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File 134597841452.jpg - (129.86KB , 690x827 , tf2-hoovysnapperBW2.jpg )
4302 No. 4302
Back from vacation.

People said workshop was a hugbox that's going to get deleted, so have my art here. Whoop.

Until the point at which I jazz this up in Sai (if that ever happens), criticism will be saved for future pictures. This is a pencil drawing, and in its current state I'm just not gonna' try changing anything.

Sniper and Heavy. Let the fireworks start.
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>> No. 4303
go on....
>> No. 4304
I LOVE Heavy/notMedic pairings, this is really hot! Looking forward to more.
>> No. 4305

That's Sniper though.
>> No. 4306
I know, I said notMedic, as in anyone other than Medic.
>> No. 4307


Dammit I misread that PAY ME NO MIND THEN.
>> No. 4315
File 134620356551.jpg - (201.75KB , 596x669 , omnomnomsniper.jpg )
Feedback for that delicious Sniper on Heavy action:

1 - Sniper's face in profile does not look like it's proportioned correctly. This is probably due to the lack of shading, but in general the structure of the face still seems rather poorly defined such that there's no distinctive "front" to the Sniper's face.
1a - Please emphasize Sniper's underbite.
1b - Sniper's ear looks too high, and the back of his skull too round.
2 - Hoovy's manry manjaw of manriness pleases me, but it might be a bit too square in your rendition.
2b - Ditto Sniper's.
3 - Heavy's hand on Sniper doesn't look like it's interacting with Sniper's body at all. My suggestion is to have Sniper's arm on top and Heavy's hand a bit further back so that his fingers are just barely curling around Sniper's waist.
4 - Both Heavy and Sniper's lower legs look too short. Heavy's left (our right) knee should probably also be pointed more towards the "camera".
4a - The mattress should have more obvious sagging to show weight.
>> No. 4316
I like Heavy and Medic, but they're kind of the "boring nice happy couple" and I just can't think of anything exciting to do with them. I'll leave it to people who are actually obsessed with them to draw it. In the meantime, I also like/have drawn Heavy with a lot of other characters. Heavy is just fuckin' awesome no matter who he's with.

Ah, thanks! This one's in line for the full-on computer graphics touch up, so I'll definitely take your advice to help in the transition.
>> No. 4354
File 13469556971.jpg - (203.95KB , 1036x1157 , tf2-hoovysnapper-bg.jpg )
>> No. 4364
...I don't think toes are supposed to work like that. Otherwise the coloring is really nice.
>> No. 4366

My toes bend like that...but the big toe looks odd lol.
>> No. 4367

I know a guy with toes that do that shit. They're like short fingers on his feet, and it's fucking terrifying.

Hmm...long-toed Sniper is my new headcanon.
>> No. 4368
I admit, I exagerrated the wiggling ability of his toes on purpose. I don't know why, but I just really dig the way toes look and I get carried away while drawing them. Maybe it's because weirdly long toes run in my family...
>> No. 4378
I like the touch of "HEAVY" written on his underwear hahaha
>> No. 4381
Is it possible to see more heavy x sniper? It's not my otp in tf2, but this couple is very hot.
>> No. 4383
>>4378 I always love adding little details like that and seeing if anyone notices. When I think about it, having to do the laundry for the rest of the team must be a form of punishment.
>>4381 If I get some good ideas, maybe? I wish people just suggesting something would inspire me to draw, I'd be a lot more productive that way. I've got something unfinished involving those characters, though, so I might try to boot people off the computer with the tablet and touch it up.
>> No. 4396
I adore how you draw Sniper, and I hope to see more of him!
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