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Class & You: Request Thread, Name-Your-Kink (73)

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Hello tf2chan, new here. I'm a fanfiction writer looking to expand my horizons, and since I've been on a tf2 fanfiction kick lately I'm opening up for anon requests. But this time, I'd like to go beyond typical vanilla NSFW and open myself up to other types of kinks/fetishes/forms of sexual expression in literature.

Long story short, tell me what you wanna see. I predominantly lean towards Medic and Sniper stuff, but can certainly expand beyond those characters if need be.

I do draw the lines at underage things/or anything with legality issues. But you all already know that. I may be reluctant to go for requests involving scat or water sports, as I don't necessarily have a propensity for that kind of fetish either.

But forget that. I'll write what inspires me, so let's see what you lot can come up with. You can also suggest possible story lines as well, which can be incorporated into your anon request.

Ready, set-- request!

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I'd LOVE to see a Medic x reader fic with some kinky experimental stuff.

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Hey anon! This is in two parts (wanted to leave you with something, the rest will be done tomorrow!), so here's the first one! Hope you don't mind if I changed things up a bit. There isn't really smut here, but that's the part I'm currently working on. ;D Appetizer before main course, right?

Anyways, here you go:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Medic x Reader: [Reversed] PART 1

The air was chilled and sterile, the pungent taste of cleaning alcohol drifting throughout the room. Initially, the strong scent used to make you gag. But after a few minutes, you grew used to the strong odor.

Your bare, exposed skin breaks out in goosebumps, and you shiver. You feel exhilarated, adrenalized. Briefly, you adjust the medical lab coat draped over your shoulders, inhaling as the stiff material rubbed against your hypersensitive body. Save for the lab coat, you were wearing nothing else.

Normally, the positions were switched from what they were right now. If it were any other normal day (whatever "normal" might be, when it came to someone like him), you would have been on your back, writhing in anticipation on the bare metal examination table. Hands would probably be bound, most likely by the leather straps attached to the top of the table. Eyes would also be covered, either from a makeshift blindfold made from his tie or whatever else he happened to have lying around. Sensory deprivation of one of the senses can heighten the experience, he says.

But today was most certainly not a normal day.

No, today it was him on the steel, shining table, hands intertwined lackadaisically on his chest, mouth pulled into a slight smirk, eyes covered by his own tie. You had yet to go any farther with him as of now-- you stripped without problem, but instead of getting onto the exam table you asked something special of him. When you voiced your shy little request, he hopped onto the table without complaint. He was willing to take the roll of the obedient patient for today. But, excited as you were, now you're somewhat intimidated by suddenly being in this position of authority over him.

So many worries plagued your mind. Would you be able to give him a good time? Do you know the human body well enough like he does to make him feel the way he can make you feel? Will you be able to set his nerves and senses on fire like he had done with you, so many times before?

Would you be good enough?

... Only one way to find out.

Start slow, you tell yourself. Surveying the medic nonchalantly spread out in front of you, you made a mental list. First things first-- he was still far too clothed for your liking. In fact, the only thing you've managed to rid him of so far was his coat. Decisively, you slowly approach his side, bare feet nearly silent on the concrete floor. You reach out to rid him of his shirt, only to watch your hand slightly tremble.

'Damn it, calm down!' You cursed to yourself, retracting your hand and willing yourself to feel some form of control over the situation. God this was all so intimidating. Why? Why does he make it seem so easy? You hear him chuckle under his breath.

"Is there a problem, 'Medic'?" He asked innocently. You cast your eyes downward, face heating up at his teasing. Still, you answered in a steady voice.

"No, 'patient'. Just surveying my materials, taking vitals." Biting the inside of your cheek, you hurriedly think of something, anything you can do to him so he knows you're in charge. If you dawdle any longer, he might as well fall asleep.

You snatch a small silver pair of scissors off the small tray on the other side of the table, briefly leaning across Medic. Scissors in hand, you made quick work of his shirt, cutting a straight (albeit somewhat haphazard) line right down the fabric and down the center of his chest. He quirked an eyebrow under his blindfold, his smirk widening. He had lifted his hands up and out of the way for your scissors, and calmly put them back down on his bare chest after you discarded the remnants of the shirt.

Your brow furrowed as you once again took a step back to get a good look at all of Medic. His smile remained. Eyes narrowing, you straightened your back and briskly walked over to the head of the table. Firmly you grabbed hold of his hands and stretched them over his head, folding them at the elbow and crossing his forearms over one another just so they almost rested on the top of his head. You briefly searched for the leather straps he was so fond of using and secured both his arms with one strap, pulling the supple strip of leather tight so his arms were snug.

You exhaled. Okay, not bad so far. Not bad at all. Still, far too much clothing though. You figured you can start with his boots, then work your way up... but once more, you found yourself hesitating as your fingers idly played with the neatly tied laces on one of the polished boots. Medic sensed your reluctance.

"Do not fret, mein wohin (my dove)," He said soothingly. "You do not need to be afraid."

You nodded, despite knowing that he couldn't see you. Wanting to get around to the experiments, you began to work faster, still trying to calm your shaking fingers.

Medic's boots soon found themselves on the floor, along with his pants that you carelessly folded and tossed a few feet away on the ground. Now Medic was left in only his undergarments, much to your growing nervousness and excitement. Granted, you weren't nervous at seeing Medic naked... That in itself was nothing new, it was moreover what you were going to DO once he was.

Glancing around, you take a good look around the room to thoroughly see what materials you had to work with. Then you glanced back at Medic. He didn't appear to be very aroused, but sheer anticipation of what was to come still left a slight tent in his underwear. Pouting slightly, you resolved to change that.

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I always thought "taube" was German for dove?

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How about Reader x Heavy, with Bottom!Heavy? Can be het with pegging, homo, Heavy just being a secret bottom bitch...maybe he loses a poker bet, even intentionally, and you're giving back the Iron Curtain he gave you, having no use for it. But he still intends to ante up something as a prize for you.

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> 4
It might be! I used Google translate, so I apologize for any weird inaccuracies with the German. The only language I remotely speak other than English is Spanish. ^^;;

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Could you elaborate a bit? Finishing up the Medic request now and about to start yours-- what do you mean by Iron Curtain (and pegging? heh...)

Sorry, I'm a total noob when it comes to the terms of smut I guess. XD

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Could you elaborate a bit? Finishing up the Medic request now and about to start yours-- what do you mean by Iron Curtain (and pegging? heh...)

Sorry, I'm a total noob when it comes to the terms of smut I guess. XD

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Damn! I need to learn how to work the tf2chan interface.

It might be, I used a translator for Medic's German in the fic. I'm open to having a German beta that'd be willing to check my translations. X)

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Iron Curtain is the Minigun you win by beating Heavy in Poker Night At The Inventory. Pegging is when a dude gets it in the ass, usually by a woman with a strap-on dildo. Although I'm totally fine with a guy fucking Heavy in the ass, or a pre-op transgender Reader doing Heavy in the ass any-which-way. I'm not particular.

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Got it! Thank you for clarifying. I try to write my stuff gender-ambiguous, so either male or female won't be an issue.

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AN: Hope this is what you were hoping for, anon! Here's the smut to your Medic x Reader. Sorry as always for the wait. Also, I didn't reply to you for the first part, so be sure to read that one first!

Medic x Reader [Reversed] PART 2

TW: blood

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A voice in the back of your mind quipped that you still needed to 'take vitals'. While this was Medic's room, contrary to popular belief, he did have the regular tools and components of a normal doctor... just with his own spin on them. Again you took one quick lap around the room to find what you had in mind. A smile spread across your face once you found what you were looking for, and you made your way over to Medic with tools in hand.

It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just a blood pressure cuff (or a "sphygmomanometer", as he always corrected you) and stethoscope. But what you were going to do with them was another matter.


"Yes, 'Medic'?"

"I-I'm going to take some more vitals, now. Hold still..." Mentally you berated yourself for sounding shaky, and intended to put the cuff around Medic's arm-- while realizing you already tied his arms earlier. You backtracked, eyes scanning his body for an area to use it on.

"Might I make a suggestion, 'doktor'?" Medic asked. You hummed affirmitavely, still trying to work out how exactly you could use your tools. "First, what do you have there?"

"U-uh, blood cuff and stethoscope." You replied.

"The thigh can also be a place to take blood pressure." He said. Whether or not that was medically correct (it likely wasn't)**, you hardly cared. You secured the cuff around his thigh and pumped, stethoscope in your ears as you lightly dragged the cold end piece of the stethoscope around his lower body. First, you traced around his upper thigh, above the cuff, just darting under the hem of his underwear. You felt along the inside of his thighs, where you knew he was sensitive. Medic fidgeted slightly, and then it was your turn to smirk.

"How can I take blood pressure if you don't hold still?" You teased, tracing the end piece over his hipbone and darting under the elastic band of his underwear. Medic chuckled darkly, saying:

"You learn fast, 'shatz' (treasure)." He muttered, attempting to keep still out of pride. But once you wandered a bit too far down, Medic's hips raised a bit towards you, his breath hitching. His lips were pressed hard together as he tried to maintain an aloof façade. As your hand continued to wander with the end piece, you leaned over Medic and pressed your lips to his. Medic's head rose high enough of the table just so your fingers could run themselves through his hair-- and to your amusement, you saw his arms straining against the leather straps in your peripherals. After you pull away, you answer him.

"Thank you, but you need to loosen up a bit if we're to finish the 'examination.'"

Medic smiled, and waited in eager silence to see what you had in store next. You felt yourself gaining momentum, and after a moment's pause, you snatched another tool suspended on the wall by one of Medic's medicine cabinets.

It was a rod, a silver rod with a matching small metal spear on top. Almost like a scepter. Except it could be plugged into some of the appliances in the room. However, you wanted to build up to all that first.

The rod was fairly long, coming up to mid-waist when set on the floor. So, a few feet away from the table, you extended you arm and the rod and set the metal sphere right above Medic's navel. Medic shifted slightly, growing used to the cold of the metal. Slowly you traced the sphere around Medic's torso, lightly outlining his muscles. You maneuvered the scepter to softly run down his neck, then dipped towards the defined v of his hips again.

