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File 130086278164.jpg - (254.88KB , 1362x1293 , tf-spydayout-WIP.jpg )
5048 No. 5048
Oh look, somewhere to bug people for feedback before I've finished working on something! I tend to wrestle with pictures until the wee hours of the morning, and by the time I'm sick of tinkering with something and say "okay, that's done", I find myself missing any mistakes I've made.

I'm trying to determine if I've screwed up anywhere, as far as anatomy and perspective goes...
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>> No. 5051
It is hard to read what they are saying .. what are they saying? :C
>> No. 5052

I usually scribble captions on rough versions of things, either for shits and giggles or to remind myself what was supposed to be happening when I look back at it later. There's not any real dialogue, it's mostly the Spy gloating. ...I can't quite imagine him really saying "No reach-around for you, fatty!"
>> No. 5053
File 130099367374.jpg - (199.69KB , 1278x1232 , tf-spydayoutgs.jpg )
I got ahead of myself and did a base coat for this, but before I go nuts with shading... I'm still hoping someone more astute than me might spot any errors here and, more importantly, show me how to correct them.
>> No. 5054
Let me start by saying that I think it's hard to judge your style. It's very cartoony, which is not a bad thing at all, but I'm not sure when something is wrong or when it's just the style your using.

You get me?

What i think you could use in your style is more consistency, sometimes your characters changes proportions. Especially Heavy seems wired build, but it's hard to tell from these drawing. I would like to see him in a full body picture, then it would be easier to tell you what needs to change.
>> No. 5055
Thank you for clarifying the distinction between the technical issues and taste issues in this. Particularly with stylization (when is it incorrect?) it's a little bit more difficult to judge, but here's my shot at it.

I think most of the major issues the artist suffers from are perspective-based. All the bits are in place, but it doesn't necessarily flow together naturally. For example, on the top right drawing heavy's hand looks a little off when holding his sandwich - there is a hand, and there is a sandwich, but the hand doesn't appear to be gripping it or interacting with it in any sort of natural way. In another example, on the bottom right drawing, sniper's left leg (as well as the box he's sitting on) is out of perspective. There are also some slight issues with drawing hands in general (drawing the fingers separately, instead of imagining the shape of the entire hand), and feet as well.

However, the artist has generally given a lot of care to imagining the shapes in three dimensions. Faces are also really good.

Don't get me wrong though, I totally fapped to this before putting my art hat on and writing this critique (my favorite is the bottom middle one!)
>> No. 5056

Yay, something to work with! I appreciate the feedback, it gives me a starting point for tweaking things that I overlooked, or just didn't get right.


I admit there's no clearly-drawn line between "parts I intentionally made more cartoony" and "parts where, aside from keeping the character's faces/head proportions in-style, I tried for more-or-less anatomical realism". So, uh, for clarification, the scene of Engie freaking out over the ruined machines, and the background image of the Spy butt-raping the Medic, were intentionally simplified.

The Heavy presents kind of a conundrum. The dude's got a huge top half, very long arms, and those ridiculously tiny legs on the bottom. Almost all of the other characters are somewhat disproportionate compared with real-world people, but the Heavy's figure is by far the most exagerrated. He wouldn't be recognizable if I drew him with anything similar to a normal human's figure. So I just conform to his appearance in-game.
>> No. 5057
File 130152052895.png - (1.13MB , 1750x950 , tf-aftermathtop.png )
Bits and pieces from another comic. Ignore the fragmented bits of dialogue and unclear continuity, there are frames missing that I was satisfied with. I know this is a lot of crap on one page, I'm just looking to see if there are any anatomical errors that stand out to anyone.
>> No. 5058
File 130152061719.png - (317.42KB , 758x758 , tf-aftermathbottom.png )
>> No. 5059
File 130152176967.jpg - (58.95KB , 629x485 , redlines.jpg )
I'm not the best person to redline hands, but yhe arms was bothering me.
>> No. 5060
I know you like drawing exaggerated penises, but sometimes they look more like balloon animals and/or very painful in the vein of "I overdosed on Viagra and now my boner won't go away". In my opinion, the whole set also needs to be lower and actually be between the legs, but then I haven't really gone staring at a lot of dongs.
>> No. 5061
File 13016843599.jpg - (80.73KB , 473x491 , penis-anatomy-pic.jpg )
>In my opinion, the whole set also needs to be lower and actually be between the legs
nope they're in the right area of the body
the penis is not danglin' down like an inverted vagina or overgrown clit
it's just kinda out there in front stickin out of the area that is the pubic hair on a woman
>> No. 5062
Man, I really love the expressions you draw, they're just great. Lots of personality there, which is fantastic.
When it comes to bodies, I think you tend to make your torsos kind of short and arms kind of long, which is mostly just something you need to be aware of and correct for as you go. In terms of anatomy it's otherwise pretty good and mostly just a matter of more practice to really get it it down.

