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Engie/Medic (39)

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Alright, lurker/first-time poster here. I was half asleep one morning when I realized that I've read Medic slashed with every class except Engineer (and Pyro, which I neglected to think about). I'm sure there's slash out there of them but I've just never read it, but anyway, I took it as a challenge to write a fic.
I haven't written descriptive narrative in a very long time, so I apologize henceforth for any unnecessary comma abuse (and inability to properly format).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Part 1/3)

The Dustbowl was the same, always, forever. A scorching-hot sun burning blood-red in the midday sky, that same cool shadow hanging over the silo adjacent from Point #2, where RED's Engineer liked to set up both Sentry and Dispenser-- there wasn't much need for a Teleporter, whenever RED moved to defend Point #1 it was only a matter of minutes before they lost it-- it was way too close to BLU's spawn point, in Engie's mind at least.
So he sat there, alone, on an overturned oil bucket and listened to the reassuring beeps of his Sentry and the warm desert winds blowing through Dustbowl, shifting sands, moving it in a ghostly wing over the ground. The fighting was a bit too far away to hear any gunshots or shouting, so Engie started whistling to himself.
Debussy was a little out of its element in the desert, but ol' Claire de Lune was such a fine song. Admittedly the Engineer was much more of a Country kind of guy, but after seeing a performance of it on the Television about six years ago learning it was a pleasure-- there was a big chunk of the human brain committed solely to the memorization of music, y'know, and homogeny is the death of the species, yadda yadda.
The sound of footprints startled Engie out of his train of thought and he sucked his breath in, turning to his Sentry. Eyebrows high, he waited until the RED Medic slunk into view; he looked really worse for the wear with blood peppered on his face, various burns on his uniform and what looked to be a broken arm, perhaps. What was he coming back here for, by himself? It didn't seem like anybody was following.
"Oh!" Engie realized it was pretty un-team-like to just watch him drag his body around like that but by the time he moved the Medic had already resigned to sliding down the Dispenser back-on and sitting like a sack of broken souvenir mugs from Germany that read "dies ist nicht Erdbeermarmelade".
"Sorry 'bout that," Engie said in his usual, peachy Texan-tone. The Medic's eyebrows knotted and he waved a hand in front of his face that either meant "shut up, bitte" or "don't vorry about it." A slight groan escaped him.
The Engineer leaned forward, checking the man's face. The blood streaming over his forehead was certainly from a shallow wound in the scalp, not uncommon or serious. Usually it happened when you were wrasslin' around with someone. Like a cranial nosebleed.
A handkerchief always helped in these situations, so Engie took his out, turned it from the dirty side and lightly pressed it against the doctor's forehead. He felt him tense under his hand, briefly, before sighing.
Was nice seeing the Doctor relax a little. Well, whenever the Engineer saw him he was wearing a scowl, way too many folders and papers under-arm or he was following his team-mates around in a terrible rush, still scowling, trying his best to be in eight places at once.
The Dispenser's healing glow had already started to fix up the superficial wounds, so the Engineer leaned back once more.
"What're you doing all the way back here, Doc?" Engie's question caused the Medic to roll his head slightly, looking up at him, "Ze BLU team is coming... again. Mein Heavy said 'fall back, Doktor, quickly.'" He puffed out another sigh. The Engineer pondered for a moment.
"Well, takin' some time to heal is better than waiting for the Re-spawn out here. Since this Point is so close to the first one there ain't no time to waste between 'em."
"Zis is true."
An awkward quietness fell over them, lifted only by the rhythmic beeps of the Sentry looking over the small, dusty domain. Engie should've really been looking out for Spys, come to think of it, but there was something on his mind, something he'd been meaning to ask the doctor for a while.
He turned to him, lips barely parted when Medic cut him off, "It doesn't seem like zey are coming back..."
A grunt and Medic was pushing himself to his feet, one arm on the Dispenser for support.
"Whoa, lemme--" the Engineer helped him up, "You sure you're okay, Doc?"
He nodded, "I must go back. Perhaps you remember how...ngh, reckless everyvone is. Zank you, herr."
"Wait, Doc," the Medic turned to him, "... Uh, good luck." Now was not the time.
The German nodded with something vaguely resembling a smile. That was all he ever got from him, really.
Looking a bit better the Medic semi-limped away, down towards the wood-boarded tunnels to Capture Point #1. Engie sighed, a look of concern on his face.
With that question still on his mind, as it's been for a while, the Engineer waited for the daily cease-fire to start before promptly making the team a delicious meatloaf, deciding to visit him soon after. With Medic missing from the dinner table, though, it was a perfect excuse to see him by way of giving him food.
Trot, trot, trot. Engineer made his way down the cool, white hallway towards Medic's office and heard the faint voice of Scout, shouting in pain, it seemed.
The office's door flung wide and out he came with Medic twisting his arm behind his back, "Ze answer ist nein!" A boot rested against Scout's backside and shoved him out of the door. He stumbled into the hallway and turned back to the doctor, "Shove it up your ass, Doc!"
There was a low growl, a "ho ho" and the Medic made a fist, "Zat ist--" he then noticed the short Texan by the door with a bit of a surprised expression.
"Well, what was that all about?" he asked with a laugh.
"Private consultation," the German answered, a droll expression upon him, "Hmm?"
"Oh!" Engie held up the plate to the older man, "Your dinner, Doc. RED's finest canned beef with onions, tenderly and carefully baked with bread and parsley at a gentle three-hundred and fifty degrees Celsius."
"Hmmm," the plate was snatched from him, "it smells delicious. Danke, Engineer." He opened the door to retreat back in when Engie hesitantly followed, the question still burning in his mind. As he stepped in the doctor turned back, bumping into him. They looked at each other for a moment.
"Do you have a fork?"
"A--well, yes," he laughed lightly before passing Medic his swiss army fork-knife-spoon. He didn't dare to ask the doctor to wait for him to fetch one from the kitchen, he might not've been alone when he came back with one.
"Doc, there's, ah... somethin' ah've been meanin' to ask you..."
The Medic sat down at his desk, removed his giant, rubber gloves and flipped out the fork portion of the pocketknife, "Zere is no need to be shy, herr Engineer."
"Well..." the Texan put a hand to the back of his neck in awkwardness, "...The thing is, it's about you."
"About me? Ich?" There was a quietness, and then a mouthful of meatloaf.
"Well, Doc, ah don't mean to be pryin' or anything, well-- ah shouldn't have been around in the first place, gee, but a few days ago when ah was passin' by your office here..."
The doctor raised an eyebrow and momentarily quit the meatloaf.
"Ah saw, through that there window, you an'... somebody... were... well, kissin'."
Medic choked, his whole body taut with surprise, and swallowed painfully some seemingly rock-hard portion of meatloaf. He huffed a breath and looked at the Engineer, who was a bit frightened, actually, and shouted, "Close ze door, CLOSE ZE DOOR!"
Engie jumped and ran to the door, slamming it shut.
The doctor stood up, his hands planted flat on the desk, each tendon standing out against some dark hair and shouting his age. He waited for a moment, breathed slowly.
"L-Listen Doc, ah don't mean to say anything by it," Engie fiddled with his fingers, "I mean, kissin' somebody ain't a crime or nothin'."
"You saw me... kiss someone..." the Medic repeated.
"Well, obviously it was a man," Engie conceded. The doctor coughed, loud and sudden, a hand on his chest.
"Ah mean, you were looking up at 'em while you were doin' it," which was logical.
The Medic swallowed and looked at him, obviously bothered.
"And you ain't short, Doc. So I figure it could be only one of two folks here, which brings me to my question."
"Vhat... vhat are you planning to do, zhen? Blackmail, perhaps?" His stare intensified.
"Huh?" Engie stopped for a second, "Oh no, Doc, haha! I'm not gonna use it against you or nothin'! I mean-- you ain't gonna deny it?"
"You could alvays get me fired, srow ze book at me."
"Wha-hah? Doc do you even know what that means?" the Engineer laughed and shook his head, "Doc, give it up, ah ain't gonna do nothin' bad to you because you kissed somebody. Ah just wanted to ask you somethin'."
The doctor squinted at him, quiet.
"...Who... were you kissin'? Ahm curious."
The Medic laughed quietly, "Zat is vhy you are asking?"
Engie nodded honestly.
The doctor's smile disappeared as he glared at the Texan over his glasses. Sitting back down he sighed and turned his attention to the meatloaf again. He waved his hand to beckon the Engineer closer. Engie obeyed.
"Does it mean zat much to you?"
He looked a bit surprised, then thought.
"Ah just..." he looked at the doctor's hands, his sleeves rolled up just slightly enough to see a small bit of his coal-black arm hair, up to his tense shoulders, a tired scowl on his face...
"Here, Doc," Engie moved behind the seated Medic and removed his one yellow glove.
"Hm? Vas--" A glance, then the Engineer's warm hands were on the doctor's shoulders, testing his tenseness.
"Relax now, I ain't gonna hurt ya."
Although quite unsure, the Medic took control of himself, looked forward and tried to relax. Against those warm, rough hands rubbing their thumbs into the base of his neck it wasn't too hard.
He let out a breath as those fingers probed every knot in his shoulders carefully and gently.
"Yeah, Doc?"
Medic looked downwards, at the now empty plate where a delicious meatloaf once sat, past it, to his feet like any shy human does. His expression changed.
"Engineer, you are not ze only one in zis base who now knows I am a..." he sighed, "Homosexual, but... you are ze only one who dares to touch mein shoulders."
He sounded a bit irritated but still pushed himself very subtly against the Engineer's massaging.
"Well, Medic... the way ah look at it... you either like men or you like women, ya can't choose and ya can't help it. That's the God-given truth."
"...Aren't you afraid I am going to... touch you or somezing?" A low laugh escaped him.
Engie chuckled, "Now why would I be afraid--"
"Ah!" Medic gasped.
"Huh?" Engineer lifted his hands, "Did ah hurt ya?"
He looked to where Medic was staring-- the door, and a face was peering in through the window. One of Medic's hands fluttered up, waving them in.
Heavy stepped through the doorway, closing the door behind him, "Doktor is busy?"
Medic shook his head and stood up, causing Engie to back up a bit. It was a little awkward, but maybe he didn't notice or seem to care that herr Doktor was just having his shoulders rubbed by the unequivocal third wheel.
"Time I excused myself anyhow," a smile and a nod to Heavy, and then to Medic. The older man turned, eyebrows in a sympathetic knot. He nodded back, that clear glare again like he was probing the Engineer's brain. It struck a twinge in Engie's smile as he turned to leave, closing the door behind him.
He glanced back through the window and saw them talking, Medic looking up to Heavy, something akin to a tired smile on his face.
Engineer nodded to himself, "Mystery solved."

