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Our Duty as Men (54)

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That smell, what’s that smell?

He breathed in the aroma slightly only to snort it back out. Chloroform, why? Unless... He sluggishly opened an eye, peering to gaze over an ill lit room, a chair was situated barely a metre away from the Soldier, as his other eye opened he realised that he could not rub them out of their dazed state. He grunted while straightening himself out. Cold, why is it so cold? He opened his eyes fully to see that he was well out of uniform, well out of anything for that matter. What sort of trickery is this? Ropes, why are they like a pattern? Weaving in and around his body, only parting to wrap itself around the chair he was positioned on. Such a cold, metal chair, how did he get here? Looking around best he could Soldier gathered he was alone; he attempted twisting against his bonds only to find that they didn’t budge an inch. “I wouldn’t bother if I was you...”

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, prickling goose bumps spread down his arms, that voice, that slimy, sly voice... it was the BLU Spy.

There was a moment of silence before the Soldier decided to be courteous to his captor, “Humph... I shudda figured... that a maggot like you... would do something like this.” His body felt weak as he tried his best to finish his remark, taking in as much oxygen between pauses. Spy de-cloaked in front of the exhausted man peering at him. Ever so relaxed he fiddled with Soldier’s helmet he’d been holding onto so long, flicking at the straps and bringing it to his head, making a mocking gesture at attempting to put it on. “A maggot like me you say? Whatever do you mean?” asking in an almost childlike manner. He then composed himself, trying to contain his eagerness to taunt the over confident man before him. Oh Soldier, if only you could see yourself. He sat the helmet on the other chair before pulling out a syringe along with a two small vials from his jacket pocket, Soldier snarling at the sight. “Now now, don’t give me that look petit... I swear to you these will make you feel better.” He began drawing out a third of the first bottle, shifting vials to mix it with a fifth of the other. “What are you... what is that rubbish?” “Oh, this is just a little something to calm you down. Make you more charming to talk to and such.” He waved his syringe-holding hand, amused at his own comment.

“Obviously it’s our Intel you’re after... and I guess you’re outta luck because... I know nothing you yellow bellied disgrace... and if I did... I would no sooner die... than hand over our Intel to a frog like you!” Soldier took pride in his outburst trying his best to puff out his chest against his restraints in a show of patriotic defiance. Spy merely blinked at his prisoner’s outbreak leaning in mere inches from the other man’s face, “You’re a madman... do you know that at least?” his words secreted through a smirk as the Spy earned a scowl for his efforts. He stroked a large vein on the muscular man’s inner elbow before puncturing his rough skin with the thin needle.

He casually walked to the other chair, smoothly grabbing a cigarette from his cigarette case before grabbing the helmet and sitting down, facing away from his captive. “...Are you comfortable? Be honest now, petit.” Spy queried as he lit the sweet stick, helmet in lap. “Comfortable? Now listen here maggot... you are a coward. Get me... out of these ropes now and I’ll give you... my word your death will be painless.” Spy couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at his offer, “And if I refuse...?” Solder snarled as a rush of warm rage filled him, “When I get out of these restraints I’ll rip out your spine and crush your head under my boot!” Spy couldn’t help smiling, “Ahh Soldier, you are such the romantic, non? I’d hoped Medic’s lovely mixed cocktails would have helped you relax, but you seem to be more animated now. They were rather hard to steal, that man’s rather... particular where he hides such things.” He absent-mindedly recalled the lengths he went to and the tangled hot mess in Medic’s bedroom his eyes had to withstand to get to them. Argh, fatman. “You aren’t a man, you’re a disgrace. You won’t even fight me!” Soldier tested his restraints again while yelling, twisting his wrists till they were raw, pulling, and hoping that his strength would prevail to get that smug bastard. You won’t fight or even face me. Why, you bastard?

Spy flicked his ash in Soldier’s helmet, rubbing it in lazily around the rim, “I don’t think you quite understand the situation you’re in, petit...” Spy threw the still burning cigarette to the ground, snuffing it out with his polished shoe. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply as he began unbuttoning his suit jacket. I will make you understand Soldier, I will force you to realise your situation. He stood, exhaling and folding his jacket over the chair. Bringing the helmet to his face he scraped his tongue along the top, leaving a wet trail in its wake. Soldier tried his best to peer at the Spy’s activities, disgusted to see the man playing with his helmet. “What in the hell... ” Spy turned finishing his taste testing to stare at the Soldier, licking his lips. “What sort of faggotry is this!?” he winced, retreating as best he could into his icy prison. It was only then that the Soldier thought that maybe he truly didn’t realise the situation he was in.