...Also I can't get over that love-struck Scout and nose-bleed make-outs. IT'S EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD.
>> No. 5063
File 130231426789.jpg - (310.99KB , 1875x894 , tf2-aftermath2p1rough.jpg )
Same gig as before... just looking to see if there are any anatomical errors that stand out to anyone.
>> No. 5064
File 130231431290.jpg - (307.35KB , 1875x982 , tf2-aftermath2p2rough.jpg )
>> No. 5065
File 130344187847.jpg - (130.22KB , 947x1081 , tf-underthetable.jpg )
I keep meaning to finish this one and keep getting frustrated; I've looked at a whole lot of reference material (mostly pics of dudes wrestling...), but for the life of me I can't figure out what/if I've done something wrong. Useful concrit (or even better, redlines) would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 5066
File 130419674758.png - (971.54KB , 2260x1090 , tf2-propertools.png )
I'm not really looking for artistic feedback for a change (this is in the really rough stage, right now)... I'm more posting this here because it's not done yet, and I'm interested to see if anyone has any suggestions for "proper tools and safety procedures for fucking the Soldier".
>> No. 5067
I'm just going to shoot some ideas.
-Mechanical Lube: for easy pistoning and movement
-[Dog]Collar: To show who's in charge.
-Cock Rings: Keeps everyone harder, longer for more fun.
-Nipple Claps: idk
-Modified Cow-Milker Vacuum Pump: [Engineer has free time? Hey, he's holdin a cattle prong there...] Easy clean up and storage
-Leather Whip: Dominance, again.
Can't think of any more "tools" off the top of my head. There's always websites: http://www.gaysextoybox.com/s-and-m_64/
Medical gear. dohoho

"Safety procedure"? I'm sure anything would work. Make sure he's exhausted by the end so there is no retaliation/yelling. Break him in so he follows Engineer's commands. Make him beg to be used hard/make him beg to cum.

Hopefully this gives you/helps you think of new ideas.
>> No. 5068
File 130421545650.png - (1.11MB , 2260x1090 , rainbowlines.png )
Me like this.
>> No. 5069
File 130756627660.png - (278.41KB , 806x638 , tf2-camoWIP.png )
Oh look, this is still here.
>> No. 5070
File 130756632786.png - (328.14KB , 602x752 , tf2-moarwip2.png )
moar sketchy crap
>> No. 5071
File 130756663773.jpg - (198.37KB , 1250x1250 , tf-moresketches.jpg )
And more schlock. The shoving vignette in that Scout/Sniper comic I did reminded me of a scene out of Lost Highway (and this song http://youtu.be/xzEkgG5yHGo ), so being the wanky fan-tard I am, I had to draw more of that schmaltz.
>> No. 5072
Glad to see that you're back!

