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Request Thread (Second Edition) (210)

1 .

Was wondering why I hadn't seen the old request thread, when it hit me. It's autosaged.

So get back to requesting that porn, people. But don't forget to chip in every once in a while. We've been getting a lot of requests lately, and not enough people to fill 'em!

Remember, this is adult fanfiction, so we need at least one sex scene. Also, avoid just asking for specific pairings (unless they're really fucking rare, like Scout/Saxton Hale or some shit). Try to attach at least one kink to each request to make things as fun as possible!

Have fun.

2 .

I'd really like some post-apocalyptafic; I'm surprised to not have seen any.

It should be an AU with zombies/killer viruses/nuclear winter survival/velociraptors - whatever; it doesn't actually matter so long as the consequences are global and government has collapsed.

I want it to be Heavy/Medic-centric, but add as many pairings as you like. Maybe everyone knows each other; maybe they start off as one or two individuals and pick up more people as they try to escape the cities. Doesn't matter.

Ultimately, I want a heart-stopping love story in the midst of societal collapse. It doesn't have to be an epic or anything like that, but I wouldn't say no to one.

Thanks in advance to whoever you are!

P.S. - What do 'sage', 'auto-sage' and similar terms actually mean?

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>>2 It means they won't bump up. If you sage your post (done by typing 'sage' in the email field), then it won't bump the thread. I've done this because I'm explaining something, and have nothing prompt-wise to add to the thread. Once a thread hits a certain number of posts, then it autosages, so no post will bump it up.

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This plus L4D cameo/crossover? I can vaguely picture Scout/Ellis, for a start.. Or just get some Nellis-y foursome up in there.

5 .

One thing I have been finding sorely lacking in TF2 fic is dirty talk, not dumb shit like, "Well look whose eager lololol!" .But real hardcore dirty talk, "Harder? Oh I bet you want your tight little ass fucked harder you filthy little cockslut maggot. You can't get enough of this dick can you? ANSWER ME!" "N-noooo. Please fuck me harder! Make it hurt..."

Not to mention the extreme lack of BDSM in all forms, use of toys, and anything rough YET consensual. Not including Medic's freaky sexsurgeries. I humbly request Soldier/Engineer for this, mostly because crazy shit coming out of Solly's mouth just writes itself, and seeing Engie as a complete sub is p hot in my book.

6 .

extreme lack of BDSM in all forms, use of toys, and anything rough YET consensual Lol, are you kidding?

7 .

Eh there hasn't been a ton of that -recently- but it's out there. Tons of it.

8 .

Well, considering how loosly the entire fandom is categorized it's no wonder I haven't been able to find anything decent. Mary Suetopia is awful, I could go shifting through Bitchapalooza...but...no. Just no. Here it's separated through Fanfic/AFanfic.

9 .

Invisi-spy sex.

That'd be right interesting.

That is all.

10 .

Stoned sex; Sniper/whoever you want
It would be awesome if it also involved a curious Scout getting high for the first time ever and then having fun with his newly heightened sense of touch.
But I'd love pretty much any pairing/plot, as long as the fic contains Sniper, weed and gay sex.

Also, Saxton Hale/Cave Johnson, does it exist?
Since I saw that one piece of fanart on paheal I've been craving a fic with this pairing but I can't find any.

11 .

Tentaspy/Soldier? Non-con though, I don't think soldier would put up with a French squid-man without a fight.

12 .

10 i've had a bit of inspiration, I'm writing sniper/pyro/engineer stonedsex, but i've not written fanfiction in years, although i've been lurking since I last wrote.

If I can get someone to beta/look over my ideas, it would speed things up greatly.

13 .

I would really like to see more fic with tf2 dudes getting high and messing around with each other! Anyone/anyone!

My request is for Sniper and Soldier to have regular casual sex to unwind from battles. I've never seen Soldier/Sniper - has it been done? I really want to see someone's take on their dynamics.

14 .

Sniper/whoever in Sawmill. Rain + sex = yes.

15 .

Anything with Tentaspy really, but I would love anybody forever and ever if they had somebody (probably Medic) doing medical procedures on him, specifically things to sort of test Tentaspy's sexual endurance and such, with the (probably) Medic getting no satisfaction from it, doing it merely for science. There's a story very similar to this except with Scout in place of Tentaspy, but preferrably it would be a bit more... Forceful. Tentaspy getting captured and caged and having experiments run on him completely against his will, possibly eventually breaking and enjoying it in sort of a guilty pleasure way, but in the beginning it being more or less rape.

Don't judge me, I've seriously been fantasizing about this kind of stuff since I was like 10. :< Also, I would be more than happy to beta for you, Pancake, but I've never done it before so I'm not sure how you would send it to me? I have skype, e-mail, dA, and y!gal, so take your pic? (it's pretty much just proof reading for grammar and obvious logic gaps, yes? As well as the occasional suggestion for general plot direction if asked?) (So many question marks? Also, I probably won't be much help on the sex part[s] if you need it. I've only had sex with another woman before, and she... Kind of sucked, tbh. That's another story though. *end unnecessarily long message*)

16 .

engineer and soldier!
sexy and fun!

17 .


Oh yes... Does anyone mind if I go two-for-the-price-of-one on these babies? Because... because I want, very much. Plot bunnies have laid eggs in my brain, and those eggs are hatching into porn.

18 .

holy crap Sassybaskets I want to write that so bad now.

19 .

I would like to see some Engie/Spy action. Basically just because I've never really seen it before

20 .

Okay, now this is going to sound INSANE, but hear me out.

My French friend and I were discussing TF2, in french, and she said she didn't like the aspect of dying all the time, to which I replied, 'Well, you respawn, so it's not really dying. It's just a little death.'
Now, in french, this last phrase translates to 'Une petite mort', so she laughed at me, and I laughed too, once I realized my double-entendre. For those who don't know french, 'Une petite mort' is another way of saying 'an orgasm'.

So HERE is my prompt:
Something goes screwy with respawn, so that dying is now accompanied with a feeling of INCREDIBLE sexual pleasure and release. Would some continuously kamikaze themselves just to feel this? Would some be ashamed of it?
Go nuts.

21 .

that sounds amazing....

22 .


If I was a better writer, I would totally do that.

23 .

Are we allowed to repost requests? Here are some that I really like:

I'd like to see Spy seducing an unwilling Sniper into having sex with him. Perhaps Sniper gets raped? Either way, I want Spy to be very charming.


Someone on the red team, catching the Blu Spy sneaking around their base, forces him into his Red Medic disguise and leaves him in the Heavy's room.


Have there been any fics using domination lines sexually? Here are some ideas, just in case:

"Ain't so hard now, are ya, fat-cakes?" Scout X Heavy

"Don't feel bad; you did a fine job tossing your little balls around!" Spy X Demoman


Have you guys read the story wear Medic took LSD? He wanted to try the drug out on himself first so he could see what it was like, or something like that. What if he took an aphrodisiac instead?


Demoman X Medic drunken sex, please.

Also craving Medic crossdressing...and loving it. Maybe he's forced to originally?

One last request for this post: everyone wants Medic.


I need some Jane Doe and Tavish DeGroot. Preferably making up, after things blow over, and I want Jane being seduced, maybe his first time. At least his first time with Tavish. Maybe he considered it but then WAR happened to ruin everything and this is sometime later. I want angry sex and then potentially sappy forgiveness. Tav's mom can show up too. It's all good.



team mate is jealous of Sniper's idol worship and masturbating to Saxton Hale, so Sniper sets out to rectify this with glorious, gratuitous sex.


