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File 129918161049.jpg - (189.54KB , 1090x870 , tf-medispy2wip.jpg )
4753 No. 4753
Trying something different with a filthy picture I'm attempting- I'm having trouble with the Medic's face, and have spent so much time diddling around and redrawing it that I can no longer even tell what it is. Any feedback beyond "lol" would be appreciated
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>> No. 4754
I'd redline it for you but I don't have photoshop on this computer.

First lemme say that I am loving the perspective and composition. Also for the most part it looks great. Thank you for sharing with us.
My advice for Medic's face is as follows:

His neck is kind of coming out of the back of his skull. Normally it should be lower. You can probably get rid of the line for the neck altogether, as his shoulder would be obscuring it anyway.

Move the nose and lips lower down his face. His chin is a bit on the large side and I don't think it would hurt to lengthen his nose, so this would be an easy fix. His eyes, forehead, and eyebrows are great. Don't touch them. Possibly extend the line of his bangs up a bit; seems sorta flat but maybe that's just me. Don't worry about it too much if you think it already looks fine.

His ear is too large and is quite round. I think it would look better if you brought the lines for the shell of the ear inwards towards his jaw, and maybe added a bit of an angle to that upper curve to make it less rounded-off.

His jaw... might be a bit too large. I don't think anyone would normally complain about it, but since we're already discussing things that could be improved, I'll point it out. That lighter, sketchy line for his jaw is more along the lines of what it ought to be. Just bring it to the left of the picture a bit and it'll be perfect.

That's all. I look forward to seeing more!
>> No. 4755
File 129919180980.jpg - (41.54KB , 487x488 , tf2-medispytest.jpg )

Thank you for the constructive feedback, for a start!

The line behind his head is actually supposed to be the pushed up collar of his jacket, but I've tried jimmying with the linework to make that more obvious. I had originally drawn him with a more realistically-sized jaw, but opted to exagerrate it to make him look a bit more like the character in the game and ignore how unrealistically small it makes the upper half of his head look; same goes for his ear, though I'll try shrinking it a little to make him less goofy-looking.

After significant jerking around and finally finding a profile image of the character, I was able to fix up his nose, and I actually like the way it looks now. I've also tried adjusting his hair a bit while trying not to let it get too voluminous.
>> No. 4756
Okay, I don't have any crits that supra hasn't mentioned already, so let me just tell you that I love this already. Awesome job!
>> No. 4757
File 12992081616.jpg - (121.98KB , 487x488 , 129919180980edit.jpg )

Oooh yes, that collar is a HUGE improvement. Looks great, yang.

I raped your drawing in photoshop,and for the record I felt horrible doing so because it seems like a terribly rude thing to do. But this is basically what I would change about his face. See if any of it agrees with you. I promise that your drawing is A+ as is, so whether you think my changes are an improvement, or if you stick with the original, everyone will still love your picture.

And, um... I hate to say this so late in the game, but Spy's penis seems to be growing out of his stomach more than his pelvis... His arm and leg is rather short, too, compared to his torso...
>> No. 4758
File 130077057223.jpg - (81.06KB , 918x826 , tf-bootswip.jpg )
More work in progress, also Mediporn. I love boots, but they are the bane of my existence, so I figured I would put this here in search of feedback as I'd gotten a helpful response last time.... even if it was too late for me to save the unfortunate Spy's physiognomy in the last picture I'd been asking about here.

And here I thought this post had just been baleeted for being in the wrong place. D:
>> No. 4759
hunf, you draw nice dicks.
>> No. 4760
dose medic faces
>> No. 4761

I've adjusted his face since posting this to be a bit less wide. The thing that annoys me the most about the Medic is that his face is so long that it doesn't conform to the usual logical proportions, with the eyes being set halfway down the face.
>> No. 4762
tf2 characters are caricature cartoon. you don't need to follow the rule for realistc faces.
>> No. 4763
File 130172194674.jpg - (123.50KB , 875x754 , tf-later3wip.jpg )
Trying an annoyingly complex group pose, so any observations would be greatly appreciated, as always.
>> No. 4764
You know, I legitimately like this. Normally your faces downright kill me, but this is good.
>> No. 4765
I see nothing that's eye popping worthy of needing fixing.

Soldier's right wrist could use a big rounding out (almost looks like he's wearing a glove.)

Not sure how to explain this or find a way to fix it. Engineer's stomach looks like its up Spy's ass. Maybe possibility making him bend forward a little bit will help lessen it.

Overall, it's god damn hot. I'm going to need lots of more Soldier bottoming outta you.
>> No. 4766

I saw a bit of that too; trying to make it look like the Spy's getting his ass spread open, and having Engi leaning back a little more like you suggest should fix the awkward collision.

If I could only draw as quickly as I can fantasize....
>> No. 4767
Not sure how to cross link, but I thought I'd make a comment about the Medic!Boots/Soldier picture. If you hadn't noticed (and I'm sure you probably have), his upper arm is huge. Reduce the back of the arm and possibly add some shading to give it a more 3 dimensional look should fix it.

