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File 138797352320.jpg - (39.22KB , 241x172 , one of these gifts is not like the others.jpg )
5705 No. 5705
Art and SFM Secret Santa gifts inbound! Please don’t reply to this thread until all the images have been posted. There will be a post signalling when you're clear to start commenting.

As per usual for this event, critique is discouraged on these gifts. This is one of the rare instances we discourage critique unless the creator specifically asks for it (including if/when they choose to repost in their own threads or elsewhere). Someone has worked very hard, through stresses and unforeseen circumstances, to the best of their ability to bring you something they hope you will enjoy. Let's keep in the spirit of Smissmas and give a hand to our hard-working Secret Santas!

Gifts will be posted in order of when they were received.
SFW gifts will be posted first and NSFW after the post stating so. Avert your eyes if that ain't your kind of thing.

Merry Smissmas, magets!
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>> No. 5706
File 138797361021.png - (1.34MB , 1655x1044 , for-Tobias_hol.png )
Note: red eye jedi would like to make it known they were your Secret Santa! Their personal webspace: hoofies.fumblr.com

Prompt: Soldier/Medic enjoying something sweet
>> No. 5707
File 138797373045.png - (336.48KB , 600x1660 , for-Shandrydan_secretsantaprompt.png )
Prompt: Soldier/Spy one-sided affection or love on either side.
>> No. 5708
File 138797382854.png - (1.09MB , 1221x870 , for-IINR_winterrr.png )
Prompt: Heavy/Soldier. I haven't seen this pairing a lot, so just do what you want with it. It can be cute or sad or whatever. I'd just really like to see more of the pairing. Something in the spirit of the holiday might be nice.
>> No. 5709
File 138797387528.png - (150.80KB , 515x615 , for-Valiax-Gryphon_SS1kyuqk.png )
Artist's note: I hope it's alright that I did two cause I hit a bump on how to fit the bot in the original.

Prompt: Fluffy and funny. RED Sniper keeps getting notes and letters sent to him from a secret admirer. So when he finally gets to the bottom of it, turns out his 'admirer'... is one of Gray's Robots (Robo Sniper or Robo Medic, I couldn't decide) who's programming is a bit frizzed and somehow thinks Snipe's the apple of his robo eye. Just cute teeth rotting this-shouldn't-be-cute-but-is adorableness.
>> No. 5711
File 138797399238.jpg - (290.92KB , 506x1376 , for-Valiax-Gryphon_SS2kyuqk.jpg )
Note: Second part to the above gift
>> No. 5712
File 13879740563.png - (1.57MB , 1440x1080 , for-Ank_scoutengiess.png )
Prompt: RED!Scout/RED!Engineer. Scout tries to take Engie out on a date. Engie is either oblivious or Scout keeps screwing up
>> No. 5713
>> No. 5714
File 138797420981.png - (941.75KB , 1654x2800 , for-Kyun_SecretSanta2013.png )
Prompt: Engie making breakfast. I'd love to see him being really cheeky if it's NSFW.
>> No. 5715
File 138797425590.png - (383.11KB , 631x1091 , for-Malapine_secret-santan.png )
Prompt: A full-body pinup of fanciest of pants' Fem Pyro, with rainblower or lollichop being held or laying around in the picture somehow - Pyroland theme would be good, but artist can do any theme, even festive. It can be cutesy or funny if you don't want to draw/make her over-the-top sexy (she's always over the top sexy to me anyway lol). She can wear any hat/miscs the artist likes, or none is fine.
>> No. 5716
File 138797431993.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , for-gotxbrains_secret.png )
Prompt: Sniper and Pyro experimenting with toys, bottom sniper
>> No. 5717
File 138797437835.jpg - (1.58MB , 1994x1241 , for-erichm_secretsanta.jpg )
Artist's note: I was originally going to do your second prompt ("soldier and engineer open their gifts from each other"), but it ended up becoming "Engie playing with his 'present' on Christmas morning" instead.

