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New Request Thread (209)

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Okay, last one autosaged, and I had a request that calls to me like burning, so I thought 'why not'?

My request, then.

As we all know, the men from TF2 are often subjected to rather porny settings, at the hands of authors here.

What if that was the point of TF2?

Scout signs up for either RED or BLU, after seeing an ad in the paper. He skims it, so he misses the part about how it's not really a group of men fighting. It's all the premise for one giant gay orgy porno set.

Do with it what you will. Doesn't necessarily have to be Scout, either.

2 .


seconded harder than anything i've ever seconded before.

i have a request also. i would like to see someone, other the scout (since he's always the homophobic one), that is strongly homophobic. sexytimes and pairings surrounding the situation is up to the author.

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This. We've seen plenty of homophobia from Soldier, Scout, occasionally Medic, but Spy is always the one who's super confident in his sexuality. Heavy never needs much coaxing, either; I'd love to see a repressed/homophobic Heavy. Heck, Engineer's from Texas, and he's usually written as the most tolerant guy. And I don't think I've ever seen a homophobic Pyro, that would be hilarious.

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Oh crap, my brain already started writing this.

Okay. Looks like I'm filling requests tonight.

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This is an old request, but I'm hoping that this time it might be fulfilled.

I really, really want to see some Soldier/Spy.

Any story would be fine, any context and idea, as long as it has that pairing.

If possible, I'd prefer to see this prompt.
Spy and Soldier are fighting in Coldfront or some other freezing place, when an explosion causes them to plummet into an underground cavern and knocks them out.
Soldier's helmet protected his head for the most part and after a few hours he regains consciousness, but Spy won't wake up. It's nighttime, it's so dark it's impossible to see if there is a way out of the carvern, and the temperature has dropped so much that unconsciousness would lead to death.
Maybe Respawn is turned off after ceasefire, maybe Soldier doesn't want to leave a teammate behind even if everybody can be brought back to life, maybe Soldier is simply too insane to realize that Respawn exists. Whatever the reason, Soldier decides to keep Spy alive by "warming him up".
Bonus points if Spy eventually wakes up while Soldier is kissing and caressing his body, but is still only semi-conscious and thinks it's a dream.

But even if this prompt does nothing for you, even if you want to write something completely different, I'd still read it.

I just really, really want to see some Soldier/Spy.

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Working on that one, anon. Sorry for being so slow about it! If someone faster wants to pick it up, feel free, but I'm hoping to have it done by the end of this week. Just got some real-life stuff in the way of writing. Sorry!

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My first request - please let me know if anyone has already written something like this!

I've read lots of stories about characters entering a relationship with Tentaspy. I want something a little different.

I'd like to read a Sniper/Spy story where they are in a relationship *before* Spy becomes Tentaspy. What would happen then? How would you cope if your partner suddenly became half squid? Would Tentaspy be subject to quarrantine and experiments and would Sniper try to rescue him? Can love overcome all tentacles?!

8 .


It has been written (though Scout wound up joining the homophobic camp, he did so alongside more'n a couple who normally get written as accepting/totally gay. Sexytimes didn't quite occur...


Oh man. Oh man. I'm not sure if I should second this or write it.

Or both. Both is sounding pretty good about now, actually...

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>>2 >>3 I... I want to write both of these situations (homophobic teammates and repressed Heavy). Debating whether I should write them separately or as one fic. I love tragic love. Why you do this to me?

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I want sexitimes with Hoovy and Medic WHILE Hoovy's awake yet cut open on the operating table. I don't even like the slight squicky gore (or I thought I didn't), but when Meet the Medic came along... yep.

Has it been done yet?

11 .

Medic is a transman. Thanks to his bizarre surgical skills and access to drugs, he's been able to make improvements on his body but he is far from satisfied. He wishes to make love to Heavy, but is frustrated that he cannot do it properly. So! He conspires with someone, possibly Engi or maybe Spy, or maybe in desperation he just does it on his own, to hack into the respawn system. The goal? Give Medic's DNA a tweak so he'll respawn as a fully biological male.

Basically I want Medic exploring his new penis and testicles, surprising Heavy, and of course getting to properly test drive his body in bed.

12 .


I want to read both of these situations. Either separately or as one fic, I'll be happy.


YES. I want to read that (this time I don't think I can write it, but I really hope somebody else does!) (Oh boy, before this fandom I was not at all into gore... Meet the Medic did things to me, too.). If it's been done before, I haven't seen it.

13 .

Then suddenly, Heavy grabbed his face and kissed him.

Medic struggled out of the grip as quickly as he could and slapped the larger man across the face. It may have hurt, it may not have, but Heavy at least had the decency to turn his head, to look ashamed.

“Fuck you!” Medic screeched, voice rising with each word. “Who do you think you are?! That you can just do that and suddenly everything is forgiven! That you think you have a right to do that at all! Do you know what you have done to me? To my career, my relationships, mein psyche?! Verdammt schwein, fuck you. Do not come near me. You are not welcome.”

With that, Medic turned on his heel, storming down the hall and leaving a cowering Heavy in his wake.

Yes, I think I have an idea to combine them. Now let's see if I can do it justice.

14 .

Any couple is good, but for the sake of clarity, I'll use Heavy and Medic.

Heavy likes Medic, but Medic is not interested in him. Spy (From either team) lusts after Heavy, and being a man of loose morals, impersonates Medic, and naturally, Heavy and Spy have sex. Heavy only finds out in the morning what happened, and gets very mad at Spy (no, we can make this work shite), and Spy just finds it hilarious.

Obviously would end on a sad note, but could be a happy note or something else.

Oh, and I know I used Heavy and Medic, but those were just place holder names. I'd much rather see Sniper or Engineer used.

15 .

Sniper is sniping, Spy decides to fuck with him and kiss him every time he sneaks up on him and then quickly cloaks and darts off. Sniper is left unfocused and embarrassed and whatnot, and eventually over time starts becoming anxious for Spy to kiss him every time they're in battle

16 .

Female!Pyro/Bi-Curious!Medic (bonus points if he uses a disciplinary action and Pyro's just a Plain Jane. Anyone else can be as hot as you want to make them.)

17 .


There actually was a story on here for awhile about RED as an all-male brothel. I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately, and when I went looking for it a few weeks ago, I couldn't find it. It might have fallen off the chan. I want to think it had something like "In the Cathouse" in the title (as a pun on "being in the doghouse", since Medic got thrown out on the street by his angry wife, and Medic had nowhere else to go but the brothel he was working with, as an actual doctor) but I can't remember.

I have some new weird requests of my own.

First, Dell's grandfather, Radigan Conagher, gettin' it on with the unnamed ancestor of Helen, the one who broke into his workshop. Preferably before the Australium takes full affect but no real problem if it's after.

Second, Helen (the Administrator/Announcer) and Mrs. DeGroot, Red Demo's mother (possibly when she's younger but I have no problems with old woman porn.) No specific thoughts other than Mrs. DeGroot knows Helen and isn't being tricked into thinking it is someone else.

Third, is regarding Soldier, RED or BLU, with the idea that as a young child he was forced to dress as a little girl by his mother and/or father and/or older sibling. He knew he was a boy (though he could have felt some confusion if the author wants to delve into that), even disliked his family for forcing him, and hated the kids who mocked him, but secretly he enjoyed wearing dresses, if only a little. Of course, he's become a very manly man since then and manly men don't wear dresses. Soldier ends up with a lover who wants him to cross-dress and wear something naughty. Not necessarily skimpy lingerie... possibly more like an old-style dress with the hem modified to be unrealistically short (also to fit a man) and paired with women's panties. Soldier refused at first, though he left the suggestion open to future debate, and eventually agrees to it.

I REALLY want Soldier's lover to be a woman but there aren't a lot of canon options on that front. My best suggestions are Miss Pauling or Scout's Ma, though The Administrator or Mrs. DeGroot are vaguely plausible. I would also accept ANY gender-bent class but my preferences, in that case, lean towards a female Spy, a female Heavy, a female Soldier, a female Sniper, or a female Demo.

BDSM (bondage or dominance play specifically) is another plus, as would be pegging, but neither is necessary. This should be about the dress and Soldier being with a woman who wants him to wear something silky or satin (or anything, just a really wonderful texture.) I'd prefer it if whoever he is with is actually very loving and caring towards him. His lover isn't out to harm him; this is merely a kink they've wanted to explore ever since they found out about his past and he has been reluctant but also tentatively interested in exploring it with them. Also, I don't personally like the idea of him wearing a wig to go with it. It isn't about trying to make him into a woman, it's about trying to make him accept something he finds embarrassing and the woman getting off on that.

Fourth, not a new one but I still want to see RED Spy and BLU Scout's Ma with VIP seats at a baseball game (one that's like a more or less private room) and inviting one of the Soldier's (probably RED) to join them for a threeway.

Fifth (also not new), RED or BLU Engineer has created a machine that both restrains and fucks a woman or man. Could apply to back and front at the same time; it probably has various removable attachments even. Preferably Engie convinces someone else to help him demonstrate his new invention at a private TF Industries (or a more general) expo but simply showing it to his team is also fine. Bonus points if they give Engie oral while they're on/in/under the machine (there are so many positions they could be in, maybe it has multiple options as a possibility.) I'd prefer it if this was entirely consensual but a captured and humiliated enemy could be interesting. Anyone is fine, really. It could even be a You and Engineer story.

I might try to get around to writing some of them if no one else ever does but that might take forever right now.

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Sniper spanking Spy <3

19 .

First request!

This is something I'd totally love to be able to write, but I just don't think I quite have the characterizations down enough yet. (New to the fandom.) It'd be an "after the war ends" fic, possibly years and years down the road. Most people write Retirement fics where Heavy and Medic are living Happily Ever After and it is all sweetness and twu wuv. Don't get me wrong, I love this. But the opposite could also have happened. That once the war is over and they are faced with having to be "real people" again...the romance ends; they drift apart. One of the two (Medic is who I'd prefer, since there are so many stories where Heavy is the more emotionally in-tune one) has problems letting go.

This idea wrote itself in my head after hearing Adele's "Someone Like You". If anyone wants to fill this request, Bonus Points if you do it with that song in mind. (I dunno about y'all, but I listen to mood music while I write.)

Like I said, I'd love to write this one myself, but I don't think I've quite got 'em down as well as some of y'all do.

Thanks in advance!!!

20 .

seconding 18.

21 .

re-requesting some lovely exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Scout likes to tan in the nude -cause his body is just that awesome- and Sniper or Spy or Engie (writer's choice)watching him. Maybe pleasuring themselves to the sight, maybe some middle of the day sexing outside and all around Scout strutting about.

22 .


I would love to read that. Seconded!

23 .



24 .

Sooo I've been listening to a ton of Reverend Horton Heat lately, and this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTZLpPO2gM4 has been bumping around in my head as something for an Engie fic.

I'd love to read something where Engie's reminiscing on old flings and romances, especially something like in the song. Some good old fashioned scandalous "inter-racial-cowboy-homo-kinda-love"~

25 .

Somebody said something about how there was not enough testosterone in HeavyMedic sexytime fics, especially for Medic.

I therefore propose the idea of Heavy and Medic fighting to top each other (sexily, of course). I don't care who ends up winning in the end, I just want to see them seductively play/banter/argue/fight for the right to be on top.

26 .


Seconded. Seconded so hard I think I just tore something.

27 .


Working on it. And it's Sniper, hope you don't mind. Should be up relatively soon, lol.

28 .