Newfag here. Next part shall be uploaded tomorrow, critics/comments are welcomed.

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You should start a new paragraph every time someone new speaks, it'll make this MUCH easier to read.

Otherwise, I am intrigued and wish to see more, if only for DELICIOUS SEX DRUGS. Every fic needs sex drugs. (I actually almost scrolled past this, saw the words "bottle" and "syringe" and went HELLO, SAILOR. So predictable...)

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This is ridiculously difficult to read. I can't get through it at all, even though I'm interested in it. Like Neev said, start a new paragraph each time there's a new speaker.

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> He casually walked to the other chair, smoothly grabbing a cigarette from his cigarette case before grabbing the helmet and sitting down, facing away from his captive.
Might want to find another word for 'grabbing'. Otherwise, at the risk of sounding redundant via seeing the other comments on here, I am enjoying where this fic is going if only it was edited down a bit.

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Yum, I like it so far, as well as where it is going.
A quick note: At the 3 paragraph, 2nd sentence: "His body felt weak as he tried his best to finish his remark, taking in as much oxygen between pauses." As much oxygen as what? As much oxygen as he needed, wanted...? It's rather nit picky but since you offered to accept editing I thought it would help you.

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“Are you a curious man, Soldier? Or is there nothing to question in your mind?” Soldier frowned, brow buried in confusion, “Stay away, don’t you dare try anything with me.” Spy loosened his tie, walking slowly back to his captive.

“Do you fear your situation... or me more? I’m quite sure you would have handled any other torture or hostage event with just as much finesse as you were before, but with a Spy like me? I ask again Soldier, are you a curious man?” He placed the helmet back on its rightful owner, tugging it down as he usually wore. Soldier took his chance with this close encounter lashing forward at Spy, bearing teeth down into his gloved hand before feeling the familiar sharpness of the butterfly knife at his neck. “Down... petit.” Spy scorned, hand yanking in the man’s mouth, Soldier only complied after a punch to the jaw.

“Tch... Soldier be civilised now. What would your team think knowing that they are ruled over by an animal?” Spy crouched, hands leaning on the other’s knees as he tried to make eye contact. Soldier didn’t dare glare, growl or try to strike, not wanting to get sucked in by the con’s tricks. I will kill you. I will soak myself in your blood. He stared out of the corner of his eye, wide whites under the helmet’s shadow.

“...are you a curious man?” Spy whispered, unblinking, chin on knee. He brought his hurt hand to his face, kissing lightly along the teeth mark of saliva, gripping the fingertips with his own set of teeth Spy plucked off his glove. The now bare hand rubbed against the thick hairs of Soldier’s calf. The calf tensed harshly, jolting against the rope as if to kick the Spy away. Spy sighed softly; he couldn’t fathom it would be this easy to make the man feel uncomfortable.

“I’m not gonna play your mind games Spy. Be a man already, you call this torturing me? You’re pathetic!” He spat on Spy’s mask, drool running down his cheek. Already giving me bodily fluids I see... Spy tilted his head, brushing what he could of it away.

“What if I were to tell you that this wasn’t real, Soldier? That you’re making this up in your head? Think about it... weren’t you at the base, eating with your teammates, doing your rounds before heading to the safety of your room? Why are you thinking about this, why are you putting yourself in this situation?” Soldier hesitated; his last memory was of his room and him changing for bed. He laid out his uniform for the next day, smoothing out the creases and his guns and shovel already cleaned, waiting for their next kill. The rare comfort of being under those bed sheets to slip away into nothing. “...you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be like this.”

“But Soldier... you are and I am. Why do you dream of me?” He gulped, becoming unsure of what was actually real. “You drugged me, I could smell it. I’m captured for interrogation.” Come now, Soldier, stop thinking too much... It doesn’t suit you.

“Non, petit, non... it’s all in your mind. Only you would think about this after battle, after searching me out, touching as much of me as you can while putting on a show of hatred.” Spy could see the look of uncertainty forming; he took his chance to softly stroke Soldier’s forearm, soothing fingertips running in circles. Soldier breathed deeply, his eyes flicking. That’s right, petit... relax. “I... I don’t...”