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It was a short time after that the team moved out to defend the Gravel Pit which, in Engie's mind, was like a goddamn maze, and finding one's way from A to B to C was a bit time-consuming at times. He found himself at Point A, in the midst of building a Sentry when a group of REDs launched themselves into the tunnel leading to BLU's spawn point via Rocket Hops, Sticky Bomb Jumps and the wiles of the Force-A-Nature.
Well, if any BLUs made their way down this side, Engie thought, the Sentry'll churn 'em into strawberry ice cream.
From across the dusty path to Point B came the sound of footsteps, of two shiny, black boots in a hurry to get somewhere fast.
Engie turned from the Sentry to Medic running his way, "Doc!"
"Oh, Engineer!" He slowed down to meet him.
"Doc, you're runnin' like a broken egg," Engie laughed before Medic walked past him, to look up at the tunnel leading to BLU's spawn point. There was an obvious firefight up there, unreachable by normal means. He could hear the occasional scream accompanied by an explosion and the sounds of gunshots.
"I..." the Medic began, "I must... go up zere, I need to be vhis zem." He ran up to the wall under the tunnel's entrance, a hand against it, looking up. Engie could see a feverous worry in him as he glanced around, looking for a way up.
"Uh," a scan around, "Ah! Here, Medic, lemme show you somethin'."
Medic looked at Engie as he brought his big ol' tool box over to the base of the wall where Medic had been standing and started crafting a Dispenser.
"...Hah..?" the doctor observed, not quite understanding what was going on. He stepped around the Engineer.
"A... Class secret, sorta'. Don't tell anybody about it," he winked behind his goggles and grinned.
The other man still looked confused when he started to explain, "When ah build this Dispenser, you can use it as a step," he moved his hands in a hopping motion, "and get up there where your team needs ya, alright?"
Engie flashed a thumbs-up as the doctor's eyes widened, sparkling with a new-found hope.
He turned to the doctor, "I hope you're not thinking of owing me anythin'." Medic looked surprised.
"Vell, you are going out of your way--"
"Don't even think about it, Doc, this is just team work. Besides, all the stuff you do for us..."
He raised an eyebrow at the older man, "You're so worked up all the time, worryin' about all a' us, sometimes I... well, I'd like to do what ah can to help you out."
"Zank you, Engineer," Medic's eyebrows furrowed somewhat, "And, hm--"
There was a moment of quietness, followed by an explosion.
"Vell... zank you, for zat shoulder rub," he made a vague point to his shoulder. Engie looked surprised, then opened his mouth and smiled.
"Ain't no problem, Doc. Anytime."
There was a hiss and the Dispenser was finally finished. Medic approached, nodded to Engie and put his hands on top of it. He stopped, not sure how to initiate this whole climbing thing.
"Here, Doc," Engie bent down and cupped his hands together to boost the Medic's foot. The doctor looked, raising a boot up and rested a hand on the Engineer's shoulder, hopping onto the Dispenser knee-first.
He awkwardly scrambled until he was in the tunnel and spun around to look down at Engie with a salute.
The Texan grinned, saluting back.

3 .


Back on base there was definitely an aura of camaraderie-- what with RED's repeated victories and the fact that Demoman was cooking that night (the man was a savant cook, one assumed that cooking had more to do with explosions that one'd ever know) the whole team was in a generally good mood. After Engie made his usual rounds to everyone, fixing things from jamming guns to wobbly chairs he made his way back down that cool, white hallway towards Medic's hideout and was greeted with the sound of calm, warm music.
Scout was sitting by the door, just listening, his eyes closed and mouth curled into a very slight smile.
The Engineer glanced at him before stopping in front of the door-- he froze with the realization of its familiarity-- that song, Claire de Lune, drifted through the hallway with the crackles of a dirty, old record.
"Huh," he whispered to himself, a distant smile gently spreading on his face, "'magine that!"
Quietly, he turned the handle, pushing the door open and found Medic leaning against his desk, nodding, one hand raised with un-gloved fingers pressing imaginary chords of a violin, assumably. Upon noticing the Engineer's entrance he straightened up, somewhat surprised and stood away from the desk, lowering his hand.
"Velcome back, Engineer."
"Hey, Doc. How are ya?"
The older man raised his eyebrows, "Hmm."
Engie stopped in front of him, bowed and held out a hand.
"...May ah have this dance?"
Medic turned his nose up in disbelief and gave an incredulous grin.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"Well ah wouldn't be askin' if I wasn't sure," Engie laughed.
He gave his hand to the Engineer and felt a surge of heat from the Texan's palm. It was quite pleasant.
The younger man gave a look of surprise, "Your hands are like ice, Doc."
"Zey alvays are," (as a matter of fact).
"You know what they say about that..."
Engie looked up to the Medic.
"Cold hands..." he began, "...Blazin'-warm heart."
The doctor took a moment to think on that, and smiled somewhat sadly. One of Engie's hands took his waist and pulled him closer, then they started to waltz.
Their height difference made the interaction somewhat awkward, Engie's line of sight was roughly around Medic's collar bone but they very slowly swayed together.
Claire de Lune wasn't really a song to dance to, and the room was far too small for ballroom dancing, but they made it work better than either of them had thought-- Engie's feet were in time with Medic's as they both spun carefully through the room, the doctor's coat fanning nigh elegantly, not daring to touch his legs.
Suffice to say, Medic enjoyed this, as a light smile quietly graced him. He couldn't see the faint red over the cheeks of the other man with his face so close to his chest.
When the song finished the Engineer leaned the Medic into a dip, in spite of being fully aware it wasn't part of waltzing, and held his face close to the doctor's.
They searched each other's features and to Medic's surprise... Engie pressed his lips to his.
After a moment, Engineer pulled back, quiet. The Medic just looked at him, a little shocked.
"...I see," he quietly said.
Embarrassed, Engie pulled the older man back up with a grunt and they stood apart from each other.
"...Iz zat ze reason you vanted to know who I vas kissing?"
"I..." it finally dawned on the Engineer how he might be butting into something, "...Well ah--"
The sound of strangely kind laughter made him look up to the doctor again.
"It iz okay."
The Engineer gave an embarrassed look, "Doc," he looked down again, then back up to him, "Truth is, ah do have a... bit of a crush on you. Have for a while. But y'know, when I passed by that night and saw you kissin' somebody else... I wasn't jealous or nothin'. I just wanted to know you were with somebody who was gonna treat you right," punctuating that "right" with a nod.
The doctor was quiet, looking at the Texan from over his glasses.
"And ahm sure he will. And maybe he'll... touch ya the way I want to. Make sure you're comfortable and... show ya a good time."
He looked at the doctor and tried to reassure him with a smile.
"Now vhy vould somevone like yourself be interested in me?" the Medic asked, genuinely curious.
"Eh? Well... ain't no way you don't know you're handsome," he chuckled, "And... like they say in your country, 'the oldest trees... bear the sweetest fruit.'"
There was a split second before the doctor snorted and broke into a loud, jackal laugh, startling the Engineer. It was a real, actual guffaw (sounding somewhat alien to Engie) that ended with a whoop and a fist to a table.
The doctor whimpered sarcastically and brought a finger to a tear beading in the corner of his eye. With a deep grin, he looked to the other man.
"Come here."
Engie approached and was pulled closer to the doctor.
Cold fingers gently moved up his face and pushed his helmet off. It was tossed on the table behind Medic and those chilly hands cupped Engineer's face, angling it up towards the doctor's.
Lips pressed against his, unbelievably soft and contradictedly warm. He kissed, once, twice.
The Engineer's face blazed with heat against the other man's hands, warming them up as the German leaned back against the table, knees parted and he was pulled in to gently force against him. There was something nudging against his groin that the Engineer hazily recognized.
Medic pressed his lips against Engie's face, kissing his cheeks and next to his nose. He stopped for a moment to remove the Engineer's goggles and toss them into his overturned hat.
The Medic made a satisfied smile when their eyes met.
"You have such naive eyes. And I never get to see zem."
Engie blinked, not quite sure what he meant by that. Hands made their way to his shirt and started unbuttoning it.
"Whoa, we-- we're really doin' this, aren't we?"
"Are you nervous?" His overalls were undone.
The Engineer finally realized why he was the only one who "dared to touch his shoulders"-- walking into Medic's office was like following a trail of bread crumbs to a witch's house, except this witch was a mean doctor, a man (a warlock?), who was obviously more sexually active than he seemed.
"Ah just... it ain't right for you to be playin' around behind your man's back..."
The doctor laughed, "Engineer, ve are not married or somezing." He cocked his head and thought about it, "Some... casual sex isn't a crime, ja?"
Another kiss.
"Don't forget... you vere ze vone who kissed me first."
It was sort of a weak argument, but the Engineer sighed, admitting defeat. He was up to his knees, now.
Blinking, he looked up to the doctor again.
"You sure about this?"
"Vhy vouldn't I be?"
In a few minutes they were in their underwear and Engineer had picked up the doctor, "Whoa--" and tossed him onto his bed.
His weight shifted as the Texan crawled over him, profusely kissing his neck, his warm, big hands smoothing over the doctor's moderately hairy chest, gently grabbing, and rubbing his nipples, "Mn...!"
The doctor huffed hot, white breaths and turned his face, eyebrows lightly furrowed in an angelic pleasure. His hands dug into Engie's shoulders as the man moved to kiss and lick his neck and jaw.
Sitting back for a moment to look at the German, "Hm...?" who looked a might embarrassed, Engie grinned.
"Here," He reached for the other's glasses, a little foggy from the heat, and much to Medic's relief he gently took them, folded them and placed them on the bedside table.
A smile and he was on him again, kissing and groping. His mouth found the other's whilst his hands busied with removing their underwear, his own first, he broke from the kiss for a moment to uncover a burgeoning erection.
The man under him stared at it, eyes half-lidded, still an air of embarrassment upon him. When Engie moved to remove the doctor's undies there was a slight hesitation-- he could see his penis pushing against the thin, white fabric, the ebony of his hair running from below his belly to over his testicles. The fact that it was slightly wet didn't hamper the image, of course, but it did make Engie want to do something.
He lowered, glancing at Medic's expression, and kissed his cock through the material, inciting a gasp and a "V-Vas..."
Gently, he parted his lips and mouthed the cloth-bound genitalia, the warmth of his breath burrowing deep in Medic's gut.
"A-Ahh...!" the German's legs spread further, offering himself to the Engineer. His hands clawed at the sheets underneath him.
After affectionately kissing his balls Engie picked up the doctor's legs, "Hold on, now."
Gently pulling the underwear off and tossing them next to his own, he pushed Medic's knees apart again.
"Y'ever think... if the rules of nature intended us to reproduce..."
He looked upon Medic's decidedly full erection, the redness of it, and that crow-black fur going up, past his navel... The doctor's face was burning with a hazy lust and something close to shyness.
"Engineer..." he huffed, "Nature does not have rules. She only has problems for us to solve."
At that moment Engie realized how strangely ordinary Medic's face was without glasses and with messy, sweaty hair. Although his high cheekbones did tend to... well, remind him of a grade school teacher he had once--
Thump, the Medic playfully kicked Engie in the thigh.
"Vhy are you zinking on zis?"
"No reason, Doc," His voice was rougher than usual, and he swallowed hard before descending on the Medic again, wrapping his fingers gently, lightly over the other man's cock. He pulled at it slightly and felt the other's breath hitch.
He kissed, and licked at the hot fluid, causing the doctor to close his eyes and give a weak moan.
Running his tongue up the underside, he thought for a moment, then decided "Why not," putting the length in his mouth.
Medic jolted, watching him. He whimpered quietly.
There was a familiarity of his mouth being so uncomfortably full, but he managed to move his tongue over the end repeatedly, teasingly and start a rhythm of pushing it in and out.
The doctor started to cry out then and covered his mouth in fear of being heard. His eyes peered out daringly at the Engineer with what seemed to be tears pooling in his lashes.
Engie pulled back, tongue salty with precum as he wiped his mouth.
He crawled up, bringing his cock to push against Medic's and started to grind his hips against the other man's. If the doctor was gonna get wet, sure as hell Engie was gonna too, he fully intended to get inside the older man and make him scream.
He wrapped a warm hand about both their lengths, the doctor's cold hand joining him, jerking and milking each other. The Engineer felt his hips move lazily, unconsciously against Medic's.
Breath hot, Engie broke from the union to lift the doctor's knee.
"Permission to enter, Doc?" he growled.
There was a quick head-shake, "Varten," Medic's voice wavered, "in ze drawer."
He pointed to the bedside table where his glasses lay. Engie took the hint and opened it, "Oh," there was a small bottle of lubrication inside. Taking it out, he covered his hand with its contents and replaced it.
He then searched for it, that opening, and pushed against it with two lube-covered fingers, covering it inside and out.
He pushed-- the fingers slipped into the hotness of inside the doctor, moving and teasing the flesh of the opening, expanding it,
Medic's entire body shivered at the intrusion, causing him to give a deep sigh.
Engie's fingers curled and poked at something-- "Ah!" the doctor shouted out, the spot prodded over and over "I--!"
"Don't you dare--" the Engineer crawled over him, smearing the rest of the lube from his hand over his cock, guiding its end to the wet, rosy cleft. With all patience gone he slowly pushed in, one arm over the Medic's leg, feeling the doctor tense and gasp.
Once he was in, he shifted somewhat and heard the man under him moan, "Mmmm..." He sounded considerably elated, and Engie could barely see a smile threatening to break over Medic's face.
Still-cold hands lightly pawed over the Engineer's back, "Gutte... feels good..."
With that, Engie pulled out slightly, starting a rhythm with copious amounts of precum and lube dripping from the doctor's anus, coating the Texan's cock as it slid in and out. The older main raised his knees, determined to take him whole each time.
Medic covered his mouth as the Engineer nudged against his prostate. He could barely contain himself.
"Oh no you don't... nngh, lemme... hear ya, Doc...!"
He pinned the man's hands next to his head, quickening his pace. He pulled out and forced himself into the doctor as powerfully as he could, the bed creaking with each thrust.
Down the hall were the recurring sounds of bed springs and the hoarse cries of the Medic, "Ah... Ah...! Ah...! Ah...!"
Certainly the Scout by the door could hear this; if he could hear goddamn Debussy, he could hear the chaos going on inside the doctor's office.
He stood up, totally aware of what the sounds meant and threw himself at the door's small window. Unfortunately he couldn't see much.

