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Duo (33)

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Update came early today. go me, for once.
I don't proofread these. I should but i don't. Let me know if there are any glaring problems.
Also, if anyone has a problem with me making these really short stories and giving each one its own thread, let me know.


“You busy, Doc?”

Medic jumped at the sudden voice that had interrupted his studious research, and scrambled to cover up what he’d been looking at seconds before. “Scheiße…” he hissed, finally covering up the offending diagrams by hunching his entire body over the desk. “Haff you not heard of klopfing on ze door before you…”

As soon as he’d glared at the offending person behind him, his gaze softened, and his lips curled up into what could be called a smile. “Oh…” He adjusted his glasses, sitting up straight. “It is just you.”
“JUST me?” the voice snorted as two wiry arms looped around him from behind.
A short chuckle. “Ja. JUST you.”

Medic hummed softly as a soft face buried itself into the crook of his shoulder. “Mmmmm… I missed ya Doc,” came the sigh.
“Excuse me, Scout, but I am haffing a hard time believing it vas only ME you vere missing.” Medic craned his neck back to look into the boy’s mischievous, blue eyes.
“Aw, now, Doc, that hurt my feelin’s.” Scout pouted and looked up at Medic with the best doe eyes he could manage.

Medic looked away, pretending he hadn’t been effected. “Mmhmm. Vas zhere somezing in particular you needed, Scoutchen?” he asked, scooping up the papers and arranging them into one neat stack.
There were a few forced coughs behind him. “Augh… Yeah, Doc…” The boy cleared his voice and continued, “Got a little -itch- in the back-a-my throat. I know it’s pretty late, and I didn’t make an appointment, but…”

Medic’s entire body shuddered as a warm tongue traced the shell of his outer ear. “Think there’s anythin’ you could do ‘bout that?” he finished, voice dropping into a soft, undeniably masculine whisper.

Medic stayed still for a moment. Tried to regain his self control. Counted to ten – in English – in his head.
Scout patiently waited.

Finally, there was an unimpressed huff as Medic slid the stack of papers into a drawer inside of the desk and locked it. He dropped the keys into his front pocket with another huff. “Ja, ja. I’ll see if I can fit you in mein busy schedule.”

He finally turned around to face the grinning boy in full, paused, and raised an eyebrow, questioningly. “… Vell? Take a seat on zee appropriate table. Zee Doctah vill be in shortly.”
“Oh. Right.”

Scout scrambled through the dimly-lit lab, the only light remaining being the one over Medic’s desk of suspicious papers. He flopped on one the closest hospitable bed, sitting on the edge and banging his heels against the bottom impatiently. He could barely contain his excitement as the regal German scientist rose to his feet, brushed himself off, and began making his way over, taking all the time in the world.

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>>2 Yeah, this. Not much else to say but 'more please'.

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Scout watched impatiently as the man gathered a clipboard, his stethoscope, a portable blood pressure set, and other boring doctor things. He was nearly fighting back a yawn when Medic finally approached him, clipboard in hand.

“I’m going to need you to take off your—”
Scout’s hands instinctively flew to the waistline of his pants.
“… Headset. Bitte schön,” the doctor finished, holding back a chuckle.
Scout huffed, rolled his eyes, and took off his baseball cap, the headset falling away with it. He ran a hand through his short-cut, chestnut hair, and shot Medic a look of pure boredom.

It was promptly ignored as Medic took out one of those weird flashlight thingies doctors always stuck in your ears, then in your nose, as if you WANTED to be smelling your own earwax all day. Scout was hoping Medic had something kinky in mind with the little tool, but, predictably, the German used it in its traditional manner.

“Gut. Now, I vill need you to stick out your tongue and say ‘Ah’, bitte.”

Scout perked up again. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as Medic pressed a popsicle stick down on the back of it. It was sweet and tasted a little bit like cherry. Scout wondered if any of the other members got cherry-flavored popsicle sticks.

“Scout.” The gentle voice brought him back from his musings and a flashlight was shone down his throat. “I need you to zay, ‘Ah’.”
Scout was never one to pass up an opportunity. Immediately, he closed his eyes, and his tongue rolled up as he let loose a breathy, high-pitched, “Auuugh!” He looked and sounded everything like a guy who’d gotten his rocks off.