“Shh... I know you don’t truly hate me... How could you? You let... non, make me do such sweet things to you.” Spy lightly kissed the Soldier’s knuckles still eyeing warily as he moved higher, licking the little blood stream from the man’s previous injection. “You want me, Soldier. Don’t try to deceive yourself...” A growl could be heard yet still Spy dared to go higher, kisses becoming harder, slower till he licked the pulsing temple in the thick neck before him.

“I don’t...” Shut up, Spy. SHUT UP OR I’LL MAKE YOU, YOU FILTHY ugh... Spy nibbled on his ear, cupping the man’s cheek. Soldier shuddering at this unfamiliar treatment, he fought mixed feelings as his body unwillingly began to betray him.

Spy could feel the warmth emitting from the man beneath him, it pleased him to know his actions weren’t only fulfilling for him, even though he knew the drugs were taking affect. “Do you like this, Soldier...?” he nibbled harder, hand now tracing a long scar on Soldier’s torso. Fingers running across the ropes up and down, he felt the trembled breathes suddenly halt as he stopped just above his groin. Oh Soldier... it’s been awhile I’m guessing? I’ll be careful... “Sp-Spy wha-”

“Shh, petit...” He gently grasped the other man’s cock, stroking lazily at first as Soldier’s eyes widened. The American stiffened, a grunt escaping from his bared teeth, “I myself, Soldier, am a very curious man. It’s my nature, my very being... but you already knew that.” he knelt, hands gripping Soldier’s muscular, toned thighs licking his lips upon seeing the increasingly thickening erection before him. Soldier couldn’t help but stare, how could he not? No. This isn’t real. It couldn’t be. Fuck’s sake Solly, THIS IS THE ENEMY SPY. Shit- Spy tongued around the tip, taking the head of his cock into his warm mouth, eyes half lidded Spy eased half of it into his mouth. The Frenchman becoming more aware of the uncomfortable situation straining against his pants he continued to bob his head calmly. Soldier, mouth agape gazed at the masked man between his legs under the shadow of his helmet, his breathing becoming faster. The rough surface of Spy’s tongue scraping against his salty skin, making the Soldier cry out as he took the full length suddenly. He could feel everything; the Spy’s tongue, saliva, hot breath, the vibration as he moaned around his cock, and even that damn smirk. He didn’t realise how tight his grip on the chair arms were till he could feel how frozen, achy and numb his fingers were. “Dammit-”

Spy didn’t stop, tongue stroking against the American’s shaft with increasing force. He pulled back to the head, hand replacing where his mouth once was, he pumped as his tongue twirled and played with his foreskin. Soldier was close already, hips straining against his boundaries. Spy feeling the angst and need plunged his mouth down again, Soldier cumming as his cock rammed the back of Spy’s throat. He roared while he came, eyes forced shut, his mouth opened, baring his teeth in a carnivorous manner. Spy almost came himself upon experiencing the raw yet animalistic pleasure being forced out of this man. He swallowed, his breathing difficult and feeling way too warm for wearing a mask. He watched Soldier’s breathing calm as his face twisted to something of peace. Brow relaxed and the lines in the man’s face smooth.

“Je veux être le seul que vous montrez ce côté au, Soldier...” Spy kissed the front of the American’s helmet before turning to get his jacket and left.
"I want to be the only one you show this side to, Soldier." French trans.
Next part, hope it's spaced better for reading. Thank you for your comments I really do appreciate them. This will not be a 'short fic' so expect more updates as days go by. Till tomorrow.

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While I'm pretty sure that's not how you'd say that in French, I like this story.

8 .

Have to love translators.

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"Je veux être le seul a qui vous montrez ce côté , Soldat...”

would be more exact. But then if you used an online translator it did a not so bad job.

It's nice so far, keep it up!

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Avoid having different characters speaking in the same paragraph because it can cause readers to back track and lose the feeling of the moment while trying to figure who said or thought what. Even if they aren't speaking at the beginning of the sentence, it would be best to have a paragraph break anyway so the reader knows that the focus has shifted to the other character. There were a few times where I had Soldier saying what Spy was meant to say and vice versa.

With that said, once I copypasted this into Wordpad so I could read it, you had my undivided attention. I can hardly wait for the next part.

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“Argh.” Soldier smashed his hand on the battered alarm clock; the poor time machine now used to its many years of mistreatment. His eyes opened slowly, yawning in the process. “SPY!” he jolted upright, grabbing his wrists and looking for the raw skin that simply wasn’t there. “Sp... Spy.” Tracing his chest there were no rope pressed marks in his skin, indents of any kind. He did however find a very sticky mess in his sheets. “...Fucks sake.” He undressed, gathering the dirtied laundry and walked out to the laundry. Cold cemented floor not discouraging him in the slightest.