The Medic's eyes squeezed shut, "I-Ich, ah! Ich bin--!"
He shuddered and cried out, his distinctly husky, high pitch sounding through the office (and outside it). A torrent of creamy semen jetted out of his length, coating his stomach and Engie's chest.
A few more humps and the Engineer came too, filling up the doctor's anal passage, some of the white fluid poured out from around his cock over the other man's backside.
They both relaxed, still breathing hard. After a moment Engie carefully pulled out of the Medic. There was a sound of wet flesh as he withdrew.
He rolled over, his breath finally calming down.
Medic turned to him.
"If ze 'rules of nature'... intended us to reproduce... I zink I vould be vorried zat you vere going to impregnate me."
Engie gave a short laugh, "Yeah... that'd be a problem to solve, right there."

In the following hours they napped a little and Engie got mostly dressed. When he made some coffee and passed a cup to the doctor he just sat there on the side of the bed, hair askew and glasses sitting halfway down his nose.
He'd put on his dress-shirt but neglected to button it at all. Part of a blanket was drawn over his lap, assumably to cover his genitals.
Engineer approached, looking at Medic quietly sipping and drew a hand up to tidy his hair somewhat. From behind the cup he could see a slight smile.
The Texan sat down next to him, "...What do you think your man'd think about us havin' sex like this?" he said, a little more than a mumble.
The doctor shook his head and took another sip of coffee.
"Don't vorry about him. He's not mein keeper and I'm sure he doesn't mind."
"Whatever you say, Doc."
There was a moment and Medic continued to drink the coffee.
"...Do you love 'em?" asked Engie.
"Hm," Medic laughed somewhat before nodding, "...Ja. I do."
The Engineer glanced at his feet and then back to the doctor.
"...I really ought ta get back to work," Engie feigned a smile.
"Oh?" The doctor turned to him, lowering the cup, "...Alright zen."
A hesitation, and then the Engineer brought his hands to the other man's face and gently pressed their lips together.
"See ya later, Doc."

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You had me at "Erdbeermarmelade." Everyone knows I like some lolz with my porn. Engineer's description of the meatloaf is good, too... I like your descriptions in general. There are a lot of unanswered questions here- what does Heavy really think? Why's the Engineer going on about reproduction like that? I feel like I'm missing something.

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Holy SHIT this is good stuff! OP, I demand you write more creative stuff like this. This was really quality stuff, and really refreshing. I'm fucking sick of seeing Spy, Scout, and Sniper all over afanfic.

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I enjoyed this. I will comment to encourage more uncommon pairings.

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I really like this..i really like the characterization and your narration is great and i know its labeled part 3/3 but i have to say...MORE!! thank you for posting this

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Although amazingly hot at some parts, I can't help but stop and laugh when words like "anal passage" pop in.

Basically, just let up a bit on more technical sounding words and this fic's damn near perfect.

Also gonna throw in my plead for more as well. Unf.

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Let's keep this up on the board, yes?

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Oh dear, thanks for all the comments, everybody. I really appreciate them. I was going to say more about continuing this and not taking myself very seriously but now I can't remember.
All I can think of is how awkward "anal passage" sounds.

(Part... 4/?)

Engie picked up his missing articles, his goggles and helmet.
"Engineer," the Medic rested his cup on his knee, "before you leave..."
"Yeah?" Engie turned to him.
"...Do you really zink ve men are meant to reproduce?"
Taken a bit aback, the Engineer took a moment to answer.
"Hmm," he put a hand to his neck, "Well, Doc... you go through your whole life believin' there's a purpose to everything, biological or otherwise, so... when you discover you're attracted to fellas... I guess I still kinda wonder why. Anyway, it ain't important."
The doctor was quiet, lost in thought.
"Don't... vorry about ze purpose of zings so much... zat is vat I vant to say."
Those words nestled strangely in the Engineer's mind, something of a relief, mostly just surprising though. He opened his mouth to retort when he heard the sound of knocks on the office door, barely visible from the doctor's tiny room.
Panic seized the Texan. Every fiber of his being suddenly jumped up, shouting "HIDE HIDE HIDE" and he looked around the room.
"Vas are you doing?" the doctor was absolutely un-phased.
He glanced at the man sitting on the bed, shirt open, hair ruffled. His stomach still bore a light spatter of semen, not to mention the mess the bedsheets were in.
Engie grasped his helmet, goggles inside, and quickly eyed the doctor's closet where coats and shirts hung. He jumped in and clumsily closed the doors.
There was a sigh from Medic.
Engie's muffled voice came from the closet, "I-It's your man, I know it."
The Medic just shook his head.
"Come in," he sounded to the door.
There was a creak, the door closing, and in walked Heavy, hey, just like Engie thought.
"Doktor--" He stopped, approaching the room. Noticing the obvious and not-so-obvious he turned his attention to the doctor who finished his coffee with a deep, satisfied sigh. The cup was moved to the bed table.
"Who..." he was right to the point.
"Ze Engineer," as was he.
Engie nearly exploded out of the closet, "That no good--!" he thought, clenching his teeth, growling quietly.
Heavy was quiet for a second, then raised an eyebrow at the doctor and grinned, "Vas he good?"
The doctor nodded and smiled, "Ja."
The guy in the closet couldn't believe what the hell he was hearing.
"Is zere a reason mein Heavy has come here?" Medic cocked his head, giving the Heavy a sultry glance and raising his knee, far enough for what was once covered to be seen.
The Russian raised a hand slightly, taking a look between the doctor's legs, "Doktor," he looked away, blushing, "I deed not come here for dis..."
Medic gave a disappointed grumble and stood up from the bed. He picked up his socks.
"Is Doktor hungry?" Heavy asked, "Is late, but I can make someding."
The doctor paused for a moment, then turned to Heavy, "Hmm... ja, I am," he nodded. He then quickly approached the other man and pressed against him, inciting a look of surprise. The doctor was wearing nothing but an undone dress-shirt, so the Engineer, peeking out of the closet door, just thoughtlessly stared at his dick with an awkward swallow.
A black sock in each hand, the Medic sighed, looking up to his Heavy.
The Russian's eyebrows furrowed a little and he smiled at the other man.
He gave the doctor a warm kiss, setting the Engineer's chest aflame with an unprecedented and unconscious jealousy.
One large hand was brought to pet the Medic's contrastingly small head. The doctor purred, wholeheartedly enjoying the attention from his counterpart.
"Mein Heavy..." he whispered, "Please, I vant you inside me."
Heavy sighed, "Pppht," and put his big hands on the doctor's shoulders, pushing him back, "Come, Doktor, you are hungry. Ve get someding to eat."
The Engineer in the closet was flabbergasted. How could Heavy refuse that? Moreover, where in the world did the Medic get the ambition to have someone fuck him twice in a day? The doctor was full of surprises, evidently.
Medic rubbed the bridge of his nose and sat down to put on his socks. He needed a shower.
The man in the closet quietly watched him as his face was slowly clouded with a scowl, putting on that mask again, or perhaps he was showing how he really felt, all the time? Engie watched as the doctor pulled on his socks, his long, bony feet filling out the toes and heels. He really wanted to hold him, to kiss his stress away and make him coffee and pancakes in the mornings. How could he hold a candle, though, when they had pancake week in Russia? That's a lot of pancake experience.
The doors of the closet were thrown open. Engie froze in utter terror, eyes wide as the doctor stared at him.
A quick glance and it seemed like Heavy had gone out to the office, out of the doctor's room. The words "What in sam hill are ya doing?!" stopped in his throat.
The doctor patted him, his arm, his leg, and took a shirt from next to him.
Before Medic could close the cupboard's doors a hand shot out and landed on his shoulder, gently pulling him forward to meet the Engineer's lips.
The doctor's eyebrows raised in a delicate surprise.
"Hang in there Doc," Engie whispered with a wink.
Medic suddenly looked incredibly embarrassed, looked away and slammed the doors shut.
"Doktor, vat vould you like for eating?" Heavy called from the office.
The doctor hummed, putting on some slacks and a vest.
"Somezing light, I zink."
He finished getting dressed and fixed his hair. Heavy lead him outside and closed the door behind them.
The Engineer waited a few minutes before daring the closet doors. When he stepped out he saw the bed in such a mess and, well, his latent housewife capacity was suddenly mobilized. He stripped the bed, folding the dirty sheets so he could bring them to the laundromat on the base. On his way out he took the clothes Medic had been wearing before they slept together to wash them too.
On the way, he passed Sniper and they tipped hats to each other.
In the laundromat he whistled absently, waiting for the washer to finish.
After he'd finished there, he took the bedsheets and Medic's clothes, all folded very neatly, and left to return to the doctor's office. He turned a corner and saw Heavy coming his way.
His heart raced up his throat as he quickly turned around to walk back, somewhere, anywhere.
"Engineer!" The Russian's voice was a loud boom that paralyzed Engie on the spot. He sounded angry. He always sounded kinda angry, come to think of it.
The Engineer turned around slowly. Excuses were now beyond him. Medic's bedsheets and clothes were in his hands.
His whole body tightened up in subconscious expectation of getting punched when Heavy approached.
He stopped, looking the Engineer over.
"...Dat is very nice ding you are doing for Doktor."
Engie didn't know if he was just joking, "Ah what--?"
"POW!" Heavy feigned a punch, "Vhy you so nervous? Come, we talk."

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Poor Heavy... has he really long since come to accept the fact that his boyfriend is a shameless whore, or is he about to to lead Engi out to the back forty and bury him? I can't wait to find out.

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Heavy is cool.

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>>11 I'm half-hoping he'll give Engie the 'If you hurt Medic, I crush your tiny head' spiel.

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Yeah, this has to continue. The world needs more Engie/Medic, not to mention this is a dream come true with all our scholars in hot sexy action.

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I won't lie about having trouble writing this; after writing a couple chapters after this one I've cut out volumes of stuff after thinking on it, being pretty unsatisfied about it.

16 .


