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File 144696557175.jpg - (166.06KB , 900x640 , lolhi.jpg )
6050 No. 6050
>> No. 6051
Oh... oh my gosh? Ferretsoda? As in cool painted archer sniper ferretsoda? Hi! Welcome back (I think)!
>> No. 6052
(D'ya want to move this to Adult Fanart?)
>> No. 6053

Constructive crit, please. I wouldn't post unfinished stuff on there, lol
>> No. 6054
(I mean, this is the worksafe board.)
>> No. 6055
Oh true this is the SFW board. I dunno how SFW anal fingering is, hm..
I think it's okay to post unfinished stuff there!
>> No. 6056
Checked in and apparently it needs to go in afanart if there's anus showing, I personally don't see any anus, but it's still risque enough to merit a move.

Far as crit goes... almost everything checks out to me, the part where sniper's thigh meets his knee looks a little bit thin to me, but I might not be taking shadows into account. Looks good! Keep it up.
>> No. 6081
omg i love u please keep drawing i love you i love this it's great

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