>I'm going to need lots of more Soldier bottoming outta you.
If it's not to late to amend this. Preferably with Engie (possibly the same Engineer in the 3some. There's something hot about your Domineering!Engineer).
>> No. 4768
File 130229705592.jpg - (226.29KB , 1073x1003 , tf2-easing down.jpg )
Been diddling with this one for a few days, to the point that I've coloured it, but still feel like there's something 'off'. I'll probably thin the Medic's wrists a bit when I go back to it, but any wisdom from the teeming masses on what I'm missing would be appreciated.
>> No. 4769

Oh my God, I adore Medic's expression there. Pure fucking bliss.

What stick out to be is that Medic's balls appear to be floating or up against something that isn't there. I realize there's Heavy's dick behind them but I feel like they should still be hanging free?

Unless I'm mistaken about this.
>> No. 4770
File 130241150425.png - (13.53KB , 600x600 , I_CAME_PLZ_by_Mongomedia.png )
I don't even- what is wr- fukken saved.
I love you yang.
>> No. 4771
File 130255460893.jpg - (325.32KB , 850x1250 , yang - tf2- later Demoman is a dreamboat.jpg )
Posting this here because I am looking for critical feedback as it relates to comics, mainly lettering and dialogue.

I'd started working on the lettering for this before realizing that I couldn't find a font that didn't look terrible, so I ended up going through the trouble of writing it all by hand. Is it more aesthetically pleasing in your opinion to use a font, or to use handwriting? Is comic dialogue easier to read if it's in allcaps a la comic books? Is Demoman's dialogue completely unintelligable?

Additionally, is it a good move or a bad move to intersperse character dialogue with foreign language words and phrases, or does it come off as tartlet-ish?
>> No. 4772

Demoman's dialog is hard to read, but I was able to decode it. He is very drunk, so you can use that as an excuse for him being unintelligible. I kind of tend to write Demo's accent thicker when he's inebriated.

Given that the game proper uses foreign language words and phrases, that can be excused too.

As for handwriting vs. fonts, it depends on how legible your handwriting is. Mine is terrible so I try to use fonts.

As for all caps, I don't know about that one.
>> No. 4773
File 130256005017.jpg - (337.96KB , 850x1250 , yang - tf2- later Demoman is a dreamboat (2).jpg )

Realized I should stick up the other page, as it's the one with the serious case of linguistic diarrhea. Still not sure if a 'less is more' attitude is better when it comes to writing in accents and foreign language; whether it makes it funnier or less funny, basically. At least you can try to fudge things in a gag comic like this when the characters are supposed to be trashed, but normally... nnh.
>> No. 4774
I'm lazy, so I'd like some subtitles (not in the comic itself, that's crazy, here in this box) for Demoman's drunk!speak.
>> No. 4775

Okay, here's the Demo-to-english translation...

(1)"Well, I think this is your room, isn't it?" "You know, you're sort of cute when you're not acting so uptight." (2)"Here, give us a kiss goodnight!" "Are you going to start vomiting again?" (3)"The I don't see a problem with it." (5)"See? It's alright." (9)"Eecky-thump!" (10)"See you tomorrow!"

Yet another niggly dialogue question from me. Is it jarring to have an accented character's thoughts written in plain english? What they're thinking would be totally intelligable to them, but...
>> No. 4776

Actually, I prefer it that way.
>> No. 4777

Thank you, I appreciate any constructive, (and some of the nonconstructive) feedback I can get. While I love thinking up stories or scenarios, comics, and fiction for that matter, are something I feel rather unsure about when I try putting them together.

I'm actually rather tickled- a respondant on another site where I posted this was kindly enough to offer their approximation of Swabian dialect for the Medic's speech in the last frame of the comic, ("Du hob come to de doctor? Es tuat mia leid... ers nit da, und i koan dir nit helfen." "I bin seekrank.") so now I get to decide if it would be funnier that way or if my attempts at lingua-faggotry are a waste of time. I really enjoy listening to people descend into a regional patois when they're tired or inebriated, anyways.
>> No. 4778
File 13034085002.jpg - (61.85KB , 1072x821 , tf-sniperscouwip.jpg )
Attempting another piece with a particularly annoying pose- as always, any feedback or observations are appreciated, as I'm terrible about missing things.
>> No. 4779
I love this oh holy god why do I love this Sniper's arms oh jesus

There's only one thing I'd like to point out: Scout's butt looks like it's padded with extra fat and if he stood it would be all flabby and gross. Tighten that sucker up.

But seriously holy shit I don't even like SniperxScout what is going on
>> No. 4780
File 130384893935.jpg - (183.03KB , 2036x662 , tf-pronwip.jpg )
Someone on /afanart had asked about how I do my pictures and the time that it takes me to finish one. I'm a little mucky about the time, as it varies wildly and I get easily distracted by chores and other things while trying to work on art, but I figured I'd put this up to at least show how I generally go about drawing a picture. I've probably spent about two hours of on-and-off work on the picture at this point.

