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File 129869034966.png - (238.84KB , 900x510 , topscout.png )
4748 No. 4748
get this over this %|;;; was debating posting my stuff here and Huntah decided yes and suggested starting out here in the workshop, so......

HERE I AM. Porn ahoy because honestly that's what most of this will likely be
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>> No. 4749
File 129869051471.png - (194.79KB , 800x469 , topscout2.png )
Aaaand the second one.

I'm already aware of issues near the ASS REGION and I will admit that I was too lazy to fix it once I noticed.

Also I'm going to straight out say I NEED HELP WITH ABS. PLEASE. From more front-ish angles I can do alright but from the side like this...apparently I just killed them. I am so sorry.
>> No. 4750
This isn't so bad actually.
The best way to figure out abs,try finding images of models from he side, or get some clay and model a human torso, just the muscles and possibly bones. Helps a lot oddly enough.
Your scout has a lot of issues. His right had would never be able to go down far enough to grab the other guy's dick, Unless the lower arms are longer than the upper arms. which is the main problem you have.

I would recommend this book for reference. It has helped me a bit with my own drawings.
Classic Human Anatomy: The Artist’s Guide to Form, Function, and Movement
>> No. 4751
That's an awesome book. Thanks a ton.
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