Whoever doesn't want a fic based on this is MENTAL

29 .



30 .

Im craving scout torture! are their any good ones on this site??? maybe with Medic or spy! ;)

31 .

Well Breaking Point is just below this one (at the moment). Also don't use emoticons. They don't like that here I like them cause it makes it easier to convey emotion through text but that's just me

32 .

The rules say "keep the use of emoticons to a minimum", because an overuse of emoticons gives the impression that the poster is underaged, but they don't say that we can't ever use any emoticon at all.

I'm 25, but I do tend to use smileys. In RL we can use facial expressions and tone of voice to convey our intent, but on the Internet we only have text, and it's very easy to unintentionally come across as overly confrontational or to misunderstand other posters. I personally find that a single smiley helps a lot to make it clear that we are being friendly.

33 .

Most of the people you see here going 'NO EMOTICONS EVAR' are brand-new and really really don't want to get banned. It's perfectly fine to use emoticons once in a while, especially if you've just written a criticism and you want to soften the blow. Overuse of them is frowned upon, of course, but the occasional :) or ;) in a post never got anyone banned, IIRC. It's the kawaiidesu crap-- the <3333 and the X DDDDD and the =^-^= -- that get you banned.

34 .


Feather has it right. I'll allow occasional use of them, but once you start getting into the spastic desu emotes...there's gonna be trouble.

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I just said none cause I figure some will slip occasionally. You guy are right though, a few are fine. I try to avoid them at all here cause I know one will slip in sometimes.

36 .

Ah, Doghouse! How did I miss it before? Thank you, that is the one. It isn't precisely what the OP asked for but it is similar.

I do strongly second the OP's actual request though. The humor, if nothing else, should be lovely. Especially if the Director is there...

37 .

Um... hello, great and powerful annons.

I humbly request a short scene in which one of the classes is getting hot 'n heavy with Pyro. Everything is going great, everyone is having a good time, the mask is already half-way off, and that pesky suit is unzipped and barely hanging off Pyro's shoulders, but then they notice Pyro's boobs. And they are disappointed. Maybe they didn't know they were gay, maybe they weren't sure, or maybe they're just not in the mood for tits, but whatever the reason, they're turned off. The crestfallen teammate tries to extricate themselves from the situation, with assurances of "It's not you, it's me." Pyro does not react well. (Or Pyro reacts however you'd like- it doesn't much matter to me.)

I know the whole "female Pyro" thing's been done to death, but I can't help myself. Please let it be funny and awkward to the nth degree.

Oh goodness. Captcha says "seductsp safeguard"
Indeed, Captcha.

38 .

Not really a request, but I'm working on my first TF2 necrophilia story, something along the lines of Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite. If anyone's interested, I'll post it here. Just wanted to make sure there was at least one person on the chan who'd be interested in reading it.

39 .


holy shit Poppy Z Brite!?
I love her stuff and exquisite corpse is my first and favorite of her books that I read.

I demand that you post it!
I will be waiting in anticipation.

40 .

To add on a suggestion of my own to >37--
And then Pyro turns out to be a shemale?

There is not enough transexual!Pyro in general, considering s/he has the most dubious sex.

41 .



(I will admit, when I first saw the word 'necrophilia', I thought it was the wordfilter again, and then I saw 'Poppy Z. Brite', and I was the opposite of disappoint)

42 .

>>21 Has it been done ? I really do want to read that !

And I also would like to see >>38 ! man this thread is filled with good fanfic idea's !

43 .

Poster from >>38 here. Part one is done, but I need a beta. If you're interested, let me know by e-mailing me at sketchisan@gmail.com. Beta or no beta, I'll be posting this by Friday, but the sooner I get a beta, the sooner I can post. Cheers!

44 .

16 37
Put these together.

45 .

goddammit tf2 stop encouraging my necrophilia kink.

and by "stop encouraging" i mean "please post this as soon as possible"

46 .

Requesting some sexual tension!
Something where both parties are becoming increasingly and alarmingly attracted to each other but are denying it to themselves - meanwhile it's totally obvious to everyone else in the base. Prefer it to Be Soldier/anyone because his inner monologue would be hilarious...

47 .


Seconding curious!Medic/Pyro
This picture seems relevant: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/13170214281.jpg

48 .


Oh man, that would be hilarious... I don't seriously 'ship Soldier anywhere outside of loving me some Jane/Tavish, but this prompt feels very not-cross-faction... But I am definitely interested in seeing what this board comes up with. Seconded.

49 .

46 48 Because I just finished reading the link to "Doghouse" posted earlier in this thread, I am in the mood for Soldier/Scout. Applicable?

50 .


I don't know how. But I wanna see more of this. Or at least where this goes.

51 .

I just want to see something with a male Pyro. That's about it.

52 .

Okay. So.

What I haven't seen, not in a while, is some good old fashioned seducin'. But with science. Mad, mad science.

So, Medic and Engineer are trying to proposition the other (at the same time??? up to writer!!) with whispered science dirty talk, little knowing smirks, what have you. It would be so great if this ended with kinky medical sex.

53 .

>One version with a male and one version with a female pyro.

54 .

Looking for Medic getting fucked by anyone/s. Maybe they take control of an examination or he gets captured. Please focus on strength and age difference (he may be more experienced, but they can make him do whatever they want because they spend all their time lifting and shooting heavy guns while medic only heals people). Consensual please, and I certainly would not mind some light D/s with medic being held down and/or manhandled while being out of his mind with pleasure.

55 .

Would like to point out that the Medigun is likely rather heavy, too. Plus Medic is faster than almost everyone else on the team, running around and keeping pace. Even if he's a bit older he's still very fit. ....Of course when strapped down this wouldn't matter. Heh.

56 .

I feel the lack of tickling as a kink in the TF2 fandom. So here's my usual request:
Spy/Sniper, non-con bondage and tickle torture.

57 .

You know what I'm hankering for?


Namely, Scout's legs because we all know to go at that speed all the time would result in some kick-ass, tight-muscled, lean, strong, delicious legs...

Pairing can be anyone on the team.

58 .

Sexy psychoanalysis delivered (most likely, but you don't have to) via internal monologue, probably by Medic, but it could be anyone.
"He's a psychopath with father issues and an anger management problem <i>and that makes me so hot</i>".

Or... or. Anything Demo-centric? <i>Anything.</i> He gets no love and he's such an interesting character.

59 .

I hate coming in here and seeing all these beautiful plot bunnies going to waste (even though I also hate having so many plot bunnies eating my brains as they beg me to try writing them.)

For some reason the quotes thing doesn't work for me most of the time. I have no idea why. I'm guessing it's something to do with Firefox being a dick.

These are the requests that I wish people would write (that aren't already being written, to my knowledge):



I'd love it if it's Soldier lusting for one of his imaginary army comrades, who Spy finds out are all based on a real army-enlisted friend of Soldier's, appropriately named Pete. Soldier's stories are all fantastic, warped accounts of real events but the man exists. When Spy finds out, he decides to use the information for his own ends. Spy is highly amused at Soldier's anger, after the reveal, until he realizes how devastated Soldier is to find out it wasn't really Pete. Soldier hates Spy after that and there is no way to suggest even a purely sexual relationship between them but maybe there could still be happiness as Soldier gets up the balls to tell Pete and then there is actual fun times between them.

21 (one of these days I'm gonna continue writing up HtH and there'll be some of this but it's not quite the same situation)

I approve the idea of RED Soldier/RED Demo, leaving RED Demo really confused because RED Soldier isn't Jane. D:

If not that, Soldier anyone! I love Soldier and anyone! I think Heavy, Spy, or Medic would be really appropriate. He doesn't trust those damn sneaky foreigners. I am leaning towards Heavy or Medic though because it happens less frequently and because Nazi/Commie bastards!

So... I'm suggesting this be a story with RED Soldier/RED Demo and at the OTHER base BLU Soldier with BLU Medic, Heavy, or Spy.

Bonus if Tavish is actually weirded out more because he wasn't in that kind of relationship with Jane before, now sort of wishes he had been, but is attracted to RED Soldier for himself, NOT as a proxy. In other words, there's a difference between the two Soldiers (even if they're both batshit crazy.)

I love Soldier/Scout. Whenever I get around to HtH again, I will has more. Hell, might write PWP for it. I'm taking forever. I strongly desire more Soldier/Scout in general though.

I request Soldier to be smoking a cigar, wearing soaking wet tank-top and boxers, while Scout goes crazy over how hot that is and demands to suck Soldier's dick. Alternatively, RED Soldier initially just being eager to add BLU Scout's head to his head collection but BLU Scout convinces him that having Scout alive and in one piece is a much, much better trophy. ALL MY LOVE if Scout is completely consensual and it has nothing to do with Stockholm syndrome. Much harder to write and also much crazier. I may write either at some point.

I was JUST thinking about this! I want MADSCIENCEGASM between Medic and Engie. REALLY want them to be science dirty talking together and science jokes. None of which the rest of the team gets, leaving them confused.)

57 (I could easily see this being combined with 21 but even without... I'd love to see some wrestling or socks involved or really just anything showing how strong and sensual those legs are)

58 (Demo's hard to write, I think that's why there's so few Demo-centric stories. There are a lot of stories with him on the board right now but most of them are from Soldier's POV. As much as I love Solly, Demo's POV would be great.)

These leaves me to add two new requests (I had one, which is why I came here, but now I suddenly have a second one.) I am a breeding ground for plot bunnies.

I want to see RED Soldier/BLU Soldier. I don't see a lot of class-incest (for lack of a better term) outside of fanart and usually it's one of the bishounen sort of classes. I have seen two Soldiers and Engie in fanart plenty of times and I would also eagerly accept a threesome between RED Soldier/BLU Soldier/Any Engie. Bonus points if the two Soldiers are hot for one another but aren't entirely certain what to do (or keep arguing about who should be receiving) and they go to Engie because he's their pal and they view this as a practical problem (sure, right.) And secretly Engie has had a crush on them both so he takes the chance to go "SANDWICH ME" or double-penetration. Kudos on double-penetration.

Also, completely different request. Warning: FUCKING WEIRD. This may kill boners, I don't know. I think it's both hot and sociologically/psychologically interesting. This is technically me thirding number 46 now that I think about it.

I would love to have [url=http://rule34-images.paheal.net/_images/8a434e0f2f4a66935851b6d19c5863f4/548072%20-%20Rule_63%20katya%20soldier%20team_fortress_2.jpg]this genderbend of Soldier[/url] (the dick is a strap-on) being pursued romantically by another class on the same team, your choice (though Spy would be the default awesome, IMHO.) Naturally femme Soldier would be angry at first because she just isn't used to anyone being interested (might not typically be interested in anyone else herself) and she assumes the guy is mocking her or absolutely desperate (probably no one else on the team tried tappin' dat ass before; many of them might find her intimidating or annoying or ugly or just like one of the guys) even though he's determined to convince her that she's hot and OMFG has he fallen in love hard. She might even be very sexually repressed or a virgin but that's not necessary. She might even be married, who knows? There's all kinds of really fun things involved when it comes to an uber manly woman who desperately wanted to fight in WWII.

Alternately, I would also be happy if the pairing was this genderbent female Soldier and a more Makani style female Soldier; basically a little younger, shorter, perkier, more feminine but not a lot more, with still short but not past chin-length hair (alternately, long but permanent bun style-hair), and braces or something else physically quirky but cute. Yes, insane female Soldier on insane female Soldier action please. For some reason I'd prefer it if they were on the same team.