Scout couldn’t see Medic’s reaction, but he didn’t need to. He could feel the sudden unsteadiness of Medic’s hand and the sharp intake of breath. He could sense the strained silence that followed as Medic struggled not to respond in kind.

Then, there was a cool, utterly in control, “Zee NORMAL vay, Scout.”
Scout’s eyes flashed open, and he gave Medic a look that was practically scathing. When he say the doctor wasn’t kidding, he rolled his eyes, and gave the standard, droning, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Sehr gut. Now.” Medic drew away. “I’m going to need you to take off your—”
Quick as a flash, Scout’s hands were at his waistband again.
“SHIRT, Scoutchen,” came the sigh.
That worked. The offending shirt went sailing across the room in a matter of seconds, leaving Scout’s toned torso on full display. He grinned up eagerly at Medic, banging his heels against the bottom of the bed in excitement.

Medic just rolled his eyes. “Extend your arm, Dummkopf.” He held up the blood pressure set.
This time, Scout groaned. Loudly. “DOOOOC—”
Medic shot him a doe-eyed look of his own.
A long, exasperated sigh. “Alriiight, fine.” He extended one arm and propped his head up with the other, looking on with disinterest as Medic fitted the black sleeve around his elbow, then started inflating it.


This update is a little shorter than usual. Actually wrote a bit more, but this place, though a little awkward, is the best place for a break. Just take my word on it.

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That Medic, such a mean old man...

Nice to see a Medic/Scout story that doesn't involve drugging, brainwashing, rape or enslavement.

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Yeah. As much as I like those stories (and i do), I just fon't think there's much for me to add. Plus I feel that there just aren't enough stories with Medic\Someone-willing-who-isn't-Heavy out there, anyway.

Can't say i think Medic is a sweet old man who bakes brownies for everyone and sings Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows all the time, but... Iunno. I should sleep now, lul.

Also, I'm a big fan of your drawings. It means a lot that you stopped by and payed me a compliment!

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What is up with all these early updates - I am so spoiling you guuuuys. i hope this chapter isn't too OOC, but we'll find out. FORWARD.


Scout was in excellent health – Medic couldn’t help but give him a physical examination every time the boy visited. His cardiovascular system was beyond belief, averaging at 28 bpm and a blood pressure of 94/62.

As he pressed the cold stethoscope to the boy’s chest, he couldn’t help but marvel at his respiratory system as well. Unlike most of the team, Scout didn’t smoke. And the difference was tangible. Medic sometimes would feel physically ill after listening to Spy’s clogged, tar-filled lungs struggling to support his body, despite his horrid, distasteful addiction. But Scout’s lungs were as clean as a whistle – probably helped by his youth as well.

“Und now, I vill need you to lie down on your back.” At the eager grin, Medic sighed, and added, “Don’t get excited yet, du kleines Schätzchen. I am only going to feel your abdomen for abnormalities. Nothing more.” When he saw that this did nothing to dispel the gleeful expression on the boy’s face, he rolled his eyes, and said, “Just lie down, Dummkopf.”

Scout did as he was told, smiling down placidly at Medic as the older man pressed his hands gingerly onto his stomach area, feeling for swelling or lumps. There was an odd snicker or a squirm if Medic probed a place that was particularly ticklish, which never failed to bring a warm smile to the doctor’s face.

“Alright, now I vill—GURGHHHK—”
Medic sputtered indignantly as Scout suddenly looped his arms around the man’s midsection and yanked him down so that the flustered doctor was now on top of him. “C’moooon, Doc! Can’t we just skip the rest of this and get to the good part, already?”
“Sch…SCHKOUT,” the doctor cried, arms flailing about gracelessly as he tried to pry the younger man off. “Release me at VONCE!”
Scout just cackled and hooked his skinny legs around Medic as well, clutching to him like a baby monkey. “C’mooon – give me what I want, Doc! Why d’ya always gotta be such a tease, man?”