"Agh... stop teasing, 'liebling' (darling)." Medic groaned softly. "Show me what you've learned."

Smiling widely, you turned back to where you originally found the rod and found there was a second one on the wall. But this one had a coiled wire that snaked into a faintly humming generator on the wall. You didn't have to ask Medic to know what the dual rods did. Flipping a switch on the generator, you stalked over to Medic's form, rubbing the two sphere's together. Upon them apart, they came to life, softly crackling with electricity. A tiny spark leapt from one of the spheres, and startled, you recoil. But Medic smiled wickedly, his arms fighting against his restraints once more.

"Give it to me." He hissed, voice thick with arousal.

You obliged, running one down the side of his stomach. You heard a faint zap, and Medic laughed as he groaned through his teeth. Still keeping the other rod where it was, you touched the second rod to his other side. A louder zap resonated throughout the dark room, and Medic's back seized up and arched off the table. He swore in his native tongue German phrases you couldn't make sense of but still viciously enjoyed hearing. You knew him well enough that the words that tumbled from his mouth were a sign of pleasure.

Pausing, you withdrew the rods and rubbed them together again, pausing to see where you could place them next. You settled on the inside of his sensitive thighs, planting the rods right near the hem of his underwear.

"Ah-!" Medic cried out, raising his hips toward your touch. He uttered more passionate German phrases you could not comprehend. "Heheh, y-your indulging me..." He managed to say as electricity coursed through his body.

"Nonetheless... you can g-go even farther..." He whispered excitedly. You withdrew the the rods, looking at him confusedly. You were just getting confident in your actions to please him... but now what could he possibly have in mind? The toothy grin on his face as he writhed on the table sent a twang of uneasiness through you.

"...What...?" You asked after a moment's pause, almost dreading the answer. Your thoughts were racing-- when you were on the table, you thought that you and Medic did some considerably hardcore things. Through 'experimenting' with him, you became exposed to a lot. But seeing now what he looked like, listening to what he sounded like, it dawned on you. The two of you have scarcely scratched the surface as to what Medic was into. Which meant that what he wanted you do to next could be anything.

You realized that, ironically enough, even when he is submissive, Medic still holds the most power over the situation.

"Get my scalpel from the tray." He said eagerly. You balked at his request.

"W-what?" You stuttered.

"Just do it!" He barked.

You fumbled with the little silver knife, gulping as you stood over Medic, razor in hand.

"What d-do you want me to do...?" You asked.

"First-- remove my undergarments. A good doctor can't operate with clothes in the way."

"Operate?!" You cried out, eyes widening. He growled, and ducking your head you obeyed. Obediently you slid off Medic's underwear, his erection springing free of the fabric. Without thinking, you wrapped your hand around his cock and gently pumped it, your fingers sliding against smooth skin. Medic exhaled, hips slightly bucking as he momentarily forgot what he was guiding you to do. He hummed pleasurably as you craned your neck to kiss his collarbone.

You were slightly stalling, but you would be lying if you said you weren't enjoying yourself. Ironically enough, you were becoming impatient. You just wanted to skip all of the scarily unfamiliar bodily experiments Medic was so fond of and just have sex. But his voice wrenched you from your thoughts:

"Nngh... wait..." You withdrew your hand and looked at him expectantly. He exhaled. "_______, I know you are scared. But you must trust me." You bit your lip nervously. You didn't like where this was going-- you didn't want to hurt him too badly-- but this was also Medic. He was smart, smart enough to not go too far with whatever he had in mind. Despite your rationale saying otherwise, you listened to your gut. You trusted him.

"...Okay." You whispered, barely audible.

"Make an incision. From the pelvis, around the navel, then stop midway between the navel and bottom ribcage." He instructed, his voice quivering with excitement.

"Do... do you want me to numb you or something...?" You asked, taking a deep breath.

"Oh, dear ______. What is the point of doing it if you can't feel anything?" He said teasingly.

Another shaky breath. Your fingers trembled again, and taking a moment to steady yourself, you took the scalpel and touched it to his skin.

"Here?" You asked. Medic nodded.

Reluctantly, you dug the scalpel into Medic's skin. The blade went in surprisingly easy, its sharp edge glinting. Up you cut, maneuvering around Medic's navel and cutting up a bit farther until you stopped where he directed. You noticed his breathing became labored, and alarmed, your eyes shot up to Medic's face. Yet, although his eyes were covered, his expression was one of vicious pleasure. Blood began to flow from the cut as Medic gave his next instruction.

"N-now pull back the skin and cut through the muscle layer..." He panted, moaning through pressed lips.

You obliged, brow furrowing as you gently parted the skin and sliced through the muscle tissue. Your fingers slowly became stained with red; the hot sticky fluid seeping out of the incisions you made began to coat Medic's stomach. He spoke up again.

"Mein gott, ________, remove the blindfold. Let me see what you're doing...!" He practically begged, his voice heavy with lust.

His icy eyes savored the sight in front of him once they were freed from his tie. They hungrily devoured the sight of his blood, his skin being held back by your hands, the precum leaking from his shaft... He gave you a look that already spoke what he asked-- no, commanded-- next.

"Get on top."

You clambered onto the once-sleek exam table, which was now slick with blood. You discarded Medic's lab coat on the floor with the rest of his clothes. Heart pounding, your hands climbed up Medic's body seeking some purchase on the slippery surface. His skin was streaked with your smeared handprints, which drew long crimson lines down his torso.

"Release my hands."

Your bare form shifted farther up his body to undo the leather straps. As soon as the straps fell limp, Medic's hands were immediately on you, feeling everywhere. He eased your anxiety, attacking all the sensitive areas on your body with practiced ease and assurance. Although you had been passively aroused the entire time, you felt hot waves of pleasure reverberate through you, feeling so good to the point where it was almost painful. Medic's hands made quick work of your body, bringing you to the point where neither of you could bear the tension anymore.

Medic guided you over his solid shaft, and you teased him briefly by gently rubbing the tip over your opening before slowly setting yourself down. He filled you, completely and utterly as you felt your body stretch to accommodate him. You felt hot all over despite the low temperature of the room, the striking difference in temperatures amplifying the sensations that coursed through your veins. Your eyes, trained on your hands that gripped Medic's hips, trailed upwards towards his face. You were taken aback when you saw his steely eyes locked on you. The look in Medic's eyes beckoned you to come closer, and subconsciously you leaned towards him as you grinded against him.

You laid your upper body against his, tilting your head so your lips your connect with his. He sighed in satisfaction, groaning as your stomach pressed against his open incision. Your lips mashed heatedly against his, fingers knotting themselves in Medic's hair as you gyrated your hips. The friction was rough, deliciously so. Judging from how Medic was tensing, he was reaching his end, as were you.

You managed to pry yourself away from Medic's addictive touch, to draw yourself up to get better leverage as you rode him. Lifting yourself up to the point where Medic was nearly out of you, you guided his hands to your hips. You smile at him, and thrusted yourself downwards, eliciting long, drawn out moans from the both of you. Medic helped direct your hips as he slid in and out, his head lolling back onto the table as his eyes shut in ecstasy.

Your movements became more frenzied as you and Medic began to reach climax. Your cries of pleasure intermingle with his, the room around the two of you blurring into nothingness as the pleasure became unbearable.

"M-Medic!" You cried out as you orgasmed, your body wracked in tremors as you rode out your climax. Medic swore loudly as he came, arching his hips as far as he could manage. You whimpered in satisfaction when you felt ribbons of fluid shoot inside of you, some pearly fluid trailing down your leg as you got off of Medic.

Blood seeped to the floor now, and as you came back down from your high you worriedly asked him--

"Medic, you're bleeding badly...!" You said, alarmed. Medic, however, was seemingly indifferent to his physical state.

"Look behind you." He said, amused. Behind you was the Medigun. Hurriedly you aimed and fired, and in a matter of seconds Medic's torso looked as if it never saw the wrath of a scalpel in the first place. Sighing, he sat up, gathering his clothes from their haphazard pile in the corner of the room. Clothed in only his pants, he draped his lab coat once more around your shoulders.

"Same time tomorrow, 'liebling'?" He asked.

"Of course, 'doktor'" You replied, grinning.


** technically the calf is where one can take blood pressure on someone's leg. Of course Medic knows that, but one doesn't need to be completely medically accurate when you're getting some.

Also 'doktor' is not misspelled. I'm fairly certain that's the term used in Austria, but as always please correct me if I'm wrong!

And under normal circumstances, I'd write my smut with some form of birth control, but I wasn't sure what to do for gender-ambiguous reader so I just kind of let it be.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Can I request Medic/Scout? Kinks I like are mpreg, bloodplay, vampire!Medic, and sometimes a bit of med kink. Any or all would be good :)

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>>13: I think they're focusing on Class/You fics, but I can see Medic/Scout/Reader being a super hot fic.

>>12: Maybe just have Medic putting on a condom, regardless of Reader's gender? Even in sexual intercourse where both have the same genitals, STI's and such are still a thing. If you're keeping Medic biologically/identified as male, that is. I'm glad you're doing the ambiguous gender thing, I know TeratoMarty did a great Reader/Heavy fic where he described the Reader's genitals in a way where anyone could fit in where comfortable.

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Thank you, anon! I was a bit reluctant to point that out because I didn't want to be an ass to the other anon. A threesome is a grand idea though! As for the condoms, also a good idea! I'm probably going to keep most of the tf2 fellas as male (unless an anon requests otherwise), so I'll definitely end up using that.

Do you happen to have a link to any of TeratoMarty's stories?


I second what 14 said. I'd like to stick to class & you fics, but I'm sure we can find some sorta compromise!

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AN: Hey anon 5! I have the first part of your request right here. Not a lot of smut, more like setting the scene and make outs, but I didn't want to leave you hanging so here's some of it. If there's any improvements you can think to make, please let me know. I hope I'm doing Heavy some justice so far!