As they walked down the white hallway towards Medic's office Engineer made no effort at small-talk. He hardly even dared to breathe. Mostly Heavy just talked at him.
"Medic talk about you. Say you are very nice guy," Heavy thought for a moment, "I agree."
Engie couldn't take it anymore.
"L-Listen, ah-- ah don't mean to cause any trouble, alright?"
"Trouble? You cause?"
"Ah just-- aw damn, he was just so lonely, I know it ain't no excuse--"
Heavy laughed, "If Engineer did not want trouble... maybe should not look for it?"
Engie held his breath, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up.
"No worry, Engineer. If you already make trouble, would not be here right now, da? But is okay. Doktor has..." he did his best to translate the words, "...Very much stress. Too much for one."
"...Whadda ya mean?" He dared a question.
"Everyone rely on Doktor. So Doktor rely on me for... no stress."
The Texan was quiet.
"Why'd you..."
They stopped at the door. Heavy was listening.
Engie looked around, evidently unsettled, "Let's go inside first."
They entered and walked into the Medic's room. Engie laid down the pile of blankets and Heavy took the clothes to put away. He knew his way around the doctor's room.
When the Engineer flapped the first sheet over the bed, he continued, "...Why did you refuse him?"
The Heavy didn't smile. In fact his expression was rather emotionless. He turned to see the other man start to tuck the ends of the blankets under the mattress.
Engie stopped, noticing the silence.
"Doktor is..."
There was a wait.
"He vant someding I can not give. Vhen Doktor vant someding... he is very rough."
The Engineer made the jist of what he was saying and stifled a laugh, "Rough? A big fella like you, and he's rough?"
Heavy obviously didn't think this was a very funny joke.
"I do not vant to be rough vit Doktor. But sometime he forgets."
Bringing over the next bed sheet the Texan shook his head.
"So, are you sayin' you don't wanna have sex with him?"
"Not dat. We make sex sometime, da, but... he says 'jnell, main Heffy,' he vant me to force him."
The Engineer just stared, mouth slightly agape, "You're kiddin'."
It was like someone refusing a job in cake taste-testing, although...
"Not joke," Heavy shook his head.
...Engie did understand where he was coming from. His own fantasies about the doctor centered around gently kissing him, reassuring him and just generally treating him well, keeping him like a decidedly violent and sadistic flower in a garden. Perhaps it was time for Medic to graduate to Medic II.
He was unsure if he had the heart to say, tie him up or... to abuse him at all. On the other hand, the effort he put into slamming into the doctor earlier made his back hurt just thinking about it.
"Hrnghh..." the Engineer poked a finger under the edge of his hat and scratched.
They very cordially finished making Medic's bed.
With a fluff of a pillow Engineer turned to his Love Triangle Compatriot, "...Take real good care of him... alright?"
At this point he was willing to retreat again into the shadows, to help the doctor as much as he could, and if he wanted to have sex with him, well, so be it. He'd put his heart into it.
Heavy looked around the room, contemplating and translating words. His gaze met the Engineer again.
"...What Doktor vant, I vant."
He raised an eyebrow, thinking over his words and then nodded, "See you later, Engineer."
Heavy exited the office, leaving Engineer to wonder on what exactly he meant.
A few seconds and he sat down at the edge of Medic's bed. Was there anything else he could do for him? He felt restless. Breathing in, he smelled the doctor's bedroom. There was something comforting about it, the familiar smell of an older man. Sort of like shaving cream and a library.
He turned a bit, moving to smell the bedsheets, to see if they still smelled like him and stopped, "...Now that's kinda creepy."
He laughed to himself and got up to leave.
Outside the door sat Scout, just sitting there again, looking bored. Engie turned to him after shutting the office's entrance.
"...What're you doing, boy? You're gonna get hemorrhoids sittin' on that cold floor all the time."
"You're a real comedian, Hardhat," the boy didn't even look up to him, "I'm protestin'."
"Huh? The doc's not in, y'know," he pointed a thumb at the door, "What are you protestin', anyway?"
"Doesn't matter. What were you and fat-ass talkin' about?"
"Now that ain't none of your business, son," he'd be damned if he was gonna reward the boy's curiosity, especially on the subject, "I suggest you hightail it outta here and quit botherin' the man."
Scout quietly flipped him off, causing the Texan to shrug, "Suit yourself."
As he made his way to his own quarters for the night he wondered where the doctor would be at this hour. He was also pretty tired, RED had defended the Gravel Pit earlier today.
That stuff happened today? It felt like a million years ago.
Before he crawled in bed he had a quick shower. Was he ever a mess.

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I can't approve of this fic highly enough. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I'll just be patiently waiting in the corner here for more.

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Why do I feel like there's gonna be Scout/Medic in here at some point?
...Probably 'cause I want it. I wanna know what the hell he's doing out there, at least. And I lol'd at the hemorrhoids bit. My mom used to say that to me all the time.

ANYWAY, this is really good. I like Heavy. He's like, the best boyfriend ever, being so cool and understanding Medic's needs like this. It's awesome, really.
I'd like to see a little three-way action here too, honestly.
GAH. Why do I have nothing but smut on the brain? This is an actual good fic in its own right. Even without the smut, it's lovely. Kudos on that.
But just FYI, that whole 'Engie kinda blowing Medic through his underwear' thing gave me a whole new fetish. And I thank you for it.

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Alright, why don't I just give everything I've got.


The next day was Sunday, an off day for RED and BLU, to recuperate and prepare for the following week. The entirety of RED, with the exception of Engineer, collected in the dining hall, a red wood-paneled room far too small for 9 men and an oven, among other things. Oftentimes it got unbearably hot in there, especially with all the talking.
After finishing up his routine Toolbox check the Engineer made his way to the kitchen, taking off his singular yellow glove and shoving it into his pocket. He could hear the motley conversation from down the hallway, and when he pushed one of the doors open to the dining room there was a deep blast of noise and heat, welcome and beloved to any man in the Fortress.
He could make out every voice, each of their tones were unique, and he searched out the Doctor. He was sitting in the corner next to Heavy and, hey, an empty seat. Maybe this was on purpose.
His attire was composed of a white dress shirt, a somewhat thin, dark overcoat and dark dress-pants. Heavy on the other hand was in his usual; plain work pants and a red t-shirt.
When Engie approached, the doctor and he looked at each other, the Engineer tipping his hat. Medic's expression softened considerably as the Texan sat down.
"How are you, Engineer?" The doctor's voice seemed kind in spite of all the noise.
Engie couldn't help but smile as wide as he could, "I'm doin' just fine, Doc. I hope you are too."
He was rewarded with a typically coy smile, but there was something gentle in it. That smile was just for him. Boy, did he ever want to kiss the man.
Medic looked away, watching the expressions of his team-mates.
"I vas zinking... on vhat you said before."
Engie didn't follow.
"...Since we've ever existed, us Doctors... Vis some hope we've been denying death to allow ozzers to live vhen zey might have died," he pushed up his glasses somewhat, "Because of zis zere has been a dramatic increase in ze vorld's population."
Engie listened closely to the doctor's words.
"So zhen vas? Ze vorld is becoming over-populated. People are running out of land to fight for, and food, and jobs."
He turned to the Engineer, "...Maybe zere is a reason you are... 'attracted to fell-ahz'?"
It suddenly hit Engie like a wet fish, what he'd been talking about. He was a little embarrassed to be quoted, much less his words extensively thought upon. The doctor leaned back and cocked his head a little.
"...Sometimes zere are zings zat happen for no reason, Engineer. It doesn't have to be biological or practical, at least zat is how I feel."
The other man nodded, "I... getcha, Doc," or at least he thought. Once his own words hit him he realized how strange they sounded. Somewhat rude, actually. It struck him that perhaps having a "reason" might not matter that much at all.
Well, it seemed that the doctor thought it wasn't worth worrying or thinking about which was... admirable to a man from ol' Travis County.
Engie took the opportunity to gaze at the man's face for a minute, his strong nose, his modest lips and mouth, drawn to a disinterested pout. His face was tilted upwards to gaze through his small, circular glasses, perpetually half-way down his nose. The Engineer noticed that in spite of its apparently quaint nature the Medic's hair was meticulously controlled. It laid simply over the top of his head and moved in a haze down the back of his neck.
For all the cold of that man's hands his neck was terribly warm. Engie suddenly recalled passionately kissing it, running his tongue over the doctor's throat and jawline-- he stifled a love-sigh and turned his attention, determined not to start getting hot and bothered around everyone else.
He looked at Sniper and Spy, sitting at the dining table, talking together. Every now and then Spy would smile and tap his cigarette into the ashtray next to his elbow while Sniper explained something, hands moving to prove a point.
On the other side of the table sat Soldier, whistling to himself and pressing napkins into various random shapes. Most likely he was very bored, but Engie couldn't imagine what someone like him would do for fun.
Behind him was Pyro, washing dishes, in uniform as usual.
Over against the far wall leaned Demoman, a tiny dictionary curled under a tiny book of crossword puzzles in one hand, a pen in the other, testing the paper. He really shouldn't be using a pen for crosswords, thought Engie distantly.
Adjacent from him, sitting in the dark corner under the dish-shelves, oh how could he not have seen him already with those cobalt eyes glaring out from the shadows there, was Scout. He was sitting on a crate, one knee up, just observing everyone else like Engie was.
The Engineer turned away before they had a chance to lock gazes just to see Medic stand up from his chair.
He turned to he and Heavy, "I vill be back in a moment."
The Medic shared a smile with them and Heavy got called to shuffle cards. The doctor quietly slipped out the door and then the Engineer noticed, strangely aside from everyone else in the room, that the Scout got up and walked out after him.
A minute or so passed of an uneasy feeling in Engie's gut. Something was telling him to go follow the Scout for some reason, and he knew to follow his intuition.

20 .


He left the room without anyone else noticing. Closing the doors behind him he listened over the muffled conversations sounding down the quiet hallway.
He walked, a worry pushing his pace. He turned the hall towards the Medic's office to hear Scout arguing, yelling. Engie could hear him but barely made out the words over their echo towards him.
At the end of the passage there he stood with the Medic, barking him against a wall. The doctor turned.
"Hey! Don't leave! Hey, I'm talkin' to you!"
Suddenly the boy lunged and stepped forward, pinning the German to the wall by a shoulder, "Listen, I'm tryin' ta make a deal with you, alright?!"
"I refuse!"
"You don't know unless you gimme a chance!"
Another hand firmly grabbed the man's crotch. The doctor was petrified.
"Hey!!" Engie called, not sure what was going on at all. The Scout looked towards him with wide eyes before being roughly pushed by the man he was against.
Before the Engineer approached them the boy looked around, suddenly confused, looking quite embarrassed, and ran away. Down the hall and he was gone.
"--The hell was that?" Engie was pretty angry. He glared down the hallway and then looked back to the doctor, "Doc, you okay?"
He stared off, "I..."
Medic's hands flitted together absentmindedly. He leaned against the wall and barely dared to breathe. The Engineer then noticed how the doctor's face was slightly flush. A few things clicked together in Engie's head, "Hey, c'mon. Let's go inside."
The door creaked open and he pushed the man inside. Medic wandered to a nearby chair and sunk down in it, his feet gently pointing together. He looked less vapid but increasingly worried.
"What in the world is going on in that boy's head?" Engie turned from closing the door.
Medic waved a hand in front of his face, "Don't... bitte, don't say anyzing about zis."
"Don't--- don't say anything? Next time ah see that boy ah'm gonna skin him alive!"
"Engineer," his voice touched scold-territory. Engie turned to him, quiet, and sighed after a moment.
"Zat boy..." the doctors eyes found their cold glare again, staring over his glasses, "He is... a child. Zrowing his anger vhere it vill fit."
"I don't get how you can just dismiss it like that. He's gotta know he can't just do things without there bein' repercussions."
The doctor leaned back, saying nothing. The other man looked at him, thinking of what Heavy had told him earlier. About the doctor wanting someone to be forceful with him. He glanced investigatively between the doctor's legs.
"...?" Medic's expression was cloudy, "Engineer, come."
He beckoned, one hand waving him in. Surprised, Engie obeyed.
Medic's long, bony fingers took the other's hand and pressed its palm against his crotch, sending a hot wave through Engie's stomach. His lips pursed into a wavy line as a fire engulfed his face. Under his palm he could feel the man's cock already halfway hard.
"I am a very... ill man, Engineer."
"Huh--?" Engie looked up at his face, "Ill? Whatchu talkin' about-?"
"I am..." he released the other man's hand, "...Inclined to zertain vulgar behavior."
There was a moment of quietness. The Engineer shook his head and raised a finger, "That's fine, Doc. At least to me."
An eyebrow furrowed in confusion.
"Ah already know all about it. Let's just say... a little bird told me. And just lemme tell ya Doc... you ain't sick," his voice hit an abysmal pitch.
He bent in slowly and kissed the doctor.
"...Oh gawd, I've been wantin' to kiss you all day," he kissed him again,"...Can I?"
The German laughed lightly, "It zeems..." Another kiss, "You don't need mein permission."
"Mmm," Engie put his hands on the chair's arm rests, deepening his kisses. One hand moved to caress the doctor's jawline. He started to kiss around the doctor's face, his cheeks, jaw.
"Engineer-- you are alvays... so kind," he smiled against Engie's lips.
Engie gave a raspy laugh, "I just do as ah please, Doc... although, it does please me to please you, y'know."
He moved back a little.
"I guess ah gotta say it, Medic. Ah love ya."
The doctor smiled somewhat weakly, a subtle blush spreading over his face.
"Zis is a problem."
"You love me, and mein Heavy loves me. Vas do I do?"
Engie thought, smiled and looked at the doctor again, nodding.
"You let us both love ya, because you deserve it."
Medic looked surprised.
"Don't tell me you don't think so," his hands smoothed over the doctor's shoulders, "Just because you have, mnn, one hell of a turn on."
His lips found Medic's again and felt the man shiver under his hands as they moved under his collar, pressing a button through a hole to reveal more of that hair-peppered chest. A quiet moan escaped him.
"Doc... back in Texas... they treat folks like you and me like we're ill," a hand slipped under his shirt, moving it apart, "...Ain't no shame in being yourself here, right...?"
Medic's eyebrow twitched. His breath was hot against the Engineer's neck.
"...Yes, but... Engineer," he gently pushed him back, "Ze reason I left ze dining room vas because... I needed to use ze vashroom."
He smiled and looked up to the other man.
"Oh," Engie laughed, "Well, don't let me keep ya, Doc."
He stepped back to let the doctor up.
"Achh," Medic stood up awkwardly and froze, about to sneeze. He stopped and immediately dashed to the office's bathroom. The door closed behind him. Engie watched the door for a moment and looked around the room, biting his lip lightly. His body was begging him to bone the doctor with the motivation tainting his every thought.
A loud sneeze interrupted his pondering. He heard Medic groan from beyond the bathroom door, "...Somevone must be zinking of me..."
Engie laughed to himself and thought for a moment. Then he walked to the washroom.
"...Hey Doc... Did, uh... any folks know you were gay, back in Germany?"
There was the sound of pissing, then a thump of an elbow against a wall, "Ah!"
To his defense, the office's bathroom was rather small.
"In... Hmm," he took his time flushing the toilet and affixing himself, tucking his shirt back into his pants. Before he turned on the tap to wash his hands, he leaned against the basin, looking at himself in the mirror. Glaring at himself, by all means.
"...Ze amount of personal offenses somevone could amass in zeir lifetime is amazing. Like leaves on a tree. But, I zuppose, ve are eventually forced to shed zem and forget."
After he washed his hands he opened the washroom door and approached Engie.
"But, Engineer," he said, almost remindingly, his tone becoming much more considerably soft, "...As long as zere is vone person who believes in you, who believes zat you are a human vers loving... zen zat becomes much, much easier to do."
Engie gave a sad frown, in spite of his semi-boner being utterly harshed by the warmth spreading in his chest. He wrapped his arms around the German and hugged him, his face nuzzling into the man's collar bone. Medic hugged him back after a moment of surprise.
A minute or so passed.
"My... mozzer did know."
Engie drew back, "Yer mother?"
"Vell, I have been... homosexual for a long time," he thought aloud, "Vhen she found out she didn't take it vell. My sister-in-law, zough, at least she zought it vas fine."
The Engineer thought that was a little strange, of all people, his sister-in-law.
"She vas very supportive, for some reason. But nosy, too," he laughed a little, "I didn't... intend to tell mein family, but mein mozzer did find out. Alzough aftervards she... acted as if nozzing happened. Ignored it, I zuppose. You?"
"Me?" Engie thought for a moment and grinned, "I don't think anybody knows. Not 'til I came here."
"I see..." Medic said quietly, "...You must be a very good actor, zen."
Engie stood there with his hands resting on the doctor's waist and imagined some German sister-in-law, presumably blonde, pestering a younger Medic, asking him his opinion on other men, actors, neighbors, people on the street. Giving him advice in dating men, having sex, etc. Embarrassing the life out of him. It was actually somewhat endearing.
In his maze of thought the doctor took the opportunity to slip the Engineer's helmet off, bending his knees slightly to let it fall to the floor with a kack.