Ya know what i thought would be interesting or funny? If one of the mdics went out in the battle and in his syringe gun is a more "spiced" mix of drugs.


I want a Saxton Hale/Charles Darling fic. I don't care how it's written I just want to read it. In case you don't know who Charles Darling is, he is in one of the Saxton Hale comics on Valves website.


Please, something about the fact that Soldier just calls medic Sweetheart now and ever in TF2. I dunno. Maybe Heavy having some jealoussex with medic after he hears that. Or a threesome. Or anythings. Just based on this. Go wild.


Thressome. Two Medics. One Heavy.
I don´t ask for more oh Tf´F2 Porn gods.


I'm interested in Solly's major repression issues. Gimme someone pushing him until he gives up and begs for it. Maybe Spy or Engie? Someone with srs sexual prowess.


Ooh! I'd love some Engineer/Soldier, with lots and lots of dirty talk and a little bit of branding (preferably without any bondage)

24 .


Go for it. I would pay to see something like that(if I had money).

25 .

>>20 I am doing this. By god, I am. You have struck me with inspiration. Give me a couple days.

26 .

Hope this isn't too much to ask for but I've been actually wanting
to see some footjob action. Mostly likely Scout since you know, He's all foot n' shit.
Anyways, I've been looking for at least
ONE footjob fic and I'm not sure if I'm just looking hard enough
but I have not found one.
I looked in the archives, Google, fanfiction, and blogs and not one.

So let me ask nicely now:

Could I PLEASE have some nice footjob action?

27 .

TeratoMarty has written Surprising Himself (Spy/Scout). It's in y!gallery.

28 .

Marty has this on his y!gallery: http://necrophilia.y-gallery.net/view/625049/

It's Scout/Spy, and might scratch the itch until your request is filled.

29 .

Oh christ, necrophilia wut? D: I didn't realize there was a filter.

30 .

Yep, there's a filter for it. Also, might want to quit with the emoticons.

31 .


I will accept your imaginary payment. The fill now has its own thread (though maybe eventually it will be joined by other request thread fills)

32 .

Pairing: Dom!Engineer/Pet!Soldier
Kink: Sounding. Other kinks included are collars, leashes, and [maybe] bondage.
Ideas: Engineer having a wide variety of mechanical and/or unique sounding tools to use on Soldier. Don't look if sounding isn't for you: Possibly include Engineer shooting his cum into Soldier's cock (though a hollow tube or funnel or what not) at the end, but is not a requirement.

33 .

I feel the lack of tickling as a kink in the TF2 fandom. So here's my usual request:
Spy/Sniper, non-con bondage and tickle torture.

34 .

Here's one I kind of want to see.

Spy comes upon an unsuspecting engineer, only to be caught in a restraining trap that the engineer has set up. Engineer proceeds to have his way with Spy, doing all sorts of kinky crud.

35 .

This post has been deleted.

36 .

I want fic for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iXZKgOuuAQ

Also Soldier/Medic I'd like to see some hot whipping action with the disciplinary action. "C'mere cupcake"

37 .


I'm embarking on this, from the supervirus angle, but it's slow-building and may turn into an epic, so there hasn't been much Heavy/Medic yet, but... working up to more.

Numbers will dwindle, and I promise eventual nomadic scavenging and dealing with outside survivors, as well as eventual sex.

Anyway, it's in my request fill thread. Second fic there.

38 .

Engie is bedridden but Spy is horny. Cue finger-fucking, Spy riding Engie, and lots of dirty talk with a Texan twang to the words.

39 .

This came to me in the middle of class, out of the blue. (Something's wrong with me.)

You can choose any class for this, I don't care.

So, torture. But sexy torture. As in, one of BLU has captured one of RED and they're trying to get them to reveal the location of the intelligence, or what's in the intelligence, or some really big secret like that. And whoever they've captured isn't responding to the painful torture, like thumbscrews or whatever, so they turn to sex. They torture their captive with pleasure until he's willing to tell them -anything-.

Feel free to take liberties with this.

40 .

Damn, OK, I've been working on something moderately fucked up that does include dirty talk and rough-but-consensual -- but it's Medic and Scout, and you said you weren't into that. This particular story won't work with anyone but those two, so I can't rewrite it for you (otherwise I would).

Is anyone actually interested in seeing that type of story? I've got the beginning and the end written, and the middle plotted out. Basically, I guess I plan on inflicting this story on y'all one way or the other, but it would probably be a little easier to write if I knew anyone besides me would be into it.

I think your "petit mort" idea is excellent. Anyone who writes this will have my undying (har har) gratitude.

curious Scout getting high for the first time ever I would pay actual money to see that.

41 .


Dammit dammit dammit. I'm currently working on a story that incorporates both dirty talk and rough-but-consensual, BUT it involves Medic and Scout, and you said you weren't into that.

Is anyone else here interested in seeing this kind of story? I mean, I guess I plan on inflicting it on y'all regardless, but it would probably be a little easier to finish if I knew people (besides me) would be into it. I'm probably about 60% finished anyway, but that 40% is just fuckin killing me.


I think your "petit mort" idea is most excellent, and anyone who writes it will have my undying (har har) gratitude!


>curious Scout getting high for the first time ever I would pay actual money to see that. For real.

42 .

ALSO I DOUBLE POSTED BECAUSE I'M A MORON and I can't figure out how to delete it despite there being an actual fucking delete button. Fucking kill me now. goddammit.

43 .


44 .

>>43 fear not! For some reason I was struck by the desire to write Demo/Scout. Are there particular kinks you'd like to see me throw in?

45 .

Medic strikes me as the type who likes to get dirty; he didn't wear any gloves when he was operating on Heavy in Meet the Medic. What if Medic was like this in the bedroom? Cumslut Medic, anyone?

46 .

Okay, I have ideas for stories, not kinks
Someone steals Spy's cigarettes, two per day. No big deal, he has more. Spy figures out that it's Sniper. On a gift-giving holiday, he gives all of them back. It turns out that he doesn't smoke, *canned laughter*. I don't know, but I think this leads up to them having sex. Not a very adult idea, but the story seems so unconclusive if they don't have sex in the end. Also, I can't write good, so even though it seems like I have this figured out, all I can do on my own is write an outline.

47 .

RED Sniper is sick and tired of hearing BLU Spy bitch and whine about his suit, so during one of their tussles he decides to destroy it!

Sniper isn't planning to rape Spy or anything, he doesn't even think he likes men, he is just feeling all "ENOUGH ABOUT THE BLOODY SUIT ALREADY!" and wants to shut the fancy bloody wuss up. But once the suit is completely off, Sniper is shocked to find that he likes what he sees. Slowly and tentatively, he explores Spy's naked body.

Bonus points if Sniper ties Spy's wrists down and shoves a piece of cloth in Spy's mouth to stop his enraged protests while Sniper methodically rips the suit apart.

Also, I'd prefer if the focus were on the gentle exploration of the whole body, rather than going straight to the point. In porn I always find foreplay much hotter than the sex itself.

Finally, if there is going to be actual sex, Sniper should decide that he doesn't want to go all the way if Spy hates it (after all, "professional have standards"), so before actual penetration Sniper should ask Spy for his permission (can be just a nod if the gag stays on).