Prompt: soldier and engineer on the morning of christmas
>> No. 5718
File 13879744314.jpg - (784.61KB , 1268x1422 , for-Cat-Bountry_secret-santa-furei.jpg )
Prompt: Engineer with a case of the not-gays being seduced by Spy. Sexy results follow.
>> No. 5719
File 138797463457.jpg - (675.02KB , 1500x1196 , for-Furei_domengie.jpg )
Artist's note: I pray to merasmus' nail polish collection that the reciever likes this! I busted my ass. However - if they are very unhappy with it, I will offer a redo since I'm indebted to being so overdue.

Prompt: Helmet party. anything, but no bashfull/fragile/coward/afeminated engineer; no crossdressing also.
>> No. 5720
If I have made any errors, such as mismatching prompts to gifts, just let me know so I can rectify the mistake. Otherwise...

You are now free to comment on the gifts! Give these awesome artists some love!

(The late gifts will be posted as I receive them from here on out, so stay tuned.)
>> No. 5721
Every one of these is such a treat!
>> No. 5722
File 138799032474.gif - (452.30KB , 200x153 , tumblr_inline_mf7xx3GEDI1ry4qim.gif )
baby JEEEEzus
>> No. 5723
Is...is that Heavy x Soldier? IINR, please know that I enjoy this pairing too, and this spurs me even more to draw something with those two interacting/making out.
>> No. 5724

Wow! Thank you so much, mysterious benefactor! I love the coloring. Well done!
And omg you did the heavy/soldier prompt a million and one thanks to you.


Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who really wishes that there was more heavy/soldier around! If you were to draw something, I know I'd be happy, haha.

And a ginormous thank you Mawaru for putting all of this together! All of the gifts are lovely.
>> No. 5725
File 138800138478.png - (22.70KB , 190x153 , tumblr_inline_mhq20mMBln1qhi7m8.png )

Aw dang.

Lookit Engineer pout so hard.

I love it.

It's a Smissmas miracle.
>> No. 5726

Holy hand grenades! I love it! YOU! YES YOU! I must know who you are and find you then hug you so much, this is too adorable, I'mgonnapassoutnow!
>> No. 5727
also yay!

I'm glad you liked!
>> No. 5728

Fuck I love it, thanks secret santa! (Though I'm pretty dang sure who you are.)
>> No. 5729
Stellar effort all around, guys! I don't mean to go on and on about it, since I already made private comments on the works upon receiving them, but I'll say it once more: every single piece put a smile on my face. You all worked so hard skdfj

>Though I'm pretty dang sure who you are
I tried really hard to make the mix random, but due to people dropping or asking for specific things, shuffling matches around resulted in this! Sorry if it wasn't as completely random as people had hoped, haha.

I actually very carefully swapped out my original giftee so it wouldn't seem biased, but fate didn't want any of that apparently. orz
>> No. 5730
OMG I got a nakie fem pyro, Merry Smissmas to me! Thank you SO much!! I honestly was least expecting the fem class prompt, but I was so pleasantly surprised!
This is so awesome that I got to draw for you this year, since you got me last year! The offer is still open for a redo, too, since my scanner really blew out the colors. I feel awful about that.
>> No. 5731
Fffffff. I'd never given this pairing a single second of thought, but this simple little comic has changed my mind. Their contrasting body shapes are killin' me. Very, very nice!
>> No. 5732
That's one of my favorite kinks, too. Contrasting heights, weights, appearances, personality, etc. I don't see it very much, and I love how this fandom has a lot of opportunities for it.
>> No. 5735
File 138959307224.png - (381.81KB , 428x617 , izzy1.png )
Artist's note: Hey Izzy, sorry this isn't SFM, I hope a drawing will do! Hope the wait was worth it!

Prompt: Using the FemSniper mod, create me an icon I can use for my fumblr.

Note: Iz's prompt wound up orphaned, and Medacris stepped up to fill it. Thank you, Medacris!
>> No. 5736
File 138959313063.png - (381.62KB , 428x617 , izzy2.png )
Note: Second part to the above gift
>> No. 5737
File 138959325083.jpg - (832.02KB , 1571x1080 , for-Medacris_ss13.jpg )
Prompt: With fanart, Bernadine (Femmedic), Aleksandra (Femheavy) and Sam (Soldier) in MvM.
>> No. 5738
OMG Yay! Fighting the urge to spam smiley emotes right now. This turned out awesome, thank you, medacris!

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