Medic couldn’t help but let loose an incredulous laugh at the absurdity of this entire situation as he wrestled with the boy, trying to free himself from the jungle gym of tangled limbs. He loved how kittenish the boy could act sometimes, despite all of his persistence that he was a full grown adult. It might’ve been cheesy to say – hell, it WAS cheesy to say – but Scout made him feel young again. Only, this time, he was happy.

Scout eased up enough to give the older man a chance to pin him down and strap down his arms, legs, and neck using concealed restraints built into the table.
Medic tsked, shaking his head and adjusting his now-crooked glasses. He tapped a pencil on the clipboard, strutting around the table like a remote professional, despite the eager grin starting to creep onto his face.

“Subject shows signs of unvillingness to comply and a lack of control. Zee use of physical restraints vas necessary.” A pause. “Furzah tests are needed.”

Oh, HELL yeah! NOW it’s a party!

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I find I must concur with Scout- Oh Hell yeah. You know me and my medical kink, so of course I'm enjoying the tease of slow and careful examination, but I'm also really enjoying how consensual and happy this is.

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And I'm flattered that you like my scribbling! What can I say? I'll admit that I'm easily amused, but this is still the best Medic/Scout I've seen.

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Marty: BUUUH. You're like a legend, and here you are commenting on my stupid drabble fic, BUUUUH. I'll try my best not to desu it up, but who knows, RITE. (Also, I've been up since two yesterday... don't ask me why - can't sleep because bluh.) Um, anyways, thanks so much for liking it! I'm sorry to say there won't be much more medical stuff after this point, and, instead, more sex stuff, but I guess that's a fair enough trade. I'm also really pleased you like that it's consensual, too. People are surprisingly supportive of this!

Yang: Once again, BUUUUUUH. The best Medic\Scout you've seen? I've seen a LOT of Medic\Scout - 97% of it excellent, and I can't even imagine how much of it you've seen, and you think mine is the best? You have nooo idea how much that means to me. I feel so honored! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you continue to like the story as it goes on!

Might be a little late on this one, you guys, due to me not being able to SLEEP for no reason. I'm tired, but I get no rest when I lie down. Can't seem to work on the next installment without erasing it all and ragequitting forever, so let's hope I can get some shut-eye before midnight. See you guys later!

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Getting lazy with these mini-installments. Eh. Go figure. Couldn't even go strong for a week without missing a day. 'S life, I guess.

Random fact of the day: my captcha read "Ichijo". Isn't that some anime series or somethin?

Oh, almost forgot. It may not seem like it, but those little pet names Medic keeps calling Scout? They might not seem like it, but they are the mushiest things ever. He's totally calling Scout things like, "little songbird" and "little treasure" and stuff like that. Scout doesn't know it (he assumes Medic is talking dirty or something, and would probably make fun of Medic 4evr if he found out what Medic really WAS saying), but it's true. Yes, my Medic's a total sap. Not that he doesn't have a dark side.


Truth be told, Medic was all too happy to throw all medical pretense out of the window by this time. Even as cool as he’d been playing it, Scout had been driving him wild since he’d made his presence known.

The older man slowly ran his hands over Scout’s body, first starting at the calves, then the inner thighs, coyly skirting around the main focus and feeling his sharp hips, running his thumbs up the boy’s toned abdominals, brushing against his nipples, and finally coming to rest on his sharp, angular chin. He tilted his young lover’s face up, and placed a ginger kiss to the boy’s lips.

Scout squirmed in his restraints, deepening the kiss as far as he possibly could. He wanted more of him – NOW. The boy made his needs known by giving an eager, if not slightly needy, whine.

Medic broke the kiss with a smirk, going back to his clipboard. “Subject is highly zenzitive to touch stimuli… Lacks pazience.”
Scout snarled and growled playfully at the doctor.
“Seemz to be highly animaliztic.”

Not wanting to keep the boy waiting much longer, Medic daintily picked up a slender scalpel from the table. This time, Scout’s scowl was all too real. “Ah, hell, Doc. Get dat buttah knife outta he’ah. You know I’m past dat thing.”
Medic shook his head. “Nein, mein Schatzi. I know you prefer zee Bonesaw, but I’ve deemed it too dangerous for recreational purposes. I am NOT going to risk repeating zee results of last time.”