Heavy x Reader [Poker Night] PART 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

His brow furrowed and his eyes concentrated intensely on the cards he held in front of him. It was almost comical how his eyes flitted back and forth between his hand and where you sat, his thickly accented voice grumbling in Russian. He gulps as he looks at the shining gun perched on the center of the table, an expression of regret flashing over his face briefly before his cards occupy his attention once again. Damn, he shouldn't have bet the gun, of all things...

"Heavy, we aren't getting any younger." You jived, suppressing a smirk as you pressured him to make his move. He presses his lips together, looking desperate as you nonchalantly leaned back in your chair. Uncertain, he places down a few cards, eyes trained on you for your reaction. Grinning triumphantly, you slammed down your cards in response, promptly scooping in all the chips (and Heavy's gun) towards you. You relished the spoils of your victory while a crestfallen Heavy groaned, covering his face with his palm and sinking into his chair after his third defeat in a row.

It was the dead of night, one of those nights were restlessness and insomnia kicked in and rendered you both unable to sleep-- leaving you two to pass the night away with poker, anecdotes, and alcohol. Save for the lone ceiling lamp that casted a limp pool of yellow light on the table, the rest of the break room was dark, the only other source of light being the bluish glow of the desert moon in the open window.

A soft cool breeze rustled the curtains of said window, carrying with it the distant euphony of cricket chirping. It was soothing, even more so with your (slightly sulking) company. You and Heavy had worked closely with each other for quite some time now, the both of you working in weaponry-specialized classes. The collaboration between the two of you on and off the battlefield over the course of nearly a year made for a strong companionship, one that you'd hate to jeopardize or taint with the complex ideals of romance.

Yet you couldn't deny the palpable tension that was there. And it seemed to surface with increasing frequency as of late, much to you and Heavy's mutual frustration. Eyes that connected more often than necessary, touches that lingered longer than appropriate-- the signs of a growing something were becoming quite obvious and blatant. You thought that if you ignored it, it would disappear and dissolve like a vapid dream in the back of your mind.

Nonetheless, when you were alone with Heavy, you tried to simply enjoy his company and forget everything else. Which worked quite nicely, for the moment.

You return to the present and begin to take note of Heavy's legitimate disappointment-- inwardly, you sigh. It's just a silly game, perhaps you ought to give his gun back. Besides, you really had no use for the gun anyway--you and Heavy were both weapons specialists. Guns were not hard to come by.

You set the weapon-- the "Iron Curtain", he called it-- down upon the wooden table. He looks up at you in surprise, his mouth open to say something, but you wave him off.

"I don't need it. It's no big deal-- you can keep it." You turned on your heel, stretching your arms one by one across your chest as you made to walk out of the break room. The hours of cards and beer had begun to take its toll on you, and finally, you felt like a decent rest was in order.

"Wait," Heavy's voice had you stopping in mid-stride and throwing a questioning glance over your shoulder. "I want to play one more round."

"One more? Heavy, it's four in the morning. Any more rounds of poker and we'll be playing until sunrise." You said, raising an eyebrow.

"Quick round. I'll make it quick, promise." After contemplating for a moment, you sat down with Heavy again, despite your better non-sleep impaired judgement saying otherwise. Expertly, you dealt out the cards, glancing up every so often at Heavy to try and decipher what he was thinking. The two of you usually called it quits by now, and tried to squeeze in some form of sleep before breakfast. Not to mention you said he could keep the gun-- why would he want to play again?

Sitting back, you looked at him expectantly, clearing your throat.

"What do you want to bet?" You asked. However, you were slightly taken aback by how he suppressed a knowing smirk to himself, shifting in anticipation in his seat. "Heavy, what do you want to bet?" You asked again, clicking your tongue in impatience.

"I want to bet secret." He replied. You double take, eyes narrowing in confusion.


"I want to bet secret thing." He clarified best he could with his mostly-fluent English. Your perplexed gaze grew even more at a loss, as you tried to figure him out.

"You... want to bet a mystery prize...?" You asked reluctantly, trying to put his proposal into your own words.

"'Da'," He affirmed, nodding enthusiastically. A challenging smile pulled at your lips, and you replied--

"Okay, I like it. You're on!"

Imagine your shock as Heavy began to completely and utterly lose the game. The round must have lasted under ten minutes as he played bad hand after bad hand, seemingly receiving all the worst possible combinations of cards. He seemed almost glad to lose, happily playing a failure set of cards and watching contently as you took all the chips. Your suspicion grew, watching incredulously as he played another bad set. This was certainly the worst Heavy had ever played, but he was right-- it was a fast round, to say the least.

"Heavy, what the hell was that?!" You said, dumbfounded. He sat content, gathering the cards into one pile as he prepared to put them away. "Heavy!"

"Hm?" He hummed absently as he gathered the all the chips from your side of the table. "What? You win." He stated, again smiling to himself with barely contained excitement. Your eyes widen as nervousness roots itself firmly in the pit of your stomach.

"Oh god, what did you bet?" A chill shot down your spine as the Russian chuckled.

"Me." He said quietly. Your stunned silence spoke volumes for your confusion, trying to grope for a meaning to Heavy's words. "You won me." He repeated.

Your mind ran through dozens of thoughts at once as your mouth hung slightly agape, attempting to find something, anything to say.

"I... what do you mean? Like, I won you over...?" You managed to say, still hopelessly befuddled.

"I mean you won me." He said again, slightly impatient as if what he meant was obvious. "You do what you want now." There was a duality in his words, another meaning that you were finally beginning to pick up on through Heavy's (purposely?) limited English.

"... With you?" You dared to ask, completely making sure that you and Heavy were on the same page. He gave the slightest imperceptible nod, his eyes watching your reaction intensely to see what you would do next. You walked over to his chair, standing in front of him. "...Anything?" You murmured, voice dropping to a softer tone. He barely inclined his head when he nodded, affirming what you had originally dared not to hope for.

A smile tugged at your lips for a moment as you placed your hands on the armrests on either side of Heavy's chair. You leaned towards him, asking one more thing:

"Are you sure?"

"You ask too much questions." He replied.

That reply alone was enough for you to lean in and kiss him, hesitantly. You gauged his reaction carefully, only kissing him for a few moments before drawing back. He made a noise of disappointment when you pulled away, craning his chin forward to make your lips meet again. The second time was hungrier, more uninhibited as you straddled him in his chair, testing his boundaries so see how far he was willing to go. So far, you had met no resistance, which was very encouraging.

You guided his hands to your hips, and almost subconsciously he pulled you closer. Your arms draped themselves around his broad neck as you leaned against him, your bodies nearly flush against each other. Hands started roaming; it was almost as if you had broken a dam, the same dam that the two of you had desperately hid behind for the past few months in a vain attempt to remain normal and friendly with each other.

Speaking of dams, so much for maintaining them. So much for trying to uphold that distance, and so much for trying to remain impartial towards one of your closest comrades. Your mind was clouded in a haze of lust, but you still had enough clarity to hope that what you initiated just now would not have any severe consequences on you, Heavy, or your friendship with him. Still, you justified to yourself, everyone has needs. It's no crime to be attracted to someone or to indulge that attraction, right? Besides, you had doubts that Heavy was the romantic sort. You chuckled softly, despite yourself. No, there wouldn't be any problems.

Heavy noticed you chuckle, the two of you parted briefly enough for him to make a sound of confusion. You smirked, getting up from the chair and pulling him up by the hand.

"Hurry, let's head to my room." You said.


Okay, so that's it for part 1! Part 2 will be coming shortly. In the meantime, anyone else is free to make another request.

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I blush❤️

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The MedicxReader gave me shivers~
Also, the Heavy one @w@ I like where it's going! Great writing everyone! :D

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Haha, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


Good to hear~! X) The second part should be up in a day or two-- being a one-man show and whatnot, it takes awhile to finish requests. But hopefully it'll be worth it, yeah?

20 .

Also, as a general thing, if I get no requests I'm just going to randomly generate kinks from this website: " http://promptgenerator.tumblr.com/kink2 " and pick a character from tf2 and just kind of wing it with the Class & You stories.

So far, I've got temperature play + anal penetration up on deck for the next fanfiction once I'm done with the Heavy x Reader. With what character, I don't know. Just have to wait and see, unless someone has another request.

I'd also like to mention that since this is a "OP-writes-on- request" kind of thread, if people keep in mind two things:

1) Please don't re-post other authors' fanfiction here; it kind of defeats the purpose of the thread (you request, I write). However, you can link stuff if there's something you want emulated in your request/something you want to share as an example or something of that nature.

2) Please keep it "Class & You"-centric. I can take class ships into account and make it into a reader insert kind of thing, but diverging too far from that also kind of defeats the purpose of the thread.

Thank you! Hope I didn't come off as weird or anything, and look forward to writing more.

21 .

Also, as a general thing, if I get no requests I'm just going to randomly generate kinks from this website: " http://promptgenerator.tumblr.com/kink2 " and pick a character from tf2 and just kind of wing it with the Class & You stories.

So far, I've got temperature play + anal penetration up on deck for the next fanfiction once I'm done with the Heavy x Reader. With what character, I don't know. Just have to wait and see, unless someone has another request.

I'd also like to mention that since this is a "OP-writes-on- request" kind of thread, if people keep in mind two things:

1) Please don't re-post other authors' fanfiction here; it kind of defeats the purpose of the thread (you request, I write). However, you can link stuff if there's something you want emulated in your request/something you want to share as an example or something of that nature.

2) Please keep it "Class & You"-centric. I can take class ships into account and make it into a reader insert kind of thing, but diverging too far from that also kind of defeats the purpose of the thread.

Thank you! Hope I didn't come off as weird or anything, and look forward to writing more.

22 .

Hi, I'm new here so please don't hate me if I make some minor errors in etiquette, generally-known unspoken rules, /crippling shyness about requesting porn/, etc.
I would love to see a fic in which, by some as-yet-to-be-determined circumstance, the hapless reader (female or ambiguous, preferably) becomes the team's communal sexual-tension-reliever.

