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File 134055621180.jpg - (524.96KB , 742x1000 , 480757 - engineer heavy_weapons_guy team_fortress_.jpg )
4091 No. 4091
Anyone know who drew this one? This seems to be a comic but I've not seen beyond page 4.
>> No. 4092
Neev on Y!
>> No. 4093
Haha! You beat me to it.

The image is here: http://www.y-gallery.net/view/603755/
>> No. 4095
Dose any one know what happened to the fan fic that was written based on this comic.
>> No. 4097
Oh man, it's my favorite rare pairing!
>> No. 4157
I love sadistic Engi for the strangest reasons...
>> No. 4158
There are a few pics missing in his gallery regarding this series.
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