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File 130768289823.jpg - (799.97KB , 1067x1250 , CosmicB23Trade.jpg )
4805 No. 4805
For my uncolored sketches, I guess.

Did this for an art trade.
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>> No. 4806
File 130777536661.jpg - (220.01KB , 1067x1250 , cbheavymediporn.jpg )

Not sure how much concrit you're looking for, but I attempted a redline, which may or may not actually be of any good to you, as I had to do it with a digital mouse, and I figured you were looking to give them proportions closer to what they have in-game, so I didn't worry about the arm and leg length. What I really noticed when looking at this picture was the way the Heavy's left hand looks; his fingers are folded in such a way that they don't suggest the mass of what they are holding.

Also, seeing the Medic being drawn with a bit of a tummy pleases me.
>> No. 4807

This was actually done for a trade.

I suppose I should go back and fix it when I have the time. Thanks for the red and bluelines.
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