23 .


Ooh, I like that idea Kinky bastard. XD No need to be shy, you're among friends here. Fellow appreciators of smut, much like yourself.

(Psst, I'm new too. Don't sweat it!)

24 .

I'm embarrassed to say but I have a micro/macro kink so... yeah... o//////o

25 .

Love the Medic x You!

May I please request some uniform kink and possible breathplay?

Any merc except for Solly, please.

26 .


Aw, no need for the embarrassment! We've all got some kinks. X)


MAN I LOVE THAT IDEA TOO! Your request will be next after anon 22's!

27 .

I would love to see Engineer/You with pet play. You being the master. The first time the two of you try it and Engie is nervous and embarrassed, ( he has abit of a pudgy belly). But you find he loves belly rubs and use that to keep him obedient.

28 .


It's perfect. I usually like very monogamous, romantic fluff ("We'll get married and stay together until we die, and I'll murder anyone who so much as looks at you funny, blah blah sex is an afterthought"), but you put in a good case on why friends would work out better this way.

29 .


Hey, thrilled to hear you like it so far! The second part is very very close to being finished, life's been a bit busy lately but I will definitely have it ready in te next day or two!


Duely noted! I will put that on my list. : )

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AN: Woo, here's the second part to your request, Poker Night! Although I'd like to call the second part 'Bed and Battlefield', but that's just me.

Heavy x Reader [Poker Night] PART 2: Bed and Battlefield

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Heavy's large, warm hand clasped over your smaller one as the two of you scurried to your room. You both hurried down the dark corridors as quietly as you could manage, neither of you uttering a word as you kept a sharp ear out for any other potentially awake team members. You felt your breath bursting in your chest, both from excitement and from holding you breath in the near silence of the fortress.

You hadn't glanced back at Heavy since you had practically dragged him out of the break room. You felt somewhat self conscious about looking now, for you felt his eyes on you, tracing from your scalp to the nape of your neck. Smiling to yourself, you entertained the idea of him undressing you with his eyes. His fantasy would become reality soon enough, you mentally promised.

As you and Heavy approached your bedroom door, you felt your acute excitement magnify. You tried to contain your giddiness as you opened your door and guided Heavy into darkness. As the door shut behind him, Heavy grabbed your arm and pulled you in again, making as if to kiss you. But he was foiled by your hand shooting up in front of his lips.

"Ah ah ah. You said I could do anything with you. Not that you could do anything with me." You gulped down a chuckle at Heavy's noise of slight frustration as he remembered the terms of his bet. Unwillingly, he unhanded you and waited patiently for whatever you wanted to do next. After pursing your lips for a moment, you sat down on your bed and commanded:

"Strip for me. Vest first." Heavy obediently removed his vest, and you heard the heavy material fall to the floor with a dull thud. Frowning briefly, you took note of the sparse lighting, and the obtrusive darkness in the room that still obscured Heavy. "Turn on that lamp on that desk to your right, I can't see you." He obliged, and the room was illuminated in dim light. The bulb was old, leaving the room still fairly dark, but bright enough to cast a soft glow on the two of you. You propped yourself up with your arms as you leaned back on your bed, inwardly eager to really get started.

"Now, your shirt." You said authoritatively, pointing at his chest. He pulled the red t-shirt over his head and discarded it on the ground with his vest, leaving himself bare chested in front of you. He had a bit of a stomach, but he wasn't soft by any means. You were temporarily awestruck as you admired his strong build-- he stood tall and broad, solidly grounded-- almost like that of a bear. His skin was scarred from years of defense. Long healed-over bullet wounds littered his arms and torso, each scar another story etched into his skin.

His eyes glittered with uncertainty, not quite used to presenting himself in this way. You noticed, and asked him gently--

"This your first time?" He allowed himself a small huff of laughter.

"First time in long time." He corrected quietly, absently flexing his arms at his sides, his hands opening and closing, unsure of what to do or what to touch. You got up from your bed and went over to him, hugging him.

"I don't mind." You assured, kissing one of the bullet streaks. You felt his chest rise as he inhaled, his eyes closing. But his expression was somewhat disappointed when you withdrew and sat back down on your bed. An emotion flickered in your eyes as you looked at him, silently promising that you'd be back for more, and very shortly.

"Now... Your pants." You commanded, nodding at him. He fumbled with his belt buckle, his movements becoming more hurried as he feverishly tore off his belt and his pants pooled around his ankles. On the way down, he kicked off his boots in addition to his pants, leaving him clad in only his undergarments as he stood in front of you. You took a silent breath, mentally gathering yourself.

"Get rid of the boxers." You said huskily, absentmindedly ridding yourself of your jacket and loosening the laces on one of your boots as you hungrily watched Heavy pull the last of his clothes down. There he stood in front of you, muscular and oddly beautiful, completely bare and semi hard.

Heavy, meanwhile, looked as if his resolve was weakening, and fast. His hands nearly trembled by his sides, still opening and closing, fingers flexing as he tried to hold onto his rapidly weakening self control. He almost couldn't help himself-- stripping bare in front of the one person he has been attracted to for months (and the first in years, mind you) with the promise of much fun to come; he could barely contain himself.

He would've sworn you were testing him, teasing him, when you held out your hand to him in a gesture that meant to wait as you began to undo the buttons of your own pants, slipping off your boots and tantalizingly slipping your shirt over your head. You felt a surge of satisfaction as you watched an eager Heavy harden even further, his face growing redder by the minute and his breathing becoming labored in anticipation.

Soon enough, you were completely naked too, and Heavy appeared to be hard as a rock. You scooted over on your bed and invited Heavy to lay down with you, idly glancing at your nightstand and wracking your memory to see if there were any condoms inside the drawers. Heavy, at the moment of your permission, practically ran to the bed and laid down, the bed creaking under your shared weight, his hands hovering over your body with uncertainty.

"Go ahead." You consented, allowing Heavy temporary free range over your body and thoroughly enjoying it. He seemed to be in a frenzy, his hands rubbing and stroking and feeling without any inhibition and complete and utter lust. You giggled as you felt his calloused hands grope at your ass and grind you against him, and you did similarly so in response. His lips caught yours with such force that it was nearly painful-- but sloppily and deliciously so.

He groaned, driving his hips forward desperately to get more friction as his tongue tangled with yours. You could sense he was getting somewhat carried away, and after another prolonged kiss you gently pushed him away, re-asserting your control over the situation.

"Hold on a sec." An idea had dawned on you as you and Heavy began to get involved, and you smiled wickedly to yourself as you left the bed and sauntered across your room to rummage for something buried among your random pile of clothes that would undoubtedly make the night something to remember.

You chuckled to yourself as you found it, recalling that it was initially given to you as a gag gift by the team-- an inside joke about how you were practically "one of the guys". Unlike most gag gifts, however, this was the real thing. Hence, it was usable, yet you never fathomed that you'd actually implement it.

"Close your eyes," You instructed Heavy, stifling your snickers of excitement as you donned the strap-on, the synthetic dildo protruding proudly out from your body as you stood up and secured the straps around your hips and thighs. It was a bit of a double strap-on, with bumps and ridges on the inside so the wearer could also experience some pleasure while it was in use. You shook your head in amused disbelief, hoping that Heavy would not have too much of an adverse reaction to what you were about to propose.

"Get on your knees, on the floor by the side of the bed. I'll sit down." You said, the bed giving a weary creak once more as Heavy's weight left the bed. It sagged lightly as you sat down, your pretend cock standing at attention. You attempted to keep a straight face as you tried to keep a dominant atmosphere about you, your wolfish smile growing as Heavy parted your knees with his hands, eyes still closed.

He had a smile of his own, a smile of eagerness to please what he thought would be your waiting region. However, his eyes flew open in surprise as his tongue made contact with not hot, wet, sensitive flesh, but rather cool, hard, smooth plastic. At first he backed away with a start, to better look at what was in front of his face. His eyes turned up towards you after he took in the sight of the strap on, startled and questioning, but not offended or revolted, which was an encouraging sign. Taking note of the reluctance in his eyes, however, you asked:

"You okay? Is there a problem?" He slowly shook his head, but he was still confused.

"Nyet... but what you want me to do?" He spoke for the first time since the two of you ducked into your room; his accent, thickened by the haze of arousal, sent shivers down your spine.

"What you would've done before, except with this strap-on here." His brow furrowed, still perplexed.

"You will feel nothing." He stated, grasping for some sort of understanding.

"But you will, hon." You replied cheekily, slightly shifting your hips so the phony erection lightly waved in front of his face.

He caught onto your game once more, and allowing himself a brief smirk as he gave the dildo a long lick before taking it into his mouth, pausing for a moment to try and figure out a rhythm of sorts. Heavy was accustomed to being on the receiving end of this kind of thing, and admittingly, this was the first time he ever had an... erection in his mouth, real or fake. So, he gathered his past experiences and tried to replicate them, bobbing his head back and forth on the plastic shaft that slowly became slicked with saliva.

After a good few minutes of Heavy giving you a pseudo-blowjob, you softly maneuvered the strap-on out of his mouth and gave him another instruction, knowing full well that it may be a bit of a stretch.

"I want to try something, Heavy. Will you try it with me?" You asked benignly, hoping he would agree. After all, you were certain your intentions were more than clear when you first bought out the sex toy. However, Heavy surprised you by clambering back onto your bed, his rear facing you as he crouched on his hands and knees.

"Da... Like this...?" He asked, glancing over his shoulder at you. You nodded excitedly.

"Exactly like that."

You flung open your nightstand drawer to find some lubricant (it was part of the strap-on set) to prep Heavy with, and triumphantly, you slammed the drawer shut clutching the small bottle of clear fluid in your hand. Hastily you squeezed a glob of lube onto your fingers and began to poke and prod Heavy's back entrance, initially just shallowly dipping your fingers into him before you fingered him deeper, scissoring and stretching him whilst liberally coating his insides.