48 .



Agh, so many kink buttons being hit...

Okay, these are both on my to-write list.

49 .

Spy/Engineer knifeplay

Bonus points if Spy leaves some sort of mark on Engineer like his name or something.

50 .

Sounds like the perfect setup for a smoking fetish fic (Freud would have something to say about grown men stealing cigarettes, amirite?), which there's a pretty surprising dearth of despite the number of characters that smoke.

51 .

Spy/Sniper spanking? Spy being punished would be lovely

52 .


Person who posted 45 here.

I'm excited!

53 .

Sniper respawns on the opposite team and they're all pissed as fuck at him for headshotting them all those times.

54 .

Hmmm, demo has sex with anybody (preferably Soldier) and uses sticky bomb anal beads? They dont explode though, but they do vibrate like little explosions. No clue why, but i really want to see the characters weapons become sexual toys and fetishes (besides the obvious mantreads and disciplinary action)

55 .

Something either based off of this picture: http://tf2chan.net/dumps/src/13139718251.png

with comfort from Heavy (and maybe sex)


Spy disguising himself as one of the other guys, so as to pretend that "he" reciprocates a crush, only to cruelly reveal he's really the spy in the morning.

If that makes any sense.

56 .

You know what I never see any of in the TF2 community, or even the gay fiction community period?

Size related stuff.

If someone would write a size fic, I would love them forever.

57 .

I am in desperate need of severe Dom!Soldier and very Sub!Engie. Fancy Dress Uniform is a must, bonus points if the Disciplinary Action is included.

58 .

Are you me? Because I feel exactly that way.

59 .

I have never, in my entire TF2 career, been able to find any hardcore Scout/Spy with daddykink :( Requesting that from the bottom of my heart. Spy making Scout call him daddy during sex and getting really into the whole father/incest roleplay dynamic and Scout with some sort of screwy dude-electra complex ("psychosexual competition with mother for possession of father") and trying too hard in order to impress Spy and earn his affection?

IF SCOUT ALSO CRIES AND/OR GETS HELD BY SPY WHILE HE FALLS ASLEEP THAT WOULD BE JUST. LOVELY. Sorry if this is too weirdly specific. :( Really anything involving daddykink would forever endear me to you.

60 .


...or endear you to me, rather.

Sorry, can't think when porn.

61 .

There's two I know of, but dunno if either are what you like.

1) http://www.tf2chan.net/archives/afanfic/4-16-10%20archives/threads/%5B%20Daddy%20Issues%20%5D%20by%20Anonymous.html

2) http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/133.html (starts from message 205)

62 .

>>61 thank you for the linkage! I do actually have the first one saved on my computer haha, both are excellent but not quite what I was looking for...really close though, like painfully close. In the first one Scout doesn't seem to know that Spy is his dad, and in the second one Scout seems to loathe that Spy is his dad. I don't really mind if Spy is his real dad or not (like if they're just roleplaying/dysfunctional or something), I just really want to read something that goes even deeper into the dynamics of the sex with Scout looking for a dad/abandonment issues/a complex/whatever and Spy getting off on control/Scout's dependency/being a "father"/whatever. But thank you again anyway! They are really great stories, hadn't read the second one before.

63 .

And cumslut Medic has now been written, and is in my request fill thread. Hope ya like it.

64 .

How about someone unmasking the pyro and it being written as though it were rape? Or someone forcing the medic to charge and Ubercharge them written as rape? Someone finding out all of the spy's secrets? Someone touching the heavy's gun (in the non-euphemism way)?
I'm not sure if this counts as adult, so I'll move it to fanfic if someone else says to

65 .

>>33 I love this idea...and would like to see it as well, but maybe with Spy/Scout? Or really any pairing.

66 .

Gabe newell x scout
do it

67 .

Rathen than a written prompt, I'd like somebody to write a fic based on one of these pictures.



Just make the Engineer/Spy one crossfaction.

68 .

Engie/Pyro pretty please?

There's barely any, and in all the ones I've seen, Pyro always tops.

69 .


I agree with this.

And to add to this request for me, I would LOVE for Engineer to top a shy, awkward Pyro. As in, the Pyro (preferably a male Pyro) doesn't really feel comfortable coming out of his suit, but Engineer coaxes him out of it and then its sweet loving from there.

70 .

If this hasn't been requested yet (perhaps even if it has), I'd like to see a Spy/Spy. Specifically, one that starts with a fight and ends with sexiness. Preferably non-rape, but whatever floats your boat. I would also be completely okay with more Spy/Spy in general, because there is just not enough of that, but much roughness is appreciated. Let's hope this request doesn't get put into the wrong thread again...

71 .

In virtually every single fanfiction with Spy and Sniper I've ever seen, Spy is always the one doing the pursuing. The sole exceptions to this rule are stories where Sniper is a rapist, and *even then* Spy rarely seems truly reluctant.

On the one hand, it makes sense: canonically Spy gets laid a lot and is a master of seduction, whereas Sniper is a loner who spends months by himself in the unforgiving Australian outback. Of course Spy would be by far the one more comfortable with sex.

But on the other hand, this lack of variety is tiring.

So, what I'd love to see if a fic where Sniper is the aggressive one and Spy is the reluctant one, with loads of the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope.

Here is a possible set up. BLU Spy and RED Sniper have a very intense rivalry and hate each other, with Spy scorning Sniper as a van-dwelling filthy jar-man and Sniper scoffing at Spy as a fancy bloody wuss. But as they fight each other day after day for years, they begin to develop a strong sexual attraction.

At first they both go into full-mode denial, telling themselves that they couldn't *possibly* be attracted to a stinky bushman/stuck-up backstabber. But eventually, during yet another tussle, Sniper finds that both men have an erection. He decides that he can't take it anymore and makes a move on Spy.

Spy would be extremely reluctant because he is used to have high-class lovers, and is *horrified* to find himself attracted to somebody who throws piss at him, he would much rather pretend that he isn't attracted to Sniper at all and vent his frustration by sleeping with other people. Sniper would feel extremely reluctant at first too, but get over it much more easily: as a result of living by himself for so long, he has had almost no lovers at all, so he has no preconceived notions of what his lover should be like; plus, again as a result of spending very little time among people, he isn't used to societal norms (again, this is a guy who throws his piss at people), and when he wants something he is used to just go for it.

Sniper should be very sexually aggressive and Spy very reluctant, but I don't want the fic to be outright rape. Also, I find foreplay much hotter than the sex itself, so please focus on that.

72 .

You know what this chan seems to lack? Full out orgies. Also the use of toys seems to be a half dead idea, again I would like to see some class weapon inspired sex toys (Maybe somebody actually uses the inflatable orca thats been mentioned but always broken away from) Plus, who doesnt love a good 9 or 18 way? Whether its company scheduled or on their free will (maybe a Soldier team building thing?) I would love to see it.

73 .

a Soldier team building thing
I would kill to see this happen. Soldier talking/forcing everyone into an orgy would be beautiful.

74 .


75 .

I've never seen a fic which involves classes on the opposite teams being identical or even clones of the same person and cross-faction same-class sex. it sounds awesome.
just putting the idea out there.

76 .


77 .

I was already working on a multi-part team orgy fic before I saw this request, but I'd gotten a bit stuck on who was going to bring it up and why. Now I have most of a scene written out, involving this: "TEAMWORK IMPROVEMENT, PLAN B: TAKE IT LIKE A MAN FOR THE TEAM YOU MAGGOTS" written on a blackboard.

