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File 138683626012.png - (287.03KB , 543x984 , part1.png )
5690 No. 5690
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>> No. 5691
Not yet, but I hope.. one day...

My sides hurt.
>> No. 5692
its in this board, do you honestly think this will go dick-less
>> No. 5694
Hrnghh Engie's face. You win at glorious expressions yet again, good sire.
>> No. 5695
save it now. it will be deleted.
>> No. 5696
File 13874889683.png - (114.01KB , 800x639 , pevy.png )
>> No. 5697
File 138751235672.png - (178.17KB , 600x709 , buts.png )
ever since i got 3 dominations as medic the other night i've been thinking about him more
>> No. 5701

Even if Medic doesn't have tiny T-Rex arms like me, that pose doesn't seem all too comfortable--wouldn't it be better to have his hands be more relaxed, rested against the small of his back, especially since you're implying via his facial expression that this is consensual bondage?
>> No. 5702
Is there an actual anatomical error that you're pointing out, or are you saying I should change something based off an assumption on how Medic is feeling?
>> No. 5703
Mostly just an opinion thing. I don't find doing that all that comfortable, so I wouldn't voluntarily put myself in that pose.
>> No. 5704
I drew the hands really shitty but if I do the pose myself it doesn't hurt at all. I also stretch a lot.
>> No. 5837
I'm raising this thread, FROM THE DEAD! to tell people that it's my birthday next week and to celebrate I want HELMET PARTY requests!!! why is that a gift to me? cus im so brain dead right now i need a revival so please just request helmet party stuffonly soldierxengie ONLY pls
>> No. 5839
Hmmm... Would you mind drawing something... gory? ANYTHING GOES!!
>> No. 5840
i have heard your plea anon, i have started a 'goretober' art challenge now where i will be drawing one gory thing a day. i am officially starting tomorrow. every one of the drawings will be posted here.
>> No. 5841
File 141255138396.png - (1.50MB , 885x1178 , goretober1.png )
Goretober 1 a shame to behold
>> No. 5842
File 141255225062.png - (1.51MB , 986x1178 , goretober1fix.png )
lemme juuuust...
>> No. 5843
Woah really nice. I love how he's going into defensive beast mode. Fight or flight poses rock and you totally did this one justice.
>> No. 5845
Yay! Great expression on Snipes.
>> No. 5849
File 141382341012.png - (148.29KB , 681x503 , prev.png )
a work in progress, that i'll only be posting on the chan
>> No. 5850
File 141384596051.png - (567.72KB , 1811x1674 , uggo.png )
I spent so much time on this but it actually sucks. anyway, enjoy
>> No. 5861
May I request the same image with Engie's head instead of Spy's?
And I love your style of drawing

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