Did you scrap this idea? I would be very sad if you did as I was looking forward to it.
>> No. 5073

Nah, it's still on my list of things to get off my ass and finish. I was sick for a month and kind of lost my mojo, so I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.
>> No. 5074
you back!
I want to see that engie with assless chaps
>> No. 5075
File 13078592836.jpg - (210.92KB , 1104x1314 , tf-heavysolly.jpg )
The colouring's pissing me off on this one, eh. It's muddy, but I feel like making everything crisp and comic-book lookin' would sterilize it.
>> No. 5076
File 13078726773.jpg - (21.22KB , 237x253 , middle.jpg )
You can do awesome dramatic lighting and bright colors without making it all 'comicy-booky'! I would go and add a bunch more personally (especially lots of red and yellow), but here's something that may help you out (or just remind you to keep them in mind when color) if you're having trouble identifying what kind of colors you should use in skintones.

"Saturated gradients - The gradients between the shadow and light is not just an in-between color of the shadow color and light color. If the shadow and light is just blended, it will look very lifeless. If you look at pictures you will see that the gradients is saturated. It's especially easy to notice if you remove that saturation."

From http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm (which as a bunch of other very practical and useful coloring tips).
>> No. 5077

Asking again for help with this one (the boxing picture). Perspective kills me. Advice? Reference material? Redlines? I need help.
>> No. 5078
File 130886595650.jpg - (529.31KB , 1826x1639 , tf2-vignettes.jpg )
I just didn't feel like this sketch dump was polished enough for another forum, so I'm posting it here. Look, dicks!
>> No. 5079
File 130906203943.jpg - (88.97KB , 790x478 , tf2-blah.jpg )
Posting this here, because there's not enough dick for /afanart, and I don't feel like derailing another thread with arguments about how much people hate animu art.

I was starting to rough out a larger picture, and the first thing I scribbled was the Medic's face. There was something so delicate about the lines, and so diabolically cute about the face, I decided to say fuck it and made the sketch into a seperate weeaboo-lookin' piece of art.

Besides, still no help from here on that boxing picture I want to work on. baaaw
>> No. 5080
File 130984827061.jpg - (125.84KB , 1037x860 , tf2-disciplinewip.jpg )
Derp. Looking for a second opinion, or at least some motivation to finally finish something of these two. I friggin' love porn of Soldier and Engie, but I always seem to feel I can't do it justice half-way through.
>> No. 5082
File 130990768433.jpg - (392.53KB , 1337x2000 , wb2v55cy.jpg )
I know how painfull is to draw someone's back, so how I use to help me draw this way is, imagine how the pose is from another angle, do a stick figure from the same pose on other angle, it helps to see what we are doing wrong.

Never stop draw, I realy like the things you do!
>> No. 5083

Thanks! It's something to work with. The helmet party must go on!
>> No. 5084
File 131188841373.jpg - (168.05KB , 1000x844 , tf2-dontwannashareWIP.jpg )
Help? Someone?
>> No. 5085
File 13118885359.jpg - (192.84KB , 1222x1096 , tf2-boxingWIPpplllz.jpg )
Still waiting for advice from some artistically superior soul...
>> No. 5086

Long-time lurker here and not much of a drawfag. From first glance, something is bugging me about the hands and hips/bum. Said hands and wrists seem to look a bit big compared to the rest of the body and the fingers look a bit short compared to the palms.

The hips/bums seem defined too much, if you get what I mean. Bums don't just stick out; they generally slope down from the small of the back and then meld into the thighs. Or it could just be me.

But other than those little things, your porn is brilliant!
>> No. 5087
File 131208554866.jpg - (158.59KB , 1200x1012 , tf2-dontwannasharelines.jpg )
Spent all day on lineart, so sick of looking at it I could scream. Might colour one or both of these later. Any advice would be appreciated.
>> No. 5088
File 131208558632.jpg - (164.49KB , 800x900 , tf2-sandwichWIP.jpg )
aaaa fuck computers
>> No. 5089

your hadns are getting better, really digging snipe
s hand on the left.

Medic's front hand is backwards. there is no possible way for it to even rest like that. the thumb is located on the inside, palm down. He would've had to surgivly switch his hands, which wuldn't make sense. though this is medic...