I think I'm unstuck now. Thank you, Japan.

78 .


I fully support this. I want someone other than me to write it, because I keep putting, like, a million things on my writing plate, and I want to read it, but... I will probably end up writing something, let's not kid ourselves. (But more Engie/Pyro would make me happy)


I HAVE ALREADY STARTED WRITING THIS. Ahem. Yes. This is relevant to my interests... expect me to post it later tonight.

79 .

Hm... maybe after doing all these fills, I should ask for something...

Can I get some gun kink? With lots of licking? My preference is for Sniper/Spy (I mean, I love me some Heavy/Medic kinky funtimes, but miniguns are kind of huge for the kind of mental image I have here... then again, if someone can write it, I'll read it. Like burning.)

I'd also read Scout/Scout gun porn.

I feel so weird asking for this... my real life feelings about guns are so... the opposite of this. But oh man, I want it.

80 .

seconded seconded seconded seconded

so excited

81 .

Alright y'all, a friend of mine showed me this

http://robbingraves.Sparkledog Central.com/gallery/26199100#/d39eaur

Is that not just the most perfect Medic/Heavy setup you ever saw in your life? Plotwise, of course, nifty idea. But also, been a while since I've seen a reluctant Heavy or just a completely onesided Medic/Heavy, plus the characterization of Medic in just that one sentence--suave, sane, semi-accepting of his sexuality?--is also something I want more of. Not kinky or groundbreaking, but a swell little plot bunny anyway.

82 .

someone may have already done this but Pyro/Medic where Medic is the only one who has seen Pyro out of suit. Pyro is self conscious and sensitive about his burns scars which cover 90% of his body. Comfort! sex please.

83 .

I don't really have anything for kinks for this request but, I would like to see Sniper and Engineer with Sniper topping for once.
Sniper becomes infatuated with the Texan but thinks that he'd be too dumb for Engie and gets Engie to give him lectures.
Bonus for Engie suspecting ulterior motives and Sniper actually hanging onto some of the information and Engineers likes and interests.

84 .

I requested this in the previous thread, I will do it again since I got no fill: Heavy/Medic fisting.

Since just writing this isn't enough for some of you, I will offer 1 fanart of the pairing and situation of your choice in return. I am a legit artist.

85 .

I wish for this as well.

86 .

I had this idea based on the idea about the Respawn A Clone system. Diverging further into it, one of the class members (let's say, Heavy) who is involved romantically with another class member (let's also say, Medic) suddenly realizes they are all clones (even if everyone else knows or acknowledges it) and it comes as such as such a conflicting, angry convoluted ball of shock to him that he's not sure what to make of it, since his romantic partner is techically "not his romantic partner" or something of the like, yet still reacts like him (personality-speaking and/or sexual kink-speaking wise).

Bonus points for wondering about the other team's identical counterpart during class' confusion. Even more for wondering about himself once he dies and is revived and realizes that he is now technically a "clone". Oh man, my brain hurts just thinking about this though.

87 .


Oh, Anne, I... I've been lurking, and loving your stories, and I also happen to take pride in writing gun kink for other fandoms.

Give me a day or two, and you'll have your gun kink.

You don't particularly mind filthy violence and dub-con I hope?

88 .


Mind filthy violence, me? Perish the thought. I look forward to it...

89 .

BLU Engineer/RED Spy non-con.

BLU Engineer is curious about the invisible watch and disguise kit and other Spy tools, but BLU Spy won't let him tinker with them, and Engineer can't steal from his own teammate. So he decides to steal the RED Spy's tools instead, and steal the RED Spy as well in case he needs to ask questions when he examines them. And after the theoretical study, well, RED Spy has destroyed so many of Engineer's inventions, it's just fair that he helps Engineer test his new toys' practical applications...

Bondage (cloth or tape gag included), roleplay (Engie disguises himself as somebody else to "play" with the tied and gagged Spy, pretending to be somebody Spy is attracted to; Spy knows that the person is really Engie, but his body responds against his will), invisible play (Engie turns invisible).

If possible, include the scene where Spy is captured and carried to the workshop. Also, Spy should be portrayed as a highly-skilled professional: Engineer can best him because Engineer is just THAT good, not because Spy is incompetent.

90 .

Sniper is one of those creepy guys that tries to get people in his van; bonus points if he's trying to get Scout.

91 .

do want, bonus points from me if he lures the scout with candy.

92 .

Captcha: beliefs

Not sure, captcha, but I heartily approve the notion of Sniper luring Scout into his van with candy. I think it'd be even funnier if Scout is all "I ain't some little kid! Dude, you think I'm dumb as hell?!" And then he goes with it anyway. It's awesome candy. Maybe he'll get some sex!

Twice the fun if he lures in BOTH Scouts.

93 .

Okay, I went back only a few posts and I remember why I don't come in here as often. Too many plot bunnies to make me squee from.

I really want Soldier-Training Orgy! Also, sex toys and the gun play. Plus Engie/Snipes and the Heavy clone. You people... you make me envision fantastic things but many of them I can't write or don't have the times to. D:

94 .

What if the candy is physically involved in the sex? Or is actually an aphrodisiac? Or Sniper suckers both Scouts into "competing" for it? Or I dunno, something with the old cliché image of someone sucking on a lolly pop? So many possibilities!

95 .

There was a fanfic similar in this vein once. It was hilarious, I think I have a copy somewhere. There wasn't any sex though.

96 .

Going to repost a request I made in the last thread

A little while ago, Rama wrote a fic called Sewer Dreams and, in it, Tentaspy considers keeping Engineer in the sewer with him, taking care of him, catching him fish, pleasuring him etc...

Well, I'd kinda like to see an actual fic of that. Perhaps it's a purely domestic kind of thing where Engineer willingly went with him for some reason or maybe Tentaspy kidnapped him and maybe Stockholm syndrome is involved.

P.S: There was an anon in the last thread who asked if someone could repost Sewer Dreams and I haven't been able to find it so if someone could do that, that'd be great.

97 .

So I saw the picture in /afanart/ of Solly spanking the Scout with the Disciplinary Action. Ladyboners ensued.

Now I'm humbly requesting fic in which Scout gets his ass spanked. Any pairing's fine by me, just needs some hot scout rump (on several different levels).

98 .

Been wanting this since the last thread, too!

99 .


Hot scout rump? Sounds like hot scrump to me, Demo//Scout fiction coming your way, I'll probably have this done in a few days.

100 .

Not really a request, but do any of you guys remember which fic was the spy/soldier wip up here a couple months ago? My terrible finding skills aren't helping much. Thanks in advance!

101 .

Anon, the Spy/Soldier story is "Our Duty as Men" if I'm not mistaken. It's still here but on one of the pages further back. I don't think its been updated in awhile.

102 .

Captcha: returning cothere

I shall indeed, captcha! But, uh, cs aren't gs.

<i>I need some Jane Doe and Tavish DeGroot. Preferably making up, after things blow over, and I want Jane being seduced, maybe his first time. At least his first time with Tavish. Maybe he considered it but then WAR happened to ruin everything and this is sometime later. I want angry sex and then potentially sappy forgiveness. Tav's mom can show up too. It's all good.</i>

This was mine btw! I scanned back further and didn't even realize the old request thread had died. Glad someone saved this for me. I still want it.