“Ugh God man, get some bloody clothes on. It’s too early for you to be addressing THAT kinda maggot to meh.” Demoman highly regretted getting an early start, using his scrumpy bottle best he could to block the site before him.

“I did not ask for your opinion in this matter, MAGGOT. I did not ask you a question at all!” Soldier snorted, distractedly putting in twice as much washing powder as necessary.

“Aye, sir, but...fuck meh dead.” Demo swiftly took his exit out the laundry, forgetting his clothes in the process but deciding there was no way he’d be turning back. He finished his bottle, setting a new record in hope of erasing the sight from his mind.

Soldier went into routine; shower, six minutes, teeth, one, shaving, five, dressing, four. He tugged his helmet on tight by the straps, whacking his shovel against the side once to make sure it wouldn’t fall off.Right annnnd I’m off. Soldier jogged to the kitchen, his team slowly joining the morning glory. “Morning maggots, now you all have twenty minutes before battle commences. I suggest YOU GET A MOVE ON.” Scout and Pyro both groaned their complaints through a mumbled mouth and gasmask; Soldier not being able to tell whose voice belonged to which. “Morning, Engi.” Soldier pulled up beside the Engineer at the toast station.

“Mornin’, Solly. Have a good night?” Engineer smiled licking some excess jam off his real fingers.

Soldier glared before yanking one of the pieces of burnt bread and slathering it with butter. “And what’s THAT meant to mean, Engi?”

“Uh I, what? Gosh partner, didn’t mean to pry.” Engineer was used to haphazard comments from his friend, knowing when to drop something even if there seemed nothing to drop.

“Humph.” The Soldier nodded approvingly, moving to take his place at the table. RED Spy and Sniper talked softly amongst themselves, a chuckle now and then coming from the pair as they drank their coffee. “And what are you faggots conspiring!?”

“Oh please, always with the gay remarks, are you trying to tell us something?” Solly hammered the table with his fist, “Yes you French fag, I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU TO BLOCK UP YOUR ASS. NOT WITH HIM EITHER.” Sniper tried his best to keep in a laugh, anxiously scratching his head in the process. Spy rolled his eyes.

“Now now, mate, ya shouldn’t be going ‘round callin’ men pooftahs. Just not right. We’re all on the same side ‘ere.” Before Solly could have the last word a bandaged Heavy walked in behind their Medic, sitting besides Soldier as Medic searched through the fridge.

“Doktor says I am fit for duty. I will be credit best I can.” Heavy murmured.

“Good to have you back, soldier!” Solly gloated, slapping the Russian’s back, unaware of the still aching, broken ribs from the previous day’s fare.

“Battle commences in five minutes.”

“That’s our cue, men!” He shoved the rest of the toast in his mouth before walking through the hallway, shovel banging on Scout’s, Pyro’s and Demo’s door. “YOU HEARD THE LADY- BREAK A LEG, BOYS.” Scout raced out, juggling between holding his sandman and fixing his headset.

“Uh hey Solly, how about NO. DUH.” Scout whacked his bat against the wall, almost hitting Pyro, “Yeah yeah yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Oi, firestarter, I dare ya to keep up!” Pyro light heartedly ran after him, butting the nozzle of his flamethrower trying to knock off his headset. “Hey man, buzz off! Get that thing outta my face!”

“Murmph whuryuh murruh sur hurhur!” Scout looked rather horror-struck, “Oh no you did NOT, man, freakin’ unbelievable!” The team assembled at their head checkpoint. Soldier yelled out last minute recounts of battle plans quickly although the team was already focussed on their roles. Heavy shared a sandvich with Medic as a quick breakfast.

The siren went off.

Scout and Pyro took the lead, sprinting ahead to get the knowhow about the other team. Sniper climbed up to his nest as the rest of the team broke away. The Bostonian used his headset to relay info back, “So uh, we got tons of fun served with German sausage here on Eastside. Their Engi is settin’ up one of those teleporters down plain nearby. No clue where the rest are.”

Scout stayed back as Pyro moved closer. Spy uncloaked, patting the boy on the shoulder. “Leave it to me, boy.” Scout jumped in surprise, “SHI- UGH, don’t do that to me.” Spy sniggered, cloaking again to do what he did best.

