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The Pornography Incident (35)

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Porn based on Eximplode's The Nucleus Incident. You asked, I answered. Now suffer.
The Nucleus Incident, as they were calling it, had changed almost everything. The few things that hadn’t changed seemed important, fragile, worthy of protection. The relationship between the Heavy and the Medic fell into that category.

They had needed to make some accommodations, of course. After the Heavy had expanded to giant size in his sleep, the pair had moved their bed into a warehouse-sized room deep in the base. Fortunately, because the Heavy and Medic slept wrapped in each other’s arms, the Medic grew as well. Some days, they awoke sprawled from edge to edge of the room, but they still smiled at each other and had a good-morning kiss in the usual way.

The Incident had even improved some things. No matter how close together they slept in the past, even the biggest standard-issue bed had been a tight fit. However, through the simple expedient of shrinking to doll-size, they could enjoy the broadest bed known to man. The Medic chose only the oldest, thinnest sheets, which seemed thick and flannel-soft at that scale. The flat pillows appeared luxuriously lofty. They just had to remember to regain their regular size if they woke in the night, lest they drop the equivalent of two storeys to the floor on their way to the bathroom.

Despite, or possibly due to the changes that the Incident had wrought, the Heavy and the Medic found themselves in a good mood as they settled down together. They kissed as Heavy brought them down, the folds of the sheets and blankets rising around them like hillocks.

“Mein Heavy, I wonder...” the Medic said as he trailed a finger down his lover’s chest.


“If you were to grow again, while not touching me, would I grow also?”

“Let us experiment, Doktor.” The Heavy edged away along the counterpane, then allowed himself to double his size. The Medic remained about thirty centimetres tall, and the Heavy towered over him like a doll from a different set.

“Unglaublich,” the Medic breathed, smiling. “I wonder, would the effect be equalised if I were to touch you?” He reached out a hand to the Heavy’s muscular thigh, now almost as thick as his torso.

“Does not seem so,” the Heavy observed as the Medic’s touches grew bolder and more intent. “Doktor want me to take off pants?”

“Ja, bitte,” the Medic gave a rascally grin that his teammates would scarcely recognise.

The Heavy grinned back and stood to shuck off his boxers and T-shirt. “This what you want, Doktor?”

“Jawohl, mein Herr,” the Medic breathed, eyes roving over his lover. The Russian’s great belly was level with the Medic’s eyes, and below that hung a penis that was now bigger than the German’s bicep.

“This is sad day!” the Heavy joked. “Now you cannot suck!”

“Don’t be so sure, mein Kuschelbär.” The Medic smiled, and stretched his mouth unnaturally wide to take the Heavy’s cock.

“Oh!” the Heavy groaned and reflexively put a hand on the Medic’s head- he could cup his head completely. “You surprise me forever.”

“I hope so,” the Medic said, blue eyes softening momentarily before a wicked glint returned and grew. “Will you oblige me?”

“I do not know how. What is ‘oblige?’ Will it hurt? I tell you hundred times, no needles in bed.” The Heavy looked wary.

“Nein, nein, lieber Herr. I mean, will you do me a favour? I want you to return to normal size, so that I can climb on you like a mountain range.”

“Oh, oh, da, of course.” Visibly relieved, the Heavy let go of the Medic, sat on the bed, and began to expand. The miniature man had to step aside several times to avoid touching him, but eventually the Heavy reclined, full size, on the creaking bed. He motioned the Medic toward him.

“Wunderschön,” the Medic smiled in awe, standing next to a foot that was nearly as tall as he was. “Tickle, tickle...” he brushed his tiny hands over the sole.

“Nyet!” The Heavy jerked his foot away hurriedly. “No tickle! What if I squash you like tiny BLU Scout?”

“Ah, excellent logic, mein Heavy. Apologies.” The Medic patted his lover’s toe in a reassuring way. When the Russian relaxed his leg, the German hopped onto his ankle like a man sitting on a stone wall. “Do you think I might walk on you?”

“Go, of course,” the Heavy shrugged. From the Medic’s point of view, it was like watching distant tectonic activity. The miniature man got to his feet, balancing on the broad whaleback ridge of the Heavy’s shin. “This is fascinating,” he said. “I am certain that one could achieve a much more detailed understanding of human anatomy this way... “Oh, look, ze patellar tendon.” He smiled down at the Heavy’s knee. “Hm, how to traverse? I do not want to trigger a reflexive kick.” He stepped lightly onto the Heavy’s kneecap. “Is this all right?”