Heavy grunted at first, tensing as your fingers began exploring his back end, but started to relax as he loosened up and stretched. He groaned quietly, arching his strong back as you grazed a particularly sensitive spot inside him. You made note of the spot as you experimentally hit it again, Heavy moaning under his breath. He muttered something hoarsely in Russian, which you couldn't understand word for word, but knew from his tone that he was having a good time. You climbed back on to your bed behind him and endearingly rubbed his back and thighs, asking him--

"Are you ready?" There was a heavy pause in the room.

"Da..." You heard him affirm, appearing to brace himself. Oh no, you'd have none of that. No tensing, if he tensed, this wouldn't work at all. You decided to relax him by reaching under him and giving him a few firm strokes, which he gladly responded to by lightly thrusting into your hand. You pressed the head of the strap-on to his entrance as you palmed him, grounding yourself as you prepared to slide in.

You had no intention of hurting the man-- and so, you slid the plastic member in slowly, bit by bit. Carefully watching Heavy's reaction, you gave him a second or two to adjust before slipping in the strap-on a few inches more. Once you were halfway in, you considered the most uncomfortable part over and picked up the pace, burying the artificial cock inside of him right down to the base of the shaft. The two of you seemed to exhale in unison, Heavy's head slightly bowed as he grew accustomed to the feeling.

It was strange, foreign to him-- but not unwelcome. He certainly felt himself stretching around the object, to the point where it was nearly painful. But it wasn't, and slowly the discomfort ebbed enough that he nodded to himself, prepared for what was next. You ran your hands down Heavy's sides, pausing once more to give a firmer ministration to his pulsing erection as you cautiously pulled out, and then pushed back in.

Heavy's reaction was priceless.

He made a choked sound, a gasp caught in his thoat at the pleasurable sensations that assaulted him from both his front and his back. His hands grabbed at the sheets with lustful abandon, his forehead draping down to rest on his forearms as you began to thrust at regular intervals. Groans escaped his mouth before he could hinder himself, and he felt his body grow unbearably hot.

Meanwhile, you were having a viciously fun time. You felt drunk on a peculiar sort of power and pride at reducing you heavy weapons specialist of a comrade-- a renowned behemoth of a man-- to a trembling, moaning mess. You felt your arousal peaking just from listening to the lovely noises he was making; that, and with each forward thrust, your own sensitive flesh ground against the inside bumps and ribs of the sex toy, which was also bringing you swiftly to completion.

You bit your lip as you began fucking him with more fervor, your breaths discordant and hitching with each forward throw of your hips. Heavy let out an uncharacteristically desperate moan, his back arching as he practically buried his face into the bedsheets. His English was failing him, almost comically so, as he struggled to find words to convey his ecstasy.

You knew he was close as he drove his hips back to meet yours, haphazardly seeking more of the object and the person wielding it that was giving him such intense sensations.

"__-______ ..." The Russian raggedly gasped your name, his arm muscles rippling as he wildly clawed at the sheets. Heavy's hulking body was taut and rigid as his orgasm seized him, taking him and spiriting him away into a realm of a kind of bliss that he hadn't known before, the kind that erupted from deep inside him and filled him with a white hot heat. He moaned, loud and unabashed, uncaring of any possibility that the two of you might disturb the other sleeping teammates with your late night debauchery.

You answered his moan with a whimper of your own as you felt your senses overload, climax flaring up inside you and resonating throughout your body in waves. Unconsciously his name fumbled from your lips as you thrusted a few more times before withdrawing the strap-on from Heavy, the exhausted man shifting to one side of the bed and collapsing to his side once he felt the toy leave his body.

You lazily unclipped the toy from your body and discarded it to the side of the room, flopping back onto your bed and next to Heavy. Some parts of the blanket were stained with the remnants of Heavy's release, but you frankly didn't give too much of a damn. You were far more focused on the bear of a man in front of you, whose breath finally began to calm as he rested with his forearm thrown over his eyes.

"So... Was it worth it?" You asked after awhile, breaking the silence of the room. Heavy made a noise of confusion, looking at you for clarification. "The bet?" You added, idly shifting under the sheets and getting more comfortable. He seemed to remain befuddled for a moment longer before breaking out in raucous laughter. Startled, you demanded, "What's so funny?"

"I forgot there was bet!" Heavy said, chortling at his own expense. You found yourself chuckling too, shaking your head as you turned on your back to look at the ceiling. But one question lingered in the back of your mind.

"... What does this mean? What happens now?" You asked, avoiding Heavy's eyes. "I mean... uh, listen, I'm really attracted to you but I can't see us--"

"Don't need to explain, I understand. I feel same." He cut you off mid sentence, but thankfully so. He had assuaged the worst of your worries, but there was still the other aspect of it that lingered that you wanted to say aloud. You angled your head away from him, still insecure in what you voiced next.

"But you... really mean a lot as a friend to me. I hope this doesn't... you know... make things weird. Even though tonight was amazing." You didn't want him to misunderstand-- you still found him physically enticing, very much. But you found his companionship even more so, and above all, that was what you sought to preserve post-coitus. Surprised, you felt Heavy's hand take your chin and turn it towards him, so you were looking him in the eyes. He smiled, and said--

"You mean a lot as friend, too. But we can still be friends, and still be this." Upon saying 'this', he gestured to the rest of the bed. "Nothing have to change. We still comrades, but in bed as well as battlefield."

"You know, I kind of like the sound of that." You replied, sleepily edging towards Heavy. The last thing you felt as you shut your eyes in the dim first rays of sunrise was Heavy's arm draping over your waist.


Phew, what a write. I had fun with this, and I hope your request meets expectations, anon 5/28!

Also, as a general announcement, I've made a tumblr (that I'm using to save all this new fanfiction on), so if anyone's interested in a link, don't hesitate to ask!

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Please write more!!
Maybe a Demo x reader where they get super drunk and play around in bed

32 .

Man i really love your work, that heavyxyou...
Although im a bit bummed since im a guy and theres not really any malereader stories.

Keep up the good work tho.

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Noted! Your request has been out on my list!


Thank you! And you know, you can always put in a request! I'd be willing to give Male!Reader x Class a try!

34 .

Also, general apology for the slowness on writing. Life has been kind of crazy, the next request will be posted shortly!

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AN: Here you go, Kinky bastard/anon! I liked your request, it was challenging and something new that I had not really seen done in fanfiction before! The best way I could think to go about it would be to give you the ol' Harlequin Smut Sampler, where I just give you a bit of everything and hope you enjoy it!

Needless to say, I hope that this meets expectations and thank you for putting in a request, I'm sorry if it's short.

Class & You: [One of a Kind]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You were one of a kind, to say the least.

'Sniper gave a throaty moan as you took him slowly into your mouth, your gaze trailing up to his expressive eyes masked behind his aviators that blazed with need. His rifle lay discarded on the wooden floor beside him while you pleased him in his own perch, initially trying to mess with his aim. His freed hands wrung themselves in your hair as his hips bucked upwards to meet your enticing mouth. Filthy hoarse mutters of "oh fuck yes fuck right there" and soon after "oh god oh god I'm gonna come" were music to your ears--'

Some would dub your work unethical, immoral. Ironically, most referred to the mercenary part of your work, and not the other half... Lightly put, the 'other half' wasn't in the job description.

'It was a bit of a guilty pleasure of yours to make such a large man writhe like a worm underneath your fingers. But you knew that soon Heavy would tire of your teasing and soon coerce you to take bottom position, as he was accustomed to doing. Mercifully, you slid off of him and allowed him to mount you, your thighs flying open as he wrenched your legs apart with his knees, his thick, hard shaft pressing bluntly against you as you urged him to hurry-- after all, you two were in the break room--'

Nonetheless, you did not deem it any less vital to the team, considering that what you dealt with was only human nature. A biological need that was ingrained in us all! Why should you have any shame in what many people scornfully referred to as 'sex work'?

'You were not shy to admit it: being pounded while bent over a desk was possibly one of the hottest things you ever experienced. Even hotter still was the passionately unbridled lust you managed to coax out of the team's normally methodical and regimented Medic. The sound of papers and pens haphazardly clattering to the floor as the desk shook with the force of two people rutting against it only seemed to add to the experience along with Medic's frenzied moans--'

Mind you, it wasn't 'official' by any means. You weren't a professional whore hired by RED/BLU to tend to the carnal needs of their hardened, somewhat unstable mercenaries. It just kind of worked out that way.

'You learned pretty damn fast that Soldier was equally loud and wild during sex as he was hollering orders on the battlefield. In the sheets, he was feral-- biting fiercely at any bit of exposed flesh available, nails raking down your sides, almost snarling as he had his fill of your body. If some poor unsuspecting spectator didn't know any better, they would think that the two of you were fighting like animals rather than having sex--'

Considering that there weren't many willing takers, one day, you decide to be a friend and help out a fellow team member with a 'problem' of theirs. The next, you extend you services to another teammate. Before you know it, you're catering to the entire team, and you are completely okay with it. After all, you were sating your own hunger as well-- it's a win-win.

'Engineer already had a voice that was pleasant to listen to, with it's charming Southern drawl. But the normally well-mannered cadence of his tone became all the more pleasurable to hear when it was flustered and hitched with each labored breath as the man edged closer and closer towards bliss. You straddled him in his chair as you rode him harder, trying to remain quiet as the two of you satisfied each other in Engineer's secluded garage, right under your teammates contentedly unaware noses--'

It would probably be frowned upon quite heavily, if Administration found out that is. But honestly-- you still saw no problem or shame in the 'deal' you held with the other mercenaries. Besides, you only extended your services to your own team alone; no betrayal, no problem, so why did they care?

'Sex with Spy was everything you expected it to be-- skilled and tactful, and likely to be a very classy and romantic endeavor. You were slightly amused when he rejected your offer for a quicky in the break room (it was comically predictable of him) and instead opted to lead you to his quarters-- for an evening of fun, rather than a few minutes-- so you didn't protest. Your head lolled back onto his pillow as his lips ravaged your neck, and sneakily your fingers pry their way under the waistband of his trousers, growing ever-tighter by the moment, so the fun could really start--'

Anyway, you still saw yourself as a special asset to the team. During long stretches of time, say a week or two when battles are put on hiatus, you help everyone work off the restlessness of being cooped inside the base. It was a win-win situation, really.