21 .


"Shall ve... continue?"
Engie smiled, his hand reaching up to remove his goggles. At the sight of his sky-blue eyes the doctor beamed and nuzzled his face into the other man's.
"Zo lovely," he purred. Engie blushed as Medic turned his nuzzling into kisses, pressing his lips gently over the Engineer's eyelids.
The doctor's hands smoothed over his back, moving to embrace him.
"...You are zo, vell... small."
Engie sighed a little, "...Yeap."
The doctor moved back a bit, "I mean no offense, I find it very sveet."
"Sweet!" The other man sounded incredulous. Then again, if his relationship with Heavy was any indication the doctor was a fan of size-difference.
"I am sorry, do you... have a complex about your height?"
"A little," he laughed, "...But if you like it, well, it's fine, I guess."
"Vell zen," the doctor's smile grew into a row of teeth, "...You little, helpless, defenseless zing..."
His hands moved slowly from the Engineer's neck to his face, feeling his pulse. There was a slight touch of apprehension in the other man, a vague scent of danger. It moved lazily in the back of his head whilst the doctor eagerly pressed against his lips with his own. He could feel the man's tongue exploring his mouth, coloring it with the taste of... hm, coffee.
Before the Engineer could register what was happening the doctor took him by the shoulders and threw him into the nearby chair. Its leather surface creaked against his weight as he leaned back with unsure arms in front of him. Medic crawled over him, a knee on either side of his hips.
"...Mein home vas not a very loving vone vhen I vas growing up. As zuch I never learned how to love somevone, somezing. Vhen I vas given cause to love somezing, I vas unrestrained. As a child I hurt ze family pet, I crushed it," his hands moved to Engie's shoulders, "I found ozzer vays, but..."
The man under him breathed out slowly, taking this in.
"...Violence-- no, being... ensuziastic... is still close to mein heart."
Engie grinned, a small drop of worry in him, like dye in water.
"You ain't gonna..."
"Hurt you? Do not vorry, Engineer," Medic smiled, placing a kiss on the other man.
The Engineer felt it was a strange image, an older man in a suit, dress-shirt open halfway, crawling over him while he was still in his oil-stained overalls. It was then that he noticed Medic's socks, visible while his knees were bent, pulling the material of his pants above his ankles. They were a light brown with black stripes.
The big, yellow glove in his pocket was starting to get uncomfortable.
As he moved he crossed his legs somewhat and gently brought his knee against Medic's crotch, accidentally, inciting a quiet gasp from the doctor. He then gave a dangerous grin, slowly pressing himself down on the Engineer's leg.
"Mmm..." a hand moved to unbuckle Engie's overalls while the Texan's hands were busy with the rest of that dress-shirt.
Fingers slipped down, past the doctor's belt. They prodded teasingly at his budding erection.
"Yer an eager man, Medic," Engie smiled, pressing a kiss on the other man's lips. His fingers softly lifted and stroked the doctor.
"Y-Your hands... zey are so, mnn, strong... skilled..." a glance to Engie's blue eyes, "...Vould you...?"
"...Would I...?"
Medic huffed a little. Sliding off the chair he briskly walked to his room while Engie watched, "Wait, what're ya--?"
The doctor came back with the lube from his bedside table, making sure the other man could see it, putting it plainly in front of him. After the Engineer took it Medic began to undress, taking off his coat and shirt and flinging them on the office desk. As he removed his belt a hand reached out to pull him closer, "Now now," he said, tapping the hand away.
"No way you're expectin' me to keep my hands to myself."
Medic laughed lightly, "Just a moment, Engineer."
Dark brown dress-pants hit the floor and he stepped out of them. He removed his shoes and noticed that the seated Engineer was staring at him with lust-lidded eyes, more specifically staring at the swell of his shorts.
"...C'mon, don't be such a tease, Doc," he reached out and pulled the doctor to him with compliance. Medic crawled over the American again, taking one of his hands to study his relatively big fingers.
He placed a kiss on his knuckles, "Lovely."
"...I hope you like what they can do, too," Engie gave a warm grin, slowly trailing his hand over the doctor's cheek, over his jaw, down his neck.
He walked his fingers along the gentle cleft of Medic's chest, down over the trail of hair leading to his navel and beckoned him with a slow, deliberate slip under the waist of his underwear.
A low moan escaped the older man as Engie's big, rough hand moved in, feeling the doctor's cock. He pulled the underwear down and the doctor shifted to remove them entirely, throwing them on the desk where his coat was.
When Engie covered his digits with the lube the Medic offered himself to the Engineer's willing hand, eager and prepared. He propped his own hands on the back of the chair.
"Y'all ready?"
"At your leisure," Medic rested his head against the other man's for a moment.
Engie's hand trailed a line of lubrication over the underside of the doctor's dick, over his balls and straight to the man's entrance, stopping only briefly to tease and massage his perineum.
Medic's chest rumbled with a deep purr, adequately pleased. His mouth met with the Engineer's neck, slowly and sloppily kissing and licking.
Engie felt the doctor tense a little before he let him in.
It was hot as the Texan pushed a gruff finger inside, feeling Medic as he tried to keep himself steady and refrain from pushing down on the intrusion with total wanton disregard.
He started a rhythm, slowly pushing in and out, stretching the flesh. He could feel the doctor's hot breath on his neck as they both panted.
"Mn-!" A shiver let the Engineer know that he'd nudged something inside the other man. He pushed another finger in experimentally and quickened his pace somewhat as the Medic moaned with want.
Engie brought up his other hand to smooth over the doctor's waist, resting it against the subtle protrusion of his hipbone as he placed kisses on his shoulder's gentle slope. It was gleaming with a thin layer of sweat.
The Medic started clawing at the other man's shirt, partly just writhing, partly desperate to get it off, to feel flesh on his own, "A-Ach du..." he panted as his hands moved to Engie's shoulders with a bruising grip.
The fingers in him withdrew, leaving him to ache at the sudden emptiness.
"...Ah don't mean to hurt ya, Doc. Okay?"
The doctor was pushed off the other man, taken by his wrists. In a swift motion he was pushed face-down against the office's desk with a thud and an "Oof!" The clothes on it were pushed off.
A big, warm hand tensed against the back of his neck as he heard overalls dropping.
"...Don't be... scared, Medic..." Engie's weak pleading incited a hysterical giggling in the German.
"Ah-heh heh heh! Hee-hee-hee-hee!" His voice cracked against the desk's mahogany surface, "Cruelness is... is not in your nature, Engineer..."
Engie tightened his grip, causing the doctor's eyes to squeeze shut, "I can be mean, Doc. Don't make me."
The Engineer stifled a pitying expression. The hell was he doing?
Smearing the rest of the fluid from his hand on his cock, he nudged the doctor's legs apart with his knees. He was hard as all living hell and his mind was an absolute haze but he did know he didn't want to hurt the man in spite of the grip he had on the back of his neck.
Slowly he started to push in, inciting a hiss from the Medic.
"...Steady... relax, Doc," he bit his lip and felt the other man nod.
The doctor raised a knee to rest upon the desk, opening himself further, "G-Groß...!"
After Engie was entirely inside, feeling his testicles brushing against Medic, he curled over the doctor, pressing his face against the man's shoulder blade. His hand moved from the doctor's neck.
He was throbbing inside Medic and felt the doctor slowly exhale beneath him. After a moment Engie moved, pulling out and then slowly pushing back in, making a rhythm. It was a wonderful feeling, making love to the man he really cared for, hearing him sigh and moan, feeling him move against him with pleasure and approval.
He felt long, cold fingers thread between his own on the table.
His pace quickened then as he thrusted into the doctor, both of them grunting and panting.
Engie's hand grabbed onto Medic's plump, neglected cock (like any gentleman would) and started working it, pulling against the velvety flesh.
"Schade...!" The doctor shuddered, a smoky grin audible in his voice, "Oh, Engineer!"
Engie rocked his hips and pumped the doctor in tandem as hard as his tender back could afford. He could feel his climax drawing ever nearer as the doctor moaned and cried out. The heat inside the other man was incredible.
With a full-bodied shiver he came, pouring into the Medic. He savored the feeling, the sweet rush, and pulled furiously on the dick in his hand. The doctor soon choked a scream and came against the desk's side, out of breath.
After a few moments the Engineer pulled from the tight, hot flesh and pulled up his overalls. The doctor lay against the desk, panting and whimpering lightly.
In a minute or so he pulled himself up and lazily sat on the table, a bit dazed, his glasses sitting oddly on his face. His dress-shirt was taken from the floor and draped over his shoulders.
The Engineer gave him a kiss, "... Ah don't think I've told ya how handsome y'are."
Medic smiled, running a hand through his sweaty hair.
"Can ya tell me somethin'?"
The doctor looked up, surprised, "Yes?"
"...How do you say 'I love ya' in your language?"
"Hm," Medic laughed, "...Ich liebe dich."
Engie tried to copy the sound, but it was engulfed in a southern accent. Medic retaliated with a chuckle.
"Ah feel like I've heard it before, somehow," a hand moved to scratch his stubbly chin.
"Oh?" Medic's feet claimed one of Engie's legs, "...Has anozzer German man confessed his love for you?"
The Engineer thought for a moment, considering what that could imply. 'Another'.
He remembered briefly his youth and his education; Texas was home to some two-million German-Americans after all, and decided to play it safe, "Nah... I guess I just heard it somewhere. Wouldn't mind hearing it again."
There was a dark glance as the doctor pushed his glasses up and a thorn snaked its way into the Engineer's heart.
Right. Having his heart was not a prerequisite for having a man's body. He'd realized this before.
Something tugged at the corner of the Medic's mouth, "...I'll see vhat I can do, hm?"
Engie collected the rest of the doctor's clothes and passed them to him.
"C'mon, let's grab a shower."

