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One Anon's Bag o' Shit (6)

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I'm not entirely sure if this is allowed for Anons, but I thought I should do this, since I soon plan on making another piece of shit to further clog up the interwaves. Just one place where I can link back to in all of my old / newer stuff and have people drop by and check the rest of it out. I thought maybe I'd take up a pseudonym while I was at it, but I already have one, and don't want these works to be associated with that name. And doublefagging just seems lame. Bleck.

With all that said and done, let's get listing.

Solo [Sniper] - http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/2934.html
Duo [Scout/Medic] - http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/2968.html
Trio [Soldier/Demoman/Engineer] - http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/4921.html
Beer, Beer! [Crossfaction Scouts] - http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/3842.html

Enjoy what I have for now. Hopefully, I'll finish what works I've already started, but I have a bad habit of jumping to whatever suits my fancy at the moment, so... no promises!

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I always loved the line "because he was a CLASSY motherfucker".

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I hope you finish Trio. That story is hilarious. And hot.

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I hope you finish Trio as well.
Many a boner were had reading that fic.

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Make that three for Trio. I love how you set up relationships.

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Four votes for Trio to be continued.

...no pressure.

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I'm going to go ahead and add one more to the Trio continuation bandwagon.
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