'Seducing Pyro was an almost intimidating endeavor when you really thought about it. But you found that, a few odd kinks aside, he was gloriously simple and easy to please when it came to what got him going. He still denied you the opportunity to rid him of his mask, but you managed to coax him out of his rubbery fire-retardant suit just enough to have some fun with hot wax (go figure, right?). His suit front was unzipped and flung open as you allowed some of the melting candle you clutched in your hand drizzle on Pyro's scarred chest, making swirled designs on marred skin as Pyro's moans were muffled by his mask--'

But it gets better. A good part your team knows (if they didn't already heavily suspect) that you 'cater' to every single one of them, and not one of them minds. You became a tad nervous that along the line, someone, somehow, would get a tad possessive or jealous, and desire your services all to themselves. After all, in a job that's practically devoid of opportunities for sex, everyone gets hungry now and again-- who wouldn't want a fuck buddy that was ready to go at almost a moment's notice?

Demoman was already an interesting breed of drunk, but as it so happens, he was a horny breed of drunk as well. Hence, you expected him, slurring and scarcely able to form a coherent sentence, at your door at three in the morning looking for a fix. And who were you to turn him away? As it also happened, Demo was also the generous type when he's intoxicated, as evidenced by his enthusiasm for oral as he practically pinned you down and irately tore your underwear out of his way so he and his tongue could show you a good time--'

In the quiet hours that followed ceasefire, in the quiet of night, you often took that time to relax and unwind after a long day. Silently you walked down the quiet hallway, pausing in front of the door labeled "Scout".

All in all, and 'moral' conundrums aside, getting blasted to smithereens on a daily basis was almost worth the lovely rewards that awaited you off the battlefield.

What could you say? You loved your job.

You were undoubtedly one of a kind, to say the least.


36 .

Oh. My. God. That was undoubtedly one of the hottest things I have ever read. I write a bit as a hobby, so I kind of knew I was asking for something somewhat difficult, but I did and I'm so glad I did, you rose to the occasion beautifully. I cannot sing your praises enough. I especially love what you did with the formatting, how the reader's reflections break up encounters with the individual mercs. It's not what I was expecting, but in the best way! I also really like the way you had each team member act sexually, they all felt true to character and each new paragraph had me wondering who would be next and what they'd be like. Sorry for the length, I just. Gah, such good writing!

37 .


Aw, I'm flattered-- I'm really happy you like it so much! I wasn't expecting such a quick reply, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long!

At first I was worried the format wouldn't work out, but I'm glad it did! I had to look up tf2chan formatting to get the desired effect, haha. But as far as story formatting went, I thought that would be the best way to go about it all-- since the request didn't focus on a merc, I figured a flashback kind of story would do a lot of good because it could give a glimpse at everybody.

No problem, I like long replies! I really am flattered you liked it so much, I was afraid it might've been on the short side.

38 .

I can't stop reading One of a Kind. It's so well-written and the characterization feels real. I just love your work so much! Please never stop writing!

May I please request Voyeur!Sniper whose favorite pastime is to spy on the reader? Bonus points if the reader finds out and uses this to their advantage. Thanks!

39 .


Thank you very very much, I'm so happy my stuff's been received so well! I don't intend to stop anytime soon. ;-)

Request noted! I have a thing for voyeur Sniper too, so this'll be good fun!

40 .

AN:/ Hey everyone! Obligatory apologies for the long wait-- finals and whatnot have just finished and the end of the acedemic year has been crazy. But that will all change, as I now have much much more time and will jump on everyone's requests. As usual, I'll be posting my fics in two parts-- so here we go!

(Incidentally, I found a site that allows writers to make their own interactive erotica fics... would anyone be interested, by any chance?)

>>25 For None-Mouse: Sniper x Reader, [Dirty Little Secret]

Under any other circumstances, doing your job would be so much easier if it weren't for a certain... quirk, of yours. You desperately tried to focus your scope on the target, ignoring everything else except for your crosshairs set on the opposing team member's head. Your finger twitched on the tigger--

Another headshot.

Emitting a sound of satisfaction, you leaned back on one of the wooden crates you propped up behind you in your small alcove. Reloading your rifle, you sneakily refocused your scope on a rather different target, praying that he wouldn't, by some twisted chance of fate, look up and see his own team's sniper trained on him. You felt your heartbeat in your ears as you counted your breaths, trying to remain calm. But, unfortunately for you, your little 'quirk' prevented you from keeping a complete grasp on your composure, and so you found yourself thinking feverishly about how damn good he looked, with that custom uniform of his...

You mind quickly fled into the gutter, and with it filthy daydreams of your fellow teammate and the clothes you found so attractive. As embarrassed as you were to admit it-- you couldn't deny it: you had a thing for uniforms. You couldn't fathom why for the life of you, but that did not change the fact that you found uniforms unbelievably, irrevocably hot. And in any other scenario, this wouldn't cause you much trouble. But as chance would have it, you managed to land a job in Scenic Nowhere, a mystical land where it seems the only thing that anyone ever does is wear god forsaken uniforms. Thus, you swung in what felt like a perpetual state of attraction to your teammates, savoring the differences yet ever-present unity in the clothing that the lot of you proudly adorned while dutifully protecting your assigned estates. You felt a shudder of pleasure down your spine at the thought.

...You honestly felt quite pathetic sometimes, but you reasoned with yourself that it was like a man whose team was entirely made up of scantily clad women-- no one could blame a person for feeling attraction in that scenario, right? Why should yours be any different?

That all being said, despite your unshakable adoration of uniforms, you found that one uniform wearer in particular snags your attention, and something tells you that it's more than his clothes. That same uniform wearer, the current focus of your scope, had his scope trained elsewhere-- actually doing his job, unlike someone else you knew of. You felt the blood rushing to your face as your eyes scrutinized him from head to toe; from his wide-brimmed hat to the folds of his shirt, down to his vest and the class symbol proudly blazoned on his sleeve.


You swallowed roughly, feeling weak in the legs as you unabashedly sexed-up your unsuspecting fellow gunslinger in the safe, surreptitious confines of your daydreams. This was going to be a very long day indeed.

That is, until Sniper happened to look up exactly where you perched to see your gun trained intently on him, shoulders hunched as you peered through the scope. He appeared to look alarmed for a moment, his rifle instinctively aiming at you. Equally startled, you recoiled from your gun, and, nearly dropping it, attempted to find another target to shoot so it wouldn't seem like you had just spent the past fifteen minutes staring at him. Alas, it was too late. Sniper had definitely seen you, and you felt his eyes on you as you fiddled with your rifle, willing the redness that saturated your face to go away.

Embarrassment overwhelmed you, and finally you retreated from your alcove and back towards your team's fortress, not daring to look Sniper's way. You were at the entrance of your team's base.

Until you felt the blade of a butterfly knife embed itself in your back.

Crumpling to the ground, you caught the glimpse of a retreating enemy Spy. Vision fading fast, you heard a gunshot somewhere above you and managed to see a bullet run through the enemy Spy's head before everything went black.

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Reader x Engineer with some watersports / bathroom denial would be amazing.

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Please sage! I've been stalking this thread since the last update and I was really excited for some new content. It was really disappointing to learn that it was just you.


Harlequin, I know you might be busy with your own life and everything, but I was just wondering if you're all right. No pressure, though. I just wanted to check on you.

I'm sorry but I always get a little worried when an author doesn't update for some time.

43 .


Goodness, I'm sorry if I've worried you Anon! But I'm alright-- sometimes you get dry spells with inspiration, you know? Not to mention that I've been out of the country up until this past Monday, and other creative projects...

That, and some things just slip my mind. I guess I never really thought I'd have thread-stalkers or readers who check back daily, so I've become really lackadaisical with the updates because I didn't expect that I'd be keeping anyone waiting. : ( I'm sorry if I've disappointed anyone.

Still though, I'm touched someone was concerned about my absence. That's like more then I've been missed in my three years of being a writer, so have a cyber-hug Anon 42, ol' Harlequin's okay and still kickin'.

(Should I sage my own thread? Eh, not a new story, so I probably should)

Expect something by tomorrow, everyone!

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Not >>42 but I've been stalking this thread.

Life happens, so we should really just be patient. You do this for fun. It should not become a chore. Thank you for taking the time to do this, really.

I don't think anyone here is disappointed. I'm glad you're okay, though.

Also, your writing is fabulous and so are you for making it.

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Oh God, yes. Yes please. This is beautiful! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, life stuff has gotten in the way. But don't stop writing, I love your stuff!

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You would do any feet fetish stuff? Medic or Sniper would be the greatest ~

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>>45 and >>46 please sage.

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AN:/ So this took way longer than it should have, but you all know how it is. I hope this meets expectations.

>>40 For None-Mouse: Sniper x Reader, [Dirty Little Secret] P2 by Harlequin

The familiar hum of the respawn in your ears was somewhat comforting. The ten seconds felt like an eternity, as they usually did, but ten seconds managed to be just enough to swallow your embarrassment and prepare to go into battle once more. You expected to wake up in the starting room, but to your surprise, you woke up in the infirmary instead. People only spawned here if the match had ended or ended shortly after their death, so Medic could perform post-battle examinations on everyone for any injuries the respawn had missed.

You groaned, throwing your head back into the pillow on the gurney you laid on. That was just your luck, and in the pit of your stomach you felt ashamed that you died under such ridiculous circumstances. You knew it was inexcusable; you probably owed your team an apology for messing around on the battlefield since they had relied on you and Sniper so heavily during the match.

But thinking of the humiliating incident with Sniper send your stomach reeling with shame once more, and curling on your side on the gurney, you desperately wished to disappear. Yet, as luck would continue to have it, you heard the door on the far side of the room open with an ancient creak. You closed your eyes and pretended to sleep, your breath catching in your throat.