“Spah sappi...” Pyro took the enemy’s Engineer’s sudden silence as his sign to move in; he turned the corner setting the startled BLU Medic alight. The Medic retreated where he came, flames eating away at his flesh, calling for his Heavy before getting a cluster of bullets to his face.

“Too easy.” Scout remarked before taking cover from a not so friendly Sasha. The Heavy didn’t stop, yelling as his bullets littered the plain. Scout’s right thigh was hit in the process, blood already soaking through his pants. “UGNH! Medic! Doc...” He compacted himself best he could behind a small boulder, the Heavy drawing closer as bullets ate away at the poor cover.


This isn’t loud enough. Where are they? RED Soldier was paired with Demo as they jogged forward to check another of their checkpoints. Engi, Medic and Heavy followed, the doctor behind the slightly staggering Russian. A rifle broke the silence, as the Demoman stumbled backwards dead. “HERE WE GO, MEN.” Now where are you, you piece of shit. Engi headed into action, setting up a dispenser as his sentry practically finished making itself up.

“You ‘ave a Pyro coming, Solly!” Soldier readied his rocket launcher, firing when he saw that familiar gas-masked BLU man race towards his team.

“Not on my watch, sissy.” As his victim’s body parts were still airborne he fired another missile at the other Sniper’s makeshift nest, not knowing if the sharpshooter was now dead didn’t faze him. Heavy charged past him with Medic, making mocking baby noises as he sprayed his bullets.

“Herr Scout, I am too far away. There should be first aid in one of the shacks close by.” Medic yelled over the noise into his mic he had hidden just under his collar.


“Aw yeah Doc, easy as. Fuck.” The firing haltered, Scout took his chance to peer from behind the rock. Pyro was with Heavy, an axe to the Russian’s hand was enough to stop the firing, but not enough to stop him altogether. The Heavy dropped his gun, his hand now deformed and missing some fingers with the Pyro’s attack. Grabbing the axe he head butted the shorter man numerous times as Pyro tried to reclaim his weapon. Heavy knocked Pyro to the ground, pressing him down with his body weight as he started to punch away at the gasmask.

“Get your fucking hands off him!” Scout limped, pistol in hand as he started firing. Unnatural cracking noises came with each fisted blow, Heavy turned to get the now exposed young man.

“I will kill all of you leetle man!”

Scout kept firing, “Fuck, fuck, FUCK.” The Heavy ran towards Scout as he fumbled with reloading. A last minute shot sent the Russian to the ground, spilling his brain across the ground. Scout shuffled towards his saviour, gurgled muffles coming from the mask as blood oozed from the nozzle. “Shit, man... shit.” Pyro’s body went into shock, distressing the young man even more. “I’m sorry, man... shit, man, I’m so sorry.” Another shot from the pistol was fired, leaving the field very quiet except for Scout’s soft whimpers and sobs.
Meet the team/s? I've got three 'shared paragraphs with dialogue' but surely you can tell who is who in them-Pyro especially. Thanks Kilo, hope this is better. Till tomorrow.

12 .

BLU Spy sighed. “It seems we are getting slaughtered out there... Medic, Engineer, fatman, even that pyromaniac bastard are already dead.”His Sniper growled in response. You don’t listen to a word I say. He lit his cigarette, shaking the match out before flicking it aside. “Well now, captain sir Sniper, what do you propose we do now? It would be nice to get at least one of their checkpoints before the day is through.”

“Shut up, spook. I’m thinking.” Sniper bandaged a burn on his arm, kindly given to him from the Soldier’s blast. “Think faster.” Spy hissed, making sure his sapper worked even though he knew it did.

“I said SHUT UP.” Sniper bit his lip, “If I can get that Heavy out that should even it a bit. That damn Soldier though, he’s a right off mongrel.”

Ahh Soldier...but of course. “Well he is their leading man in this ongoing dance of war.”

Sniper repositioned himself behind the rubble, “Just make sure you get that sentry, its range is blocking between us and regrouping. Don’t want to wait for respawn just to see our men get wiped off again. Get our Soldier and cub to back you up.” Spy nodded.

He cloaked, avoiding the enemy Heavy’s range as he manoeuvred towards his live team members. His Soldier whacking the man with his shovel as he decloaked, “Argh, Soldier, give it a rest. It’s only m-”


“Well... As soon as Sniper has the Heavy out he needs you two to move forward and attack.” Scout cocked his shotgun, paying no attention to the Frenchman. Soldier grunted, “Right son, we gotta go as soon as that Heavy’s down. Got that?” Scout acknowledged by nodding; waiting for the sign.