“Aw, C’MON, Doc – that was one t—”
“But you’re being a total Deutschba—”

He was cut off by the blade of the wicked scalpel being plunged his left bicep, neatly severing the muscles and tendons inside. The boy screamed and twisted at the unexpected brutality. Blood spurted generously, coating the Medic’s soft, blue gloves with a slick layer of deep red.

“Ich sagte… ‘Nein’, du Spatzi,” he hissed, a wicked grin spreading over his face.
“Fuck you, Doc…” the boy replied, returning it in kind.

The two shared another kiss as Medic trailed his blood-stained hand slowly towards the boy’s waistline.

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>>13 Oh god. I should have seen this coming. A small part inside of me still hopes for a medic fic without any medic/guro/icky kinks whatsover, but I guess given the canon, it's a bit much to expect.

It's still a great fic, and I'll still read it. I just might need a bucket. Don't stop going in the direction you're going, by any means. It's incredibly written. I'm just a wuss. Tons of people here like the sadistic-medic thing, though, and I know this'll do well here.

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Sorry to hear that, Iz. I wasn't sure if I should have done this fic with or without guro, but I decided to try it out, anyhow. I can't help feeling like I've made a mistake, but maybe I can make it up to you with some fluffy Medic\Scout later. However, I can tell you that it won't be getting much more violent or squicky - Medic just wanted to show Scout that he's CHOOSING to be easy on him - he's not a wusss or anything.

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I like where this is going!

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This post has been deleted.

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This update took a really long time because I simply don't like it and I could never get it to sound right. But eh. Whatever.

Also, Medic made so many sexy faces during his Meet The video, I feel like everyone who watched it has been robbed of their virginity. I'm okay with that.

Also, I deleated the first version of this because I made a reference to boxer-briefs... Which were not made until the 90s. DURP.


Scout groaned slightly and arched his hips upward to meet Medic’s hand. Medic chuckled, biting down gingerly on the boy’s lower lip as his hand gingerly tugged down the boy’s waistband.

There was a hum of approval as Medic’s long, skilled fingers brushed against the thin material of Scout’s dark grey briefs. There was a sharp gasp from the younger boy as Medic traced the outline of his semi-hard member, cooing softly. “My, my…”

The temptation was too great; Medic removed his gloves. Scout loved them; he thought they were sexy as all hell, but Medic didn’t like the thought of having such a thick layer of fabric between them. He wanted to explore the throbbing heat inside of Scout’s pants for himself.

His touches were meticulously light. The man hummed idly as he pressed his thumb against the head and massaged it in a slow, deliberate circle. Scout whined and arched, wanting more of the glorious friction caused by Medic’s hands and the fabric of his underwear, but Medic was having none of it. His other hand roamed freely, taking in every dip and crevice in the boy’s toned body. Every-so-often, he’d stop at a nipple and rub it into submission. Then, he took his dripping scalpel and repeated the act with the flat of his blade. He knew the threat of danger would send Scout off even more than before.

Scout felt like he was going crazy. He gave a pained groan, arching again. God, he wanted more. Why wouldn’t Medic give him more?
Medic chuckled huskily. He’d barely begun his administrations, and yet Scout was bucking under him like a stallion. “You like zhis, don’t you, Scoutchen…”
A muffled reply.
He noticed a tell-tale damp spot showing on the boy’s underwear and teased some more precum from the poor boy’s cock. He licked it up through the underwear, earning yet another pained moan.

Medic wasn’t immune to the boy’s needy cries in the least. It wasn’t long before the scalpel was placed aside and he found himself unzipping his pants. Scout watched hungrily as the man pulled out his own throbbing member, and began giving it slow, deliberate strokes up and down the shaft.

Medic caught him watching intently, licking his lips, and smirked. “Do you vant it, little Scout?”
“Mmmmh, yeah…” Scout murmured softly, cheeks flushed.
“Louder.” Medic tickled the underside of Scout’s cock as if he were lightly scratching a dog. “I vant it louder.”
Scout arched again and screamed, and cursed. “DOC, I WANT YOUR DICK, ALRIGHT?!”
“Very gut,” Medic purred, leaning close enough so that Scout could reach him.