Actually, this uber manly female Soldier and a female Spy in the above arrangement would be nice too but for some reason I feel the tension is strongest if it's a male Spy. French (so speaking French in a stereotypically romantic attempt at winning her over would be hilarious if she's all "SPEAK ENGLISH, MAGGOT!"), presumed to be promiscuous and bisexual or gay (even if he isn't), and supposedly naturally untrustworthy (even if he is.) Also, Spy's actually a tiny bit taller than the regular Soldier; most people don't realize this. Would die with love if that's still true for the femme Soldier/male Spy pairing. Would also die with so much love if she's a bitter, cynical woman with a surprisingly cheerful demeanor. And if she's older than Spy, even if not by a lot.

Regardless, I desperately want her getting eaten out, returning the favor, getting pounded and taking it like a man, and maybe using a strap-on. Preferably some cute romantics in-between her partner having to convince her that she's very attractive to them and doing everything possible to get her into bed.

Oh man, what if it was male Spy and other female Soldier both trying to win uberbutch! older female Soldier's affections? Though could be better as just two separate stories. Or maybe a female Demo? Gah! Too many ideas just involving this one idea.

If no one writes this idea in particular I think I'll really have to bite the bullet and do it myself eventually.

On a tangent, I also really would love normal Soldier with either Makani style female Heavy, any sort of female Spy, or a female Heavy/female Pyro who is like Vasquez in Aliens.

... I swear, I love all the classes. Soldier just holds so many of my kinks, I guess. Or he amuses me the most, I don't know which.

I know, I'm so demanding. But like I said, I get SO MANY PLOT BUNNIES and I would write some of them but I have only so much time and stamina! I need to give some away but they're always so bizarre that most of the time no one wants one. Please, does anyone who likes Soldier do requests at all? D:

60 .

I am working on a Soldier/Spy fic for prompt >>5 but I've been slow about it because of work. I'm hoping to have it done really soon, though - it's a rare pairing and I'm having a lot of fun writing Soldier. Seems my med school psychiatry course came in handy after all.

The rest of the prompts you've posted are also damn delicious, but gah! No time! I hope someone else picks them up.

61 .

Forgot to add, I know the Soldier pic I linked to could technically be sexually ambiguous. That could also be a feature of the story. She gets mistaken for a man a lot or else people do a double-take when they have already clued onto the fact she's a woman but she acts so manly and isn't even that feminine that they start second-guessing themselves. I like the ambiguity even when you can see the body, in this instance.

And yes, perhaps what I really want is a Pyro but... that back story! That abrasive attitude! The military kink! Not to mention, that American patriotism and that hilarious threatening. It's the personality (and the very close resemblance to the actual male Soldier) that does it for me and which would push the tension along, IMHO.

62 .

>>60 Oooh, awesome! Thank you, Anon!

63 .

Heavy/medic nipple play.

64 .

I am derp and I swear I'm going to stop posting now, as my chattering is gonna put this into autosage so much faster.

I also meant to second putting 16 and 37 together, as 44 suggested! That was such an awesome idea! It was actually one of the reasons I decided to start seconding and such and somehow I forgot it. There is not enough FACEPALM available for me because I forgot.

I'm normally not a huge fan of Pyro (since we know so little about Pyro, it's all on the author to make them interesting) but this is such a massively awesome idea and so unique! And so utterly realistically hilarious. Poor Medic and poor Pyro. I need this in my life and so do you.

I also second Heavy/Medic nipple play oddly enough because I don't exactly get it. When an author does the standard "very briefly attending one nipple and then giving the same attention to the other" I can't imagine why the character being licked seems so into it and I'm pretty certain it's only because it's not a big enough kink for the author. I want to see some realistic nipple play that goes in-depth as to how awesome it can be. I've yet to read anything that really explores it (then again maybe I'm not looking in the right places or doing the right things in bed, ahem, but enough about me...)

Second, I forgot one of my own requests too. Double derp for me. I really want some Heavy pinning Soldier on his back, maybe after they've been working out and then wrestling (meaning all sweaty and in need of a shower), and consensually dominating the hell out of Soldier. Of course Soldier would put up a powerful play-resistance at first (headlocks with stinking armpits perhaps) before lying back and eagerly taking it like a man while they're both still wearing their work-out clothes. Then a trip to the showers and Soldier promising he'll win next time, with Heavy scoffing good-naturedly.

Let me think if I forgot anything again... Oh! Also requesting some Soldier hurt/comfort with Soldier on the being hurt and then being comforted end. Anyone is fine. Trickier than it sounds, I'm sure. Alternately, Soldier comforting someone else who was hurt. Equally tricky. Maybe Sniper, in either instance, as the other part of the pairing, just to make it equally awkward and because I don't think I've actually seen a Sniper/Soldier fic, now that I think about it. Note: not asking for magical curative sex. Sex is good but I'm perhaps looking for something more like extended capture and torture before being rescued and comforted by team mates to the best of their ability.

Hey, let's go really crazy! In the vein of Iz's request, what if RED and/or BLU are instead prisons (or one prison) and all of the classes are inmates? Not even requesting pairings on this one... I think we need some good ol' extremely brutal and traumatizing gang violence up in here where everyone dies! If we want to get like the Reed Fields, maybe the Soldiers are the only ones who know the truth and everyone assumes that because they're crazy they must be wrong.

And, speaking of AUs, college hijinks! Thinking on it a little more, instead of an "everyone is in college together, LOL" I think I'd rather see Engineer back when he actually WAS in college in Texas, meeting one of the other classes long before the teams come together and falling for said class. I'm thinking Engineer and Heavy because I don't even remember if I've seen that before.

I'd like to point out, if Engie actually has eleven degrees, he was probably in college for a lot longer than four years. He could be late twenties or early thirties at the time of the story. We have no exact age for him but he could be as old as Soldier, possibly older but that still depends since Soldier's age isn't definite either. At the earliest Soldier would be somewhere in his forties by 1968. Regardless, I'd love to see the story focus on Engie meeting Heavy in college and starting a relationship with him while he's there. It could proceed from there into the current time-line but exploring the college relationship is a must, IMHO.

Heavy doesn't have to be going to the college but it's entirely plausible if he was since there are plenty of people who come to America for college. He could be working on campus or he could be taking classes. He could be a bartender/bouncer near the college, whether or not either of the above is true. I want to see this work. Especially since, what are younger Engie and Heavy like? What kind of wildness might they be more willing to get up to when they're younger than when they're older? Do they end up on the same team sometime after Engie graduates?

... I get eaten by plot bunnies in the middle of describing other plot bunnies. I get EATEN.

I want to see Sniper and Demo playing a pair of cops who are trying to investigate the Administrator's criminal activities and every other class is a suspect or a witness! YES! COP DRAMA! SNIPER AND DEMO AS A BUDDY COP TEAM! DO IT! Remember, it's always homicide, even if it doesn't seem like it would be at first. The doctor was never heard from again!

Also, lots of sex from somewhere. I don't care where. This needs sex. Preferably some hot, spicy action between Sniper and the Administrator, to really get poor Sniper confused (or Sniper and Demo, I leave that up to you.) Soldier needs to be a lawyer. YOU HEARD ME. A prosecution lawyer! Spy can be the defense lawyer. Heavy is going to be the judge because I want to see him pounding a tiny gavel and calling for order when Soldier begins to rant loudly! Saxton Hale should be a witness. Or on trial, whichever is funnier.

SOMEONE DO IT! You know you want to.

65 .

So we can repost requests from the previous thread, right?

66 .


Yes. Yes, you can.

67 .

Administrator decrees mandatory therapy for the teams, for her own amusement of course. Character A lets slip they like character B and funtimes ensue

I’m just thinking backstory plot and hinted pairings. I like it when authors can get into the character’s heads.

68 .

First, I'm looking for something that I cant seem to find. It had sniper/scout/spy in that order.

RED Spy and (BLU?)Sniper were both visiting Scout but they hate each other so it became hate double penetration, and the only way to get them to stop was when Scout forced them to kiss. Even then they were still enemies.

Second, I have a thing for double penetration and really bad pick up lines. It would be nice to see someone like Solly try some really silly but terrible pick up lines on whoever.
Engy: What are you on about?

That would be something I'd really like to see. And I don't mind if it takes forever to write 'cause hell, if I don't get any takers on this request I'll write it myself.

69 .


I am inspired. If I actually start though it might not come out till a while, since everything seems super inspiring lately. Anyone else who's faster can feel free to start on it instead, as I am in the middle of writing twenty million other stories...

70 .

I'm getting intrigued by all this HeavyxScout talk, there really should be more of it! I'm also really inspired by that fanart of the Scout holding the Sandvich away from Heavy and tugging down his little bootyshorts? Might do sooomething along the lines of that...

Also as a request, more Demoman!! I'd love to see something that has him sobered up at least SOME of the time. His demeanor in the War comic when he was at home with his mother was really lovely, and I'd love to see this side of him more.

71 .

I'm re-requesting a fic based off of this picture:


Or something along the lines of a Tentaspy/Heavy porn fic.

Please? Been requesting this ever since I came to the Chan a year ago!

I'll love whoever does the first one for the rest of my life.

72 .

What if the Pyro was very pretty, but was a man? He hides his face to avoid ridicule of his girly features? But what if someone on the team found the femininity of the Pyro...attractive?

AnyoneXPyro basically. (I love Sniper and Medic, but I'm good with anyone))

73 .

Re-requesting Tentaspy/Soldier. Hopefully non-con, since I doubt Soldier would go along with a Tentaspy without a fight.

74 .


I might start something with these... ideas. You'll just have to wait a while since I'm writing a lot of other things too.

75 .

I remember someone was writing a fic with Demo spanking Scout, but it never got finished...

So, re-requesting that because it's ridiculously hot.

76 .

A couple's first time doing anal, and it goes bad. Both are new at being physically intimate with the same sex, and they totally botch it. Someone bleeds. Someone gets hurt. They're leery of trying again. But eventually they both agree their relationship is worth pursuing, and have another go at it, this time with lots of preparation and lube. Pairing can be anything but Scout. Go nuts.

77 .

RED and BLU Engineers were collage roommates and experimented sexually with each other.

Could be a flashback or just them saying "Hey man wanna do it?"

Bonus points for them having an engineering rivalry.

78 .

Spy is pyro.
After being extremely humiliated, Spy hides from the teams by going Pyro but he is found out by *insert pairing here*

79 .

Yes combine these two! Tentaspy threeway with Heavy and Soldier.

Okay, I have suggestions for combos. Combine >>76 and >>77 >>77 and >>52 or >>76 with my idea (up in >>64) of Engineer and Heavy having been together in college.

If you really want some weird fun, maybe >>77 >>76 and Engineer/Heavy from college (either during or after) but I think that might be really hard to do, unless you have a really good idea for how the two Engineers could be so similar and yet different enough to be two different people.

Or perhaps combining >>77 with my idea from >>17 where Engineer has created a machine that both restrains and fucks a woman or man. Or combining >>77 with >>52 and that idea from >>17! They both came up with a machine for that purpose (which might restrain, fuck, and hold the individual in different ways) and Medic is either testing it for them or they are testing each others machines and Medic is there to make sure they won't be injured (and maybe enjoying their mouths in-between watching them.) And lots of science dirty talk and innuendo between all three of them. Maybe it's at an Expo so there's also the added thrill of trying not to get caught by the Administrator's private investigators? Or it could just be at one of the bases, as that'd be easier.

Also, now that I noticed it, combine >>15 >>18 and >>56.

I love how so many of these requests can actually be combined to form some really exciting and unique ideas.