I have no idea if I requested anything else with the above. Oh well if I did. The above was definitely what I wanted the most then.

I also left this awhile ago in the afanart thread but no one has done it yet. I'm still eager for it as art but I'm gonna just leave this here, in the hopes that someone else might at least write it for the LOLs.

<i>Stephen Colbert doing an interview with Medic, sitting in naked Soldier's and naked Heavy's laps (respectively), having sex at the same time. Soldier and Heavy are tied to the chairs. Naked Spy (same team or enemy team) is between them as the table and has a mask on for pretending to be a table.</i>

If NO ONE ELSE ever does anything with this, I feel it is my duty to do so and I will at some point, I think, though I might try one of my other ideas first. I might even try drawing it but I'm hella rusty. I haven't drawn much of anything in years but I think the scanner part of our printer still works...

And you know, I was about to write some of the art requests I asked for in here but thinking more and more, I'm gonna try and do those as little prompts for myself. No one ever fulfilled my requests in the art thread and I suppose here might be a little different (though I fear maybe requests that have been filled are best off being posted outside the thread since after a certain point it's hard finding anything in such a massive thread and, well, autosage.) Still, I dunno.

<i>Here is one I will add, simply because I know very little about professional stadiums. They could even be in VIP seats. Hrmm... Basically, Scout's Mom, RED Spy, and either Soldier (though I'm personally partial to it being the BLU one because of the way he responded to the photographs) having a three-way in a stadium with a baseball game in the background. Soldier could have been invited, whether Soldier knows sex is imminent or not, or his arrival could be a sudden unpleasant surprise.</i>

I still might try my hand at it anyway.

103 .

My request of a porn fic based on this picture still stands very very strong!

Pretty please someone do it? I never see any Heavy/Spy, and that's so sad.


104 .

>>103 I will give my first born child to who ever does this

Because I finally got to watch Inglorious Basterds last night I would like some Medic/Hans Landa. I want them to meet some how in the course of WWII and have that somehow turn in to sex.

Feel free to beat me to death now.

105 .

After seeing a certain picture (see below), I'd like to read something where Medic is a prostitute.


106 .

I'm a sucker for major angst, h/c, and happy endings.

Medic is always taking shit from the others about being a Nazi, anything from slight distance to flat-out verbal abuse (Hi Solly!). But the truth is Medic (and his father perhaps?) were thrown in a concentration camp after they had been caught helping Jews. Sometimes healing on the battlefield is tough because the others are reluctant to go to him for help. It burns Medic that the others are mistaken about him, but he does not want to be seen as a victim so he hasn't bothered to correct them (maybe showers alone so no one can see his camp tattoo). Heavy is the only one who seems to accept him, and they're just beginning a relationship but Medic is hesitant on being physical because he does not Heavy to find out about his past.

Of course everyone ends up finding out - he gets hurt or knocked unconscious and his tattoo gets revealed or something - whatever it is causes Medic to freak out. The others feel like shit, and Heavy goes to Medic and they have wonderful sexytimes.

And later Medic is relieved that the others don't flood him with pity, but end up trusting him in battle from then on and they become a great team together.

107 .

Any(Prefer Medic)/Engineer

I want to see someone, maybe the Medic, take an interest in the Engineer. But flirtatious comments and innuendo seems to fly over the texan's head. So they decide to be more blunt one day

captcha: hope. shipsIfe. IT AGREES

108 .

I normally don't request anything since I have a bunch of fanfics in the works as it stands, so consider this a bit of a challenge request:

I want someone (or more, I don't care) to make a fanfic using a minimum of five tracks of the band "Two Steps From Hell"'s album Invincible. Listen to the tracks and write a chapter inspired by the song (chapter or somewhere should inform the reader which song to listen to while reading the chapter/story to get the audio experience!)

These kind of fics are rare and when they do show up, most of the time aren't done really well. Bonus cookie points if the main characters are Medic's or Sniper's POV.

109 .

A prequel to this, please:


110 .


As an engineer irl, I definitely second this. I take everything anyone says literally, and I can be completely oblivious to flirting.

111 .

Medic/Engie awkwardness would be so glorious, especially considering Medic is also the sort of professional who would be prone to social oblivious and difficulty flirting, and two awkward intellectual loners being awkward together is just teeth-rotting sugary sweet.

112 .

Sniper/Scout. Meet the parents. Either one's parents. Bonus points if they didn't know their son was gay. Awkwardness in spades.

113 .

Oh shit I'm honored

114 .

Inspired by this:

I don't care how...Just...make it happen...please?

115 .

Gah! Link fail...anyway. It was Medic/Gordon Freeman. Please make it happen? I'll bake cookies, cakes, and make you sandviches forever...

116 .


Finally got around to actually writing this, over in my request fill thread.

117 .


(because I'm not juggling ENOUGH things right now...)

Nope, can't help it, I NEED to write this. I already know it's going to go long, it's getting its own thread. (learned my 'putting epic request fills in the short request fill' lesson already...)

Get ready to be uncomfortable, world, because this will be the worst thing I have ever written (on an emotional level, I mean, not quality-wise. Quality-wise, I hope it's good!)

118 .

Someone might've requested this already, but I'd enjoy some Engie/Sniper action. (Added points for biting, scratching, and/or bondage.)

119 .

I'm looking for a fanfiction. I'm sure it was still available in the Chan until just one week ago, but now when I click on the link I get a 404. I'm not sure why the thread was deleted, do threads get automatically deleted after a while?

It was a Soldier/Spy short fic. After the events of Meet The Spy, BLU Soldier feels bad for murdering an innocent teammate, especially because BLU Spy doesn't seem to resent him at all. So Soldier gives Spy an "apology blowjob."

It was short, but hot and IC, so I'd love to read it again. I hope somebody saved it.

I'd also love to read more Soldier/Spy fics in general. I'm a big fan of pairings where the two people are opposites and can't seem to stand each other (hatesex is the best sex. Trufax!), so it's such a pity that there is virtually no Soldier/Spy love in this Fandom.

Here is a prompt for the pairing. Spy and Soldier are fighting in Coldfront or some other freezing place, when an explosion causes them to plummet into an underground cavern and knocks them out.

Soldier's helmet protected his head for the most part and after a few hours he regains consciousness, but Spy won't wake up. It's nighttime, it's so dark it's impossible to see if there is a way out of the carvern, and the temperature has dropped so much that unconsciousness would lead to death.

Maybe Respawn is turned off after ceasefire, maybe Soldier doesn't want to leave a teammate behind even if everybody can be brought back to life, maybe Soldier is simply too insane to realize that Respawn exists. Whatever the reason, Soldier decides to keep Spy alive by "warming him up".

Bonus points if Spy eventually wakes up while Soldier is kissing and caressing his body, but is still only semi-conscious and thinks it's a dream.

120 .

Agitatedly enthusiastic seconding
I just like Spy and Soldier as a pairing for some reason. It's also really fun to see how the author interprets their relationship.

121 .

I really love your prompt too! I’ve been waiting to see if one of the chan’s more prolific authors would jump on it straight away, since I don’t have a lot of time for writing at the moment and would hate to keep you waiting, but if no one else picks it up I’ll certainly give it a go. It’s a pairing I haven’t seen at all before, and I’ve been itching to set a story at Coldfront for some time now, so your idea is super inspirational to me!

So yeah, if there are no other takers, I’ll definitely write this one for you. Thanks for sharing your prompt!

