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File 135168594462.png - (375.40KB , 756x1021 , SNOIPAHhallo.png )
4465 No. 4465
Happy Halloween, TF2Chan. :'>
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>> No. 4466
Glad to see you're back! :>Totally loving the markings on Sniper's face.
>> No. 4469
It seems a shame that you didn't put any definition beyond the barest minimum into the topography of Sniper's left arm, considering how central it is to the picture. It looks almost sausage-like, but there should be a visible bulge where the muscles of his arm recede against his ulna.
>> No. 4470
Glad to see you back, i love your snipers! he looks handsome!
>> No. 4472

Unfortunately I was on a bit of a tight schedule whilst doing this. Plus, I didn't want to get ridiculously fiddly with tons of details (especially with lots of schoolwork looming over me). Plus, I kinda like this style.
>> No. 4474
you're trying to pass off anatomical mistakes as "style". stop that.
>> No. 4475

Then perhaps you could redline it (or red... shade it, I guess?) to help me see where I went wrong?

Am I also required to render everything out now? I was hoping to kind of shift to a simpler way of rendering form without going overboard, but if you guys want me to, I guess I'll continue to.
>> No. 4476
File 135179890526.jpg - (52.78KB , 707x389 , a.jpg )
the great thing about having a body is that you can look in the mirror and use it as art reference. another thing to help with your anatomy is figure drawing.
>> No. 4478
I, for one, do not ask for perfection, but enough details to suggest to me that whatever you choose not to draw is indeed a stylistic choice. Right now, what you have does not convince me you know basic anatomy.

Have some nitpicks:
1) Huntsman needs to look more like an actual bow and not a prop or a toy. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Huntsman has a reference of the weapon itself that is even rotatable, and a quick Google Images search pops up plenty of screenshots where you can get a better idea of its size relative to Sniper.
2) Either have the bowstring completely slack or completely taunt for maximum pose impact. Also, Sniper's right hand is not positioned correctly if he is indeed putting a bow on the drawstring to shoot an arrow. Again, Google Images would have plenty of references to proper bow handling.
3) The overall composition of the picture is very awkward. Why did the Huntsman and part of the arrow get cropped out? The "flow" of the picture is also odd, since I can't figure out what's the focus of the picture.
4) This is more of a personal preference than anything, but I think his manboobs look weird and his hands could use some more detailing w.r.t. knuckles and stuff.
>> No. 4479
File 135181523727.jpg - (112.82KB , 383x550 , reffer1.jpg )

In full glory.


Well I used a reference image for the pose, and the lighting was pretty harsh (it was taken at a beach), so I couldn't see the definition of the muscles in the forearm that well. I've attached sed reference image to show what I mean. (And I'm sure the opposition will be very pleased with more fuel for the fire.)

Not entirely sure if using yourself as a model for a male illustration would work, though. Men are much more angular and square than women are, in general. And yup, figure drawing is a good skill to learn, too. Good thing I've got 6+ years of it under my belt.
>> No. 4480
can't believe you have 6+ years worth of tracing photos and you're still able to make everything look wrong. that must take effort man, kudos

so, since ferretsoda admitted they trace, can one of the mods move this thread to /workshop/? or ban them, that would be better.
>> No. 4484
Not to white-knight, but where did ferretsoda admit this, exactly?
>> No. 4485
File 135186661179.png - (262.55KB , 383x550 , callthecops.png )

Please see attached image.
>> No. 4487
This should clear up future questions as well as >>4480 to an extent.

Some time ago, ferretsoda had a somewhat lively thread around here. One user noticed that they were tracing, and a kerfuffle happened. The thread was locked and the matter was done with for a time. Ferretsoda came and talked with the mods, as requested, in the TF2 Circlejerk a little while back. In short, it was suggested that either ferret take the tracing to /workshop/, or stop tracing if they wanted to stay in /afanart/. As the previous post shows, they have chosen the latter.