RED Heavy was hit, stumbling as another hit made sure of his demise. Medic jerked back, “Herr Soldier, that Sniper is still active!” That piss-filled bastard. He ventured out, seeing his BLU double and other Scout rush out from behind the point’s cover.

“Finally decided to show ya faces eh!? Get behind me, Medic.” The German didn’t have to think about it, doubling back behind his new partner. A light glistened harshly in his eyesight as he did.

“Soldier, to your left! The marksman!” Soldier fired at the two before shifting to where Medic pointed.

“Gotcha now, coward.”

“Aw piss.” The BLU Sniper tried his best to escape but to no prevail.

Their Engi hollered his happiness at the sight, “Whooo hee, you show those pansies, Solly!” The BLU Scout whooshed past Soldier, grabbing Medic and using him as a shield from the sentry. Engi’s face turning from pleased to pissed. “Now that’s not right.” His mood only worsened hearing the troubled beeps of his lovely creation. “Spah sappin’ my sentry!” Wrench in hand he whacked the crude device off only to fall to the ground with a knife in his neck.


RED Scout stood up, wiping what tears he could with his shirt. He couldn’t look at the body, but he eyed the slow moving trail of blood near his feet, his chest felt more painful than his leg. Clutching his bullet wound he made way to one of the offbeat shacks on the field. Most of the drawers inside were empty much to his frustration; however he did find a first aid kit as Medic promised. Not being a man of medicine the young man had to half read instructions of what things did what, before sterilising and wrapping his thigh in dressing. “Heya, boiyo! Knock, knock!” Scout looked at the door to see Demoman’s head popping in.

“Uh...hey?” The Scot’s facing turning from friendly to a smirk as the rest of his body filled the doorway. Scout glared, “... Just my luck then. Another fuckin’ BLU.”

“Be seein’ ya... IN HELL.” The Scot jogged backwards launching sticky bombs at the already beaten shack. He detonated them, “KABOOM! Heh heh.” Scout’s screams short lived. Though Demoman had no time to gloat as RED Sniper’s bullet met his good eye.


“Shit, mate... sorry I didn’t see him sooner.” RED Sniper whispered.

“Hmm? Are you talking to me?” His Spy smugly lent against the wall besides him.

“Don’t be stupid. You should be out there with the others, not hasslin’ me here.”

“I was out there, I did my part... but I am a selfish man, mon cheri. Besides, I never get to have you alone.” Sniper still gazing through his scope shooed the man to go away. “I’ll leave if you promise to keep your smelly, little van willingly unlocked tonight, oui?”

Sniper looked up glaring but couldn’t help smiling seeing that naughty smirk. “Sure sure, now get outta ‘ere.”

“In that case, I’m already gone.” He cloaked, waiting for his Sniper to return to duty before kissing the back of his neck. “Till then, petit.” Sniper let out a gasp, swearing than grinning as Spy finally left the room.
Early upload because I'll be helping my lovely mum with packing/moving tomorrow. I promise I'm going somewhere with this heh. On another note a friend of mine Scoot Mcgoo has started uploading their art in "Fanart" so go on, take a look and/or make a comment. Next upload in two days? Comments and such will always be welcomed.

13 .

> but to no prevail.
I think the word in this context is "avail".

Nice work, you've got my attention.

14 .

Solly reloaded, cursing as he glanced back to see the BLU Scout’s bold move, and thus Medic’s downfall. Shit, Doc. He dived for cover as his double fired a missile, hitting and near destroying the late Engineer’s dispenser but also blowing some shrapnel into his own Scout’s now unshielded torso.

“ARGH, you fucking IDIOT!” the BLU Scout tripped to the ground, trying to pull the thick metal out of his ribcage.

Solly removed the safety pin from one of his grenades, throwing it at the enemy Soldier before changing weapons. Rushing in shovel ready he didn’t wait for the dust to clear, driving his shovel through his copy’s neck pressing it through into the ground with his foot. Feels good, don’t it? He panted, sweat and dirt from head to toe pulling his shovel from the dead man’s throat.

RED Spy decloaked before the injured Scout, “Oh, Scout... say hello to your mother for me. It’s been so long since we last spoke.” He smiled before pulling the trigger of his Ambassador.