“Da, is fine.”

“Behold, the quadriceps!” the Medic trotted out onto the Heavy’s thigh.

“Mm, feels like little finger massage,” the Heavy purred.

The Medic strolled up his lover’s thigh and considered the rounded, rising slope of the Russian’s gut. “I am going to attempt an assent!” he announced, raising one finger grandly. The Heavy laughed, creating something of an earthquake. When he settled down, the Medic tried to climb his belly like a hill.

"Aah! Too poking!" The Heavy squirmed. The Medic changed tactics and crouched down to crawl up the Heavy’s stomach. He wriggled upward easily, riding the swells of the Heavy’s breath, until he lay full-length on top of his lover.

“Wunderbar,” he murmured, caressing the vast plateau of flesh beneath him. “I could live here.” He nuzzled the expanse of skin beneath him, then stripped off his undershirt and boxers. “Glorious.” He rolled about on the Heavy’s stomach as the huge man tried to suppress his laughter, eventually log-rolling down to end up on the Russian’s breastbone. He stood in the relatively solid valley, ankle-deep in chest hair. “It’s a meadow!” eh declared, and reached over to cup one of the Heavy’s nipples. The nub filled his whole hand, so he knelt to lick and nibble at it.

“Doktor,” the Heavy mused, looking cross-eyed down at the little man on his chest.


“How much can you stretch?” he reached one finger down to stroke the Medic’s ass.

“I... do not know.”

“Maybe... maybe we try?” The huge man ran his fingertip down the cleft of the Medic’s ass. The Medic froze, but a finger thicker than his thigh pressed between his legs and stroked his erection. “You want to try,” the Heavy murmured, the vibration of his voice shuddering through the Medic’s whole body.

“I... no. It is anatomically unfeasible! It is bigger than my leg! Your fingernail is as tall as a bonesaw!”

“All right, is fine. Maybe you wrestle with cock, then come back to right size for more?”

“Certainly,” the Medic smiled at the compromise, then traversed the Heavy’s body again. He slipped down the south slope of his lover’s gut, spread-eagle, and worked his way out onto the Heavy’s erection like a man crossing a river along a massive fallen tree. “Amazing!” He hugged it and shimmied around it. “The glans is almost as big as my head!” He stroked the delicate skin at the tip, pressing his lips to the slit. “A new kiss,” he murmured, probing his tongue into an opening the size of his own mouth. “Heiliger Gott,” he mused, one hand sliding down to caress his erection. “Lieber, may I try something?” he asked, wrapping his arms around the crown of the Heavy’s cock.

“I know that smile,” the Heavy grinned. “What you want?”

“Press your legs together with your penis in your lap,” the Medic requested, swinging up to sit out of the way on the big man’s thigh.

“Like so?”

“Yes, precisely.” The Medic sat in the valley between the Heavy’s legs, facing him, and took the massive penis in his lap. “Exactly so...” Using the giant man’s pre-ejaculate as lubricant, he slid a finger into the slit. “How is this?”

“Different, I do not know.”

“Does this help?” The Medic massaged the ripples of the Heavy’s foreskin, stroked the corona.

“Mm... da.”

“Let me know if this is too uncomfortable.” Positioning his miniature cock at the tip of the Heavy’s penis, he thrust it into the slit. “Oh... scheisse.”

The Heavy grunted in surprise, but made no move to stop his lover. Instead, he bit his lip and watched as the tiny man fucked his cock. The Medic started slowly, with the Heavy’s glans on his lap, thrusting shallowly into his cock. He soon rose to his knees, rutting against the Heavy’s erection. When he finally threw himself full-length along the Heavy’s erection, wrapping it in his arms and licking the shaft, the Heavy moaned with pleasure.

“Oh, Gott, Gott, JA!” the Medic howled, shuddering with the force of his orgasm, his cock buried to the hilt in the Heavy’s. “Oh, oh, Kuschelbär, that was unreal... Please, return me to full size.” With a touch, the Heavy let the Medic grow to his usual two metres again. The German sprawled across his lover, kissing his face and neck. “I will never see you the same way again,” the Medic murmured, eyes shining.

“You still like what you see?”

