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File 143709923021.jpg - (81.95KB , 930x930 , tra la la.jpg )
5930 No. 5930
I was originally going to call the thread "Slutty Scout and Friends" but for some obscure reason chickened out of it. I was bored today and decided to go out of my usual /afanfic/ scene and give /afanart/ something of mine that I figured people would enjoy.

I'm also posting because I'm doing art projects outside of tf2chan and I could really appreciate some critique that anyone could offer?

AND as an obligatory heads up, some parts of the sketch are very lightly inspired by the following image: [ http :// theroachsalad.Sparkledog Central .com/art/ TF2-Scout-281336026 ] (But in all seriousness, the image was only used in the sense of "how the fuck do I make Scout look like Scout" and I only toggled around the sizing of Scoot's facial features as a result.)

Also will be taking requests if bored enough, so have at it.
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>> No. 5932

Kek at the thread name. Welcome! We're always in the mood for a good implied dick around here. I can't speak for meda, Nominel, and whoever else but ay

Well first of all mad kudos for using reference. Critique-wise... overall I'd say it's very solid, but I'm having trouble figuring out the perspective. No matter which perspective, Scout's ear seems somewhat low on his skull to me. If he's looking upward at the camera, which is the perspective I am assuming you were going for, his ears should still be relatively where ears are on the head, perhaps a bit above. Exhibit A: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/man-looking-up-to-camera-8640082.jpg
Juxtapose with this: http://cache3.asset-cache.net/gc/108441309-goofy-looking-man-with-glasses-looking-down-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=LurZUpW6%2FLAiifPRG6lubN7b
x5h2PaW7Do440FDqHMHH0q4z8OAtX0c9iN5oVEb%2B which is a face seen from a camera at probably waist height. The ears check out more, but then Scout's body doesn't work. See this image I found about ears and heads and all that: http://www.apollo13art.com/National/lifedrawing1/lectures/images/head-perspective.jpg

Finally, (and this may be because I can't figure out the pose) Scout seems to be wearing his cap like a Yamaka.

Hopefully this helps and I'm not just making a bunch of ado about nothing!
>> No. 5933
RMD is right, your facial proportions need some work.

Scout has such an expressive face, however he seems a little blank in your drawing. Keep in mind that each class has different facial proportions. At the moment, your Scout doesn't look much like Scout.
>> No. 5936
(I'm all for it. I actually uploaded an NSFW drawing a couple weeks ago, but I usually don't do them-- I'm trying to get my anatomy to look better first.)

As for the crit, Harley, it looks pretty good so far, but I'd personally prefer more "Scout" in his face-- a lot of people draw him like a pretty boy, but to me, Scout is a young kid who finished puberty late. His dorkiness is part of the appeal. Again, preference thing.

I also can't tell whether that's (Engie's? Medic's?) arm, or Scout's. The perspective's a bit off.
>> No. 5937
So, I typed out my entire reply and accidentally entered the incorrect captcha, which refreshed and I lost everything. So apologies in advance if I'm a little brief in my reply.


Thank you for welcoming me to the board, and for taking the time to critique!

- I didn't notice that before! I usually base my drawings off of my own vague-ish proportions (like the ear is a little above the jaw) so I might be a bit too generous where I put my ears or my noses-- something I'll try to be more conscientious of in the future, thank you for pointing that out! I also recognize that last image-- I use it frequently for noses and jaws for unique angles but now I know to use it for ears too.

(Scout's cap is also supposed to be knocked back on his head/knocked askew... it does look a little weird, what with only the brim visible, so I'll try to make that clearer next time).


Since you both said similar things, I'll reply in bulk for the sake of brevity (also, medacris, can I have a link? I'd love to see). I figured he looked a little ambiguous (as far as his character went), I thought if I put a hat on him he'd look more like Scout. I guess no hat can fix a weird looking face, haha. (and in retrospect, probably a sign that something's amiss in the first place)

And it was supposed to be Engie's arm, but I didn't realize I drew his gloves wrong. That, and just a random hand is kind of vague, isn't it? Oops...

Many thanks to you three for taking the time to critique my drawing! I really appreciate it, I'll upload something tomorrow or the day after applying the things you bought to my attention, and I hope to see more of you all on the board.
>> No. 5939
File 143813042448.jpg - (163.48KB , 930x930 , take 2.jpg )
Woo-hoo, let's try this again. I definitely tried to make him more Scout-like, I took note about what RMD suggested about the ears not even sure if it's noticeable but I did try ok, I fixed his funky looking hat, and I tried to fix the weird perspective too. But instead of an ambiguous hand, I decided to bestow dicks. And screentone, because I figured out how to do that on my drawing program (I use Medibang ((previously "CloudAlpaca")) and FireAlpaca) with cleaner lineart just thrown on in there for good measure.