So let the past remain in the past and shut the fuck up about tracing that is no longer happening. Thread cleaned up, and if you feel like posting more tracing accusations at ferret, show proof please. Otherwise, zip it.
>> No. 4490
Good to see you again; still awesome Snipers.
>> No. 4491
Hey Ferret, is there anywhere else you post your work? I tried reverse googling images and found nothing.
>> No. 4492

Naw, I just post here.
>> No. 4493
File 135197846239.jpg - (178.98KB , 790x525 , usingreference.jpg )
Here's some redlines to go with my comments in >>4478

It literally took me only like 5 minutes to find all of those reference images.
>> No. 4506
I like your "sausage-like" style, its very cute. Your style is unique and like that of the tf2 style. Though you may not be as 'skilled' as these other artists, your art is very enjoyable. Keep practicing, keep up the good work. References is the only way you get better. Stare at all those sweaty men bodies!
>> No. 4528
Hey, ferretsoda? You might want to watch this:


Found it on my dashboard just now, and it's totally relevant, I kid you not!
I tried to find a YT version of it, but no luck. I only hope that you can still view it through the weird vid format.
Also, I still don't know that to think of it, butHOLY HECK I can't breathe I'm fucking laughing too hard!
>> No. 4529
I found a Youtube mirror of the video for those who can't view it on Tumblr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8HJBE5DZ7Y
>> No. 4531
I'd like to apologize for your art going uncredited! My friend Danny made the video as a joke gift in response to a comment I made on the original. I had no idea who's art it was or that it would go as.. viral as it did. It was only recently brought to my attention that it was your art and I had no idea that I'd run into it here on tf2chan! I'd take it down, if you do have a complaint, but it's already on around 100,000 different blogs, almost. I'm not sure I can stop it. Oops. Did I mention I love your art?
>> No. 4534
File 135572167587.gif - (457.12KB , 160x120 , tumblr_mdzl4cBAAW1ql5e9i.gif )
i wanna ask, why did you potentially scar that child for life, what did he do to y'all to deserve that? and your mother was involved too??? so many questions unawnsered.

funny vid btw just saying
>> No. 4536
You don't have to worry, that video wasn't actually a real situation. The original unedited video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXMnGdPobx8
>> No. 4603
File 135655657782.jpg - (24.47KB , 200x190 , you tried.jpg )
congratulations you've moved up from tracing to tracing by eye

good 4 u

>> No. 4607
yeah bother soda some more, so he/she will leave tf2chan too and it gets even emptier here. nice job!

i like the work, even if it's traced/eye traced/or whatever, and i'd like to see some more!
>> No. 4630
I just wanted to say that I've always loved your work, and that you shouldn't let pissy comments ever stop you. Reference is a key asset to the developing artist, and the artist should never be under such fire for utilizing it. You are an excellent artist.
>> No. 4631
"tracing by eye" is actually the right way to reference.
>> No. 4710
If this is how artists are treated here, then remind me to never post anything here.
>> No. 4711
This is not how artists are supposed to be treated here, and the offender has been banned for being a fucking moron. "Tracing by eye" as they put it, is referencing. It's what we're supposed to be doing, as >>4631 said.
>> No. 5655
ferretsoda, i'd realy wish you'd post some more stuff. idc what people say about your stuff, i really enjoy it
>> No. 5757
I wish you'd post more stuff ferretsoda. You're the reason i first came to tf2-chan.

It really upsets me that the people on here tore you apart. Not only did it chase off my favorite poster, but those people killed this chan. Its crazy how dead this place has been. Its said because there is so much tf2-smut art. Now everyone I talk to (artists mainly) is afraid to post here mainly because what happened to you (and a few other artists).

I draw on occasions and I'm no were near as skilled as people on here or fumblr. Its people like theses bashers that make me terrified to show anyone my art.

I don't care if you traced or not. As a 'new' artist I've traced to get the general shape idea of characters. Personally, I don't care if you did or didn't and I don't think it really matters.

I'm not posting this to start shit. I'm posting this to talk to you (since there is not other places to message you)
>> No. 5765
I'd sincerely love to have some more pictures of Sniper being dressed/painted fitting to dias de los muertos. Love that style. Please come back and do more?
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