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File 142388778559.png - (840.62KB , 576x1000 , eyestrainvalentine.png )
5862 No. 5862
Eye-strainy colors courtesy of a color palette thing on fumblr. I may recolor this to use as a spray on TF2, just to annoy heterosexual dudebros.
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>> No. 5865
File 142463317438.png - (594.26KB , 480x640 , promiscuhoob.png )
I had this idea of Heavy being sort of the bottom bitch at an orgy, so while this isn't NSFW quite yet, it may just lead into it.

Also, yay for finally drawing Heavy's head correctly!
>> No. 5866
File 142688719124.png - (492.82KB , 480x640 , kingu.png )
Rough OC Heavy x Medic sketch.
>> No. 5919
File 143574444184.png - (442.24KB , 640x520 , classcest.png )
Heavy x TFC Heavy. Because we need more of it.
>> No. 5921

Noice. Does Medic approve? Does Medic not approve? The world may never know. Also, ten thumbs on the anatomy!
>> No. 5977
Oh hey, thanks so much! I actually wrote a NSFW fic detailing what happens in that drawing, want me to post it?
>> No. 5980
Absolutely! I don't critique fic much but I would totally read it.

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