80 .

>>74 I am starting to love you, Anon. I really am.

>>79 You too. I'm starting to love you too, Dove the Unoriginal.

I love too many people on this site.

81 .

Okay screw it. Here goes my first post on TF2chan evur. And it's a request that I'm actually ashamed of making since it's more close to anything incest-related than what I have ever though of making.

Scouts Mom x opposite teams Scout.

Scenario would be something in the lines of Scouts Mom visiting the base, meeting the other teams Scout, and then rounding up with plenty interesting thoughts about how much he looks like her own handsome angel of a son but isn't really him... Then either just her fantasies or actual sex between them happens, the writer can choose which is more comfortable.

And as long as I'm on the requesting subject; previous thread had Medic x Heavy x Medic threesome request, which I'd like to second to infinity and beyond since people aren't abusing the threesome possibilities of TF2-universe nearly enough. Almost planned on writing this myself earlier this summer after reading the /afanfic/ archives the entire night and getting heaps of inspiration throughout the following day, but true to my retarded, procrastinating nature I didn't manage to write anything down.

82 .

A adult fic idea thanks to the best holiday- Halloween. This idea is for Engineer/Soldier.

Spy drops off his disguise kit off at Engineer's workshop so it can be fixed/updated. After fixing the disguise kit Engineer get the wild idea for him and Soldier to disguise as each other. And then the fuck and fuck and fuck some more while disguised as each other.

83 .

I'm thinking what with all the pyro requests, I might as well add my bit to the pile.

How about the Pyro on one team is female, and the other is male. (But the female one is generally thought to be male.) In the beginning, they have a profound hatred for each other. The two dragons constently belch flames at each other- one trying to burn the other into ashes befor the other one does. It think it would also be amusing to hear their inner monologes on the situation.

Something happens, possibly a Soldier or something coming at the male pyro while the two are in battle. The female air-blasts her rival out of the way of the oncoming rockets for whatever reason. Making the male think.

Things happen slowly and they begin to become abit closer. (One goes out to burn ants with a magnifying glass, and the other comes out to watch or even join in, etc.)

Male pyro eventualy finds out his counter is female, which eventualy leads up to intense sexy tiems involving rough riding, biting, clawing, and perhaps fire.

84 .

Seconded, Senconded so hard.

85 .

I find you people cute. From all the fucked up things on the Internet, this is pretty innocent. I would fill some of your requests if I was better at writing with sounding accent. But I am not. But .. I might do something anyway.

I fell in love with this "tentaspy" character when skimming through the chan. And I do like writing bizarre things. Oh my, what have you people done with me?

I am going to write a heavy/tentaspy fic, since I saw some poor soul requesting this since the beginning of the chan. And Heavy is such a fun character to describe. I might enjoy this after all.

86 .


please, don't let the accent thing stop you from writing. i actually like it more when people put less emphasis on the accents.

87 .


I can't believe I am not the only one doing these requests... though I should be thankful since I've told almost everyone in here I would start writing their request. I'm not even done with the first one- oh me and my biting off more than I can chew. Someday I may have these all done, maybe even after the requesters give up on looking for it, heh.

88 .

Rerequesting this.

Someone is interested in the Engineer, but the problem? He's...slow when it comes to flirting or any advances. So the interested person decides to be a little more forward to get their point across.

89 .


I third Medic/Heavy/Medic to infinity and beyond too!

Also I'd still want to see female Pyro X (desperate/bi-curious) Medic. Bonus bonus points if he's on the bottom.

90 .


I was inspired by Anne's SCIENCE! Medic in The Dustbowl Horror. Basically, he's just a very enthusiastic Mad Scientist at heart who doesn't mean anyone ill will, even if he might intentionally or accidentally hurt them. Not unlike what we see in Meet the Medic. He's not a sadist. He simply wants to engage in SCIENCE! and his theories are probably insane but completely and utterly possible in the TF2 universe.

However, I want to see him engage in SCIENCE! with the help of an equally insane and plausibly enthusiastic Demo! Demo NEVER gets to engage in SCIENCE! Even Engineer gets to do that with or without Medic more than Demo does.

This could be Medic/Demo/Engineer or it could be Medic/Demo, Engineer/Demo, or Medic/Engineer (though I'd prefer Demo having a much stronger presence in the story if it is the latter.) I'd almost prefer it to be from Demo's POV but SCIENCE! Medic and SCIENCE! Engineer are also acceptable as long as Demo gets to get his SCIENCE! on. I mean, he's a demolitions expert. He knows chemistry and plausibly some physics.

I would also love it if he's mostly sober at the time. Perhaps Medic and/or Engie won't let him join in unless he is sober. Maybe a serious lack of SCIENCE! in his life is why he's drunk all the time. His mother is always pushing him to spend every minute of the day earning more money so he can't typically engage in SCIENCE! just for fun.

Note that this could be combined with >>52 very easily and might even be combined well with >>88 depending on how it is handled. (Perhaps their goal is to seduce Engineer with SCIENCE!)

MAJOR BONUS if they're all hunting the Lochness Monster! Or something equally weird. Though doing things on the base is fine too.

I will love you forever if you do this. Please please please! For SCIENCE!

You may shoe-horn a Soldier in there if you want, because I will never ever stop loving Soldier, but I am SO okay with SCIENCEGASM being all we see. That right there should tell you something about how much I want this. Incidentally, the idea of Soldier piloting(driving/steering?) a stolen submarine makes me giggle like nothing else.

91 .


My keyboard better be ready for what I am going to do to it after reading all of these requests. I am slightly scared if I write something, though, it'll end up being a weird mix of every request since they are all equally inspiring.

92 .

I know a new tenta x tenta fanfic is showing up ( called Red )

And I would love to see another one ! The idea of the title should be enough to make something of I guess, though it's probably not fit for more than a one-shot :

2 Spies, 16 Tentacles ;)

93 .

>>90 i approve of this very much.

i was thinking that demo must be a pretty intelligent guy if he's making explosives and also hella bank, but people never really do anything with that, and just make him drunk 24/7.

so if you, >>91 really do write something for this, i will be so, so happy.

94 .

What I really want to see is cross-faction Heavy/Medic with Heavy as the one trying to instigate a relationship. I'm really interested in how Heavy would pull it off, especially since Heavies and Medics aren't like Spies and Snipers, who can spend half the battle messing around with each other without anyone noticing their absence, and I'm such a fan of Heavy being sneaky.

(Also--and I apologize in advance for my ignorant newness--, could someone please tell me how to respond to posts? Do you just type >>[number], or something else...?)

95 .


This is relevant to my interests.

I take a long time to do things, especially with Breaking Point being my number one fic to finish ASAP, but consider it on my to-do list.

96 .


"...aren't like Spies and Snipers, who can spend half the battle messing around with each other without anyone noticing their absence."

I never quite realized how true this was until now, haha.

And yeah, it's >>[number].

97 .

This picture: http://i53.tinypic.com/2hi9dfb.jpg That is all.

98 .


(It took me awhile to realize I could type it and it'd work that way. Clicking on the numbers is supposed to work too but it only works maybe a fourth of the time for me.)

I think maybe the Heavy should fight sneaky too and thus doesn't normally fight alongside his own Medic (maybe the Medic follows Demo, Soldier, or Pyro, depending on what they're trying to do.) I'm sure there is some way to do it, depending on who he tends to work with instead. Not that he'd have to be that way, of course he could always work with a Medic, but it would be interesting to see it happen and it not being a case of anyone being angry with anyone else. It's just strategy.

Though my theory for them getting together would have to be outside battle, most definitely. Probably when they have time off. I think it'd be interesting if they met similarly to how Tavish and Jane did, at a mutual interests event. Perhaps they don't wear their colors all the time, or else subtly (like a tie with a plain suit, in Medic's case), and at first they didn't even realize they were from the opposite team. That could then lead into how one of them doesn't spend much time around their team mate of the same class and thus doesn't know enough to tell the difference. The one who does probably starts to wonder. At first it's just "I never knew you liked x and y!" but then it becomes "Wait a minute, you told me that you hate z!" Then from there it dawns on them and there is an uncomfortable silence which is then ended with something awesome happening, I hope. What, I don't know.

Maybe they meet at an actual Oktoberfest?

That makes me think, we need a Tavish and Jane at Oktoberfest story or a "Team goes to Oktoberfest" story. Which ends in sex... or a lot of cuddling and kissing.

99 .

>>85 PurdyPowAngel, I think I will be loving you for the rest of my life if you do the Heavy/Tentaspy fic. I will love you and worship you until the day I die.

I love too many people here.

Captcha: electronic oiledit. I think it has something to do with Engineer.

100 .

Captcha = Highland Inspection.

...Demo, what are you doing over there???

Anyway, just chiming in with my UNDYING WANT of a "TEAM GOES TO OKTOBERFEST" story as mentioned by >>98.

Seriously, seriously want.

101 .

So... stopping by to regurgitate an idea from the last thread (unless somebody did it in which case OMG WHERE!?!?!?), Full on team(s) orgy, whether blue/red or both, company scheduled or soldier team building exercise, not too picky but I'd love to see it happen.

Also, another random idea, Post war both teams are put into the same asylum (Miss Pauling nurse perhaps?) where two members of the opposite teams (Preferably Demo x Heavy) find love.... or sex... one of the two.

102 .

With all the TentaSpy floating around, I might as well throw this one out there.

Typically, our TentaSpies tend to be...well, cute. Or at the least, they don't become monsters. More fascinating then grotesque.

I want to see some motherfucking monster Tentaspy. Like this http://tinyurl.com/6aztlfk . Don't mind what he's up to, but it would be pretty cool to see a tentaspy story with that sort of thing running (swimming?) around.

103 .


....Never going in the water again. EVER.

104 .


I love this. Not feeling an "OMG MUST WRITE" vibe from it, so I think it's out of my reach, but I'd love to see someone else give it a shot. I'm all for monsters that actually look and act like monsters. None of this cutesy is-supposed-to-be-a-killer-but-has-a-soft-spot-for-pairing-of-choice-fodder nonsense. I mean, it's all well and good, but... Fuck, man. MONSTERS.


105 .

So, going out on a limb here

There are a lot of stories wherein sexytimes involve someone huffing the medigun, but I don't think I've ever seen it done with the Kritzkrieg. I don't even care about pairings, but... Critpenis, you guys?

Alternatively (or additionally), something involving other classes stealing whichever medigun for recreational use?

106 .

I have a thing for making TF2 monsters more monsterous. If monster-lovin's aren't too taboo (As well as GMod monsters), I'd love to give a gory sewerlove fic a shot.

107 .

But its just a tentaspy! A cuddly little tentasy!

Oh my, even TwoRefined approves! Trust me darlin', I would write it myself but my writing skills are atrocious.

I would be forever in your debt. Just name the horrible thing, and I will do it.

Bonus points: starts out as usual cuddly tentaspy premise, with the unwitting transformation; but instead of angst, there's "Well, off to eat and/or rape Scout!"

Or angst all you want. I don't care.

108 .

>>102 Maybe this fanfic comes close to what you mean ? The Tentaspy in it isn't a nice one by far. I'm not sure if this is the sorta story you're looking for though.

http://www.Mary Suetopia/s/7458067/1/Useless_Existence

(Did that link show ? I'm not sure if that works here...)

109 .

Alright so the link didn't show. Should have expected that...

I will put up the link again since nothing in the rules tells me I can't. This time with spaces.

http://www. fanfiction . net/s/7458067/1/Useless_Existence

110 .