Soldier peered back under the rim of his helmet, “...Go check the point, Frenchie.” Using his shovel as support he tiredly walked to the dispenser, faint glows radiated still as Spy went to check the building ahead.

He slid down back against the dispenser, sighing as he removed his helmet momentarily to wipe his brow. Another battle, another victory. He grinned slightly, rubbing his eyes then yawning before sitting his helmet back down.

“Bonjour, Soldier.” Soldier opened his eyes to see the enemy Spy crouched before him. He jerked, grabbing for his shotgun, the Frenchman lunged knife in hand. The knife sat uncomfortably under his Adam’s apple as he straddled the American below. “Now now, manners are in order.” Soldier growled, hoping for once that his team’s Spy would finish soon and come back to assist. So here you are you bastard. “Don’t bother calling out, petit, I made sure we wouldn’t be interrupted... for long.”

“What do you want, Frenchie?”

Spy raised an eyebrow. I thought that would have been obvious... “Why now, petit. I want to make a deal.” Spy sat more comfortably on the American’s lap, leaning in as his other hand supported his weight on the strong chest below. Soldier eyed up and down the body before him, face emotionless but feeling very much pissed off.

“...Talk quickly or I’ll kill you now.”

“I can provide you many things, Soldier. Intel, supplies... company. ” He looked genuine, maybe he was.

Soldier wasn’t convinced, “Give us fake Intel while you’re given the chance to get ours? Don’t make me laugh. Why the fuck would I want your ‘company’, maggot? You’ll always be a BLU.”

“...Well, you seemed to like it last night.” Spy spoke softly, sultry eyes gazing.

“...What did you say?” As unpleasant the situation was the tingling effects of the dispenser did not help with his recalling of last night’s experience.

“Tch.. We never seem to have enough time... here...” The Frenchman leaned further, pressing light pecks to Soldier’s lips. Solly froze thoroughly confused but never broke eye contact. Spy pressed harder, almost desperate against the dry lips, wetting them as he slid an eager tongue inside. Soldier kept straining his head to get further away but found his hands coming to grip the other man’s thighs, his cock tingled as an outcome of the other’s weight pressed down upon him. Soldier remembered his body required air after their lips parted, Spy pulled back to reclaim his position. Now that wasn’t so bad was it..?

“...Get off me. NOW.” Soldier’s grip bruising the man’s thighs as he spoke, Spy’s eyes showed slight discomfort but it couldn’t pull the smugness off his face.

“I understand you have a role to play. I just hope you give me the chance to play mine.” He stabbed the Soldier’s shoulder, wiggling the blade in deeply, watching the American grimace. Yes, Soldier... His breathing lingered. For years they’d been fighting this pointless war. For years they’d been fighting each other. Spy wasn’t a bold man at heart, but when it came to the enemy Soldier... lately there was something about him. The man was insane, nothing seemed to faze him yet he always held troubled eyes when it came to the Frenchman. At least he swore he did. He smiled softly, “...seems I’ve run out of time, petit.”

Solly could see his own Spy hastily walking towards them, gun in hand he shot his counterpart in the head. Blood splattered over the Soldier’s face as the corpse thudded against his chest. A hidden hand slipped under the expensive blue suit jacket, fingers gripping keenly at the undershirt. So... this is real. You’re real. He hauled the body off, nodding at the live Frenchman.

“I apologise, Soldier.” RED Spy lifted his hand, handcuff swinging from his wrist. “Not the best Spy it seems. He didn’t even bother harming me, he’s obviously... pathetic.” He kicked the body, eyeing off the damage he dealt.

Soldier looked away pulling the butterfly knife out, “We’ll wait here for respawn, and see if the bastards come for round two. Move out, Frenchie.” He licked his lips, gradually feeling the urge for a cigarette.
Finished quicker then I thought with the moving so why not upload early as well? Thank you, and thank you again meeqs; you're absolutely correct, hate that when that happens.

15 .

“What the fuck do you mean we were all delayed two hours!?” BLU Sniper pinned the Engineer roughly against the wall, the Texan hands held up in submission.

“I don’t know what to tell ya Sniper, must have been the pending it had to do. Unless someone sabotaged us, but... everyone was all out; no one knows the base codes but us.” He shoved the short man to the side, still unimpressed.

“So you’re saying we have a traitor on our hands.”

“No... no, I’m just saying that these respawn machines are old, I keep them going best I can... I really don’t thin-.”