Scout attacked it with youthful zealousness, taking Medic practically to the hilt, licking and sucking in the desperate hopes that Medic would respond in kind. But Medic just moaned softly, grinning, and continued gingerly massaging Scout’s sensitive head just as before. Only now, he was using the scalpel for it.

Scout gave a frustrated groan, body covered with a thin veil of sweat. Medic just snickered, grasping Scout’s heedful of hair and pulling himself closer. “Vat is zee matter, little Scoutchen? Can’t handle it, hmmm?”
Scout was too mind-numbingly horny to fight or protest or try to defend his manhood. A soft, pleading whine.
Medic scoffed. “Ach… Fine…”

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Wonderful, wonderful teasing. May we have more?

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Yes, yes you may.


Medic ran his agile fingers over Scout’s length, humming and squeezing the shaft slightly. He applied more pressure, caressing it until Scout was a quivering mass of putty in his hands, then finally pulled the hardened member out from its prison.

He swirled his thumb around the head, already slick with precum, and chuckled. “Zhinking ahead, my little Scoutchen?” he asked, glancing down at the base of the boy’s shaft. There was a metallic ring hugging Scout’s penis and scrotum snugly – a gift Medic had slipped him discretely during his twentieth birthday. Scout had probably put it on before he’d arrived for his “check up”. By now, his shaft was pulsing and engorged with blood and his circumcised head was red with all the attention it was getting.

“I’m very glad. I doubt you vould be able to last until I’m finished ozzahvize.” The grin Medic gave was absolutely wolfish.
“Fuck you, man – you’re worse than a girl. WAY worse!” Scout groaned, arching his back as Medic dipped his finger into the slit crowning his head.
“Ja. Und du love me for it,” Medic hissed in return, pulling away from Scout’s mouth to allow himself full mobility. There was another wolfish grin as he noticed Scout didn’t give a quick, witty retort.

Medic began nibbling at the edges of Scout’s cock, while giving himself slow, languid strokes and relishing every muttered curse and over-eager squirm. He’d flick his tongue out over the slit again and again, lapping up every new bead of precum, but wouldn’t take him any further. He prodded at the boy’s scrotum gingerly with his fingers, as if tracing the outline of it, just barely tickling the flesh.

Scout couldn’t take it anymore.

“MEDIC, IF YOU DON’T FUCKIN’ SUCK ME OFF RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW, I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL END YOU!!!” he screamed suddenly, face red, teeth bared, and body taut.

Medic’s surprise took him completely by surprise. The German doctor tilted his head forward without missing a beat, and swallowed him to the hilt.


Scout arched his entire body, and screamed, unable to withstand the ungodly amount of pleasure he was feeling. His fists clenched, his toes curled, his vision spun… He used to swear that his mother was lying to him when she talked about that whole, “Speaking in Tongues” bullshit he heard at church, but he’d be damned if either one of them could understand the torrent of nonsense spewing out of his mouth at that very second.

Medic watched him innocently, bobbing his head up and down as the boy tried to regain his composure. Ragged breathing. “Y… You planned that… whole thing… Didn’t you, you fucking… fuck?” Scout gasped out, tilting his head up as much as he could to get a better look.

The way Medic chuckled around his cock sent chills up Scout’s very spine.

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Holy shit. You amaze me.

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I'm thinking of officially updating every other day from now on, lol. I'm just too lazy to do this "500 words everyday" stuff. Sorry to disappoint anyone who still cares. Update tomorrow - I PROMISE, and we'll see where it goes from there.

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Oh my god, I love this.
I'm sitting here giggling and grinning viciously, because Scout is so spot on and I am /adoring/ your Medic. Their voices are strong, and the fic is so sexy and playful! I don't venture into afic very often anymore, but I'm sure glad I did.

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The Medic referring to Scout as Scoutchen makes me giggle; my mother is from the Netherlands, and sometimes uses an analogous Dutch affectionate suffix -je, (ratje, pickleje) when talking about cute or small things.

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This post has been deleted.

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Nngh, Medic... just the right balance of gore and (wonderful, wonderful) teasing.
Sage for no contribution.

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Whoa, how did this get all the way back here?