Thank you darlin'. Yeah, I guess that's sort of what I'm after, but it almost seems like...I dunno, just sadism for the sake of sadism. Just mean spirited instead of monstrous.

I guess what I'm really saying is I'd like to see one of the 'chan's writers tackle it.

111 .

>>110 I had a feeling you would say that. Meh, it was worth a try. I hope someone writes your request ! ( I would like to read it as well )

112 .

>>111 Well points for tryin' dear. I actually really do appreciate the trouble.

Hell, even a snuggle bunny monstrous Tentaspy would be good too, if just for the absurdity.

113 .


... Monstrous Tentaspy versus Vagineer? I'm not saying I'd want to read it, since I'm not sure if I would, but that... that writes itself (if it is allowable.) I think guro and eating one another should be involved too. Or maybe they run across another team member, who showed up in the wrong place at the wrong time. It makes me cringe but... yah know. It'd work. I also like monstrous monsters, I'm just not sure if I want them to be sexual or not (well, rape is an attack and not sex, per say, but you know what I mean.) Or perhaps some gory mating rituals between two of the same kind? Or... I don't even know, I guess it depends on the monster. One note, I'm a little tired of Scout being the main focus of all rape and eating. I'd prefer it to be someone else for once.

Sudden thought, Tentaspies versus VAMPIRES! Hunting grounds fight. Let's do it. |:

Of note, don't know how many folks ignore fanfic over afanfic (I confess that I tend to) but there are a couple of truly awesome monster fics at the top of the page over there right now. Not exactly what is being asked for here but... they come close and they're well worth reading.

114 .

Anon >>106 here. I can give you that it will involve a territorial issue, the 2Fort sewer system, and sex to prove the dominant monster.

115 .

Probably a weird request but

Engiebee with Sollyant.
I just saw some cute fanart of them and I guess it made me crave it.

116 .

I would greatly like to see an awkward Bottom!Heavy, preferably with Medic/Heavy.

To be more specific, Heavy would prefer to bottom but isn't that great at articulating that point to Medic (or whoever you may want to put Heavy with - I tend to have an 'anything goes' attitude with ships in this fandom), whether it's due to him not being sure how to get the point across in English or him just being a bit shy on that subject. Or both, both would be amazing.

117 .

Demoman x Scout.
With a plot.

I dare you guys.

118 .


Go for it. I've never had one of my requests/suggestions fulfilled and technically it's not one I'm eager for but I am intrigued. That's not because I dislike the idea of monster sex. I love exploring the notion of some weird freaking monsters having sex. It's because, outside of Tentaspy, I know about few fanon TF2 monsters and I'm uncertain how much I'd like to see those monsters having sex. But, hey, with other people asking for monstrous Tentaspy, I'm sure that even if I'm not as pleased that there will still be people who want it.


OMG that's so cute! Wait, Solly is an ant? I've seen various TF2bugs and never been certain which ones were what bug exactly, beyond EngieBee of course. (I kind of assumed the few I'd seen with Solly were a fly but then maybe his is just one of the mutable types?) Hell, if you show me the fan art and give me any knowledge I may need to know about this bit of fanon (I know nothing other than its existence from having seen a few pics myself), I might try fulfilling it. I've been on a weird, cute Engie bend recently and I always love Soldier. Plus, I've been thinking I need to write some weird PWPs too (and I need to eventually write more for the other stuff I started but... eh. I don't mind taking on a request considering I've asked for at least twenty different requests by now. I should try and give something back for once.)


I strongly second this. I'm voting for someone other than Medic but I have no problem with it being Medic. Since the original requester preferred that and since it's the most common pairing for Heavy, I expect that's what we'll get (if we get it at all.) However, for anyone considering someone else with Heavy, maybe Demo? Has Demo ever been paired with Heavy? Or even Pyro... Just some ideas for something different. Heavy and Medic are lovely though.


I'm thinking... I really am. Damn, that's a hard one. Wait! I think I have something to go along with this! I won't write it but here's the beginning of a plot for others.

Demo and Scout go out drinking all the time because they're good buddies. Demo keeps bringing Scout home with him when he thinks Scout is too drunk to go back to the base alone. Demo's mother starts thinking Scout is a girlfriend (and naturally starts griping about her, how manly she sounds, and when Demo plans to marry her.) Scout is horrified but Demo thinks this is hilarious and plays the idea up.

Scout becomes annoyed and eventually reveals he has no problem being Demo's lover, he just doesn't want Demo's mom to think he's a girl. Demo resists the idea because he doesn't want his mother to be upset. Scout finally just tells her and then Demo has to deal with it. Could be a happy or sad ending. May or may not end in Demo and Scout love forever. Also might involve Scout Ma meeting Demo Mum.

How is that for a plot? Could be cross-faction. Could include obligatory jokes involving BLU Soldier.

119 .

>>90 this is anon 91, I think It's going to very likely be from Heavy's first person pov but if you'd like I could throw some Demoman in there too. This may end up being a bit on the long side, by the way. I've gotten rather into it. Not sure how long till it'll be posted.

I have to say sorry to every other requester who I've been writing a story for because I've completely forgot about these other stories.

120 .


From what I've read and seen, Solly is either a hornet or an army ant with wings. I just prefer to call him Sollyant.

There's a whole Hipstr for Engibees and the other class bugs. Plenty of fanart and other info about it there. http://engibeetus.tum blr.com/

121 .

Seconding Demo and Sniper (or maybe Soldier and Demo) as buddy cops with ALL the cliches included. Like Sniper's just lost his partner in a helicopter explosion and Spy has assigned Demo as his new partner. Now they have to work together to track down the culprit who murdered his ex-partner and save the city from drug lords and or terrorists.

And as for legal team fic: does anyone watch Boston Legal? I can't get the image of Soldier as Denny Crane out of my head...

122 .


Calling dibs on this one since it's crazy enough to work. Do I get bonus points if I finish by Halloween?

123 .


Thanks for the link! But reading through it reminded me of something... are Engibees against the rules here? Technically they're all furry (even if it's the mildest form of furry.) I wouldn't want to break the rules. D:


Soldier and Demo as the pair would work but I think Sniper and Demo as a buddy cop pair seems more... professional? More natural, I guess. They just strike me as those kinds of characters, for some reason. Not to mention, Demo can still bang prosecution lawyer Soldier, if that's what people want (I'm not against it but we see so little of Sniper/Demo in fanfiction. That's why I suggested it. I'd still be happy as all hell if whoever writes it does Sniper/Administrator and Demo/Soldier.)

Anyway, think of all the crazy logic Solly would present in court! Then consider the questions he would ask the witnesses. It's just more hilarious if he's at the trial than if he's running around trying to solve the case, IMHO. Think Phoenix Wright only sillier. OBJECTION!

Not to mention, Sniper and Demo playing good cop, bad cop is just... fantastic. Sniper as bad cop and Demo as good cop. Solly could play bad cop too but he'd do what he always does, which is pound thugs. Solly as the lawyer is funnier because he can't punch the witness when no one is looking (or CAN he?) Solly trying to cross-witness Saxton Hale is... is comedy gold. It just IS. Especially with the Judge trying to keep Solly in line. The only thing holding Solly to anything vaguely like the rules would be his dedication to FREEDOM and LADY LIBERTY! (I know that might not be strictly canon for him but if it's pure fanon then it's fanon that I love. It provides a good basis for his ethics and morals, no matter how crazy they might get.)

I have never seen Boston Legal but having looked it up on Wikipedia... yes. That would totally be Soldier as a lawyer right there. He could pine for Demo, maybe? I was thinking of Law & Order when I initially got the idea, which is why I mentioned the characters playing as cops and lawyers.

124 .


Sorry, I forgot to respond to this earlier. It took me a minute to realize what you had said and that it was directed at me. Umm... I am pleased that you're writing the idea but no matter who's POV it's from, I really do want Demo to be in it. He needs a chance to science it up, even if he isn't the main character. Take all the time you need, though.

125 .


Engibees kinda fall in the same category as tentaspy, actually, I think the previous mods decided. They pretty much look like the classes except they got antennae, so it'd be a stretch to call them furry.

I've personally kept Engibees off TF2chan because I felt they didn't really fit. Like, they were getting into kawaii-desu territory at times and that's discouraged. If you managed to avoid getting too cutesy, it would probably be okay.

126 .

>>125 Maybe if they looked like dis http://tinyurl.com/3d98hqb

127 .

I would love to see Scout slipping some of his bonk into Sniper's coffee. Guaranteed shaking ! (Just wondering, am I posting this request in the right request thread ? )

128 .

Anything Engineer. Engie and you, Helmet Party... solo Engie? I'm not fussed. But this chan needs more Dell Conagher!

129 .

>>123 >>125 >>126

Oh, good! Hah hah. I started writing it already, after a plot idea started to click. I've tried to keep it from being too cutesy by adding in the simple drama of nature and predators. So they can look cute and still have possible horror sprinkled in.

Also, this is directed mostly at the requester but I'll take Kilo's and anyone else's input too. Kilo's world-building generally asserts a more kid-friendly reproduction style where-in most TF2 bugs are technically unisex and/or genderless and eggs just appear outside the body (in spite of the bugs appearing mostly human.)

Do people want to read about a mostly normal display of sex (where dispensers are simply used to house the genetic material that creates Engiebee eggs, in about the only case of "male impregnation" that I'm willing to deal with) or a depiction of dispenser deployment as a euphemism for the act of sex? I know this is afanfic, so being explicit isn't a problem, but a euphemism can be presented as being tawdry enough that the euphemism itself is a thin veil and thus humorous to those who already know what sex is like. I haven't gotten to the sex yet so I still have plenty of time to go either way.


That depends on what you want to see happen. If that's all you're interested in seeing, you probably want the fanfic gen request thread. If you want it to eventually turn into explicit sexy times or truly traumatizing violence (as the broadest examples I can think of) then this would be the right place. What else counts as adult?

130 .


I think I'd prefer more normal sex, but whatever you want to do is fine with me.

131 .

Spy getting some absolutely devastating news from back home. Of course being Spy he decides to remain professional, but the emotional shock eventually takes his toll on him. Cue someone finding out what's up and being a shoulder to learn on in a totally awesome bromantic way. Or sexy way. Or both.

132 .

I believe someone mentioned gay chicken in another thread and how there should be some in afanfic.

So, I request gay chicken with two Scouts. Maybe the RED and BLU Scout often meet up at ceasefire to play games and contests to see who's better, and then one day they decide to play gay chicken. When neither of them back out, they start to go further than just kissing.

133 .


Delurking just to say this is relevant to my interests. Working on it as we speak.

134 .

121 123 Seconding for the sole fact that clearly, the bad guys in this scenario are the opposing team, which means the chance to characterize everyone as not only cops and attorneys and the like, but simultaneously as high-flying mobsters or incompetent henchmen or smarmy drug dealers or oh god so many ideas.

135 .


Unf. Seconded. I would read the shit out of that.

136 .


Always my stance. My favorite is Soldier but my second favorite has become Engineer (no matter who either of them are with.) Which is funny because my initial adoration all went towards Sniper and Heavy. I still adore them and the others to utter pieces but Solly stole my brain and then later on Engie took my heart. Also, I proposed this plot bunny to Iz specifically but I'm eager for anyone else to use it too.

Basically, Engie is strong (he carries those heavy ass buildings) but he's a stocky, pudgy, short man and having to shower around all these other tall and taut-muscled guys is starting to make him feel more sensitive about his body. He needs some comforting from whoever he's with after it starts to really bother him (possibly an insult from the other team rankles in his mind long after it was said.)