122 .

Thank you for offering to write it, I really appreciate it :)

123 .

Saxton Hale and Heavy get into a fight to see who gets to spend the night with Medic.

124 .

Saxton Hale and Heavy get into a fight to see who gets to spend the night with Medic.

125 .

I saw a drawing of a possessive RED Heavy holding a rather nervous, confused, and flustered BLU Medic.

Yep. I would definitely like me some crossfaction HeavyMedic.

126 .

I've seen drawings of Medic/Scout's Mom.

I want to see some writing now...please?

127 .

Give me some Tentaspy action, maybe two at once getting to know each other? Ha ha...
Either that or some Soldier and Spy.

128 .

Saxton Hale is anagram for "Hot Anal Sex"

This needs to happen somehow.
Be it a game of scrabble or an eye-test gone wrong or whatever.

This is too good to pass up people!

129 .

I'm poking at >>124 and >>128.

130 .

Give me some Tentaspy action, maybe two at once getting to know each other? Ha ha...
Well there's that one fic in the archives, called Once He Gets To Know You (Tentaspy/Scout/Sniper). you've probably read it before but here's a link in case you haven't

131 .

Someone waking up their lover with a blowjob. Very tricky, since these guys fight for a living so see how much they can get aroused before waking up.

I'm down for pretty much any of the usual pairings, except Scout.

132 .

Nah, I have read those. I'm wanting some new Tentaspy stuff.

133 .

Kind of inspired by something else I came across. I can't believe I'm suggesting this, I hadn't realized I would like this sort of thing.

Medic is a transman. Thanks to his bizarre surgical skills and access to drugs, he's been able to make improvements on his body but he is far from satisfied. He wishes to make love to Heavy, but is frustrated that he cannot do it properly. So! He conspires with someone, probably Engi or maybe Spy, or maybe in desperation he just does it on his own, to hack into the respawn system. The goal? Give Medic's DNA a tweak so he'll respawn as a fully biological male.

Basically I want Medic exploring his new penis and testicles, surprising Heavy, and of course getting to properly test drive his body in bed.

134 .

I would very much enjoy Some pet Sniper being hearded around by his counterpart (Who tries to be romantic and soft about the situation even though he has his twin tied up.) Bonus points if pet Sniper tries to fight.

135 .

As a girl with a streak of penis envy, this would definitely be welcome. And considering the surprising amount of male writers on this site.. Heck, I can imagine a fic like that from Marty's pov, ha.

136 .

H/c with one of the REDs or BLUs being raped by someone who isn't another team member and their friends on the team helping them deal with the aftermath. No "magical healing cock" or anything, just friendship please.

137 .

Pyro(♂)/Demoman/Heavy threesome.

They don't get enough love here.

138 .

ok not request, but a question. How long til a thread gets removed? Cause there's some like Helmet Party that are at the end and I'd like to read more about them. Monster in the Water is gone I noticed *sigh* Hope he keeps writing that. Anyway is it based on a date or how many threads?

139 .

>>138 Click 'All threads and browse pages. Did you mean this: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/66.html fic?

Anyway, I'd like to hear when thread gets deleted too.

140 .

>>138 Fear not! Those fics won't be disappearing for a while! If you want to access older fics, just simply click 'all threads'. You'll see a list that shows Fun Time with Helmets at the end...BUT WAIT. In the upper left hand corner should be the number '1 2 3 4' These are page numbers. Monster in the Water is actually just on page 2. Click 3 and 4 to explore even older fic, haha. It'll take months and a whole lotta new content to actually get ride of either of those fics, so no worries.

ANYWAYS. Concerning requests, I remember one from a long time ago that I'm currently working on. It was somewhere along the lines of:

"Scout is exercising outside of the base one day when he notices that a red dot is following on the wall a few feet behind him."

I hope someone remembers this, and if you're the requester, make yourself known because I'm working away at this! And yes, it will turn pornographic. How? Well...you'll see.

141 .

So many requests! How many people are actually fulfilling them?

142 .


Derp, didn't see that there was 4 pages and it went all the way back to last December! Sorry. I love you guys!

143 .

looking for "one at a time" or something like that. It's a Demo/Medic fisting fic that seems to have fallen off the board.

144 .


I am, whenever I can. I've snapped up a fair few, if they were for one of my OTPs.

145 .


I needed a break from writing Lolita. Doing this one.

146 .

So I have a request which may or may not be terrible?

So I have a thing for romantic bullshit. And for Spy. And born from this came this idea:

Spy is regularly used by the members of his team for his disguising ability: they ask him to disguise as the target of their affection, or maybe just some hot young thang (perhaps female?) and Spy is eventually sick of this...

UNTIL ONE DAY he is propositioned by someone (probably on his team?), and Spy is shocked to hear that not only do they not want him to use a disguise, they want him to take off his balaclava because they have a (longstanding?) crush on Spy.

There would be a romantisplosion of rainbows and unicorns and dicks.

And that is my awful idea.

147 .


Oh man...

Oh man, I might do this.

Captcha says 'Porno', I think it's a sign, you guys.

148 .

I have a fever, and the only cure is a fic based on this!

Seriously, I am deathly ill...

149 .


I request HARD MODE of this and have this fic NOT have the amorous teammate be Sniper, Engineer, or Scout. I DARE YOU MAGGOTS.

150 .

>>148 Consider this claimed. And I mean staked out with a flag and claimed for the glory of Steve-land. Good god has inspiration struck. Expect your fic soon...very soon...one question though; do you want Spy to make an appearance, and how big of one?

151 .


152 .


I am afraid I cannot complete this challenge on HARD MODE... Apparently if I stray too far from my OTP, I sicken myself. I will be completing this challenge on EASY MODE, like the wuss I am.


I am excite!

153 .

My problem with this request thread is that I’m itching to write ALL of the prompts posted here - but then they're snatched up by some of the chan's most awesome writers instead and I really want to read their take on them too!

I am looking forward to >>146 and >>148 like woah. Once Anne is done and posted, so I know we’re not writing the same story twice, I might give >>146 a try on HARD MODE. >>149 any preferences for the other half of the pairing? (I’m already working on a Spy/Pyro fic, so I’d like a different character for variety’s sake.)

154 .


I second this with much hope

155 .

Or I might just go GOD MODE and write Spy with Demo. Because Demo does not get enough love around here!

156 .

Is it alright to have multiple writers on one request (because I'd love to try my hand with >>146)

157 .


Some prompts totally deserve to be written twice/many times, though... (she said, because she totally wants to both write and read...)

(Captcha says 'proriter Journal', which I found amusing, even if it means Captcha can't spell 'writer'...)

158 .

I don’t think anyone minds multiple fills. I usually find it polite to wait until the first person claiming a prompt has posted their take on it so I don’t inadvertently steal their plot ideas and spoil their story, but I have a feeling Anne will be super fast as usual and I know I’ll be taking some time (as usual, sigh), so please post whenever you feel like it. >>146 is also very open to interpretation, especially if you choose a pairing that’s different from Anne’s and mine (I’m pretty set on writing Demo/Spy, and I’m guessing she might be writing Sniper/Spy?) so please, feel free!

Thank you! Looking forward to reading!

159 .

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with multiple fills.

I mean, really, why would we complain about MORE PORN? :P

Even if the set-up and pairing are the same, different writing style, characterization, and character interaction can make a world of difference.

