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A Misunderstanding (2)

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First of all I'd like to warn before hand this fic deals with Rapeand noncon if this upsets you than please red no further.
So I've read some fics from this website before and honestly my fav fic on here has to be "Breaking Point" by TwoRefined which you can read here (It deals with Rape as well just to warn you.) http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/7217.html as far as I know the fic was never completed, but it really inspired me to write. This is a fic I originally posted on fanfiction.net but it hasn't received much traffic, so I decided to post here as well (Which is ironic because this site is pretty dead) But when I originally wrote this fic I had the idea in mind that it was sort of a love letter to all the great fics on this website. I'm actually really proud of it. If you wanna check out my other fics here's a link to my fanfiction profile

The Blu spy waited patiently outside his foes spawn doors. His team was extremely close to capturing the last point on the gorge. As the clock ticked down, spy tried to pick off members of the Reds before they had a chance to stop his team. But as the match played out into a nail bitingly close game, Blu wasn't able to cap in time. Spy had just cloaked as an enemy soldier when the administrator had announced the Blu's defeat. Cursing under his breath at yet another failure, spy decided to take the long trek back to his base.

The Blu Spy had been fighting this war for years, and though it was quite unorthodox, he knew how it always played out. When battle concluded, the losing team would have most of their weapons vaporized or deactivated and the winning team was allowed to trudge into spawn and kill them. Spy wasn't exactly sure what weird technology their weapons were equipped with to allow them to do that, but he didn't usually complain. In fact he thoroughly enjoyed the feature, but only when he won, when he lost it was a different story. Although, if Spy had cloaked before the end of the match had been announced, his disguise would get stuck and he would be unable to decloak. Sometimes Spy would use this exploit in matches where the Blus were thoroughly 'steam rolled' so as to not give his enemies the satisfaction of killing him. But mostly Spy wouldn't realize the clock had run out and would be stuck as whatever he had been cloaked as until he was killed or got back to base. This had been one of those times he hadn't noticed. Spy internally kicked himself for focusing on the enemies spawn instead of trying the help his teammates get on the point, but he would have to deal with their wrath later.

His teammates would usually call Spy out when he returned to base in one piece instead of being humiliatingly killed like the rest of them, but it was usually out of Spy's control. In fact Spy felt the uninhibited walk back to base was more humiliating than the latter. It gave Spy all the time to lament on his and his team's failure. Spy prepared himself for the long walk back until he heard one of his teammates yell out, more specifically, the scout.

"Get your hands offa me you friggin' asshole." Scout spat.

Spy just shook his head, the youngest member of the team was always running his mouth, and more often than not, it got the runner into some serious trouble. Spy just kept walking instead of intervening; there was nothing he could do for the scout. The enemy soldier, who held the boy, was just going to have his fun with him before sending back to spawn.

"Hey, Trooper!" The soldier beckoned to the Spy.

Spy jumped in surprise before facing the soldier, he had forgotten that he was disguised as the other enemy team's soldier 'Trooper'.

"I found this squirrely little runt, let's say you and I have a little fun." The Red soldier proclaimed lifting the scout off the ground like a hunting trophy.

"Ah… no thanks." Spy said, the disguise masking his usual French accent to an American one.

"What? Come on, you said you wanted to do this for months now! Is he not attractive enough? If that's the problem you can do him from behind." Soldier said.

Spy's face creased in confusion, what was this soldier going on about? 'Do him from behind' what was he… suddenly the Spy's eyes went wide in morbid realization. The Blu mercenary backed up, stammering in shock. Spy just now realized how close he was standing to the soldier, in one stride he could easily grab spy's neck and… he didn't dare finish that thought. He did think however, he had to get out of there. There was nothing he could do for the boy without getting the both of them in deep shit.

"Um, no no no. I'm good, I'll just…" Spy stuttered trying to back out of the room; that is, until he hit something solid. Looking back he saw he had run right into Trooper.

"The hell is this?!" Trooper spat, before throwing Spy to the ground.

Spy hit the ground hard on his side, the impact causing his disguise case to fall out from inside his suit jacket and slide across the floor.

"Looks like we've got a rat!" Soldier said. Still holding the scout, he took a step forward and crushed the Blu's case under his foot. Spy's disguise flickered before dropping, his blue tuxedo visible once more.

"What do you think we should do with him?" Trooper asked, the question hanging thick and sickeningly in the air. Spy sat on the ground, his brain working at a mile a minute, analyzing the situation and looking for any possible hope of escape. He had no weapons on him, so he couldn't just shoot or stab the two brutes standing over him. And he couldn't fight with just his fists; the two soldiers outweighed him, and they had their weapons too. He couldn't use his invisiwatch either, as it was deactivated just as his disguise case was.

"I think we ought to teach this bastard a lesson, sneaking around all the time; it's un-American!" Soldier declared.

"Sounds good to me," Trooper replied "Which one you want? I think I'd like the kid, if you don't mind fucking the old one."