If the tone looks too weird, I can also upload a version without if people want. But I really like how the new one came out, I think Scout looks a lot better. More irritated that there's a dick in his mouth, but better.
>> No. 5940
Sometimes I do that too! :T Sometimes what I can do is just right way press the back button, and so far it has worked for me, the text is still there. Might depend on browser/OS

You're welcome! I totally get the whole knocked back/askew thing. If you were still going off of that, you could also probably play round with the position of his headset; if SFM is any indicator, they aren't one piece.

Yeah, I'll defs be around!

I can definitely see the differences! I would say that the second one is definitely more recognizable as Scout. Nice improvement overall :)
I do have some comments on it:
-The first thing I looked at after Scout was the thing that the penis is coming out of, it took me a couple of minutes to realize it was pants and not, in fact, Scout giving a blowjob to a clawed demon supporting its penis with its thumbs. Little details, like zippers and the backs of buttons, go a long way in cluing people in on what you're trying to convey. :7
Next, the dick itself! Nice job not making it a veiny monstrosity, like some of the dicks I've seen on the internet. However, I must say I've never seen a penis head shaped quite like the one you have there. ( Popping a picture I got off of genitalsize.com, the Gabensend of genital reference pictures: http://genitalsize.com/penises/data/media/108/487698.jpg)

Okay I am suddenly being very rushed to leave, and I'll continue this when I get back. This was already going on long enough KEK
>> No. 5941
File 143831601976.png - (31.88KB , 200x200 , scubt.png )

Alright back, continuing on...(Attached is a Scoot having none of this dick business - all of my Scoots so far have had extreme buck teeth-fangs, that's my Scout thing I need to work on)

Just make sure you're not drawing people with backwards penises, is what I'm saying!
-A quick note on the tones: It looks like you erased the tone in all of the expected places, but there was not anything underneath your tone layer. True/false? I'm just wondering if that was intentional or not.
-Last but not least, HEEEELLS YEAH MEDIBANG I never thought I'd see anyone else that uses it! Rock on! Are you a former FireAlpaca user, or something else entirely?

Gonna sneak in under meda's nose here, they've got a whole thread here in afanart, the most recent picture is probably the one bein' referred to. ewe
>> No. 5942

Kek at your Scoot and his apparent aversion to dicks. As for my backward dicks, that's both funny and somewhat embarrassing on my part haha. But many thanks for pointing that out! Could that mistake allude to the fact that I lack a dick any clearer?

And yeah, true. I wasn't aiming to do anything all that fancy with any sort of coloring, but I figured I'd add an extra something because I was just really excited I figured out how to use Medibang's tones.

At first I was incredibly confused but also ended up laughing when I realized if I looked at the pants a certain way it DID look like demon thumbs. THE THINGS LITTLE DETAILS CAN HELP WITH

But thank you on all other points, I'm glad to know I've improved! And also glad that my dicks are not veiny monstrosities (a lot that I see are actually pretty smooth? I don't know why a lot of people make them look like they have tumors).

WOO I DIDN'T KNOW I'D RUN INTO SOMEONE ELSE WHO USES IT EITHER! I started out using FireAlpaca after I was recommended it by an online friend (SAI was proving hard to get), but I also really like Medibang because it has a bunch of features (like tone lol) that FireAlpaca doesn't, but conversely I have an easier time using FireAlpaca for some things than I do in Medibang (like putting in text).

At the end of the day, I just use the programs in conjunction with each other, they actually compliment each other pretty nicely!

Duly noted, gonna go check out the thread. I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
>> No. 5943
File 143835266975.png - (26.24KB , 180x180 , 180px-Gentlemen.png )

... I was wondering what all this "hump my rump" stuff was about, and I learned the hard way. Let's pretend this never happened.
>> No. 5951
Oh posh, I'm sure everyone's drawn a backwards dick or two in their time. That's what the internet is for aha

Dude you totally get it! And you're very welcome. I guess it's all in the style, finding the perfect balance between sausage weiner and mutated celery stalk.

Yeah oh man, I use a mix of Firealpaca, Medibang, Paint.NET and SAI. I have photoshop but I don't use it much (mainly cause my license for it is on my old computer)

The fact that they can both save to the same formats helps a lot with that I imagine.

Oh yee, the whole "I am a faggot hump my rump" business - there is a community bias against emoticons and saying things like "necrophilia" "Sparkledog Central" and "tumblr" (see if you can guess all those). I squeeze one in here and there but yee, it's frowned upon.

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