Plus, as Anne pointed out, the most prolific writers deserve to read something too, not just writewritewrite. Give and take, baby!

160 .

It excites me that an idea I thought was not that good is apparently a target for more than one of our board's glorious authors.

I am excite.

161 .


Anon, I would love you forever for this. Demo certainly does need a lot more love.

162 .

oh shit, OH SHIT. I am the requester and I AM EXCITE AS WELL, thank you good Sir. You deserve a medal.
As for Spy, hmmm...I don't know, I am always interested to see what people come up with, but I will admit I would like SoldierXScoot to be primary while SpyXWhoever is secondary.

163 .

133 Believe it or not, I actually roleplayed a similar concept sometime ago, but it ended up with the Medic a woman instead of a man. The version I did was very plot heavy and didn't actually have any naughty parts (shame, I know), but this concept is brilliant in and of itself.
I might just steal this to play with later...

164 .

Okay, I feel like an idiot for suggesting this, but this picture came up on dA and my brain screeched to a halt: http://bit.ly/pRAdr9
If anyone can come up with something related to this, whether it's a humiliating costume or a Respawn glitch, whatever, then they will have my undying gratitude. :D
Bonus if it starts out ridiculously cute and gets naughty when someone has the smart idea to bring in cat nip.

165 .


166 .

>>164 i kind of hate you right now. i thought my weeaboo-ish urges were long dead and gone until i clicked that link.
seconding this request so hard.
i especially love the Respawn glitch idea.

167 .

Okay, I posted this and am the requestee...And I'm not going to lie, but I was confused when Steve asked about Spy-because I honestly didn't notice him when I first saw the pic. Damned Solly saluting Scoot and damned Scoot adorably wearing his helmet, you distract me from life's finer details!

168 .

Long time lurker, here.

I've been contemplating several ideas that I want to play with, some of which are common themes in fanfiction, others stem from shameful self-insert day dreaming.

One big idea (that I'm sort of hooked on because of my current situation) is creating a College AU with BLU and RED being rival schools. It'd be a bit crazier, as the battle theme would probably continue, but I'd love to create multiple versions of each character for both schools, that way I can cover a wider range of ages and occupations (teachers/staff and students/alumn). Likely both genders and an array of sexuality.

Would anyone be interested in this story and/or possibly collaborating? I'd honestly settle for idea bouncing and beta reading. (I'll be back to check this thread, but I can be more immediately contacted on my new dumblr, "scmkfanfic").

Also I draw, so with positive feedback I can provide some half-decent illustrations.

169 .


YES. A thousand times yes. I was all 'durr, nobody wants to read your horrible half-thought-out rival school AU ideas', and then I come here and see this.

Bounce all ideas off me! Went ahead and put my email up there (which I usually don't, because my email is crap and keeps getting hacked to spam people... but because I'm an idiot, I am forever signed in IC on le dumblr, since I created it before making a personal one. Anyway, I post stuff under the banner of annethecatdetective, but that's never what I show up as).

I should just get a new email address...

Anyway, I am very interested in this idea, either as a beta or a collaborator.

170 .

I hate requesting without have written a fic yet, but this thought is plaguing me and I don't have enough grasp of Sniper or prisons to write it.

So, I've read in a few fic, but can't find anywhere in the taunts, that Spy calls Sniper a convict. This obviously implies that he has been convicted in the eyes of the law and has spent time in a prison. Can we see this?

Maybe the Administrator set him up to see if he was any good at killing close quarters and not just with the rifle? Perhaps that's where she recruited him from? IF anything, I just want to see him badass and holding his own; he survived in the outback hunting large game and became well known enough to get contracted. This speaks well of his abilities to me.

171 .

> 170 Sniper is Australian. British transported lots of convicted criminals to Australia in 18th and 19th centuries. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convicts_in_Australia The taunt doesn't absolutely mean that Sniper himself has been prison, but Spy being dick.

172 .

Pfff, how was it I knew that little detail and it never even occurred to me? Thanks for reminding me and ironing out that detail, heh.

But, I still kinda want a spin off of Sniper being imprisoned. It's set up camp and taken to eating my brain on slow days... such as this one.

173 .

@AnntheCatDetective >>169

Wunderbar. You could still use your dumblr as a means of communication, since you don't have to publicly post everything. But I'll use one of my junk emails to contact you that way. I mostly function on a Pacific time night schedule, and I'm planning to start fleshing out the idea more thoroughly starting next week.

174 .

So I have this strange kink for drugs and sleep-- specifically, forceful sleep, or unwilling sedation, stuff like that. If someone could work that into their story somewhere I'd be a happy woman.

175 .

Hopefully you all won't groan or roll your eyes

But I'm really craving some good ol' vampire fics.
AU or not, doesn't matter
Any pairing(s), doesn't matter, though I have a strong aversion to Sniper/Spy. (if you have the deep burning urge to write a Sniper/Spy vampire fic, I won't stop you, since the vampire part is the important part, but I would like any other pairing if possible...)

Soulmates, friends helping each other out, one-time feeding fucks, doesn't matter. I just want something sensual and... intimate? Arousal-inducing bites, maybe seduction, stuff like that.
I'm down for fail!vampires too, which might be more appropriate for some of these tf2 men. As long as it leads to some kind of sex, of course.

If I sound really desperate, it's because I am.

176 .

Working from the saying "At least give me a blindfold and a cigarette."
No true violence necessary, and consent is preferred. Experimenting, perhaps? Do as you will.

177 .

The Kiss has a vampire element. It's got consensual biting and bloodplay and such, at least, which is what it sounds like you're looking for.

178 .

I'd like to see Heavy/Medic vampire fic. Bonus points if Heavy's the vampire. Tons of blood sucking would be required. I'll even be willing to help.

179 .

Harvest over in /fanfic/ has a vampire Engineer if anybody wants to use that as a starting point for a fic like this.

180 .

I read The Kiss and loved it. It's actually that fic that reminded me how much I love vampires. But bloodplay isn't quite the same without a genuine vampire, imo.

Seconded, to say the least.

Yes, I love Harvest too and would like that very much.

181 .


It's like you guys are reading a secret diary of my thoughts before making requests...

(I'm going to make a shameful confession here-- my as-yet-unused VtM character is totally Medic, as sired by Heavy, into the Tzimisce clan. Vicissitude kind of seemed important to the idea of a vampire Medic... I... I feel like I should feel dirty about this. Alternately, I could write vampire fic. Although without all the 'Masquerade' mythology, not really necessary for the fic...)


... Maybe. Maybe.

(Captcha says 'Souls, atcoming')

182 .

We have the Suppourt Class Sanwiches abound with awakward Sniper/Medic/Spy.

I propose the other classes join the fun of weird threesomes!

Attack Class Sandwich Scout/Soldier/Pyro and Defence Class Sandwich Heavy/Demo/Engie


183 .

whatever happened to this?

184 .


185 .

That last post sounded rather desperate, heh.


Okay. Well. I'd kind of like to write a Heavy/Medic vampire fic. However, I'm not that good a writer, and I have a hard time finishing stories once I've started them. I'd love to co-write something with someone, though, hint hint!

186 .

This might sound weird, but you know what I've never seen?

Pyro/Tentaspy. In the general interest of Pyro! porn, but also because I think it would carry some fear interest; the Pyro's main weaponry is worthless in a tentaspy's watery domain. Could be consensual I guess in the right context, though I can't imagine this encounter going any other way but rape. Could even be snuff if you really want, as long as there's some jolly good Pyro being dragged off to his fate.

