x742 , 30day_01.jpg )
Day one of a 30 day porn challenge on Tumblr. Prompt was cuddling naked.
30 day challenge... yeah right. This will take me 18 years. And yes I covered up the legs on purpose because they were being jerks. Probably shouldn't cheat every time but... well you know.
>> No. 4648
I would love to be that medic... unf...
>> No. 4649

The implied location of Medic's asshole seems too low and the angle of Heavy's dick also looks weird. It seems more like Heavy's rubbing his erection against Medic's thighs (still hot, mind you, but idk if that was what you were going for).
>> No. 4660
That was the first time I ever drew butt sex, so your critique is most appreciated. Thank you!
>> No. 4665

really? looks right to me. That's where my booty hole is.

Think about this. If your booty hole was higher, then you'd poop on your toilet instead of in it.
>> No. 4741

>> No. 4742
yeah, i'm with >>4649
and if medic stood up straight, hi's dick would be attached in his lower abdomen rather than it's correct place
>> No. 5793
yeah. when looking at the back and curvature of the spine, it looks like his asshole is where his baunch (taint,grundle) should be, and his cock is where his fupa* should be.

*Fupa(n.slang) Acronym for "Fat upper pussy area. Or the fuzzy squishy pubic area between cock and the Dunlap.

*Dunlap (n. slang) The part of the paunch that exceeds the belt line... from the phrase "My paunch dun lapped over my belt."

*Paunch (n.1325–75; Middle English 'paunche') A rounded stomach that is soft as opposed to the gut, which is a firm stomach.
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