Footsteps clicked along the linoleum floors towards your resting place, disturbing the sepulchral silence of the infirmary. Again your heartbeat raced, and you willed the intruder to go away. Your skin tingled as you felt someone's breath by your ear--

"No 'un holds their breath when they sleep, mate." An Australian accent quipped.

Sniper was wise enough to move his head out of the way when you bolted upwards on your gurney making to scramble away to the exit, for lack of a better course of action. Yet your plans were foiled when he snagged your arm before your feet managed to touch the floor. You found yourself firmly pushed back down onto the gurney, Sniper's surprisingly strong grip unshakable. You submitted, going momentarily limp on the gurney, training your eyes on the kukri that hung on his belt rather than his face.

"What." You muttered, the word inaudibly tumbling from your mouth, unsure of what else to say.

"Why was yer scope on me." He asked, his tone agonizingly impossible to decipher and equally blunt. It suddenly became difficult to look anywhere other than Sniper's kukri. You shrugged, the movement nearly imperceptible. "My eyes're up here." He said after a long pause. You clenched your jaw, looking away from him completely and instead opting to rest your eyes on a desk on the opposite corner of the room.

"Hey," He said again, his fingers propping themselves on top of your head, turning your face towards his. "What's with ya?"

"Can you just go, please?" You asked, an edge of desperation in your tone, praying that Sniper would cut his losses and leave you to pick up the last pieces of your dignity.

"No." He dead panned, sitting down by your feet. You exhaled in exasperation, seeing that he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. "Not 'til ya tell me what's eatin' at ya." He paused for a moment, and added-- "And why're scope was on me, and not the other team."

"... I was looking at you... okay?" You muttered. Sniper's eyes were obscured behind his aviators, but his eyebrows raised curiously.

"What?" He asked. His calm and collected demeanor did not falter, but his tone was dubious as he looked at you over his glasses.

"Y-yeah..." You mumbled, unwilling to say it again. Sniper shifted closer, but his movement went unnoticed by you.

"You scared the shit outta me, y'know that?" You remained silent, but Sniper moved closer still. "Thought you were turnin' on me. But seeing how fast you dropped yer rifle when I caught ya..." You finally noticed Sniper's proximity with a start, glancing up at his eyes in surprise. "Figured there was somethin' more that you were lookin' at."

He leaned in, and for the quickest of moments you thought he was going to kiss you. You smelled his musk and sweat, and you felt deliriously intoxicated from his scent. But instead of bridging the gap between the two of you, he continued talking. "And then ya ran, and I had to run a bullet through that bastard Spy's head as payback for killin' ya before I could catch up."

"What were you lookin' at, ______?" He whispered, his breath washing over you. You knew full well that he already knew what. And knowing that, you took it upon yourself to close the space between you and Sniper as you unabashedly fell against him, your lips mashing against his.

He responded with equal enthusiasm, his rough hands dipping under the hem of your shirt to massage your waist as you knocked off his hat running your fingers through his hair. Making a noise of disappointment, you made to reach for the hat again, but Sniper muttered through the kiss-- "Jussht leave it"-- and added, "S'all g'nna c'me off anyway." Things were moving fast, Sniper's tongue was tangling with your own as he fiddled with your shirt, but you kept rejecting his attempts to rid you or himself of any clothing. Finally, after leaving a trail of wet, open mouth kisses along your neck, and another botched attempt to take off any clothing, he parted from you.

"D'you wanna do this or not?" He asked, frustrated at the mixed signals you were giving. You nodded indignantly, but casted your eyes downward at the gurney as you inwardly debated whether or not to tell him of your little... quirk.

"I wanna do it with the clothes on." You professed, again anxious to meet his eyes.

"Why? You afraid someone's gonna walk in on us?" You shook your head.

"No... I, uh... like it like that." It was the best and most vague way to say it that wouldn't leave you hopelessly embarrassed. The silence from Sniper was shaking your confidence to its core, and you had nearly half a mind to push him off and spend the remainder of the day in your room forgetting any of this ever happened. 'Oh god, he must think I'm such a weirdo, oh god, fuck this, I want to get out of here, please let me leave pleaseletmeleave...'

"... You like it like that, huh?" He finally said, a very wide smirk on his face. His eyes glimmered wickedly behind his aviators, and you remained in his lap for the moment, stunned by his response so far and waiting to see if he would say anything further. "Y'know... I like doing it a certain way too. So I'll tell ya what. We can do it your way, but only if we can do it my way too."

"What's your way...?" You asked, cocking an eyebrow, a dim glint of apprehension flashing across your eyes. Sniper's smirk grew.

"Don't worry 'bout it. I'll show you when we get around to it." You were about to voice that you weren't sure if you were entirely on board with the ambiguity, but any objections you could possibly have immediately fled from your mind as Sniper's addictive mouth once more found its way onto yours. This time, he let your clothes and his clothes be, but left his hat strewn to the side (continuing with it on would have been a tad difficult otherwise). "Reckon things'll be faster now that stripping's out of the equation." He teased, his teeth once again grazing down your neck and lightly nipping at your collarbone. You only dazedly nodded in vague agreement as you climbed further onto his lap, leveraging your weight just so that Sniper found himself falling backwards onto the gurney with you now sitting on top.

Despite his slight surprise at the sudden change in positions, Sniper accommodated you and shifted his entire body onto the gurney so his lower half wasn't dangling onto the floor, which made for much more accessible grinding. Fears of judgement averted, you lost yourself in Sniper's uniformed body, your hips rolling and crushing against his as your hands caressed his shirt, his vest, the emblem on his sleeve. Feeling bolder, you snagged his hat and donned it upon your head, the hat sliding farther back on your head as you took the liberty of trailing your tongue along Sniper's neck, faintly moaning at the feeling of the collar of his shirt brushing against your jaw. You paused for a moment, your breath catching in your throat as you hear the faint approach of footsteps.

"Sniper...! Someone--!" You whispered worriedly to him, eyes wide with panic at the prospect of being caught in such a compromising position. Sniper shushed you, propping himself up on his elbows as he listened. The footsteps paused at the entrance of the infirmary, but continued onward, rushing away to the main center of the fortress (and the break room, where everyone was most like coalescing for post-battle repose). You exhaled in relief, Sniper chuckling to himself and allowing his back to fall against the gurney once more, his hand rubbing at his eyes.

"Fuck, that was close." He laughed, idly rubbing the skin along your hip that was left exposed by the riding up of your shirt. You hummed in agreement, your eyes still trained on the door. Sniper notices. "What's wrong?"

"Wasn't Medic supposed to come and check in by now? For after-match check ups and stuff?" Sniper paused momentarily, his eyes following yours at the slightly ajar entrance door-- a door that wasn't slightly ajar before.

"Yeah..." Sniper muttered, thinking to himself. Decisively, he gently pushes you off of him and briskly makes his way over to the door, taking a moment to poke his head out into the corridor, darting back in after looking both ways and firmly shutting the door. He turns one of the rusting locks on the door and returns to you. "There. Coast all clear, problem solved." He said, grinning playfully as he took dominance again and pushed you down onto your back. You gasped in surprise as Sniper suddenly slid off the gurney and began taking your legs with him, moving you so you were perpendicular to the gurney and your bottom half was suspended around Sniper's waist. Sniper, now standing, gave you a suggestive look as he took the opportunity to take advantage of the position, grinding long and slow against your lower half. You gasped, back arching off the sheets of the infirmary bed at the friction and pressure, your hips pushing forwards to meet his.

"Dunno about you," He said huskily, "...but you've got me about ready to cop a root." His hands found the front of your pants, and had already began undoing buttons as he asked "You wanna go?"

"Yes..." You said breathlessly, leaning forward to struggle with Sniper's belt buckle. He chuckled, undoing the belt with a deft flick of his fingers and hastily shoving his pants down so they pooled around his ankles. You had half a mind to complain about that, you wanted to feel all of the uniform, but looking up and seeing Sniper hot and bothered, loosening the top buttons of his shirt, his aviators balancing precariously on the bridge of his flushed nose and exposing his hungry icy eyes, by god... your train of thought was lost in the compelling and near hypnotic haze of arousal.

Impatiently you slipped your pants up and over your hips, down to around your mid-thighs-- just enough to be accessible. But what Sniper saw next made him laugh.

"Nothing there, eh? You never struck me as the commando type." He grinned wolfishly, teasing you more. One of his hands stroked the space in between the crux of your thighs, and you felt your face flush even more from both his verbal teasing and his... oh...

The heat that snapped in your stomach and caressed your abdomen with increasing intensity continued to grow, and you felt your lower half throbbing with arousal to the point it was nearly painful. Foreplay be damned-- you had the object of your longtime desires in front of you ready to go, in his uniform no less, and you had just about enough of the delay. Not a single normal thought was in your mind as you became consumed in the moment, urging Sniper to hurry as you flung open pockets and grappled around sheets looking for a condom. Sniper chuckled breathlessly, producing a condom from the recesses of one of his many pockets and sliding it on himself, groaning quietly at his own touch. You panted in anticipation, tightening your legs around him, encouraging him to come closer.

Biting your lip excitedly, you watched as Sniper spat into his hand and hastily rubbed between your thighs, slicking the sensitive flesh and stretching around you were thoroughly ready.

"Come on--" You muttered through your flustered state, pushing your hips up to meet his hand and desperate for any touch. He more than complied, pushing in steadily and inciting unabashedly loud moans from you both. He delved right into his own realm of pleasure, slowly pulling out only to roughly thrust back in, and doing so at a pace that had you writhing and clenching and physically begging for more. He rocked you back and forth on the gurney with each thrust, his hat falling from your head and laying forgotten elsewhere on the floor. You didn't notice his hands slowly creeping up to your shoulders, planting themselves next to your neck.

