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File 139103818969.png - (934.82KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n06r787i6B1skht7go1_1280 (1).png )
5747 No. 5747
Nude male pyro :D
Constructor: Original Modeler/Texturer
MaxOfS2D: Rigger, Orginal Compiler
Py-bun: Original concept artist
Rebbacus: Nude Soldier legs
Gnin: Penis model
The Captain Neyo: Leg, penis model attacher and texture
donan: Model/Texture minor edits, member rigger, re-compiler
Pie: SFM Promo Image
SFM version
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>> No. 5748
File 139103834448.png - (1.86MB , 1920x1080 , earuej.png )
Nude pic
>> No. 5750
I have to ask, what would you say doesn't need improvement? Are those renderings taken in low quality, or is it really just that low poly? Those shoulders are rather painful-looking spikes, the chest is much too concave between the pecs, the abs have some really weird deformation going on (and they display the mirrored mesh rather severely), and the arms and legs are quite blocky and jagged in a few spots.

Honestly, it seems like the only place that really doesn't have any issues is the penis, but even then it really comes down to personal taste in that regard. (I think it's too large.) As a final note, this would likely be better suited for /gmod/ rather than /afanart/. If you'd like, it could be moved over.
>> No. 5756
It doesn't look so great to be honest.

Should have just used this and added to it instead.


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