Heavy's head is too small. His bicepts are bigger than his head, it just looks funny when seen with the others, who have mroe normal proportions. Heavy's left foot appears to have a tumor coming off it. I assume that's the heel of the foot, but with the positioning of the toes, it looks like his foot is straight on. On that note, his toes are extreamly awkward. They look all the same and do not follow the nauturak curve the toes have.

I'll ty to redline this for you later. I don't understand why Medic's lone foot on the ground seems... odd.
>> No. 5090
[quote]backwards hand[/quote]

FFFUUUUUUUUU- yeah, that was a mistake. Time to go back and dick around with that lineart some more...
>> No. 5091
File 131751803569.jpg - (99.22KB , 1042x803 , tf2-backseatwip.jpg )
Posting more WiP crap. Ignore the rough lines- I'm looking for advice on perspective and anatomy (ie. where did I screw up this time?)

Getting my finished art posts all fagged up with concrit from people who said nothing when I was asking for help bugs the shit out of me. C'mon, tell me NOW- before I've gone through the trouble of prettying it all up with colours and stuff.
>> No. 5092
File 131752531180.jpg - (118.87KB , 1042x803 , redline.jpg )
Sorry it's a bit rough, all I had was Paint.
Okay, your perspective on the first image seems spot on, and the only issue is Sniper's right should being just a tad too low.
The second image has a pretty difficult perspective, but an interesting one nonetheless. I'd widen out the couch more (though it may only be like that because it's a WIP). Give Demo a bit more to his torso, or else it looks like he's leaning backwards. His elbow needs to be pulled in some, and maybe his head not so far to the side. Also, instead of having him stretching his arm on top of the couch, have it so he's gripping the top, sort of leaning on his elbow. Makes it look more natural.
Sniper's body and face here are wonderful, just move his calf out a little.
>> No. 5094
I am liking your Spy quite a bit. I don't know what it is about him, but yeah. Something about the angle with that expression, it just comes across very Spy.
>> No. 5095
File 131870687055.jpg - (268.16KB , 842x1066 , tf2-professional.jpg )

Thanks! Every little bit helps.

Drew something by hand for the first time in ages. This isn't exactly a WIP, at least not yet, but it's unpolished. I'm probably just going to post everything I do from now on in /workshop/.

Addendum: gussied up the pencil sketch and restored some of the shading the scanner ate. Yay.

>>2836 Hehe, thanks.
>> No. 5096
File 131870696957.jpg - (193.35KB , 1250x1250 , tf2-fleeWIP.jpg )
Work in progress, so some things like the webs between the tentacles are missing entirely.
>> No. 5097
File 131873989463.jpg - (144.73KB , 811x1000 , tf2-professional2.jpg )
Might be finished. Or not. Who cares?
>> No. 5098
Spy's torso looks a bit too lengthened. From the ...beak on his...tentacles, his spine looks overly arched.


I also love this.
>> No. 5099

I love the concept of this picture. Never thought of a Tentaspy hanging from the ceiling. Cool.

However, I feel like the focus of the picture is a bit too much on the Tentaspy's beak, and not so much with the humanoid bodies in the picture. Also, the Sniper's left leg doesn't look correctly attached to his hip.

If you were to take another stab at this picture, I'd recommend using a pose that places more central focus to the Spy and the Sniper, rather than leaving them to the far left of the photo. For some reason, I'd like to see the Spy using his body like a hammock or an upside down fermata. Something that uses the whole of his body to trap the Sniper, rather than just one or two tentacles.

That dead Scout body. Whew! Good addition.
>> No. 5100
I definitely agree with >>2865, especially regarding Sniper's left leg - at first I actually thought it was a continuation of the tentacle.
>> No. 5101
Thanks to everyone who had some crit to offer, guaranteed I haven't forgotten about this! When I can find the time to boot my clone off the art computer, I'll take another stab at this one with your notes in mind.
>> No. 5102
OP, I miss your posts here. I'll keep watching for ya.
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