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Intriguing, and hooray for more delightfully-written boning scenes! The suggestion, from a philosophical standpoint, that homosexuality could have a positive effect on earth's overpopulation problem is an interesting one.

Does this mean that Scout wants in on the action, seeing as the Medic already has two guys getting it off in him on a regular basis?

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Please, dear Lord, don't let this ever end.
There is something in the tone, the phrasing and just a lyrical quality to how emotions are expressed that makes it genuine. Toe-curling, eyes-rolling-back-and-speaking-in-tongues sexy, but genuine as well. I believe in every twisted moment of kinks expressed, philosophy unburdened and sheer glee giggled.
Oh I love this so very much. MOAR!

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Why does this have more replies? This shit is incredible.

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Herp derp.

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Personal love bump.
The descriptions in this story are amazing. Little details that don't tell you everything, they showed you: Medic admitting to being a very ill man, Scout's slow background development and 'protests', Heavy's much more silent protests of his own. Hwo the team interacts cooped up in one room and how it gets so warm inside...
I like it. I love it. I need some more of it. Please don't leave the front page!

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Alright, I have the rest of it. Thanks for the love-bumps and comments, everybody. I really appreciate them.


All grogginess faded as Engie sat up in his rickety bed. He'd woken up even before Soldier made his morning rounds pounding on everyone's doors, shouting at them to wake up before they'd get a shovel to the face.
Engie blinked slowly. Then what had been on his mind before he went to sleep dripped back into his head.
Medic did not feel the same way about the Engineer as the Engineer did about him. Although this was known from the beginning, yesterday at cemented it entirely, or maybe it had just reminded him. He'd thought on it long and hard as he fell asleep last night; the doctor considered him to be a friend with benefits, mostly.
Was he okay with that? Should he even be complaining, considering that the doctor had already been in a relationship when he'd butted in?
The frown on his face refused to be quelled by any thought.
In spite of what he'd told himself about "retreating again into the shadows", to excuse himself from the Medic's love life, he'd taken every opportunity to become closer to him.
Sigh. A palm rested against his brow.
"Idiot," he muttered. Suddenly he remembered something and jumped out of the bed to confirm its existence; there, in the bottom of his tool box was a small, square, black case, featureless otherwise. He opened it, looked inside, and closed it again. After he got dressed he placed it in his pocket.

RED's shipping Train sped through the desert countryside, choking the air with noise and plumes of steam. In the lifelessness of the barren wilderness it was an exaggeration of its own presence in terms of its size and sound-- fortunately it was much quieter in the passenger's cabs, albeit quite shaky.
There was a lurch as the Engineer made his way down the carpeted hallway of the cab, one hand moving from seat backrest to backrest as he looked for a place to sit. It wasn't that crowded, but he sort of wanted to be alone at the moment, and finding an entirely unoccupied booth wasn't looking well.
Near the end, though, he caught eyes with the Medic, who was sitting together across from the Heavy Weapons Specialist. The latter didn't look very comfortable in the relatively small seat.
The German man gave him a soft, almost pitiful smile. Moving closer to the window, his hand patted the seat next to him.
A vague sort of anger budded under the Engineer's ribs, in his ears. As much as he loved the man-- he'd even told him that-- and as much as he'd recognized their relationship as mostly give-and-take, he couldn't help but feel like he was being played, somehow. It kept him rolling in his bed at night.
He'd come to the realization that his annoyance wasn't particularly anyone's fault, and it made him a little mad at himself for jumping to conclusions. Well, he was standing there-- and everything in him that was polite and understanding forced him to sit as the Medic had ordered. It was unthinkable to ignore him and go on searching for an empty seat; at least that's what his conscience said.
The dark-red leather of the seat made a crunching noise under him. He looked to Heavy, who had a contemplative expression and nodded at him. A nod back.
The doctor looked very pleased, somehow. His bright red, rubber-gloved hands fitted together over the table between he and Heavy.
For some reason none of them appeared to be in the mood for conversation. Something obvious, undiscernable and ugly was hanging between the three of them and the Engineer somehow felt it wasn't just his presence.
"...We're headed to the Granary, right?" Engie asked, a rather helpless way of breaking the ice.
Heavy just nodded. He got a glance from Medic before the man started looking out the window nonchalantly.
Maybe it was all in his head, but Engie couldn't bear this atmosphere for much longer. Not getting enough sleep at night was starting to take its toll on his tolerance of awkwardness.
"Bathroom," he croaked before standing up and starting to stumble down the hallway.
He closed the tiny restroom door behind him and leaned against it with a deep sigh. The Train jerked sideways and his elbow brought up against the sink, inciting a baleful Gah!
Hiding out in the bathroom was always his way of avoiding certain situations that involved interaction with other people: Girl wants to dance with you at a party? Bathroom time. Friend is confronting you about refusing said girl's invitation to dance with her? Bathroom. Girl is your fiancee?
Engie suddenly felt the deep frown on his face, "Occupied," he sounded.
A familiar voice chimed, "...May I come in?"
There was a moment of hesitation before that ever-polite part of him took hold of his hand and opened the door.
The doctor stepped in, making sure the door was shut right after. He put his back against the wooden surface.
For a moment they looked at each other, Medic trying his best to read the Engineer's expression behind his goggles.
"I am not good at zis, but... I am alvays up for talking, ja?" A glance over his spectacles.
Engie shook his head and sighed, feeling a bit stupid for being mad at the man. Obviously he could see through him with surprising intuitiveness.
"...You ain't done anything wrong, Doc," with all honesty he looked Medic in the eyes before his hand lifted to scratch the back of his neck. The doctor eyed his elbow.
"Hm?" He reached out, pulling the arm towards him, "Vas is zis?"
"Oh," Engie glanced at the sink, looking for a slight smear. Understandable.
In a few minutes the doctor had fetched his mysterious, triangular leather bag and sat the Engineer down on the toilet to kneel in front of him to dab at the wound with a solution-dipped cotton cloth.
"...Is zere somezing you'd like to tell me?"
Engie's lips pulled into a straight line. There were a lot of things he wanted to tell the doctor; that he'd lied to him-- when he saw him kissing Heavy all those days ago he wasn't just curious: a hopeless jealousy had ignited in him and against all his better judgement his body refused to stay away when the doctor offered himself. And how, here he was, frustrated and attached like an idiot. It was only he who had been so, and he'd been warned; Some... casual sex isn't a crime, ja?
Evidently he wasn't entirely sure of the implications at the time.
With some satisfaction Medic leaned back after applying a band-aid and gave his arm a light, rubbery slap, "Zere."
They looked at each other for a moment. Engie reached up to remove his goggles and left them to rest around his neck.
"...You don't know how much ah wanna keep you for myself. But that would be too unfair to your man, and to you."
There was a terribly quiet air between them as the Medic frowned.
"Ve are friends, is zat not enough?"
Engie laughed a little, "I don't know."
The cab lurched again, causing the two men to suddenly put hands on each other for stability. After a minute or so Medic stood up and closed his leather bag with a snap, still with an expression of concern.
"Come," rubber twisted against the Engineer's arm as he was pulled up from the toilet almost painfully and stopped an inch short of Medic's face. The German pressed his lips to his briefly.
Raising a fist chest-level, he gave Engie a stern expression.
"Ve can do zis," he assured with far too much emphasis before dragging the Texan from the bathroom.
Little did he know "zis" was just sitting back in the bustling passenger cabin booth adjacent from Heavy. Actually, Engie was feeling a little less out of place after they started talking a bit, amidst the noise of the train and its passengers.
"...Da, did now know where shooting was coming from," Heavy made a mock-bow to the doctor across from him, "So, many thanks, Doktor."
Medic just shook his head and smiled.
It was quiet for a moment so the Engineer tried to bring up something.
"...After... this is all over... what will you guys do? Just go back home?"
The two men slowly looked at him, silent.
Heavy raised an eyebrow at Engie, "Why talk about?"
"Wh-Why not?" Eyes were hot on him, "You don't think about it? Ah mean, it's a good job, great pay, outdoors... plenty of ways to vent your stress, but it ain't somethin' I wanna do for the rest of my life," he laughed incredulously.
The big Russian put his hands on the table, "Makes us homesick, dat is why."
"Some of us are not here by choice," A sarcastic smile melted across the Medic's face along with a cold, feline glare, and he whispered, "Not zat it is altogezzer bad, I have derived... much pleasure on und off ze battlefield, ja?" That last comment made Heavy's body tense visibly.
The doctor then looked to the window slightly, "Zen again... 'Vhat power vould Hell hass visout its inhabitants dreaming of Heaven?'"
Indeedy, after exercising your wrath on the same men over and over there would have to be another source of motivation after months, years.
The doctor had misidentified Purgatory, then, and it didn't seem like any of their souls would be purified anytime soon. Well, especially not the three men sitting at this booth, by all traditional standards.
Engie looked around the Train car. Here were nine men who had absolutely no chance of finding their place in modern society, anywhere. All they had in common was that they enjoyed killing other men, oftentimes as brutally as they could. This place, in the desert, far away from the rest of humanity was the only place where they belonged.
A rubber-clad hand squeezed the Engineer's own underneath the table. He jumped a little, his heart sending a flash of heat to his neck and ears when he realized who's it was.
Of course... it seemed like the doctor's other hand was connected with the man's across from them. Regardless, the Engineer squeezed back.

29 .

I apologize for my potentially horrible German.


