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File 129920818777.png - (4.89KB , 300x300 , 1299205395001.png )
5206 No. 5206
Can't use the Chans Oekaki right now for some reason so I'll just post my doodles here since they're TF2 based and stuff.
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>> No. 5207
File 129920825538.png - (4.02KB , 300x300 , 1558916582.png )
>> No. 5208
File 129921213456.png - (34.02KB , 233x371 , shoppinglist.png )
Drew in Iscribble.
>> No. 5209
Hurrrrrr I like the way you draw faces!
And I like the pose on the second one. His arms just look a tad too big and his head a little too small in comparison? I'm not sure.
The left eye looks a little squished in on the first picture.

And I don't think I should judge an iscribble picture :P

Good stuff, please keep postin~
>> No. 5210
File 129927261138.png - (80.66KB , 672x673 , stylishclassyscoutplz.png )
I'll try another class soon, promise.
Feel more confident to open with something I feel comfortable with.
I like it when scouts look a little more beefy... but I'm sure i over do it, so here, a more " stylish" style of scout.
I'm still working on it.
>> No. 5211
File 129929578399.png - (62.15KB , 519x564 , tooktoolongscout.png )
Took a bit too long to do, lucky the app didn't crash on me through all the time I left it on.
>> No. 5212
File 129929692796.png - (66.39KB , 554x588 , alsoon4ch.png )
Ok, changed a few things before I finally uploaded.
Moving on.
>> No. 5213
File 129947793544.png - (38.81KB , 554x725 , snoppa.png )
I know what I want to draw, I'm just far to tired to finish it.
>> No. 5214
File 129947831549.png - (31.32KB , 499x700 , Snoppanoevergetfinished.png )
I really like this angle I suppose.

Yeah gonna go to bed, never gonna finish.- Not on Oekaki anyway, maybe in sketchbook.
>> No. 5215
You definitely got a good crack at drawing faces! You should work on your poses though. The Scout picture you did looks too stiff to me. It's generally neat but the posture looks a bit forced and the proportions are a tad weird, as Clarr mentioned. But yes, please, do post more!
>> No. 5216
File 130050273282.png - (517.43KB , 693x1094 , supposedtobeascout.png )
So yeah, I was streaming with a few people from Hipstr and I already put the drawing up there, but I guess I should Bump this thread.
was supposed to be a scout, but I ended up messing up the nose and here we are,just thought I'd share since it was originally for this thread.
Drawn in Sketchbook.
Took about 4 - 6 hours.
>> No. 5217
File 130055112467.png - (124.47KB , 579x915 , uncolouredwallscoutforstreaming.png )
3 hours Sketchbook.
Going to colour later if I get some free time.
>> No. 5218
I like the shading you have going there, but I think you sometimes emphasise things unessecarily, like the dimples are too dark thus creating an impression that the character is much older than they actually are. If you eased up on the dark shading of wrinkles/dimples it would look much more like Scout.
Another note I have is about the hair. It's kind of prickly. The strands are very straight like a hedgehog's spikes. A wise woman once told me to think of hair more as a mass than separate millions of strands when drawing it. It sticks together a lot, usually there's very few strands that seperately stick out in different directions.
I hope that helps you a bit...
Very good folds on that scarf. Keep chipping away at it, you have definite potential.
>> No. 5220
File 13081118386.png - (739.04KB , 1356x1400 , Sollennn.png )
sloppy man kiss Solly/Engie /unfinished
4/5AM doodle, goodnight!
Will possibly upload nicer version tomorrow.
>> No. 5221
http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii141/Uk_Ailsa/CamerosEs.png because I couldn't upload it directly.
I get bored/distracted too easily.
>> No. 5222
File 130892766687.png - (108.20KB , 689x375 , Fuurkb.png )
IScribble unfinished drawing.
>> No. 5223
Holy jesus his nose is HUGE here. Kinda ruins the picture.

Not bad for starters! Kisses are hard to draw. I'm struggling with them myself so sadly, no help from me here, welp.
>> No. 5224
File 130974608056.png - (415.80KB , 615x760 , Scrbble socut.png )
In other news- I still draw on iscribble.. Forever.
The GReeN pyro is my OC Just added her in because still tf2 annnd she's sorta same style of doodle.
>> No. 5225
File 13115608885.png - (321.01KB , 1089x959 , MEDHICPHHRO2.png )
03 AM embarrassing doodle I did for a friend!
>> No. 5226
File 131206173492.png - (161.73KB , 500x698 , Smokykissphhhh.png )
OK, So I draw my Ocs more. But see I don't feel confident to have a thread anywhere else but here.
Usually My spy wears a hat, but I fail so hard with hats, it's silly.
So if anyone has anything to comment on please go ahead, I don't bite... not really.
Or should I Make a new thread for all these doodles and such?

Usually My spy wears a hat, but I fail so hard with hats, it's silly.
>> No. 5227
File 131909064337.png - (120.69KB , 1044x418 , 7amdoodles.png )
Have some 6AM doodles of Scouts Ma.
I should post more.
I may post more of my OC stuff-butnowI'mawaytobed.
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