"I-I... wanna try doing it... m-my way now-- oh, fuck--" He muttered, finishing his sentence with a shaky exhale as he tried to keep himself from spiriting away into his climax too quickly. Absorbed in your own pleasure, you nodded, hardly knowing or caring what he was about to do. But you should have, for you found your eyes snapping open in fright as you felt fingers around your neck, applying pressure in spots that began to constrict your breathing.

You began thrashing, silently mouthing at Sniper to stop, what was he doing, he'd kill you-- and for a brief moment a thought flashes in your head: what if that's what he's into? What if he likes fucking dead people? You didn't have time to delve into a spiral of regret at your agreement to concede to his fetish because Sniper was whispering words of encouragement in your ear, explaining that he wasn't going to hurt you, oh no, this will make you feel out of this world. Just trust him, he begs, he's so close, and he knows your close too, you'll cum like you never did before...

So many senses and emotions overwhelmed you-- slight panic at the fact that you were steadily losing your ability to breathe (you were able to still breathe somewhat, but only on a very minute level), irritation at Sniper for springing this on you at the last moment, pleasure because Sniper's thrusting hadn't slowed down in the slightest, and dismay that he might just be right-- the heat that tingled up and down your spine and spidered down your legs intensified, and you hoarsely moaned with what little oxygen was left in your lungs as your senses nearly overloaded with pleasure despite the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Suddenly the pressure on your throat released, and oxygen flooded into you as you took greedy gulps of air. But the relief was short lived, however, as Sniper hungrily covered your mouth with his, one hand finding its way to your throat again while the other harshly rubbed and stroked your lower region. The air deprivation made your nerves go haywire, the stagnating, ballooning feeling of emptiness in your chest translating to more hotness, more acute pleasure down below. The intensity was too much, and despite the unusual scenario, you came, fast and hard.

Sniper seemed to notice the moment right about when you were ready to orgasm, and withdrew his hand from your throat right after the first wave of your climax hit you, leaving you free to moan and wail and gasp into his mouth where he smothered the noises and devoured them hungrily. Lost in ecstasy, your nails raked over Sniper's exposed skin, fingers delving below his shirt and feeling whatever you could, legs trembling but still limited in their movement because of the pants that was still clad around your thighs. In the midst of your climax Sniper found himself cumming too-- the unbearable way you clenched and squeezed around him and the dominant feeling of your neck beneath his fingers overwhelming him as well. He growls into the bruising kiss, moaning loudly as he pushed himself in as far as he could go, milking himself for all he was worth as completion claimed him. You found yourself moaning at the lewd sensation of his balls grinding roughly against you as he rode out his orgasm, lost in his own pleasure but not lost enough to completely break contact with you. His forehead, dewy with sweat, rested against yours as his hot breath ghosted over your nose, your lips, and your chin.

One final moan, one last roll of his hips, and finally Sniper too was finished. With time, his breathing slowed to match your relaxed tempo as the two of you came down from your high. As you returned to your senses, you felt a wave of exhaustion hit you-- first, an entire day of fighting on the battlefield, and now, sex with Sniper. Between the two activities you were about ready to fall asleep. Now also spent, Sniper withdrew himself from you and slipped off the condom, tossing it into a waist basket by the gurney. After pulling up and fixing his pants, he seems to contemplate something as his gaze travels from the gurney you laid on to the door.

"I'm sorry to leave ya mate," He says finally, reaching a conclusion. "But I think it's better we don't draw anymore attention to ourselves than we already have." Despite your exhaustion, you sighed softly in disappointment. All of that and he wouldn't even stick around for awhile? "I know I pulled some shady stuff on ya... but next time, how about my place instead of Medic's infirmary?"

Fixing your pants back around your hips, you recalled Sniper's own startling 'quirk' that he sprung on you a little while ago.

"No more surprises?" You asked, still not taking kindly to the whole aspect of 'surprise quirks' even if things turned out okay in the end.

"I'll tell ya first." Sniper rectified, picking his wide brimmed hat up off of the floor. After a moment, you smiled, a tired but content smile that told Sniper you were willing to take the offer. Your eyes closed, finally succumbing to sleep, and Sniper was on his way out of the infirmary, unlocking the door and walking away like nothing ever happened... but not before placing his hat on your sleeping head first.


Medic sat in the break room with one hand covering his eyes, and another hand clutching his third bottle of beer. His comrade patted him on the shoulder, pushing another bottle towards the doctor as the heavy weapons specialist comforted his friend the only way he knew how.

"I do not know what you saw in infirmary, Docktor, but do not worry. Is all gone now."

Medic only groaned, taking another hasty swig from his bottle, trying to purge the scandalous image of his teammates from his mind.

"I am never doing post match examinations ever again."


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Oh, shit, that was so hot! This really was worth the wait. I can't wait for your next update.

That epilogue is just perfect.

50 .


I intentionally bumped, just to let OP know I'd responded.

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Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! (I had too much fun with the epilogue)


While appreciated Anon, there's no need! I always scroll to the bottom of my thread anyway to see if there's any replies, so people can sage and I'll still see what they have to say.

52 .

Pyro x reader; crossteam hurt/comfort? Maybe with a chase involved? I hope that's not too specific.

Your writing is absolutely fantastic, holy shit.

53 .

I just can't get enough of your writing! Do you think you can do a/b/o verse with female omega!reader going into heat and alpha!heavy or sniper trying to impregnate her? I'm sorry if it's too strange or confusing, it's just that I never see any of it in the fandom.

54 .

Oh, female!reader, by the way. Forgot to specify something that actually needed specification.

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Dearest Harlequin, that was thrilling and magnificent.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, as I salute you with trembling lips and sticky fingers.

56 .

I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw that there was an update here! Thank you so much for updating with splendid content as always!

57 .

Hello there peeps. I'm new here and kinda dabble in writing tf2 fics. I'm trying to improve my writing skills since i feel very sub-par at it. As far as posting on here i'm not sure what i should start with but i enjoy the idea of a kink thread so hey why not :)

58 .


Uh, PumpkinHead, you've made a few mistakes there. But you're new, so I'll explain.

I'm not quite sure what you were getting at, but this is not just any kink thread, this is mine where I write on request. If you want to write, I would suggest starting your own thread and not here (not sure if that's what you were intending to do).

Secondly, if you weren't intending on posting in my thread but instead just wanted to self-advertise, I must let you know I do not take kindly to that, again, starting your own thread would be better.

Thirdly, and probably most important of all, you forgot to sage-- which means quite a few people are going to be disappointed that there's no actual update from me and rather just you. Did you read the rules of the chan? If there's been no update for ten days/week from OP, you need to type 'sage' in the e-mail portion of the box so that way the post isn't automatically bumped to the top (as it normally is when people reply to a post without staging).

I understand you're new, and I'm not angry, but I also shouldn't have to explain this to you. Please familiarize yourself more with the rules of the chan, and then consider posting.

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engie x reader with engie using his tools as sex toys would be amazing

60 .

Non-con tenta-spy x reader perhaps?

61 .


Think you could try some male!reader x soldier? Or anything with male!reader.
Dub-con domming/topping the merc? I have a huge "Bottom's first time" kink

I really do love your writing

62 .

I wouldn't mind seeing Second opinion!Medic x reader, just the sudden swap in personality and action during sex is just breath-taking to imagine!

63 .

Hello, Harlequin. How's your life? Are you doing okay? I miss you, but please don't think you've disappointed anyone. We'll always be here to support you and your writing.

64 .


My life is getting better, actually. I'm doing fine. Just experiencing a little internal conflict as all-- I've got a good foot in a few other fandoms now and have a lot of other projects going on, so I've sort of dropped this thread-- I didn't think anyone'd miss me too much, and I'm sorry for getting back so late. Had I known I'd have at least left a status update.

I guess part of me kind of abandoning the thread is just that it takes a lot of effort to write requests, I might've bitten off a bit more than I could chew honestly.

I do miss this place, and you guys too though. It makes me happy that people have enjoyed my writing and I feel bad I've disappeared off the face of the earth for so long, so I feel like I can be persuaded to come back... but requests will have to be shorter if I'm to get to them all.

Sorry to all the later request-ees for getting the short end of the stick.

I mean there's also transferring to the t umblr medium too, but that option remains to be seen.

Any thoughts, for those that are still around?

65 .

Hello, Harlequin! It's nice to see you back! As for all the requests, it's totally understandable with what you're doing. I'd be very happy to have your tumblr so I can read more of your writing!

66 .


Hey Anon, it's good to see you too. : )

Here's the tumblr: http://harlequin-writes.t umblr.com/

From there, it's possible I can give you my main also if you'd like.

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Are you still taking requests? I would love to see more of your work here.

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Can you do a Pyro x Reader with the reader male? You don't have to, I'm just wondering if you can

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I'm not sure if this has been requested yet, but how about Sniper x Reader where the reader has some sort of accent fetish and Sniper talks dirty to him or her?

70 .

Hi guys, long time no see! I'm on a writing kick again and I've missed you guys, so I'm back! For some reason my inspiration for smut's returned big time and I'm open for requests again, although I'll be picking and choosing which ones to write.

I don't know if anyone's checked up on the thread since I've stopped updating, but I really have missed you all. I also have an archiveofourown account if anyone wants it!

(Won't sage because it's an OP update? Is that acceptable? Phew, It's been awhile.)

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RED Spy and BLU Sniper have found themselves sharing the same client for a secret mission after Mann Co. fell. They don't get along and because of their bickering they are not being at their best on the field. After a hard day and a failed mission the two return to Spy's apartment where the bushman has planted himself until their job is over, a heated argument raging between them. Or rather, raging from Spy's part while Sniper enjoys how overwrought the Frenchman is because of him. He won't hesitate taunting the RED for being unsuccessful, casually throwing remarks of his own and smirking wider the more Spy gets angry. In the end all the pent-up tension is released, against the kitchen table with the agent's legs thrown over the gunman's shoulders.


72 .

Forgot to add, the reader is Spy. The dirty talk that's already been requested would be a HUGE plus.

73 .

Could you Heavy x Reader with a spanking and size difference kink?

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Ooh forgive me for Necro-ing four whole years later but the prompts here are really too great.
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