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File 145068029395.jpg - (156.62KB , 700x374 , i say.jpg )
6097 No. 6097
Anyone have an idea for a story here? :3
>> No. 6100
Mmm... Spy happens upon a couple of Scouts mid-bondage with [class of choice] (I'd probably say Engie) and has some fun while Engie has stepped out and is continuously delayed in getting back. Spy has his fun and by the time Engie gets back, both Scouts are a hot mess. He might stick around, might not.

Did you draw this? :7
>> No. 6104
Scout has a crush on Spy, but Spy doesn't reciprocate because he knows he's Scout's biological father (super-distant due to work as he may be). Scout is oblivious, and develops a crush on Spy because he doesn't recognize him. One of the other classes dresses up as Spy in bed to humor Scout, but it's awkward, because Scout is literally the only one in the team that doesn't know.
>> No. 6110
Ooh, I like this one too.

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