Spy suddenly heard a horrified squeak, looking up he realized it had come from the scout. Surprisingly he hadn't made a single noise this whole time; probably from shock as well. He also noticed the Bostonian was shaking like a leaf, fear emanating clearly from his face. For some reason he couldn't help seeing his mother in Scout's features. Spy was dating the boy's mother, and he cared for her dearly. Another thought suddenly struck him as well. How would she feel if she found out her son had been raped? That her boyfriend had witnessed the whole thing, and had done nothing to prevent it? He didn't her to hurt, and by extension her son. He was had to protect her. He had to save him.

"Wait!" Spy cried out, the soldiers stopped dead, wanting to see what the Blu spy had to say.

"Don't hurt him. Don't hurt the scout!"

"Yeah? And why shouldn't we?" Trooper asked amused.

"Because… because if you don't I'll let you do whatever you want to me." The words tumbled out of Spy's mouth before he had had a chance to think of their consequences.

"Anything?" Trooper asked smugly.

"Y-yes." Spy said quieter.

"And you won't complain?" Soldier added.

Spy looked down, gulping down a knot in his throat but nodding deafly.

The two soldiers looked to each other and Spy didn't need to look up to know a malicious, smug expression had passed between the two of them.

"Deal." Trooper said.

"Since you don't need him anymore, could you let Scout go?" Spy added.

Trooper looked like he was about to say so, until Soldier cut in,

"No, we need to keep him here to make sure you hold up your end of the bargain."

Damn, they were smarter than they looked.

"I promise, I will, just keep the boy out of this." Spy said trying to persuade him.

Soldier shook his head,

"No way in hell, maggot. Just do as we say and we won't make this too rough for you."

Spy really didn't want to perform in front of the boy, but it looked like he had no way to get around it.

"Why don't you start by stripping for us?" Trooper said.

Spy took a deep breath and stood up. He began loosening his tie and tossed to the floor. Next he unbuttoned his suit jacket and laid it gently next to the tie. Next was his shirt, followed by: his gloves, shoes, socks, and pants. He laid them all in a relatively neat pile before reaching for his underwear. He paused only for a moment before whipping them down and placing them with the rest of his clothes. Spy stood in nothing but his balaclava, with his arms overlapped across his chest.

"The mask too, you slimy bastard." Soldier added.

Spy sighed, but did as he was ordered. He was hoping he could keep it on, to hold onto the small amount of ambiguity, and dignity he had left.

Spy pulled the mask off from the nape of his neck, before tossing it to the floor and smoothing his hair back. Though he was getting up there in age the Blu spy was quite handsome. His hair was jet black, though it was graying around his ears, and he had a defined jawline that both the women, and men, he had been with had found attractive, and the brutes took notice. Though neither of them said anything verbally, spy could tell from their faces and the way they sized him up. It took everything spy had in him not to squirm under their gaze.

"So who's first?" Trooper said after looking over his prey like a hungry viper.

"I'll go," Soldier proclaimed "I'm getting tired of holding this runt."

"Fine, fine. Just make you leave something left for me." Trooper replied.

Soldier passed Scout over to Trooper, with little grace or care. Scout stumbled over and nearly fell until Trooper caught the smaller merc and pulled his arm behind his back.

"You better take a good look while we fuck you're pops, boy." Trooper hissed into his captive's ear.

"He's not my dad." Scout interjected quickly, Trooper just laughed.

Spy turned to Soldier and saw that he had begun unbuckling his pants.

"Get over here frog; on your knees."

Spy did as he was told kneeling in front of the Soldier's crotch. Soldier quickly pulled out his penis and grabbed Spies head to pull him closer.

"Get sucking, you French faggot." Soldier barked.

Spy cringed at the slur, but did as he was told taking the man's girth into his mouth. As the Blu spy bobbed his head he tried to clear his mind and not think of who he was sucking off, though it was quite hard with the noises Soldier was making. Spy tried to imagine himself making love to his girlfriend. The boy's mother was a kind and beautiful creature. Spy pictured her dark hair, bright blue eyes and supple breasts.. Spy even began to imagine the loud gruff moans were not of the Red rapist, but of her kind and gentle voice, coaxing him through the deed. Spy actually began to relax, that is until his fantasy came crashing horribly down around him. Soldier grabbed either side of Spy's head and began forcefully bucking into his mouth. Spy gagged from the mistreatment and his eyes began to water. Suddenly the salty taste of precum became plain on his tongue and the merc braced himself. Sure enough Soldier forced his entire length into Spies throat while cumming and hollering violently. Finally he let go of the abused man's mouth and he immediately began coughing and gasping for breath.

As Spy wiped his mouth with the back of his hand he heard Trooper hand the scout back over to Soldier. He then felt Trooper grab is rear in rough hands.

"My turn." The Red whispered into Spies ear.

Spy shuddered involuntarily as he felt Trooper straddle him and readied his already hard cock at his entrance. Soldier moved round in front of Spy so he could get a better view, Scout in tow.