“Allow me to show you how much.” The Medic kissed a line down the Heavy’s body, ending with a lustful lick to the tip of the big man’s cock. “Being the proper size has its advantages,” he grinned before taking the big man’s cock in his mouth. The Heavy panted in ecstasy and clutched at the Medic’s shoulders. “Interesting,” the Medic looked up at his lover. “I have never sucked my own semen from another’s penis before.”

Eyes wild, the Heavy moaned. “Such... filthy!” he gasped, gazing hungrily down at the Medic.

“Only for you,” the Medic smiled, lapping his lover’s erection again. He took the Heavy’s whole cock in his mouth, then extended his tongue unnaturally to wrap around the man’s shaft and tickle his balls.

The Heavy fisted his hands in the sheets and groaned. He tried to say something, but couldn’t manage German, English or even his native Russian as the Medic applied his supernaturally limber lips and tongue. The terror of 2Fort was reduced to whimpering and clawing at the mattress. Eventually, red in the face and wild with lust, the Heavy had to put his hand on the Medic’s forehead and push him back.

“Please, not yet- not finish- so soon!” The Heavy sat up to kiss his Medic. “I must fuck you.”

“Oh, Lieber...” the Medic gazed into the Heavy’s eyes. “How could I say no?”

After a momentary search under the mattress for the tube of surgical lubricant, the Medic swung around to sit astride the Heavy’s hips, bending forward to give the big man best access to his ass.

“Is good view,” the Heavy smiled, his fingertips following his gaze from the nape of the Medic’s neck, down his spine to the curve beneath his butocks. Lubricating one finger, he probed the Medic’s ass. The lean man moaned, easily accepting the penetration. The Heavy moaned in reply. “You take so good, is so easy, such willing. I love you.”

“I love you, also,” the Medic smiled over his shoulder and rode the Heavy’s finger. “Bitte, Lieber, mehr.”

The Heavy complied willingly, removing his finger and guiding his cock into the Medic’s ass in its place. They groaned in harmony, and the Medic shut his eyes in bliss as he fucked himself on the Heavy’s cock. The Heavy rested his hands on the Medic’s hips, guiding him to deeper strokes.

“Ja- grab me-” the Medic begged.

Eager to please, the Heavy settled his hands more firmly, lifting his lover up, then pushing him down, enjoying the power. “Is good day to be giant man!”

The Medic laughed, then moaned. “Oh, ja, so giant- feels so good inside-”

From that point, it was barely an act of will for the Heavy to begin to grow again. His body expanded until the Medic could no longer straddle his thighs, but that was all right- he was now big enough to lift the Medic bodily. The German yelped in surprise, and the Heavy howled with pleasure at the resulting tightness. The big man’s erection was soon larger than anything human, far more than the Medic had ever taken before. Surrendering himself to the sensation, the Medic went limp in his lover’s hands. As long as he didn’t think about it too hard, his body expanded to take what he was given. He stretched around the Heavy’s cock even as the man outgrew the bed and had to kneel on the floor. His cock swelled until it reached the Medic’s ribs, the bone cage providing a slight extra tightness.

Maddened by the sensation of each rib constricting, then yielding to him, the Heavy grew larger still. He could feel the slide as the Medic’s internal organs moved to accept him, the amazing resistance as his lover stretched further. He was now large enough that the Medic’s body was barely a double handful, his torso bulging visibly as the Heavy thrust in, then narrowing and stretching on its axis as the Heavy pulled out. Realising that he could, the Heavy wrapped both hands around the Medic, and used him to jerk off.

The Medic had experienced a fair number of strange things, even before the Nucleus Incident, but this was by far the most bizarre. He was being used like a warm washcloth, like some tawdry rubber marital aid- and loving every second of it. He moaned, a strange sound as the Heavy’s erection displaced his lungs and penetrated almost up to his throat.

“Oh- FUCK!” the Heavy roared. “Doktor- yell again- please!””

The Medic had no trouble in obeying, his cries vibrating his body around the Heavy’s cock. Thrusting wildly, squeezing the Medic’s body around himself, the Heavy came. At this scale, the flood of his semen overflowed the Medic’s body, oozing out onto the sheets. The sight set off a final paroxysm of bliss in the Heavy’s body, leaving him shaking and weak as he returned to his original size to lie beside his lover. They lay together, speechless and panting, amazed by what they had just done.