Also please no PYRO IS LADY. To me, is cheap trick.

...Also I do like this vampire stuff developing...go for it!

187 .


I've never written anything before but I'd like to try out co-writing with someone.

188 .

This is a question rather than a request, but I didn't know where else to ask it, and I couldn't find anything about it in the rules.

I was wondering, is it ok to repost old fanfiction by other people (giving credit, of course) and from before the crash?

I downloaded a file with hundreds of pre-crash fics, and I really like a couple of them in particular. They were originally posted in 2009, so many people here have probably never read them.

If I reposted them, would it be considered stepping on other people's toes? Would it annoy anybody? Please let me know if I can go ahead and do it or not.

189 .

If you have a link to the file you downloaded (or can upload it yourself to Mediafire or similar), you can post the link here or over in /rs/ (fileshares) so other people on the chan also get to enjoy all the delicious fiction.

If there are really hundreds of fics, chances are most of them will have someone happy to read them, even the ones you don't like yourself, so the nice thing to do would be to make all of them available to the community.

I would certainly LOVE to get that file for myself! Please make an anon happy?

190 .

The fics are all already available on the Chan, I downloaded the file from a thread in this Forum. There are over four hundred of them.

Here, it's this thread, comment #26.


This is why I asked if I could repost just a couple of my favourite fics, instead of offering to upload the whole file. Especially because one of the fics is Spy/Spy, a pairing that was requested two days ago (admittedly the fic has nothing to do with blindfolds and cigarettes, but considering how rare the Spy/Spy pairing is, I figured it was still better than nothing).

191 .

Oooh, thank you!

And well, if there's already a previous 'lost and found' thread, I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to upload someone else's fic too, provided you credit them like you said. Either post the fics to the old thread you linked above or make a new 'lost and found' - there have been a few 'have you seen this fic?' posts lately, so obviously you're not the only person looking for/wanting to post old fics.

I'd say go for it!

192 .

If you want to co-write with me, email me.

193 .

It seems like Supernatural Fortress is the theme right now so I'd like to throw my hat in the ring and request either some Plant!Sniper/Light!Spy from TNI (I feel like something can be done via photosynthesis there) or Vampire!Engineer/Tentaspy from Harvest.

194 .

So I just moved into my dorm this last week, and while we were having a floor meeting, small policies and suggestions were handed out for us to read aloud.

The one I got read "It is recommended to refrain from 'dormcest', which is dating people that live in your hall."

Needless to say, I found myself a subplot.

Captcha "usefulness eslatti"

195 .

There's this one fic I can't find anywhere. It was Scout/Tentaspy, the one where Scout finds a baby Tentaspy in the sewers and decides to raise it. And eventually the Tentaspy starts to grow up, and the last time I saw the fic it was just starting to get porny.

196 .


Was it that? I'd like to find other parts too.

197 .


That's it! Thank you so much!

198 .


The 'rival-college AU' thing intrigues me. I'd definitely want to read it - especially if the CatDetective was involved!

199 .

I know it's weird, but that story is just kinda cute. The baby tentaspy is just exploring, like a puppy or a kitten. And the more you try to keep something away from something, the more it wants it. (Trust me, every time I open my closet door, it's like a vacuum that sucks my cats in.)

200 .

I'm a sucker for voyeurism and exhibitionism.

So requesting a Scout who loves to tan in the nude -cause his body is just that awesome- and Sniper or Spy or Engie (writer's choice?) watching. Maybe pleasuring themselves to the sight, maybe even some middle of the day sexing outside, and just all around nude Scout, strutting about.

201 .

seconding 200 SO HARD!

202 .

Ooh, I would love to see that as well. I'm thirding 200's suggestion.

203 .

Some people view Engie as a mother hen sort of teammate, and one of the other classes (Preferably Sniper or Soldier.) takes it upon themselves to be the 'father' of the team.

And maybe Engie's husband decides to have sex with him infront of all of their teammates.

204 .

No rape please: Engineer tests out his not-orgasming machine.

205 .

Scout's ma pegging the RED Spy. Doesn't have to be their first time. I would love you forever if the BLU Spy is secretly watching them and the whole fic is in his POV.

9v9's nice and all but I think it'd be real interesting to read a fic that explores the relationship dynamics in a competitive 6v6 team. 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo and 1 medic.

Concept art scout (or Recon as I like to call him)/Scout. http://www.tf2.com/images/artwork/concept/scout_4.jpg
I kind of picture Recon to be an older and more expirienced version of Scout. He's not as fast as he used to be but he will fuck your shit up. Either Scout hates him or he secretly idolizes him. Would be interesting if they were on the opposite teams.

206 .

Solly Giving scout a bath! turns abit naughty?

207 .

Prompt inspired by AnnetheCatDetective's fic "The Shuffle", and posted with her permission.

After a traumatic experience, Spy gets shell-shocked. He stops talking. He keeps fighting, but he starts making mistakes and having moments of hesitation, he freezes up on the field sometimes or times his cloak wrong or pulls the wrong disguise.

How would the mercenaries react to an enemy that is obviously off his game? A Sniper or an Engineer who turns around to find the Spy frozen mid-stab/sap, or a Pyro who is perplexed when the Spy accidentally uncloaks right in front of him, or a Scout who doesn't understand why the Spy is always silent and never mocks him nor replies to his insults, or a Soldier who wonders if the Frenchie is truly a surrendering coward, etc etc...

Would they wonder what’s up, maybe get suspicious and think it’s a trick? Would they not give a damn and simply keep going as usual? Would they realize that something must be wrong and feel sorry for him, but point out that their job is to kill enemies, nothing personal? Would they feel bad about it and start looking for excuses to avoid killing him? Would they be sadistic bastards about it and decide to take advantage of his vulnerable state? Would they do something else entirely?

And what about Spy himself? How would a proud and experienced professional, a man used to being the best and extremely smug about it, feel about his poor performances and his perceived weakness?

There can be any pairing or no pairing at all, there can be porn (con or non-con) or platonic mature introspection, it can be a short one-shot or a long multi-chapter. Anything goes, go wild with your imagination. Like Anne, I'd like to see several takes on the idea.

Pretty much the ONLY things I don't want to see are the "magical healing cock" and the "magical power of friendship" cliches. Sex and friendship are cool, but I don't want to see them used as cheap Deaus Ex Machina to quickly and easily fix a serius problem like shell shock.

208 .

Someone at Afanart made a request for Pauling art. So I thought a fanfiction would be cool too. Or a request anyway.

Basically, the men are stuck inside their respective bases for long periods of time. Sometimes for months at a time, no where near civilization. So Mizz Announcer leaves it up to Pauling to make sure the assassins personal needs are satisfied at least once a month. Or something like that.

209 .

A couple's first time doing anal, and it goes bad. Both are new at being physically intimate with the same sex, and they totally botch it. Someone bleeds. Someone gets hurt. They're leery of trying again. But eventually they both agree their relationship is worth pursuing, and have another go at it, this time with lots of preparation and lube.

210 .

Out of curiosity, do you have any specific pairing in mind?

Also, is the request thread autosaged? Should we start a new one?

211 .

Anon 209 here. Yes I think the thread is auto-saged. As for pairings, I'm pretty much down with anyone except for Scout. So anyone interested can use their pairing forte.
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