Bonus points if it's with a woman; either femme class or his equally pudgy but still lovely wife. Femme Demo appeals to me too. Absolutely fine if it's a guy but even if it is, want to note there was that one Makani pic (I think it was hers) where an enemy femme Spy seduced Engie and then embarrassed him in front of his team mates with it. Could be interesting if the sex comes from that angle and the comforting comes from his pal.

As for the guys, with sex or not sex from them, my thoughts would be Heavy, Sniper, or Demo. Heavy laughs at him but makes him feel better with, well, pointing out he has a similar issue (being huge makes most people nervous, even when he isn't being threatening, and he is kind of fat.) Sniper and Demo would tease Engie but tell him that's part of his appeal to them.


You are the only one who responded so I'll gladly go with that. It might be awhile though. I'm expecting it to be a short fic but I keep getting tagged by other fic ideas. So, yes, delays. D:


Thirded! YES!



OMG... WHICH SOLDIER DOES DEMO FALL FOR? Prosecution Attorney Soldier or Witness Protection Soldier?! O:

What is Saxton Hale? Saxton Hale needs to be the corrupt mayor if the Administrator is the head of the police force and the mob. This idea has so much promise. I think Batman needs a cameo just for shits and giggles.

137 .

I think Batman needs a cameo just for shits and giggles.
Cannot stop hearing Sniper doing Christian Bale impression
Suddenly drawing millions of parallels between Sniper and Batman
Dove, you magnificent bastard

138 .



there is never enough scoutcest in the world.

139 .

This one just popped in my head. Not sure why.

Premature Ejaculation.

Can be absolutely any pairing. I'd prefer it if the party with the problem is someone other than Scout, though, just because that's so predictable.

Other partner can be all 'It's okay, we'll just cuddle', 'Oh god you pathetic loser I'm going off somewhere that I can be satisfied' or anything in between. Go crazy.

140 .

Torchwood crossover.
I dare you.

141 .


I've read a couple before, and while they were very sexy, they weren't exactly what I wanted. In one, Spy knew he was Scout's dad, but Scout didn't. And in the other, they both knew, but Scout was pretty much raping Spy.

What I would like to see is both of them knowing, or finding out, but not letting it stop them from sexytimes. Doesn't have to be the most loving romance, but I would prefer no non-con.

142 .

I'd like my self-loathing homosexual Medic with a side of self-flagellation, please. And preferably a happy ending with Heavy, either a 'you don't need to do that, sex instead of whips, please', or, if the flagellation itself goes from punishment to fetish through association, a 'you don't need to do that, I will be happy to whip you during sex'.

I don't even know why I want this... it never used to be my fetish.

143 .

Spy's fear/loathing of Jarate doesn't spring from disgust, but from sheer embarrassment when he finds himself getting turned on by it. Run with it.

(Bonus points if the Sniper is NOT a piss fetishist at all. He can remain none the wiser, get freaked out by the notion and shut the Spy down, or he can be GGG about it, I just... I've seen the whole 'LOL, Sniper is a urophile', I'd rather see a Jarate-based fic where he honestly isn't.)

144 .


Haha, yes. I've considered requesting something like this, thinking it would be amusing if someone other than Sniper was into that.

145 .


Along this train of thought, I'd like to offer up other problems in bed, like trouble with sustaining erection, trouble getting erection (both likely performance anxiety), penis slipping out at awkward moments, mood being interrupted for one or both, or simply one partner being interested while the other isn't in the mood. Also, one partner being interested more frequently than the other or a horrible moment in battle (not rape but just something they can't quite forget, like a particularly gruesome or embarrassing death or maybe even jarate) which pretty much kills one partner's libido for a particular duration of time. Also, alcohol making sex more awkward because they're both too drunk to do it right. I'm sure there's more stuff to put a hitch in a mercenary's sex life.

Would also prefer it be someone other than Scout simply because he's the easiest to choose as a matter of lack of experience. I'd rather it be the men who have experience, so what went wrong had nothing to do with that.

Okay, I take it back. Scout can be in it if he's hearing drunken stories from the other men about unfortunate encounters that didn't turn out quite as hoped.


I'm all for that. Might even try my hand at short PWP and do my damndest to keep it PWP. But we'll see.

My recommendation would be Spy knowing he had one child with her but never seeing the kid until he meets Scout out on the battlefield. Spy can recognize that it's his child because he's so extraordinarily drawn to the young man and then confirms it when he finds out who the mother is. Scout is likewise confused by the same feeling when the Spy takes off his mask, sometime when they're alone, but he thinks it's some kind of psychic super Spy trick. After a brief discussion with Medic (it's a documented attraction people have for close biological family that they never met or saw extremely infrequently), Scout realizes Spy has to be his missing father. They manage to meet alone during cease fire, during which possibly bitter but completely consensual sex happens.

146 .

Sniper/Pyro (preferably female Pyro but I don't mind either way) because it's one of the only pairings I haven't seen before.

The teams get transferred to a new location, forcing Sniper to spend the first few battles running around looking for a good sniping spot. A sniper sneaking around a battlefield is pretty suspicious, so Pyro always ends up chasing him down to spycheck. This keeps happening over and over again, and Pyro eventually accepts that he isn't a spy but continues to follow him around (even during ceasefire) because she enjoys spending time with him, not to mention she gets to barbecue all the spies that target him.

Bonus points if Sniper is suitably confused/oblivious as to why Pyro keeps following him around (without trying to set him on fire that is) and someone has to spell it out for him.

Posted here rather than the gen thread because sexy times would be much appreciated.

147 .

I would go insane if someone wrote a TF2/Rocky Horror crossover.
If anyone fills this, anyone, I will write whatever they want me to, being a tiny writefag myself.

148 .


That sounds perfect.

149 .

Heavy/Medic in the same place as where Meet the Medic takes place: Heavy on the table, guts about. Can be Heavy on Medic or Medic on Heavy. Whatever kinks you want too.

I actually don't know if anyone has done this already, I don't read many Heavy/Medic fics...

150 .

Anything involving this:
Just so I can have nightmares.

151 .

Spy jealously watches invisibly, as two other TF2 guys have healthy loving sex, and is either overcome with lust for one of them, or merely wants to join in due to lack of release for a long time.

Either ends in threesome or in angst.

152 .

This might sound weird, but...haircuts. I have a really big kink for haircuts, shaving or anything similar, and I would really love it if someone wrote something involving any (or all!) of the above.

153 .

I really like the idea of >>146

I didnt know how badly till I read that.

154 .

Medic begs heavy for a "lollipop" cause he was a good healer. Bonus points if medic's desperate.

155 .


I want this like crazy. I was actually thinking about requesting something similar...

156 .

It is not as much as a request as it is to share this great video:


so well done, right?

So, my request is to someone give it a final in the afanfic way.

157 .

Well, here we go, a non-porn request that might maybe possibly someday hopefully get fullfilled.

What I want to see is a female Pyro, in a story where her gender being discovered turns into a big problem/deal/whatever, focus of the story. I's also like a realistic/believable female Pyro, as in no long hair cause that wouldn't stay hidden in the mask, scars from previous burns (maybe a raspy voice included there too), and small curves that'd remain easily hidden under that full-body suit. Bonus points if she's a redhead and/or has scars on her face as well (but those can be small of course). This female Pyro should also be like, either the best Pyro the team's ever had, or one that was just recently sent there, either works, or both, I don't care. And I know I said this was a non-porn request, but if there's porn in it or not doesn't matter much to me, as long as the focus is on the -story-, not on the smut.

158 .


Ooh, short red hair, raspy voice, burn scars? Sounds like my headcanon... (well, my headcanon fem!Pyro has wider/curvier hips/rear, but small bust, just working off the silhouette of the suit...)

Anyway, I will let this idea marinate.

159 .

>[157] >[158]
Sweet tap-dancing jesus- we share the same headcanon pyro. I want to see 157 really badly. I... I'm not good at this at all, but... would a short scene (maybe a couple short scenes?) be enough to sate our collective reasonable-fem-pyro desire? (For the life of me, I can't do porn, but daily life, and the discovery, this I can swing.)

160 .


I 'm Anon 158 and not the OP (apparently I'm bad at remembering to sign in on text boards sometimes...), but I'd certainly be happy to read non-porn!

(I don't know when I will get around to writing something for the prompt myself... I want to, but it is vying with a bunch of stuff for my attention, and I really want to read some of that daily life stuff!)

161 .

I actually began writing a afanfic about this SAME Pyro last Summer.... it was a Sniper/fem!Pyro story that outlines their rocky relationship, but I never finished it. But really, I need some Pyro.

162 .

[anon 157 here again]
Go figure, my request actually has people backing it up. Just a few, but it's better than nothing. I've considered writing something myself, and I'm not a bad writer I believe. But my biggest problem with this is that I don't know shit about accents. So I wouldn't know how to write the Sniper all that well, for example. I guess I could always just go with the "x character said this with a heavy *insert nationality here* accent", but even then things like particular curses would get lost. And on top of that, I have another, completely TF2 unrelated story on planning stages, and I don't know if I can juggle two very different stories at once.

Of course, I might just end up saying fuck it and start something either way.

163 .


Seconding this, especially if it would be Soldier/Demo.

There isn't enough stuff with Demo anyway.


Secondin the Demo/Scout plot, sounds adorable!

Then some request from my own imagination (oh god I've got too much free time...)

1. Something deep about Scout. So he wouldn't always just be the cocky, obnoxious brat without any character depth. The way I see it is that he acts that way just to hide his imperfections and fears.

Also, scout is 20, so he is an young adult, not an teenager.

I've been thinking a plot where Scout would lose his leg, possibly due a respawn malfunction. The story would examine his coping with grief for losing the "only" thing he is good at, running. Romances and sex are a nice bonus. The fic can be very dark, I'm such a sucker for angst and tradegy. I also have a huge kink for amputees. This could also include robot limbs, now that I think about Engineers hand.

I would also love to see something male Pyro and Scout related. I've always imagined Pyro to be the second youngest on the team, 25 or so. Due to this Pyro and Scout would come along well, they share same intrests and stuff. I like the idea that Pyro wears the suit and mask because he is badly burn. Thats arousing in a dark way.

2. http://www.directlyrics.com/rihanna-we-found-love-lyrics.html

I would love to see something related to this song, I'm not a big fan of Rihanna but I found the lyrics in that song very fascinating. Preferably Heavy/Medic.

Apologies to everyone if my grammar is off. English is not my first language, I've been studying it now for about 10 years, and figures of speech are still hard for me. If you have troubles understanding what I meant, just ask :-).

164 .

holy hell I was about to request Scout loosing a leg hurt/comfort/angst!

Seconding this so damn hard I'm going to bust a vein.

165 .


Make it three then buddy, I'm in!

I'd just LOVE to see this.

I would hit that so hard the next person to pull me out would be crowned King of England!

166 .

Requesting anything with hypnotism. I don't even care what pairing. Honest to God, I'm desperate.

167 .

I love the Sniper's voice. Especially when he talks really quiet. I can't be the only one who thinks this?

Voice kink! GO!

168 .

thirding >>163 and seconding >>167

169 .

76 something realistic?

170 .

These two? Oh my goodness, these two?

171 .


I need this more than Scout needs a dispenser.

172 .


This, this and this!

(Captcha: government stArti...I knew government has something to do with this...)

173 .

Sasha can also be a boy's name.

