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File 136876981778.jpg - (845.00KB , 1296x756 , stay with me.jpg )
4743 No. 4743
Maybe one day I'll stop being embarrassed about my work and post something more than pseudo porn.

This one's for an awesome friend of mine, who demands more Engineer/Spy and top!Spy action, requests for which I am more than happy to oblige.
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>> No. 4744
Holy moly!

You need to post more of your drawings, because this one is damn good! It's a must! No matter how porn-ish they are.
>> No. 4745
That's gorgeous!
>> No. 4746
Sheet you guys, thanks so much!

I'll try to post outside of /fanart/ when I can, aheh
>> No. 4747
You totally should!
>> No. 5615
File 137075342888.jpg - (395.45KB , 605x946 , sexy times with demo and engie.jpg )
>> No. 5616
At first I was confused yet strangely delighted to see Soldier dressed up as Demoman. Then I looked closer and decided that it actually was Demoman, and now I'm not confused, but I'm still delighted. I don't know why there isn't more fanart of the Sentry Builder and the Sentry Demolisher.

So if I had to give one critique it would be to work on the likenesses. But I don't blame you, bro. There's a lot of nuance about Demoman's face that is hard to reproduce. Often times when I draw him too carelessly he ends up looking like a black Vladimir Lenin cyclops and I don't even.
And when all else fails you can just make his skin darker than everybody else's and people will take a hint because there aren't any other black guys around here, unless Pyro. In this particular drawing, I think that might actually help the composition as well to have that one solid block of colour to polish off the piece. Right now it looks kind of like technicolour lineart--the simplicity is great but it needs another dimension to really look complete. It doesn't have to be blocks if you don't want--that's just a suggestion--but it does need something.
>> No. 5617
Ahhh! Actual critique!! Thank you so much for taking the time out to help me with it

Yep, I can see what you mean about the missing something. And yeah, character portrayal is something I'm forever working on, but it's good to know the line art in and of itself wasn't enough. I'm not sure how right or wrong I am on this viewpoint, but I think that if people can't tell who it's meant to be from the lineart/need to rely on skin tone, then it's not good enough. Or maybe I have stupidly high expectations of myself, lawl

I'll work on it over the next couple of days and see if I can fix these issues. Again, thank you so much for the critique!
>> No. 5618
File 137091301195.jpg - (519.95KB , 700x1095 , sexy times with demo and engie redux.jpg )
Captcha: somexci illustrative. Smart captcha!

Okay, think I'm going have to call it quits with this one now. There are so many things I'm regretting not having tried with it but screw it, I'll just work those ideas into my next one.

Hope this suffices as an improvement over the last version!
>> No. 5619
dont be embarrassed, your very good. my favorite engineer and spy pic round here!
>> No. 5620
> I'm not sure how right or wrong I am on this viewpoint, but I think that if people can't tell who it's meant to be from the lineart/need to rely on skin tone, then it's not good enough.

There's no right or wrong for that. It's more of a style question. Some people draw very generic or abstract people, so likenesses aren't all that important. But for the rest of us, yes, faces should be recognisable, even if it's just a sketch, and even if a few characteristics aren't visible. In fact, with TF2's brilliantly character designs, I like to take it farther than that. You can push yourself to master the shapes of their bodies, the outline of their profile, or any given feature on their face so clearly that you don't need any other part of them to know who it is. It's giggling good fun, if you're into observational drawing.

Anyway, I think this new version looks a million times better. Even if you're not happy with the finished piece, I think you should still be happy with the progress you've made on it.
>> No. 5621
File 137121335474.gif - (1.04MB , 480x360 , canine-human hybrid twirls ear in seductive manner.gif )
thanks u guise

I'll keep working on it!
>> No. 5629
File 137204888844.jpg - (1.40MB , 1535x1071 , thinking of you.jpg )
Taking a break from writing to do some angry masturbating Sniper for a friend.

Maybe one day I will get over this psychedelic kick... sorry for burning your retinas, everybody
>> No. 5630
not enough uncut in this fandom tyvm
>> No. 5631

The picture itself is just... mmm yes thank you perfect. I kind of am really digging the psychedelic palettes, so please, keep on keeping on!
>> No. 5647
File 137931663343.jpg - (383.59KB , 563x864 , pyro pinups_male.jpg )
Matching pinups, wahey
Tits version lives at >>/tits/1689
>> No. 5657
Holy fucking shit, the first picture is absolutely gorgeous. Haven't ever seen a style like yours, and I adore that picture to death. Wheeeze. Keep it up, golly.
>> No. 5670
File 138616093116.jpg - (367.60KB , 975x1322 , rubadub engineer.jpg )
That time-consuming, retina-burning, pain-in-the-ass style... I do miss it so. Might return to it in one of my next works, hm..

Have some showering funtimes with Engineer. how the fuck do I soap bubbles

Feel free to critique my arse from here to the badwaters of our favourite basin
>> No. 5671
I like this very very much. Engie should have a lil cute showercap.
The bubbles look so nice, it's got such a soft touch on it.
>> No. 5678

Did you have Engie showering with his goggles because you have a thing for goggles I am just wondering.
>> No. 5681
File 138633642192.jpg - (298.67KB , 1413x908 , because.jpg )
but yeah, it's mostly because being able to see only the mouth or eyes at any given time is one of my biggest kinks. Still works if they're only partially obscured

also mechanical body parts just.. hrng

Thanks goes to erich for giving me the idea of soap in the eyes. He solves practical bathtime problems.
>> No. 5682
omg haha
>> No. 5688

>> No. 6253
File 160335271750.jpg - (1.25MB , 1523x1323 , hard-science.jpg )
Oh hey, it's only been like 7 years...

Crit always welcome
>> No. 6254
Medic's expression is so perfect I love it. Really like the warm, hazy feel to the colours too.
>> No. 6255
Thank you, kind Offal!

O faces are fun, kind of want to do a whole set of them, heh
>> No. 6256
File 160413081986.png - (326.50KB , 735x692 , 9109_Sad_Cat_Thumbs_Up.png )

It's been 10,000 years and I came back on a whim and saw this primo shit posted, bless your soul.
>> No. 6262
God bless you mawaru. Keeping the chan alive with some excellent fucking shit. Seconding all the compliments on their expressions and the pairing.
>> No. 6263
all your works are honestly so good!! i love your artstyle and the colours, and the expressions. are you posting on any other platforms besides tf2chan?
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