A bitter and surprisingly cold wind sailed through the Granary due to its proximity to a nearby lake. It stirred the sand there into cyclones in the steely corners of the fortress, throwing it into the unsuspecting eyes of its occupants.
This sand the RED Engineer had problems keeping out of his mechanisms at times. He began setting up his Sentry near the Spawn room's entrance and ran back in to get more metal to set up a Dispenser in tandem.
As he took his tool box in his arms he found himself walking along side Medic, called by an occupied glance.
"Yeah?" Engie asked, looking up to the older man through his shaded goggles.
An unsureness coasted through the Medic and he glanced around before turning to him, "...You vant to leave?"
"I wanna what?" He realized why the doctor was looking around, "Right now?"
Medic shook his head, "Eventually."
"Well of course I do," the Texan lay down his Tool box and a Dispenser spilled out, virr-ing and fwee-ing to life. He took a wrench in hand and shrugged to the doctor, "Y'know what they define 'insanity' as? You should know this one."
There was a slight squint from the doctor and Engie quickly shook his head, "Because you're a doctor and all."
"...Visual und audio hallucinations, disregard for ze safety of ozzers--"
"Nah, Doc. I mean, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
From across the short field Heavy poked his head out of the next red-wooded building entrance, "Doktor! Hurry!"
Medic's attention was pulled and he instantly moved to meet the Russian. He hesitated, jogging a few steps before turning back to the Engineer.
"Hold zat zought!"
Engie nodded, blinking.
Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw a bright blue dot moving across the sand towards the doctor. Instinctively he looked up, to the adjacent building's window and saw the shadow of a tall Australian with a rifle raised, its scope hiding his left eye.
Half a second, maybe less, passed between the sight and the full-bodied urge to somehow take the Medic from the danger, but it was too late-- none of them were fast enough to stop the Sniper from taking the panicked, blind shot that demolished the doctor's right kneecap in a deafening ring and a fountain-slash of blood across the sand.
He crumpled to the ground with a whump and gave a hoarse cry. Engie's entire body tightened with the force of self-preservation and against the sharp pain in his chest he swung around, hiding behind his Dispenser. Preparation for Re-Spawn was fifteen minutes out here, a whole five minutes faster than he was used to, but time was imperative on the battlefield no matter where in the world you fought.
One second-- one entire second was all it took for a trained Sniper to reload his rifle.
He could hear Heavy shout out to the doctor, but he was all too familiar with his own lack of speed, and that he was of much more use to his team without a bullet in his head.
"GO!" The doctor shouted at him.
He hesitated, but ultimately decided to go fight BLU's main force with a single word from his partner.
Engie poked his head out in that second and drew back as a rifle bullet lodged itself in the Dispenser with a spark, "Gah!"
One more second, then, he afforded-- there was no way he could get to the doctor in that time and drag him out of harm's way--
Against all luck, out of the Spawn room's door flew a Baseball Bat-armed saviour, speeding to the doctor's rescue.
A shot tore at the sand under his feet as he ran, (another second! Engie counted), and he pulled with all his tiny body's might as he dragged the Medic behind one of the big cement blocks close by.
Panting, the Scout glowered over the doctor's demolished leg-joint, "Oh man, oh man... there's just, blood everywhere, blood."
The Sniper in the window kept his rifle trained on the cement block, "What were ya expectin', Marbles and Chowder?!" he shouted, obviously annoyed that the teenager had stolen his prey.
The Scout tore a strip from the bottom of his shirt and proceeded to tie it around the doctor's wound, inciting hisses and curses.
"Scheiße--! Scheiße!" Sweat had broken over his body and drained the blood from his face.
Engie was brimming with a new-found optimism, "WAY TO GO, SON!" he shouted before his Level 1 Sentry exploded behind him.
"Vh... Vhat are you doing-- Stop zat...!" Medic gasped, listless hands slapping at the Scout's.
The boy pushed his hands back, "What do you think I'm doin'?!"
"Let me.. see it!" The doctor leaned upwards, a clear expression of pain on his face. The carnage of his leg was shown to him as the Scout lifted his hand, nose flaring.
"Nein... Nein, zis... I cannot... At best I vill be in a vheelchair... for zhe rest of mein life," his breath was hot in the chilly lake-wind and he took one of Scout's blood-covered hands, "Scout, you must... you must shoot me."
"Shoot yourself, Doc," Scout's hand wriggled away to push against the wound again.
"Hey!" The man behind the Dispenser shouted at the boy in the distance, "I just remembered somethin'! What the hell were you doin' yesterday?!"
The Scout fanned his butt at the Engineer, "Mind ya own business, Hard-hat!"
He turned to the doctor, lifeless and filled with pain, "...Doc... that shit from before..."
Medic made a weak attempt at shaking his head, "...Forget... forget about it, Scout... I understand your... frustration..."
The boy gave a sheepish smile.
"Gawd, I'm such a blockhead, Doc," his blood-covered hand knocked against his forehead, leaving a smear, "Took me a while to realize you had this strict fat-guys-only policy," he said with complete honesty. The Medic groaned, rolling his eyes.
"But that's okay, Doc. I can't win 'em all, right? Everybody's got their taste."
"I can hear you down there, ya wankers!!" The window-bound ocker took another shot at Engie's Dispenser as the teenager tending to the Medic flipped him off, "Shut ya face, I'm talkin' here!!"
Shotgun raised regardless, the Engineer was very sure he wasn't going to shoot much at this range.
He felt his gun get pushed aside by something unseen, strangely, and looked up to catch the illusory, crimson outline of a man with an index finger to his lips.
Footsteps stirred the sand further and further from the Texan and he gave a gut-deep sigh. Spies. No trust for them. Ab-so-lutely not.
He spun back around to hide again.
"Jeez louise, Doc, you're bleedin' everywhere..." Little hands squeezed the Doctor's mutilated joint, "...Maybe... I ought ta shoot ya, but..."
A voice over the loud-speaker let them know that BLU was encroaching on their second-last point. Everyone looked around, checking each-other's situation to see if they could go help.
Medic made a grab for Scout's pistol but was slapped away, "Hey, I need that!"
There was a sudden scream-- the Sniper in the window was defenestrated, landing in a gangly pile below. The RED Spy slid into view, clapping his hands together and giving a sarcastic peace sign before disappearing again.
"Well, that's my cue," Scout hopped over the cement block to make his way to the front-line, "Hey Hardhat, give ol' Spy a blow job as thanks, a'right?"
The boy vanished with a long guffaw, totally ignored by the Engineer as he scrambled from behind the wrecked Dispenser to get to Medic's side.
"Goddamn... What's the damage, Doc?" He surveyed his bloody leg, wrapped in a thin strip of the Scout's shirt. There was no knee-cap, it was completely shattered.
"...Mein head is... pounding, mein arsch is very... very tender, and... mein leg... it feels like it's been... ohh," a terrible groan sounded from deep inside him, "...Vill you just... shoot me already?" the doctor tiredly asked and shifted slightly as Engie knelt down by him.
"...Doc, you know I can't do that," Engie had thought about it-- if they could keep BLU at bay for fifteen minutes they probably wouldn't need Medic, and if the Engineer had built a Dispenser and moved it up as they went... it would most likely go well. But when he imagined putting his pistol (or shotgun) against Medic's head and... blowing a hole in it, all the sinew of his face and brain showering whatever was behind him, pieces of his skull shattered and mixed in, the organs of his neck spilling upwards... and realizing it'd been his doing... even if he was going to appear again in fifteen minutes the act would leave him feeling hopelessly guilty.
"Grghhh..." he put a hand on his face in frustration. Turning men into cornucopias of gore was his bread-and-butter, until it came to this. Nobody could inspire such a weakness in him as this goddamn doctor.
Wait-- he had something to tell him, come to think of it.
But then by the time he'd realized all this it'd been far too late. While he debated again the BLU Spy had found his way behind him and quickly shanked him in the back, the white-cold blade cleaving his heart.
Gasping with dark blood foaming up his lungs, he dove to the ground beside the doctor.
Beyond his knowledge, while he lay dying the Medic had stayed completely still, searching for a way out of the situation as the Frenchman observed him for a moment.
Shaking his head, the Spy drew his Revolver, "Nicht dass ich etwas gegen Sie persönlich hätte..."
Medic shook his head quietly and resigned.
"Ich verstehe schon."

30 .


The Train-ride back to RED base was very quiet. None of the mercenaries could talk to each other of their disappointment, especially not the Medic who sat with a poisonous frown the whole way.
When the Train stopped and everyone made their way off the doctor pulled Scout and Engie aside.
Raising a hand up he gave them both a swift slap in the face. CRACK! SWACK!
Scout retaliated with a glare, "What the hell was that for?!"
The Engineer, on the other hand, felt that slap go straight to his heart. He was very conscious of what he'd done the entire ride back and considered the whole botched mission to be his own fault. Some part of him wilted a bit as Medic took them both by the collar.
"Hör mir zu! Zere is no room for personal feelings on ze battlefield!!" Spitting, he shook them both, "Vhen I say SHOOT ME, you DO IT!!"
"That ain't my job, man!" Scout shouted back, a hand wringing the Medic's wrist. The Texan just took the abuse, convinced he deserved it.
"Du verstehst mich nicht!" Medic shoved the younger boy, sending him ass-first on the desert ground.
With a scramble the Scout took off, cursing and leaving Medic and the Engineer alone.
The other rubbery, red hand wrenched the Engineer's face to Medic's as he gave him a steely glare.
"You," his voice was filled with such disdain that Engie felt his heart drop into his shoe.
Medic let him go after a moment and stepped back.
"...You can alvays apologize to me vis your body, but vhat about ze rest of ze team?" The doctor crossed his arms, "I am not ze only vone who relies on you."
Engie's sheepish, defeated expression deepened, although he was admittedly quite relieved that Medic wasn't going to beat him senseless, he'd never fight back against him.
The doctor sighed and reached up to rub the bridge of his nose under his glasses. Turning, he bumped into Heavy who'd just left the Train.
They looked at each other and the Russian put a big hand on the doctor's shoulder.
"Is okay, Doktor. Will kill them all tomorrow," he assured him with an encouraging pat.
After Medic gave the Engineer a long look, he shook his head in frustration and left together with Heavy, "Ach!"
In the remaining daylight after everyone carried their equipment from RED's Train the lonely Texan spent his hours in the barracks arranging ammo and supplies with Soldier, getting ordered around without much necessity the entire time.
That night he had a nightmare about watching Medic's head explode over and over.

31 .

(...Shoulda' amalgamated this with 11.)


Tuesday was mail day. He kept reminding himself this as the sight of Medic's head blowing up repeatedly played in his mind. Although he never got mail on Tuesday. It wasn't like anybody back in Texas was gonna send him some.
Well, he was wrong, oddly enough. About getting mail, that is, not about it never being from Texas. It was this medium-sized envelope from the Mann Company and suffice to say the rest of RED were very interested in what its contents might be. After insisting that the envelope was indeed for him and not the entire team he retreated to his room to open it and find out.
Pushing the random metal bits and such from his small desk he sat down and tore the letter open. Inside was a single sheet of paper with Typewriter-printed text and three instant photographs.
"Person of personage who occupies the position of Engineer for the Reliable Excavation and Demolition Company who shall henceforth be referred to as Engineer," he began to read from the sheet, "It has been in our ever-exceptional and never wrong observation that your relations with a singular team-mate of the Reliable Excavation and Demolition Company has been and has already approached the surface of the Event Horizon that is questionability."
Engie stopped for a moment and swallowed hard, "...Go ahead and look at the photographs we have provided if you do not believe us. Look at them even if you do."
Chest already tight he picked up one and feigned a glance at it. Oh dear. It appeared to be the Medic and he in the medical office's leather chair when he was fingering the older man, as blurry as the photo was. Terrified nonetheless, he couldn't help but feel a bit turned on by the sight. The next photograph, bordered in white, was a blurry picture of the Doctor kissing him in the restroom of the Train. Amazing. To think they actually had cameras in the bathroom.
The third one was a very blurry picture of a shoe.
He continued reading, "We will go ahead and state the obvious; it is the Medic. Not only are you a homosexual, you have puzzling taste in men and according to your other team-mates you spent much of yesterday's battle tending to the man like a wet-nurse instead of doing your idiotically simple job. They desisted to tell us about the incident until we promptly threatened their job and livelihood and/or reminded them that by all legal means we do claim ownership of their right hand(s). All of them."
Lowering his goggles he looked away, not entirely sure what this meant but also very, very nervous about it. He could feel his pulse hammering in his chest.
"In short, you will cease and desist your seeded or seedless botanical behaviour or you will find yourself up Ass Creek without the paddle known as lubrication."
Well, that explained it. Aside from being incredibly offensive it essentially explained that he's being monitored for any show of affection towards the Medic, sexual or not. It didn't mean he was going to be fired or deported quite yet.
Then it hit him. Any show of affection. At all.
How... How was he going to deal with that?
Even now all he wanted to do was curl up in the man's arms. Regardless of the letter he couldn't do anything of the sort, the doctor was still angry that Engie had messed up yesterday's operation.
His despair was two-fold. No, ten-fold!

32 .