I know Heavy refers to his gun as a girl, but...
If someone could fit Sasha really being a boy into anywhere, I'd be happy.

174 .


For some reason I want to see this as Jane/Tavish being the pairing and it being two Spy's who long for their respective team mate. Then they catch sight of the other spy spying and there is a duel which ends in Spy/Spy sex. Umph! Bonus points if Jane/Tavish realize the Spies are there, after basking in their own afterglow, and chase them off. Feel free to substitute any other cross-faction pairing. That's just my heart-felt go-to for cross-faction in general.

Although... if you manage to combine this with the Heavy/Medic cross-faction from >>94 well, that could be very interesting. Heavy and Medic trying to avoid the two Spies while meeting one another, acting all awesome and confusing the Spies who don't expect to be thwarted. Then the Spies find them again by some luck or investigation.

Not that it has to be cross-faction but that helps to bring in both Spies, if you want to go with that idea. Yeah, I can always take a simple idea and make it more convoluted. Yay me!


I also didn't know how much I wanted that until I read it. I recommend Soldier, Engie, and/or Heavy for this with shaving their heads. I think it'd be fitting if Soldier was the one who did it for the other two and then they did that for Soldier. Would love it if Soldier is always hitting the other guys up to see if they'll let him give them a haircut or a shave. Then they realize it's almost a fetish for him and most of them become more uncomfortable with it but Soldier either ignores or doesn't acknowledge this. Bonus points if he brings up jokes about shearing sheep and Engie plays along. Yah know what? Even more bonus points if Soldier finally manages to talk Demo into letting him shave/cut his hair as well and Demo is unsure but knows his has become a little unruly of late, so he needs one.


I like the idea of Scout amputee (maybe even both legs, possibly just past the knee but any and all amputation is cool with me) and Pyro with massive burn scars. Would be really cool if Pyro tries to help Scout cope with the situation because Scout's his buddy and he knows a bit of what it's like.

I would also love to see if one of the other characters or Pyro has an amputee fetish. The vulnerability in that kind of porn... amazing. I would prefer it if Scout consented to it, mind you. Raping amputee victims, irk. Unless you want to get really deep into horror and suffering, that's a no-go for me.

... OMG ENGIE STUMP ON SCOUT STUMP ACTION! GO! Even funnier if Scout's all aggressive about it.


... What if Sasha was Heavy's name? I know it's kind of derpy (I mean, who names their gun after themselves?) It's not impossible though. I mean, no one else refers to the gun as Sasha, I think. It'd be kind of funny if someone suddenly started using the name of the gun and Heavy got confused and thought they meant him or panicked thinking they were spying into his personal life or something. Then the person goes "What? I'm only talkin' 'bout your gun!" Then Heavy is embarrassed and they or someone else starts poking their nose into it to find out what's going on.

175 .

I never realized how much I wanted Scout-related amputee porn until now. I never found the idea of amputee porn to even BE something I'd want to watch or read. AND YET I WANT THIS LIKE BURNING.

176 .


YES I would definetly want to see some amputee porn, especially Scout/male Pyro. As I mentioned earlier I have a huge fetish for amputees. I'm not into amputee raping thought, it would destroy the tenderness, even I like some rape stories.

Also the idea of Pyro helping Scout to get trough the loss of his legs is very adorable. If the Pyro is badly burn, he kinda knows what it feels like to lose something and to be "marked" for the rest of your life.

And I still had something to say but I forgot what it was as I got so carried away with this amputee thing...Dangit.

Oh now I remember! The "scout loses his ability to run" -story would also work with paralysis as the reason, but IMO it is more interesting with amputation. Somehow that way it would be so much more...final and shoking.

177 .

Would really love to see one of the guys reading the personals section in the paper for a hook up. They get in touch, agree to meet and find it's one of their own team mates. Cue awkward banter possibly leading to sex. Or if they decide to call it off, may it lead to even more awkward sexual tension between them in day-to-day life. My preferences are soldier/demo or medic/heavy but whoever you wanna run with!

178 .

So, idea thats been stuck in my head for a while now. I would like to see some Trans gender classes (both genitalia). My preference is a Demo and Engie pairing (one/both of them having this...'condition' is your call). Not sure how it would play out, maybe a new experiment gone wrong? Not sure but make it happen please.

Also, all around more Demo.

....And while I'm at it, a pairing at a horse ranch. Horseback riding plus lovemaking is sexy.

179 .

Sniper and Engineer.

Just anything with them.

180 .


181 .

Seconding 179, because...I don't have an explanation. I like it. It's usually portrayed as a sweet relationship.

Although, if it went dark...

Not above admitting it's a totally shallow preference.

182 .


I like this idea a lot. The only possible problem with it is the getting in touch part. It likely would be over the phone and they might recognize each other's voices. However, they could respond over snail mail. Possibly to the official home of one of them? Or a PO Box.

I recommend combining this with >>179 or else combining >>179 with the horse ranch that Japan suggested. Or all three! Texas isn't that far from New Mexico. Not far at ALL. It wouldn't be impossible for Engie to own/live on a horse ranch (or just a ranch that has a few horses.) Plus, I love the idea of Engie and Sniper being "cowboys" together. I would even try writing it but my minimal RL experience with horses and horse riding isn't enough to do it justice.

Please! I really, really want to see this! Horses + MAN LOVE - any extended references to poop = Girlish Squee

Incidentally, my other recommendation for >>177 (and probably echoing their own ideas, since they also suggested Soldier/Demo) would be for Jane/Tavish post-WAR! and that could either lead to them making up or becoming even more angry with one another. Either way, it could be hilarious.


I wasn't interested until I reread that and started thinking about the less busty type of anime dick girls. Then I imagined Engie as a pudgy, stocky, mildly androgynous sort of dick girl with or without bitch tits. OMFG. I seriously want this. Damn you, Japan! I kind of want to try writing it because I've seriously started pairing Engie and Demo up in my head a little more easily of late.

Then again, of late I've been pairing everyone with Engie in my stories. Except for the Tavish/Jane story that I'm currently writing (which I've been writing because everyone has been calling for more Demo and it got me to thinking of a reconciliation from his POV.) But the one I started working on right before that, that shall fulfill one request by Iz and an old one by you, Japan (I'm pretty sure it was you), had sloped into Engie/Demo in my mind before I got too far along, though it had hints of Engie/Soldier too. I still think I'll go with that pairing in it but man... oh man.

Ooooh. Damn it! Now I've gotten the idea for how to start it and I am compelled to write. I will try to keep this as PWP as I can for my own sanity! I was sort of close to finishing the Jane/Tavish one too, since it's short by my standards (at seventeen fucking pages.) GAH. I WILL NEVER FINISH ANYTHING IF I STUPIDLY KEEP LOOKING IN THIS THREAD. I need to stop being stupid and avoid it! D:

183 .

You know, I've seen a fairly common trend when people create a FEM-PYRO. You know, they're either white or asian, typically redheaded, optional scarring, etc. But how about we shake that up bit... lets say, make her a black woman with all the social tendencies of the times back then tossed in, like racism or general awkwardness because she's a BLACK female, instead of making it a 'oh, so your black? Meh, whatever, lets hit the sack.' Just make it a touch realistic, alright? like, whoever she gets paired with (if its not Demo) would have to be all awkward and tentative about the relationship, given that they live in a time still where people 'just don't do that sort of thing'. You get what I'm saying?

My personal (and completely optional) preferences as stands: She be a member of cannon Team BLU; an American so that when Soldier inevitably starts his shit she can claim that he's denying her rights as an American citizen and claim racism, leaving him in a clusterfuck of a situation with no easy way out; and as for pairings, Scouts has always been my favorite in any story; also, Cross faction pairings are what I live for.

184 .


I like this idea. I suggest a few changes though. I would like it if Soldier had already befriended and lost the RED Demo, that way he's actually more awkward. He's already gotten over some of his racism but now he has that albatross hanging from his neck. Her reaction is "I don't give a shit. I'm not your new friend because you realized I'm black. BLU Demo didn't jump at being your friend because of that bullshit either! You were an idiot to make friends with a RED in the first place and it serves you right."

I would like a very awkwardly racist Engineer. As in, he knows he's racist and he's still our sweet Engie but sometimes it comes out without him meaning to, which is even worse. When he tries to amend himself, she doesn't want to hear it. He's kind of mad at her because he actually is trying but that doesn't change that it happens and it's uncomfortable when it does.

I would also love it if she doesn't automatically get along with the BLU Demo either. They're okay with each other but he's not American and he didn't deal with quite the same things that she did. They're buddies but they aren't automatically best friends because they're both black.

I'm cool with her ending up in bed with anyone, including the people I just mentioned. YEP. THAT FUCKING AWKWARD IS FINE WITH ME. DOESN'T NEED TO BE TRUE LOVE THOUGH I'D ALSO LIKE THAT. I kind of favor cross faction with RED Heavy or cross faction RED Spy though.

I think she should have become a Pyro because she loves the job (loves burning) but she also used to work as the Administrator's previous assistant. Becoming a Pyro isn't a downgrade but someone somewhere knows the truth about RED and BLU, because of leaked information, that can be tied back to her appearance (being black and a woman makes her distinctive if she happens to be in a corporate or other atypical-for-the time-setting) and being Pyro is kind of like witness protection as long as she's on the base and in her gear. If this knowledge goes beyond the bases, the "terrorists" (who are only trying to free the world from RED and BLU's domination) will win!

Also, I'd love it if she comes from Seattle. Not sure why. Also want either a full 'fro or maybe dreads.

I strongly vote for this but as much as I like it, I know I would probably fuck it up so I'd rather let someone else give it a try. I'm already writing too much as it is, as another excuse. |:

185 .

I don't remember where it is but there was a medic/heavy fic on here where Medic's name was Sascha. It was multichaptered too.

Does anyone remember what it was called?

186 .

There's a fic at ff.net where Medic's name was Sascha, though I'm not sure if it was ever at tf2chan. It's called "Broken" and can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/3tenqhv

187 .

We care why?

188 .


Well, the person who asked the question that reply was for probably cares.

189 .

Ok, so, in the case that Anne's Shave and a Haircut fic was a oneshot, I'd really like a fic with the same background story-- spy being alienated by the team for homosexuality before Sniper is present(transferred teams, just been hired, w/e) to make any opinions, and then sniper being a boss about it when he finds out. There are enough fics on the board centered around era-accurate reactions to homosexuality, so it'd be cool if whoever fills this could make it shy and sweet in tone-- sort of ignoring the unaccepting mindset of the team or something. Sort of.

190 .

This is probably terrible, but what about a "who's the father" one, in which pyro is a woman and pregnant, but she's done it with the whole team?

191 .

So there's been lots of female OCs and female Pyros out and about, but I don't think I've ever seen a story where entire team is ladies.

There are so many fabulous pictures of genderbent classes scattered about the internet, and it seems a shame that people don't also write them.

Now, I'm not talking about more ~*~*~*unique and beautiful*~*~*~ OCs.
I want bratty/sassy Scout, southern genius Engineer, mentally unstable Soldier, etc etc. Only, you know, female.

tl;dr I want lesbians. Any pairing.

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There was a pretty great fic with exactly what you're talking about on Archive Of Our Own. Where... ah, here it is:


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I just reread Meet the Director and now I'm afflicted with a strange craving for Sniper/Miss Pauling.

Bit of a challenge, eh?

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>>192 here, and after rereading the fic I linked, I'm sorry to say that there is not much focus on the lesbians, though it's great otherwise. Nonetheless, there still needs to be more Entire Team Is Ladies fics!