Just then Trooper plunged into him unceremoniously. Spies face scrunched up in pain and discomfort as his unready hole was violated. Spy bit his lip hard enough to draw blood aa Trooper began to build a slow rhythm. Again, Spy tried to escape into a fantasy, but the pain made it that much harder to focus. When Spy had just started to envision the Scout's mom laying naked and beckoning him, a high pitched squeak pulled him back to reality. Spy looked up to realize it was the scout had made the noise, and was also shocked to find that Soldier had begun massaging Scout's dick through his pants.

"You little sicko, getting hard from watching your daddy get fucked?" Soldier smirked.

Scout attempted a retort, but it broke into a moan.

"Hey! I said not to touch the boy! I thought we made a deal." Spy barked trying to keep his voice menacing and level despite the circumstances.

"Relax, I'm not hurting him, I just think he feels a little left out." Soldier chuckled and moved his hand to unbuckle the merc's trousers. Scout struggled, shaking his head violently, but Solider held his wrists in an iron grip, making escape impossible.

"You bastard, I swear to God I'll…" Spy was cut off short when Trooper reached around and started pumping his own penis.

"Just relax frog, and I won't make this more painful than it has to be." Trooper murmured.

Spy would have laughed if he wasn't so tired and fed-up.

"Look, I'll let you see for yourself I'm not hurting him." Soldier said as he brought the boy closer. Soldier pushed Scout right up to Spy so his teammate's groin was practically in his face. Spy went to turn his head away, but Trooper grabbed a fistful of his hair so he had to stare directly at the Scout's dick.

As Trooper continued to pound into him, Spy felt himself quickly building to release. The Red merc thrusted into him with more and more force while jerking away at Spy's prick. He could also hear Scout's own stifled moans and gasps become louder and less suppressed, and knew the boy was close too.

Finally Spy felt Trooper dump his seed into Spies ass and it sent Spy over the edge spilling his own seed onto the floor. Scout quickly came as well, the majority of his semen spurting onto the spy's face. Finally the two Blu mercenaries collapsed on the floor, panting and covered in sweat. Soldier chuckled as he joined Trooper who tucked himself back into his pants.

"Well it's been fun," Soldier said "We should do this again sometime. See you ladies around!"

With that the two soldiers walked back to their base, leaving the remnants of their dirty deed behind.

2 .

I can't believe I missed this! Thank you so much for the shout-out! It warms my heart to know I've inspired someone else like this site has inspired me. Consider my day made!

Buuuuut, in the interest of transparency, I'd like to say this fic does have a few issues. Just a few. (No sage because I'm actually leaving criticism.)

1) I initially missed who Trooper was and thought for a moment that he was a 10th class you made up. I'd suggest making it more apparent that he's also a Soldier - just refered to by a different name to help differentiate him from Soldier 1.

2) Okay, um, Trooper kinda plowed into Spy without any kind of prep or lube or anything. Unless Spy just kinda chills on the battlefield, stuffed to the hilt with a buttplug, that wouldn't be possible without something tearing and a LOT of blood. That or Trooper is microscopic, and I don't think you were trying for that.

I never went into full detail about what (my) Spy did to (my) Scout in the cellar, but it should have been telling that the first thing he did when he got Scout back was finger him with lube. It's because tearing the lining in your rectum is a pretty serious injury, and he didn't want Scout to bleed out after a few hours of fun. I realize that this is a fic where respawn is a thing, but still. Sodomy is srs bsns ok.

3) The rape scene itself kinda reads like... well, a hentai, to be honest. With the "no, no, YES" thing happening with Spy who is, as previously noted, getting plowed from behind with no prep work whatsoever. He would have to be an ultra-masochist to be able to get hard or cum despite that.

4) I would have liked a little more from Scout, tbh, but that's really just a personal preference thing. The story isn't about him. I just kinda find it a tad lame that he watched Spy get raped after sacrificing himself for Scout and... he gets aroused? Um, ok. This is what I meant by it reading kinda like a hentai than a real person. I realize that you can't always control what rustles your jimmies, but it would have been more believable and emotional if he like cried or tried to fight back and help or... something. Anything. Else.

5) What was the misunderstanding???

Other than some minor awkward phrasing here and there, it's really good! Is there more to this? I didn't click the link - sorry.

3 .

Holy shit, I can't believe you replied to this! Thank you so much. And thank you for the criticisms, I really enjoy hearing feedback on my work. Next time I write I'll try to do a better job a distinguishing characters, and making situations a little more realistic. I also really liked your idea of having the scout be more involved to make the scene more emotional. I hadn't thought of that and went for scout acting more of a stunned bystander. I have actually added more to this fic which can be found on my fanfiction or AO3 if you or anyone else is interested. Here is a link to AO3

Again, thank you so much for the reply!

P.S. The misunderstanding as that soldier thinks spy is other red soldier. I kind of just threw the title on as an after thought and forgot to label this better when I uploaded it here.
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