I start out by making a very rough thumbnail, just to get an idea of where I want things to be in the picture. After blowing it up, (I've shrunk the second two examples for convenience) I start resketching each figure out on separate layers in an attempt to get a better feel for their anatomy and proportions. I spend a lot of time measuring arm and torso lengths with my fingers; by putting the drawings on different layers, I can more easily jimmy around with each without mucking up the one underneath it. At this point, the characters' heads are just there as a placeholder, since giving their bodies a good shape comes first. Once I feel satisfied with how things look, I resketch them a third time, and dig up a few photos of almost-naked men for reference to help refine their musculature. I've never used photo reference for poses, even if it would probably make posing easier.
>> No. 4781
File 130393467075.jpg - (164.36KB , 1491x676 , tf-pronwip2.jpg )
After some more jimmying with anatomy and proportions, I finally get around to giving the characters some defined facial features, using the paper doll busts that some folks were nice enough to post in /Resources for reference. The one on the bottom has gotten progressively shorter as I've worked on this, and I've trimmed down the one on the left a bit- originally, I was going to have Solly where the Demoman is now, but decided I liked him more on the bottom. I changed the Medic's right hand, which makes me sad as I liked the original pose, but felt it didn't make any sense; I also toned up his arm up, and gave him a flatter tummy, something that I also regret.

This is also the point where I start asking for third-party opinions in search of any glaring errors I may have made while working on this picture!
>> No. 4782
File 130393628913.jpg - (27.10KB , 385x362 , glorious.jpg )
woah! beautfull!
>> No. 4783
Thanks a ton for the documentation! It's insightful.

That being said, I think Demo's pose doesn't line up with his dick in Medic's bum - Medic isn't completely profilic unlike Demo.
>> No. 4784
File 130394210054.jpg - (68.03KB , 764x674 , tf-pronwip3.jpg )

D'oh. This is why I hassle people for feedback, by the way, as I have a tendancy to miss obvious mistakes in the process of making pictures, (I'm not alone, try googling "Norman Rockwell third leg") that are easily spotted by people who havn't been staring at the same thing for three hours.
>> No. 4785
I totally understand! Feedback is so helpful because it gives you a new perspective on your work.

That being said, I see some more issues - Soldier seems kinda giant, especially his head, and his torso looks a tad short. (Though that might be the perspective)

Also, is he on a leash? If so, I don't see it. Only the collar.
>> No. 4786
File 130396688949.jpg - (159.75KB , 2250x670 , tf-pronface.jpg )

I'd shrunk poor Solly quite a bit while working on this- his pose, more frontal than the others, makes him look thicker by default, so I was having a hard time figuring out quite how much smaller I had to make him- and after making him smaller still, (and further shortening his leg) I realized that I really, really didn't like the way his face looked. I don't have that much experience drawing the character, but I felt like it didn't look 'right'. Shrinking him and fixing up his face tacks an extra 1 1/2 hours onto this project, but honestly, I'm happy taking my time on the lineart since it's practice... and it means not feeling dissatisfied with the job I did on Solly's face. This is an example of why I don't bother with things like livestream, and why I said I had a really hard time gauging how long my drawings take to complete.
>> No. 4787
File 130517769584.jpg - (71.30KB , 707x751 , tf-heavymedi5-wip.jpg )
Trying something a little different... once again. Wondering if anyone has any feedback on the line weight, or if anyone can spot any horrible anatomy errors I've made.
>> No. 4788
This has to be one of my favorite heavymedic pictures from you so far. I'm loving both of their faces, and this has to be my favorite medic face you've drawn so far. I like how Heavy isn't TOO broad shouldered, just enough. The only major thing that's bothering me is Medic's leg, his right on that's facing the viewer. It looks a bit TOO big, like it's too wise near the knee up top. That, and the foot angle seems a bit off to me, like the toes just don't seem too right with the bottom of the foot showing. I don't have my tablet atm to better show you what I mean though, sadly. Hope that makes sense.
Other than that, or even with that loving it so far!
(For the most recent Heavy/medic picture, sorry I don't know how to directly respond to an individual post)
>> No. 4789

Just click the post number.
>> No. 4790
This is a lovely pic, but Medic's toes make me think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
>> No. 4791
File 130550306459.jpg - (88.91KB , 982x829 , tf-mediswip.jpg )
Back to the drawing board, and looking for feedback. I may or may not keep the softer lines in the end, but my first concern, as always, is that I've missed something about his proportions that is plain as day to the rest of you.
>> No. 4792
Medic's left thigh and arm are looking a bit on the small side, the thigh especially; there's a lot of muscle mass missing on the top and bottom and the total length is a bit short. Also, the foreshortening on the arm could use a little work. Other than that, great pose! A debauched medic is a good medic.
>> No. 5807
File 140091816633.jpg - (78.50KB , 469x602 , image.jpg )
>> No. 5808
Don't bump threads that haven't been posted in in three years, please.
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