Perhaps the Nucleus Incident had changed everything, after all. It had changed some things for the better.

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... I think I have a new fetish.

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GOOD FUCKING GOD that was weird, disturbing and most definitely hot. Thankyou so much, Marty. I think one of my favorite parts was when they said "I love you". An incredibly rare thing in porn, but worked amazingly in the context and made it all the more hot.

I still have no words. Just thankyou.

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Why did I enjoy this... I blame Marty!

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Now I need to read "The Nucleus Incident" as well, so I have some idea on the backstory of this awesome fic.

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I once read a Metalocalypse fic with the same kink - I never thought I'd find another (especially such a wonderful one!) with my favorite fandom. Thank you!

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Oh, that was amazing. The dirty talk made me squirm in my seat! Medic's overdramatics and experimentation...UMPH. I'll be in my bunk.

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All I can imagine is Medic in little Lederhosen scaling Mount. Hoovy with his mountaineering gear.

BUTWAT. I kind of loved this. Oooh, Matron!

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Herpderp. That was me.

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Fuck Marty. How the-

I don't even...


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...What the everloving fuck did I just read, and why am I so turned on?
Terato the pornomancer strikes again!

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Wow man. Just wow.

I envy your ability to make 'kinks' appealing to people who would not normally see things in such a light.

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This is really exactly what I needed mid finals! Your fics are always a fun read, even besides the awesomely written sex.

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What the fuck did I just read, Marty?

...I LOVED it.

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I feel like there should be a PlantSniper/LightSpy sequel to this. You know. Because of photosynthesis.

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14 is me, Russ. Damn, I could've sworn I typed in my name.

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... STOP GIVING ME FABULOUS IDEAS. Dear gods, the Sniper and the Spy could in fact make beautiful music together. But I'm all writing Enjawneer porn and actually trying to work on something original of my own and... ARGH!

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This was disturbingly hilarious.
Oh you, Marty.

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C'mon Marty, you know you wanna write something terrible/wonderful involving photogasms...do it. For us.

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Marty, do one with Spycho/anyone.

DO IT, MARTY. You know you want to.

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Hey, hey guys
Why don't you
draw/write it yourself.
I love Marty's stuff with all of my heart but cut him some slack!

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This, pretty much. Marty isn't the be-all and end-all of porn, even if his stuff IS good. The poor guy has a life too, y'know.

I might try and write something porny myself one of these days, if I get the inspiration...

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No, no I don't.

I fully endorse other people writing porn! I need to fap, too, you know.

No, no I don't.

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Marty, I, for one, would like to humbly apologize. If I could, I would totally write you some Heavy/Medic porn, but...I am ashamed to admit it, but I'm a beginner in the writing of porn. I've never really written porn before, so I don't really know the mechanics of it. That, and I still don't have a beta.

I once again apologize. You are a fantastic writer and whatever you manage to write always brings a smile to my face.

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I'm going to derail a bit here and give the short version of why I am, and always will be, a lurker.

I'm a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. Near fifteen years ago I developed elaborate sexual fantasies in my head that deprived me of sleep until I wrote them down. I was still sleep-deprived more often than not, and soon learned to block out the fantasies for the sake of a modicum of well-being. Now I couldn't bring them back even if I wanted to; hence, I don't write porn.

On that note, I'd like to thank everyone who more or less frequently contributes to this channel. This is my favourite place to lurk.

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wow. just this. the only thing that could make this worse(better)
heavy shrinking medic down to use as an actual condom. With someone else.

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Porn based on Eximplode's The Nucleus Incident. You asked, I answered. Now suffer.
But, but, but where is Sniper and his plants?
Oh god gorget what i said i believe nobody wants to see Sniper and his FlowerPowerTime.

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>“Behold, the quadriceps!”
That line alone.
Already working on it.

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I am highly excited! Medic is slightly less than 30 cm tall (think Ken doll), Heavy's his usual size, somewhere above 200 cm.

33 .

This relates to my fetish...for the most part.

34 .

I love how many of the comments are people suddenly discovering a new fetish thanks to Marty. This has actually been my preferred fetish for sometime now. But I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would find TF2 fanfiction of it.

TeratoMarty, how are you so awesome?

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is good at drawing porn is bad at writing porn
All the fanfictions I want to write.. but can't.. so maybe I'll draw them and it'll hopefully inspire a fanfic..

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