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File 134968886571.png - (528.39KB , 643x789 , scoutfapfap.png )
4417 No. 4417
I promised myself I wouldn't draw it, but it's stronger than me.

Scout the way I think he spends his showers.
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>> No. 4419
Scout's skinny, but I don't think he's THAT skinny. Put some more width and thickness in that torso and muscles on dem bones!
>> No. 4428
I like Scout's skinniness here
>> No. 4442
>> No. 4444
And now I can't unsee that. Thanks a lot anon
>> No. 4446
File 13507375145.png - (503.40KB , 635x899 , moarz.png )
In the request thread there was a very tempting idea, something like 'scout beaten and bloody, asking for more, on his knees'.

I tried to make his muscles more evident this time. I tried.

thanks anon

Oh you guys.
>> No. 4449
Please, where is your art blog
>> No. 4451
It's sucettedraws.tumblr.com but I rarely post there...

I have some shitty doodles to post later.
>> No. 4456
File 135115326581.png - (443.78KB , 746x719 , dontfretboyodemoWILLBEGENTLE.png )
my scanner isn't working, so this is all I have for now.
>> No. 4459

Arms tied behind the back is my not-so-secret kink, so unf, but I also have some nitpicks.

1) The body language is vague and kind of boring. There's not enough enjoyment in Spy's face to suggest consent, but I don't see too much coercion, either. I'd suggest you exaggerate it one way or another so it's clear as to what's going on.
2. Yeah, it's a doodle, and what you drew was a perfectly acceptable abstraction of arms tied behind the back, but I still winced at how much that must hurt. If this is supposed to be consensual, then a more relaxed tied-at-wrists-with-fuzzy-cuffs look would be more appropriate. If not, I still suggest you redraw what's going on over there to make it more clear what Spy's being tied up with--the bindings should be digging into his arms and wrapping around them as well.
>> No. 4460
File 135141788957.png - (375.92KB , 681x826 , BEGENTLE.png )
Thanks for pointing all those things. I wasn't planning on going further on the doodle but your comment made me want to fix it. I changed so much of it, it's like a new doodle. Spy's head is still funny but overall I tried to follow your tips.

I'm not really sure if I fixed the problems or just created new ones.
>> No. 4511
File 135305868062.png - (618.95KB , 973x748 , wtfhisdick.png )
I drew lame clothes.
>> No. 4514

That thar be some delicious Sniper abs you got going there.

But I'm still going to nitpick ya:
1) Sniper's right hand not being drawn raises the question of "so, uh, why hasn't he punched BLU Spy in the face yet?" Please make this more clear.
2) Spy's right (our left) arm is foreshortened weirdly. I can't say for sure why it looks off--I wanna say it seems to skinny?
3) Sniper's body language is way too passive for someone getting a (possibly unwanted) handjob. Is he trying to get away? Is he bucking into Spy's hand despite himself? Is he trying to bite Spy's face off?
4) Sniper is lacking in Manjaw of Manriness. He's got a pretty prominent underbite, too.
>> No. 5740
File 139079681132.png - (743.73KB , 1000x1008 , sniperdemo.png )
It has been a long time tf2chan.
>> No. 5741
Welcome back! That's some nice gropage you've got going on there, the improvement from a year ago is readily visible!
>> No. 5742
File 139080875027.gif - (1.61MB , 220x165 , good shit.gif )
Holy crap, that is beautiful
>> No. 5743
im just glad im not the only one drawing my otp, dang. first time in forever ive saved art that wasnt made explicitly for me.
>> No. 5745
Much appreciated, will do my best to keep on improving.
That gif made my day
There should be more demoman imo, too much of the same things sometimes.It can get repetitive.
>> No. 5746
i agree. more demo... yes. more demosniper,, very yes.
>> No. 5890

DemoSniper is one of my not-so-secret OTPs, thank you so much for drawing this.

Honestly my only critique is that the middle finger on Sniper's right hand looks a bit short to me.

Dem boots also
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