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Death of a Soldier (8)

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This story is set in the same canon as Breaking Point. However, this is not the same Soldier constantly referred to in the story. Yes, this will be on-going, though maybe not as frequently updated as Breaking Point is.


Panicked wheezing.

Oh God… Oh God…

He squirmed, trying to wriggle out of the restraints binding his arms. A muffled groan of despair. He writhed again, his body flopping about in the makeshift coffin, and kicked fruitlessly at nothing. The wood echoed back dully.

How could they have known?! Well, maybe they didn’t. There probably wasn’t a soul on the entire planet that would enjoy being buried alive. Still. This was hell for him. He felt like there were ants crawling under his skin. Darkness made it worse. Then again, he didn’t want to see his death coming, either. Not like he could see it… WHAT WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?!

His mind whirled, recalling what Sniper said to him. “Reckon you’ll have a good two hours or so in this lil’ beauty. One if ya panic.”

Oh, God. Oh, God. Was he panicking? WAS HE PANICKING?! How long had he been underground for? It felt like HOURS! But it couldn’t have been hours, else he’d be dead already!

Oh, God. Was he dying? WAS HE DYING?!


The scream suddenly ripped its way out of his heaving chest, completely unbidden, and before he knew it, he was kicking desperately at the wood and shouting profanity at the top of his lungs.

He couldn’t die here. Not like this. Not like this.

Suffocating on his own second-hand breath.

Half a dozen feet underground.

Miles away from home.

Shit, he was lightheaded now. He slumped uselessly against the floor of his living (for now) coffin and wheezing desperately.

A ragged cough. Oh, no, no, no. He felt it. He felt the pull of vertigo and nausea. Had to save his air. Save it.

For what? FOR WHAT?! No one was going to save him! How could they find him in this closet of butt-fucking NOWHERE?!

He’d taken one for the team. This was his sacrifice. This horrible, lonely, tortuous death was a badge of honor – he would be seen as a hero for sacrificing it all for RED. He hoped. He prayed. He’d given up too much – TOO FUCKING MUCH – to fade away, nameless and forgotten in the books of history.

A bead of sweat rolled down his neck, and he gave a short groan. God, he felt like he was going to puke. And heavy. So heavy.

He closed his eyes for a moment. It felt like another whole hour had passed. How long had he been out? HAD he been out?

A rattling breath.

Fuck. Stay conscious.

Stay… consciooouuuuuuuu……

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Yeah, you can do it!
Come on...update...update!

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>>3 http://www.gallerym.com/images/work/big/eisenstaedt_alfred_M2_vj_day_lasiter_16x20_L.jpg

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Alright, I love you and I love Breaking Point, but this... er. I'm sorry, but the ALL CAPS QUESTION MARK EXCLAMATION POINT?! really musses the whole tone. I know you're going for panic, but you should be able to carry that across without ALL THIS STUFF?!, because your words should stand on your own. If you removed the THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! and such, this still would have been nice and disturbing.

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>>5 this. Capcha: Not artwell... Well then.

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>>5 I like the extra caps and such. It feels very Soldier-y. It's less of a narrative 'this is occurring', and more of a running commentary in Soldier's head, just written in third person.

I think it would have been more effective with this tone, in first person, but I still enjoy it as is.

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>>7 Yeah, like in a humor fic. It's goofy.

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>>8 *Like Soldier in a humor fic, sorry
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