Bump, for the love of god! Beautiful author Anon, you can't seriously be thinking of letting this die? It's very good. Of course if you're busy, I'm sure we understand.. but really, I'd like to see more of this.

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Oh, dude. I was totally just thinking about this fic last night, too. No, I haven't given up on this - it's just that I've been a douchetit scatterbrain lately and can't get myself to finish one thing without starting another.

Also, I kind of wrote myself into an awkward corner with the last chapter. I'm thinking about deleting it and editing the end into something I can work with.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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Wooow. If this next part sucks it's because I haven't done anything porny in a loooong, long time. I cringe just looking at it, but, eh, better than nothing, I suppose. More later, I promise for real, this time.


“Ah… yeah… Just like that, Doc… Y…Yeah…”

Scout groaned, toes positively curling as Medic sucked him off, teasing him right to his peak with mind-blowing deep-throats, then gingerly bringing him back down by pressing loving kisses to his shaft. It was the Doctor’s favorite routine, but Scout would be damned if he called it repetitive or monotonous.

A muttered curse as Medic stopped a moment to swirl his tongue around his swollen head, groping around for his scalpel. Scout watched eagerly as the man flicked his wrist expertly, the thin blade slipping beneath the fold of his skin. It didn’t hurt too much, really. Felt more like an annoying sting – like that of a tiny bug or something. But then, there came a slow, steady oozing of red blood, and Scout couldn’t contain his excitement.

Medic purred deep within his chest and climbed up on the hospital bed as if he were a panther stalking his prey. He straddled the boy and pressed their slick cocks together, using one hand to pump their shafts in unison and the other to trace giant, flowing gothic symbols onto the boy’s chest.

Scout moaned with bliss, writhing in his restraints, eyes drinking in the sight of the crimson red scattered over his torso. He would have liked it if Medic made it sting a little more, but at this point, he was getting too lightheaded with pleasure and blood-loss to care.

“Doc…” the boy croaked with a wide, sloppy grin plastered all over his face.
“Y…Yes, meiner… Spatzi…?” Medic panted, face red and body dripping with sweat.
“G…Give it to me…”

Medic smirked and licked up a few droplets of blood from the boy’s chest, making the boy purr in response, and rose to his feet. A few seconds later he was back, with his Kritzkrieg hooked up to what looked like an odd, modified breathing apparatus. It had to be wheeled closer to their hospital bed since all the equipment was quite heavy.

Scout was cooing weakly as Medic strapped the facemask on his face, and flipped a switch on the Kritzkrieg’s nozzle. The machine whirled to life.

Scout took a deep breath, exhaling peacefully as his wounds slowly began knitting together and glowed a soft blue. It took much longer to heal this way, but it was ten times as rewarding.

Medic straddled the boy, sucking on Scout’s shoulder and continued toying with himself. It wasn’t long before Scout began giggling as the fumes clouded his mind in euphoria.

Medic knew the feeling all too well, having to resort to a few quick huffs on the battlefield once or twice or… ten times. It also had the amazing quality of heightening every pleasurable sensation, which was a big reason the two used it in their play.

Medic was busy fingering himself, his fingers coated with medical lubrication. When he felt he was ready, he slowly eased himself down on Scout’s erect cock, earning a moan from both participants. Medic chuckled, pumping his cock, and began rolling his hips on top of the younger boy.

Scout moaned again, his skinny limbs trembling in their restraints. His skin was glowing a faint blue color now, as the healing vapors saturated his entire body. The vapors felt cool and soothing to the touch, sending a shiver up Medic’s spine as his own skin began soaking in the excess.

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Medic getting Scout high in the middle of sex amuses and pleases me. I'm glad you worked yourself out of the corner, I'm sure they'll both be more pliable now.

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what the hell happened to this fic?
Unapoligetic bump for those who haven't seen it.

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Yeah, yeah, I'm sort of way late telling you this, but go find Caddy's Reposts - three fantastic pieces of porn, and the third is a Medic/Scout titled "Go Avay" with no gore whatsoever.

The first two, by the way, are Sniper/Scout/Tentaspy and Scout/Heavy. Juuust so you know.

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Here's the finished version:


A few years late, but better late than never.
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