Hours passed as he paced the room, sat down and curled up on his tiny, lop-sided bed. A lot of thinking took place.
Why would anyone be suspicious of him? To what lengths would he have to go to ensure their privacy if they were ever to keep company with each other?
Was this... for the best?
It seemed like all the forces in the world, including Medic himself, was keeping them apart. If that were the case, why not take this as a sign?
He could really sever their bonds if he wanted.
Yes, maybe... this is how it's meant to be.
As he grew to accept this, he couldn't help the deep, bitter, bruising pain he felt in his chest.
"Hrghhaghh...!" His rough hands smoothed over his face. This is just ridiculous, he thought.
There was a knock at his door. When it opened he was informed by a teenage boy that the kitchen sink was "gonna explode".
With a deep, unimpressed sigh he made his way to the dining room. When he got there, Sniper and Demoman were mopping up dish water from an overflowing sink (decidedly not exploding), and Medic was standing in front of it with dress-shirt sleeves rolled up and a wet belly. Also, suspenders. Damn did he look old-fashioned. He didn't seem to notice as Engie approached, trying not to step in any puddles.
The doctor jumped a little when a hand was placed on his arm to move him aside.
"Oh, vhat a relief," he shook his hands to get the soapy water off them, "Zank you, Engineer."
Engie barely looked at him, "...Seems like folk around here forget I'm an Engineer, not a handyman," he joked.
After they wrung out their mops, Demoman picked up the water-filled bucket and signalled to Sniper that he was going to empty it. The Australian nodded and continued his mopping after the other left.
"...I, for one," Medic rubbed his hairy arms with a dish-towel, "...am just glad you are here."
A prick in his heart. The Engineer had done his surveying of the kitchen sink's situation and stood back somewhat.
"Well, there's certainly a blockage. There's no real tellin' where it is though..."
"Vas can ve do?"
"Well," Engie thought for a moment, "Let's start with a Plunger, I guess."
Medic blinked and nodded. He was about to leave for one when Sniper raised a hand, "Lemme get that for ya. I'm... well, done here for now."
The mop in his hand was leaned against a wall and he quickly tipped his hat to the other men before leaving.
Medic and Engie stood alone in the crowded, little dining room. The wooden, red floor was shining with wetness and the sink's table-top was bathed in water. It was a murky mess in the sink itself, full of greasy, soapy water and bits of food from people trying to clean their dishes in it.
The doctor offered the dish cloth to the other man.
As the Texan dried his hands off he could feel an arm snaking around him. Hot breath blew against his neck and prickly five-o-clock-shadow grazed his cheek, just slightly before he forced himself away from the other man.
Medic took a step back, confused and a bit disheartened by the rejection.
A hand was raised in front of him as Engie turned his way.
"... I... I can't do this."
He summoned up all his resolve. There was going to be an end to his own home-wrecking and one-sided feelings if he had anything to do with it.
The older man was quiet, waiting for an explanation, he supposed.
After lodging the dishcloth on the adjacent table the Engineer patted his pockets, looking for the small box that he put in there earlier today.
Taking it out he thrust it into Medic's face.
"Eh--?" he stepped back, wary of the thing in front of him.
Engie opened the box and showed it to him-- gleaming inside was a golden Wedding Ring.
A hiccup escaped the doctor's throat as he stepped again from the object like it was an open vial of an air-borne virus.
Engie took the ring out and studied it.
"...This was the ring I put on a certain lady's finger on our Wedding day. We were the best of friends, but after a month under vow we hated each-other's guts," he laughed a little, "She said I was the most egotistical man she'd ever met."
Raising it up he looked into Medic's eyes, "...This is the proof of what a man would do to convince other folks he wasn't gay. I keep this with me, everywhere I go, to remind myself that I can't live a lie like that ever again. I've gotta listen to my heart."
And that was what he was doing now, right? Oh, how he was so nervous.
"So I can't do this, I can't pretend like you're mine when you ain't. I'm not the kind of man who becomes intimate with another person's body and doesn't think about everything else that could come with it. Or..."
His words were getting a little messed up.
There was a sigh of relief and he looked up to Medic.
"I'm sorry... I zought you vere going to propose to me."
Engie raised an eyebrow, "How could I do that-- well, first of all it ain't even legal."
"Zhat is true," he nodded, "But laws mean nozzing out here."
His smile faded as he looked at the Engineer, watching him replace the ring and put the small box back in his overalls-pocket, "...I feel like zhis is mein fault."
"Nah, it's not... well, all your fault," stifling a laugh he continued, "...Why'd you let me in? You already had someone who loves you a lot, y'know."
The German stared off, distant and looking more and more sad about the Engineer's decision, "...Vhy not? Laws mean nozzing here," he repeated, "I'm not sure humans are... meant to be monogamous... Vhy vould we rid ourselves of ozzer possibilities?"
He broke from staring off and realized that he might've just been making excuses and this kind of philosophy might be offensive to the other man, "I'm sorry," was all that he could muster in his hesitance.
Engie watched, unable to say anything as the doctor fidgeted somewhat, put a hand against his face and left the dining room, closing the door behind him.
He felt lower than a snake's belly after that. There was no part of him that wanted to hurt that man.
After a few minutes Sniper returned with a plunger.
"...Wot happened?"
Engie just shook his head and took the plunger to thrust it into the disgusting sink-water.

33 .


That day's battle went well. Not to say they won, but RED put up a good fight, and in the Engineer's opinion it was in part because he did his job this time. A team is like a deck of cards that covered for each-other's weaknesses-- it was true that the Medic wasn't the only one who relied on him. Until dusk he reminded himself of this.
Aye, but the night draws out the worst in men. Without the sun they can only see what's right in front of them; their loneliness and maybe a bottle of borrowed scrumpy.
Taking both with him, the Engineer, having cleared out his own tiny stash of whiskey, wandered with a red nose out of the base and into the desert's night. He also had his acoustic guitar in hand.
A crate was there, and he sat on it.
Laying his guitar against the crate with a crunch of sand he lifted the bottle of booze to his mouth with his other hand.
He was miserable. At least it was a familiar miserable, though.
Being the subject of one-sided love was commonplace in his life, ever since he was a teenager, when he realized he was gay. It was like discovering a bomb in your basement that would explode if any of your guests happened upon it.
When anyone became suspicious he'd just hide out in the bathroom, and if he'd fallen in love with someone... well, it was a sad thing. There was nothing to be had in falling for someone who was probably hostile to the idea of closeness with another man.
It took a lot to get him drunk after he was depressed with the thought of it. Multiple PhD’s meant he could marry himself to his studies, but it certainly wasn't a replacement for a real mate, that was obvious.
On the subject, he pulled the small box from his pocket and opened it. The golden Wedding Ring shone with such a brightness in the moonlight that it was almost blinding.
Well... he had lied to the doctor. There was one person who knew about him back home, and she had married him. That girl, Engie reflected, there was a reason she was such a good person to him; she loved him like crazy.
Now that was ironic-- the one backwards case of one-sided love in his life and he married her.
After they broke up she didn't spill his secret. He wouldn't blame her if she did; marrying somebody without loving them...
The image of the Medic came to mind. A modest smile and tired shoulders.
...Becoming close to somebody without loving them...
Engie gave a drunken frown and took another swig.
"Goddamn... Nazi, urp... idiot," he muttered before a long burp erupted from his throat.
"...Jesus Christ that is pathetic."
The Engineer turned slightly to see that Scout had already approached, quiet, almost like a mouse. For some reason he wasn't wearing anything on his head that resembled a hat.
"You really gettin' drunk out here by yourself?"
Engie turned back and drank a bit from the bottle again, "That's what heartbreak is, son. Gettin' drunk by yourself."
"...You're all upset over ol' Doc?" Scout sounded a little unbelieving.
"What're you talkin' about," the Texan's back tried to straighten up after a wobble, "I hate 'em. You shouldn't get involved, boy. You'll never get past his Grizzly... bodyguard, urrp."
"Who said I was gettin' 'involved'? I just wanted him to suck my dick and he couldn't even do that," the teenager grinned, rolling his eyes and made the other man laugh with a cough and a wheeze.
"You selfish little shit nugget," Engie chuckled and lifted the bottle to his lips.
The boy must've had a cold, he was sniffing at pretty regular intervals.
"...I thought you and Medic were gettin' along," another sniff, "I mean, people don't fuck each other like that if they hate each other."
"...What's that supposed to mean?"
"I dunno," he shrugged, walking into the other man's view, "He wouldn't suck my dick, I mean, it's gotta mean there's somethin' he likes about ya."
Engie stared into the distance, remembering the time he'd spent with the doctor... his gentle smiles, when he'd bandaged Engie's elbow, all the warm kisses, every "zank you"...
A long sigh escaped from his throat.
"I came out here drinkin' to stop thinkin' about that ol' fox, y'know," he growled.
"A'right, a'right..." Attention was drawn to the instrument leaning against the Engineer's seat-crate, inviting the young boy. He pointed, "...You been playin' that?"
"... Been thinkin' about it."
"Mind if I...?" Scout made a motion of playing it, his fingers in a crook. Engie just shrugged and continued drinking.
Carefully the teenager moved to the Texan's side and picked up the guitar. His gangly, skinny arms held it rather awkwardly in position.
"I don't know much," he admitted, "Jus' Hot Crossed Buns," which he proceeded to play, "Hot crossed buns. Hot crossed buns. One-a-penny two-a-penny, hot crossed buns."
Engie listened, "...What a beautiful song, son."
"I could play it at your funeral if ya want," Scout held the guitar and played it again, "Hot crossed buns. Hot crossed buns."
"C'mere," a hand shot down to rest the bottle of booze on the sand as he reached for the guitar. After Scout handed it to him his fingers fit over the frets with such ease and familiarity...
As he started to play he saw the boy's eyes light up.
"You know I can be found, sittin' home all alone...
If you can't come around, at least please telephone---
"Hey, I know this!" the kid was practically hopping with enthusiasm, "Dat's Elvis, ain't it?'
The Engineer laughed, "Yeah, that's right."
He continued playing while the Scout hummed and bop-bop'd along.
While his fingers plucked the coppery strings and his liquor-stained voice sang the lyrics... he thought more-- maybe a little too much again.
Maybe he'd have another chance. Somewhere down the road he might love someone else who would feel he same. It might not be soon, but... nobody ever knew for sure.
And there's a reason for everything, ain't there, biological or otherwise.
Somebody out there might need him like he needs them...
The only thing he knew for sure was that every man needs love. Nobody can live without it.
After he finished the song Scout clapped.
"I... I really been missin' that. Thanks, Hardhat. Jeez, at least there's one American here I can get nostalgic with."
He sighed a bit while Engie reached down for the bottle.
"Ain't no problem, son," smiling, he stood up, "C'mon, s'time to get some shuteye."
Things would look better in the morning.

...The end!

...I feel like I should say I'm sorry I'm not so good at this descriptive-writing thing, like painting I just never could get a hang of it.
Anyway, thanks for reading.

34 .

I could read this forever, no matter how bittersweet the ending. I'm not sure what your comments regarding "not so good at this descriptive-writing thing" but they are disregarded because this sis a fic so good I want to rock it gently to sleep and perhaps have my dirty little way with it.
I did not expect the end, but that was foolishness because you did nothing but lay out this drama from the start. As these two intertwined, we got something of a full picture of the team, the endless war, the damage that causes and what the purpose of all this was anyways. What makes them human and what keeps them that way. Yes, I'm waxing poetic about a fic wherein the term 'anal passage' is used and I don't care. Because you have a fantastic way with words that describes more than sexy bits (and how sexy they were!), but heartache that does not crush you whole but makes you stronger.
I have theories, theories about Heavy, but that I guess might be a fic for another time? BECAUSE THIS IS GOOD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD.

35 .

Having already said that I liked this story, (I think I did, and if not, well, I do like it!) the one thing that sort of confused me was the inclusion of the scene with the threatening letter, when the Engineer was already feeling dissatisfied with the nature of his relationship with the Medic. It just seemed like a bit of a red herring.

36 .

up Ass Creek without the paddle known as lubrication
I had to stop reading for a few minutes. Kinda couldn't breathe. Laughing too hard.

I hate the ending, but I really don't see how else you could end it short of 'oh, engie's had this personality type all along, but it's suddenly changed to suit the needs of a cute ending', or killing everyone off. So, you done good.

37 .

35 Oh god, I feel horrible for that... I'd forgotten that letter's purpose until you pointed it out; it alluded to the ending I originally planned (...and to some Spy/Sniper I was thinking about trying my hand at later). That's really just sloppiness on my part, I really can't apologize enough, ahahahsdfaskldg

38 .

yeah so this is pretty much everything i could ask in an engie/medic fic, ever. bittersweet ending included, goddammit i love you

39 .

Oh, mein heart.

40 .

Polite sage, because the end of this Fanfic made me cry.
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