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One of my first fics had that pairing in it but I've been ignoring it for a long time in favor of others. I actually had a plot for it (involving a humorous meeting with Sniper's parents) but it needs a little more work. If I never do work out the kinks in the plot I had, I shall at least complete it as PWP some day. It's really rough but if you'd like to read it, here's the thread.


>>191 >>194

I'm in absolute agreement with this. More Entire Team Is Ladies, preferably with lesbian sex! I'm for once at a loss for pairing recommendations. A little groggy. I like the idea of the Administrator sleeping with one of them, actually.

I do have another WIP that is sort of relative. It only has the RED Soldier genderbent but I had planned for it eventually to delve into a three-way between genderbent Solly, normal Administrator, and normal Spy. But that's literally the last fourth or third of the story and it's gonna be long. P:

I have the beginning of it in Workshop but I think I need to rearrange and rewrite a good bit of it. If you wish to see it, it won't be hard to find but I warn you, it's nowhere near sexy times yet. In fact, it starts off as far from sexy as is humanly possible.

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193 here. I really enjoyed that, to the extent that I spent half the reading smiling eerily at the screen like some sort of lovesick teenager. I look forward to the day you continue it, PWP or not.

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192/194 here, and I read that when you linked it on Dixie; it's fairly good and I like it. The final version will no doubt be great.

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191 here, and thanks for the link!
Really is a great fic, and pretty much exactly what I wanted (got a particular kick outta feminist Soldier).

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I had a thought which may or may not be awful, after reading the femclass prompt.

Something with a dominant fem Hoovy pegging someone on her team would mash all my buttons (not enough lady Heavies and not enough pegging in the world, ever).

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I would die with love forever if someone wrote the Makani female Heavy pegging Soldier. That one comic where he's blowing the bugle for their morning wake-up call, then she removes the bugle and snaps at him to shut up, it's the weekend, and his only response is to take off his helmet, stare at her with wide-eyed wonder, and say "Magnificent" gave me such a boner for them together. Not to mention, I have a real thing for a Soldier who enjoys being submissive (but still himself) in bed. A fine line that is well worth attempting, IMHO. (Of course, I also have a thing for a Soldier who has a military fetish; wants his partner to roleplay at being a soldier, possibly an officer. Think about it...)

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Dove, baby, where you been all my life?

Anyways, when I mentioned her being on Canon BLU, I'd already figured it'd be after the D/S war, along with all the other stuff that's happened Canonically (which, frankly, there hasn't been enough of IMO)Not sure about her reaction to soldiers attempt at friendship but maybe it just has to be written a certain way for me to like. we'll see if anybody picks it up.

Lovably awkward racist Engie is something i think we've all needed a dose of for a long time. I mean, come on, the guys just too accepting of everybody and everything. He has to have 'Something' working against him. I also think having Medic be a touch 'Fearfully' racist towards her would be an interesting addition, given that he was raised in Germany when they were claiming her race to be mongrels. I mean frankly, who said his interactions with demo in the beginning had to be necessarily friendly from the start? distantly polite perhaps, but friendship? Nope. I'm still not sure where Sniper stands in all this considering how Australia is in the TF universe.

Right, High schools clicks are for losers.

Truth of the matter is, i find i don't care for spontaneous sex in a story. There has to be a decent buildup or explanation somewhere for them to have gotten to that point or it just becomes shit to me. (Just laying this out cause it needs to be laid) I'm actually ok with her getting together with anybody. Though having her pair up with Heavy gives me pause i guess it can be done, and as for spy, shoot, I figured that pervert would be down with anything. I mainly stick with Scout because he's my favorite, but I also imagined a scenario where his Mother finds out and shit gets real. She doesn't approve at all, so Scout calls her out on screwing with the spy. Who works for the enemy Team. Hello, why would you sleep with a guy who tries to murder your own son on a daily bases?

I tried imagining a practical purpose for being a pyro in the world besides just having an obsession with fire but then, remembering that this is set in the Tf universe, I realized who gives a shit? Make something up that works! So i went with Specialized pest control concerning giant irradiated ants. (this would be in reference to the 1954 B&W Movie 'Them!')

I don't have a solid preference for where she comes from just as long as she's American.*shrugs* i kind of have a thing for a head full of beaded tiny braids. sides', cool as they look, aren't dreads harder to keep clean? its just I've seen on the tv and internet how all these people with dreadlocks keep having to get them chopped off because they're finding lice and all kinds of crud in them.*ew*

Oh, and another idea I've had brewing in the back of me head. lets say engineer gets kidnapped by the opposing team which results in either selfcest, or soldier, who has a frustrating crush for his own 'married w/kids' Engie and decides to take out his lust on the prisoner engineer.

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Just breaking radio silence.

Could I please beg for Medic x Medic? With some sort of military uniform thrown in? And not too much gore?

I'll bring cake.

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Fem!Spy/Sniper. Sniper could be the regular male Sniper or fem!Sniper, I wouldn't mind seeing either.

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I've been hiding apparently? D:

Not sure about her reaction to soldiers attempt at friendship but maybe it just has to be written a certain way for me to like.

It's not a requirement for me. Somewhere in the middle is what I was going for but I guess it came out wrong? Basically, I didn't want excessive racism just because Soldier's xenophobic but I also didn't want his previous friendship with Demo to suddenly change the Pyro's mind about him or make Jane want to be buddy buddy and use her as a replacement for what he lost.

I'm still not sure where Sniper stands in all this considering how Australia is in the TF universe.

I might be a little off but I believe the Aboriginal people of Australia are treated and viewed kind of like Native Americans are in America. So Sniper probably isn't particularly racist but he probably still leans towards homogenization and feels kind of awkward. Of course, that could also change depending on how long he's been in the US and if he went to any other countries with lots of different races before (there are plenty, though some of them have heavier classism than racism.)

There has to be a decent buildup or explanation somewhere for them to have gotten to that point or it just becomes shit to me.

For me that varies from story to story. I have an easy time imagining anyone with anyone else in TF2 because we don't actually get to see much of the team's interaction in general. There's so much open room that I can just go with it if a story is written well enough and it's PWP. I don't have strict OTPs and, as far as I'm concerned, all of the class personalities bounce off one another in interesting ways. I'm not saying it isn't harder to imagine some pairings than others (they have plenty of tension and some of it is harder to get past) but I see plenty of room for expansion. I still love stories with plot because I do love seeing how they come together.

With Pyro, especially one where her distinctive nature is what the story is about, I would probably require a bit of a plot. My biggest problem with any Pyro, period, is that Pyro is essentially an OC (no matter how canon they are) until we learn more in Meet the Pyro (if we ever do.) I like Pyro and I don't mind the ones that postulate deeper about what he/she is like but it's a little off-putting. Even if the story is going to leave most of this a mystery, I still tend to avoid Pyro-centric stories unless I begin reading it by happenstance and it manages to draw me in.

I can't explain why Heavy and a black woman Pyro intrigues me. It just does. I think it's the idea of this huge, bulky, tough-as-nails guy with a foreign accent and an extremely subtly sophisticated nature somehow readily relating to a shorter, boisterous, possibly plump, African American woman who is a big city girl with some class, is tired of the bullshit, and just wants respect. I might be wrong, that might not have chemistry.

I didn't consider how her and Scout could lead to Scout pointing fingers at his mom. That is interesting but I don't know; it's possible Scout Ma had no idea RED Spy was facing off against her son. All up to whoever writes it though.

Specialized pest control concerning giant irradiated ants

I love this idea. I think that needs to be somewhere in TF2 regardless of what kind of story it is.

i kind of have a thing for a head full of beaded tiny braids.

Oooh, I forgot about that! Those are really hot. They can probably fall prey to the same problem as dreads, if they don't get unbound and cared for very often, but they do look hot and they have style. I vote for lots of tiny beaded braids.

Oh, and another idea I've had brewing in the back of me head. lets say engineer gets kidnapped by the opposing team which results in either selfcest, or soldier, who has a frustrating crush for his own 'married w/kids' Engie and decides to take out his lust on the prisoner engineer.

I've been thinking of something similar. Engie in captivity! I'm working on something that includes such but it's... well, I don't want to reveal too much before I post it but it's hopefully going to be fun.

Still, I'd love to see more! Especially with cross-faction Engie/Soldier or Engie-cest! Would also love consensual captive Engineer, if possible. Either roleplay between Engie and lover or Engie gets captured and uses the chance to attract lover.

I'm also fine with rape and comforting afterwards but even done realistically could be formulaic if not done right. Actually, thinking it over, I don't know if I've ever seen an Engie-raped story before. He's been a rapist, he's been an accomplice, and he's had nothing to do with it before but I don't think I've ever seen Engineer as the victim.


I'd like Fem!Spy/Fem!Sniper more. I would also like Fem!Spy/male Engineer or Fem!Spy/Fem!Engineer (I don't have a firm grasp on what Fem!Engie would look like and I've yet to see fan art of one that really called to me so until then, my preference would be for the male Engie.)

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Working on fem!Spy/fem!Sniper.

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Okay, I was gonna wait before responding to anything else (I've been responding way too much recently) but this captcha... this captcha requires something!

Captcha: llordo Democritics

I... democracy critics? Demo Man critics?

So, ummmm. I guess that means I should request something Demo-related, huh? How about Demo and Sniper or Demo and Spy in a jacuzzi at Demo's mansion? Or a pool party? Which leads to Demo having sex with someone because it's his house after all.

Or Demo going on a swanky double date with Scout and Scout was the one who picked out the girls. Could be hilarious (she's not Demo's type but he figures after enough drinks he can roll with it) or very sad (Scout suggested the double date to cheer Demo up but it's not helping.) Either way, thinking foursome, Demo/Scout, Demo/Soldier, or Scout getting lucky and Demo not getting lucky. Could end up with Demo realizing he really wants someone else and should get up the balls to let them know.

How about a story set in Egypt? Or an Arabian inspired story where Demo and Heavy are harem guards but all the other guys are in the harem? And the other guys were originally pirates or other sailors/ship passengers captured at sea by the TF Empire? Or Heavy and Demo can also be in harem and pirates! Or maybe pirates are trying to rescue/steal harem guys? I don't know. It's BIZARRE as all hell but not impossible. Maybe too weird to work but... I recommend Administrator or Saxton Hale as Caliph.

Oh, earlier today I thought of THE best AU EVER! Soldier is a dedicated postal worker delivering the mail (maybe Mann Co. packages) to all the TF2 guys in their ordinary daily lives. They might still be mercenaries but this probably doesn't directly involve RED or BLU bases. Soldier is naturally very determined too. Nothing will stand in his way! Not even Saxton Hale! Should end with weary Soldier either happily going home to snuggle and fuck class of choice or perhaps class of choice takes an interest after talking to him during previous deliveries and invites him in after a lot of debate with self. You know you want this. Yes, you do.


YAY! Please take as much time as you need to make it awesome. I will wait patiently.

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Since this is the month of October, and Halloween's coming up...I wanna see something rather dark. Maybe with Sniper or Medic. Make me scared, please.

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Admin as Caliph, Hale as the Caliph's 'wife', other classes as concubines? Vizier!Pauling?

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I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.

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'Jawohl' is German for 'yes,' but it's used in a military situation when responding to a superior officer.

It's hard for even me to imagine these two having 100% happy consensual sex, but if someone con pull off something non-noncon, I'd be very happy.

Of course, any other pairing with Medic would be nice too. I just want him saying 'jawohl' in a sexual situation, really.
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