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File 138239946784.png - (536.13KB , 1268x908 , s5htrtj7yue.png )
5659 No. 5659
its really hard to draw porn when you live with four other people ok.
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>> No. 5660
Oohah. Beautiful, that is. And as much as I dig your usual colouring style, this approach to the tanlines looks great too!

I do spot a slight perspective issue, mostly coming from Demo's lower half and the bed. It feels like either Demo is leaning really awkwardly away from the viewer, or the bed and floor are tilted up at an unusual angle. (Personally, I would recommend fiddling with the bed and floor's perspective to leave your lovely Demo intact, haha)

But overall... hrngh. Please continue forever and ever.
>> No. 5669
File 138544410550.png - (61.74KB , 1547x2000 , esthtrsjstrj.png )
does this count as adult there is a butt i think it does.
>> No. 5673
File 138616337936.gif - (484.87KB , 260x146 , moist and deelishus.gif )
I don't know what it counts as but I know I want more of it.
>> No. 5674
File 138621106228.png - (116.67KB , 1175x1262 , 77777777 ndexi7.png )
you are in luck because more is exactly what i drew.
>> No. 5675
File 138624217159.gif - (164.44KB , 450x270 , moar.gif )
captcha: came, dedBoard. Apt captcha is apt.
>> No. 5677
i drew even more but this time with tits so i guess im making a new thing,,,
>> No. 5679
File 138632176258.png - (128.65KB , 1032x1290 , rsyjhsry6jsry6jsryj.png )
not too happy w/ this one. was going for funny, didnt turn out that way. also didnt turn out sexy. so. fuck.
>> No. 5683
I'm not familiar with how dicks work, so I have two questions, one technical, one not:

1) Is that where the dick is supposed to sit WRT the body?
2) Are you referencing a cut or uncut penis? (From what I remember, only the US really started regularly circumcising all males regardless of religion and only Scout's young enough for me to expect to see without his foreskin.)
>> No. 5686
File 138668268240.jpg - (84.04KB , 600x857 , shrugginatcha.jpg )
now i have some dick experience, being of the dude variety, however that dont mean i draw them well at all. as for positioning, its wonky because hes sitting on his tailbone instead of his arse, and in general im sort of just like. man i made just a series of bad decisions through this whole fucking thing.

as for cut or uncut, im not sure if you mean. you cant tell or he shouldnt be cut. but uh. thats just a matter of personal preference and dick drawing ability. i was aiming for cut because thats what i like, and thats what im working with, and i do not think drawing a foreskin is going to be easy. once i get the hang of it i might try something different.

but whatever way you go about it i didnt do something right, and i can agree with you there.
>> No. 5687
File 138668299253.png - (97.87KB , 1672x1665 , tehrstghrsz.png )
i wanted to draw drug use and bjs and this is what happened when i combined them. an extremely casual blowjob experience.
>> No. 5698
There's not that much difference between cut and uncut erect penises, depending on the man's preference for masturbation. There seems to be a common misconception that foreskins are always flapping around even when erect - are people not used to seeing them maybe? You can pull the skin of the whole thing down, which pulls the foreskin down too, flush to the shaft with no folds or wrinkles, and it stays like that until purposefully pulled up again. Just adding my 2 cents because uncut always seems to get a bad rap haha

Drugs and bjs, no complaints here. I could sit and wait for you to draw more all day, unf
>> No. 5699
i was kinda thinking that but you worded it a lot better than i can word,,, anything period. im always afraid to say things because im like, i cant say it right.

also ive got commissions but im like, eh, should i post this sketch, cause idk if im gonna finish this holiday thing, before the holiday ends, yknow, dang. so i guess thatll be in /fanart/ soon
>> No. 5700

For me cut vs. uncut is less a matter of aesthetic attractiveness or sexual pleasure (having experience in neither) but historical verisimilitude. TF2's wacky alternate history shenanigans aside, it just doesn't seem likely for anybody except may Scout (and any Jewish members of the team, whoever that may be in your headcanon) to have been circumcised.
>> No. 5891
I'm probably going into necrobump or whatever the heck territory but I really like the swirly thing red eye jedi's got going on, does anyone know where they are now?
>> No. 5892
Yeah. They haven't been in the fandom since '13. It's a moot point.
>> No. 5894

Aw, that's a shame. Also I tried searching their name and pictures and there's only links to marijuana terminology and nothing. RIP red eye jedi, RIP.

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