“Nah, ya don’t seem to THINK much for an Engineer do ya, mate!? Fix the damn machine or your life won’t be worth jack shit. Pending my arse.” The bushman left the respawn room, knowing all too well which of his men would pull off such a stunt. “That fuckin’ spook.”

It was a harsh environment, more so off the battlefield. The BLU team only co-operated when they had to, otherwise their pay was affected by the ever lovely Administrator. Their Spy mainly stayed in his quarters, joining his team only at mealtimes. He was a tool to be used; he knew that, his team made sure of that. So we have the ‘Holy Bible’... or... not...

He flicked through his bookshelf, none of the books were his; he figured all the quarters had them as he was never invited in. Not that he wanted to be near them, though at times he did go walkabouts to entertain his curiosity. All the books had been read dozens of times by now bar one. Sighing he ventured to having a cigarette and reflect on what he had just done instead.

The nicotine was welcomed as he began to undress, suit jacket transferred over a coat hanger, his vest joining the garment, he put it away before walking to his bed.

Your lips... heh your lips... I bet there have been few to kiss them. If any...? He halted and wondered what woman in their right mind could bare the American’s company. Hmm, I wonder if you’re a rapist instead... or maybe you are highly religious. Marriage before... Shirt now pulled off he rubbed at an old burn mark, closing his eyes to best heighten his imagination. He took off his gloves, rubbing harder and wishing his hands were bigger with rougher skin.

He smirked as he made himself comfortable on top of his sheets, unzipping his pants. Did I perhaps steal your first kiss, Soldier? Have I made you question your wants? A hand slipped under his briefs meeting his half erect cock, he stroked at a leisured pace, eyes clenched shut he pulled his pants down further, running fingertips comfortably down his hip bone and groin as he moved. Say you want me. Say you need me. The pace fastened as he cupped his own face, stroking his cheek he pushed into the touch, biting at his palm. I know you want me.

He fingered his mouth, making sure plenty of saliva covered his index and middle fingers before lifting his hips. Spy prodded himself slowly easing a single digit inside, breaths gasped he moved his hips carefully up and down, he made his second finger join in his pleasure. Repositioning his body he knelt on the bed, cheek pressed against the cool wall. Small moans escaping as he panted, pumped and fucked himself. Do you truly hate me, or was I right?


It was almost dinner time and RED Soldier was nowhere to be seen, the TV room had Sniper and Demoman, the marksman trying his best to explain how cricket was better than Scout’s lame baseball. Medic was in his office checking up on Heavy’s ribs, he never had a clue where Spy was, and Scout was with Pyro outside near the water tank however the Engineer was concerned with the boy’s troubled face.

“..Been a tough day I bet.” He murmured wiping his hands with a tea towel before checking up on tonight’s broth. “Come and get it, boys!”

Normally Scout was first in line, bowl in hand but he took his time, following Pyro like a wary stray. Sniper turned the TV off as Demo grabbed a bottle from under the couch exclaiming “Ta-dah!” Sniper looking back actually surprised at the Scot’s magic trick.

“That’s bloomin’ black magic that is!”

“Oh shut it ye dingo man, you wish you were black and magical!” Sniper opened his mouth to try and explain but opted out for laughter instead.

“Come on ya drunk.”

“Now why don’t you fellas serve yourselves tonight, I’m just gonna go for a walk... You better leave a portion.” Engi warningly pointed a metal finger at Scout, smiling as the kid gave his normal smart assed comebacks. “That’s more like it, kid.” He poured a double portion into Soldier’s dinner bowl, leaving his teammates to as he checked around the barracks.

The Texan was about to knock on Solly’s door but stopped as he heard whispering. Now, Engineer wasn’t a nosey bugger, but who would he be talking to, Spy? Unlikely. “...you’re a disgrace to your country, maggot... you... you and your fucking... fucking.” Engi almost dropped the bowl as Soldier suddenly roared; he heard glass breaking as well.

“Ah, you okay in there, partner?” He knocked before entering, feeling rather awkward as Soldier gave him a look he thought only his angry ex wife could muster. “Ah... heh, well... I brought you dinner.” Smiling nervously he walked in, taking a seat besides the other and handed the bowl over. Soldier was now distant, a very long minute passed as Engi stared at the broken mirror before him. Shards littered the once clean floor. “Well uh-“

“...What if you were becoming something you hated, Engi? What if the devil you thought you were fighting was really...? ” he closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. The Engineer really didn’t know what to say about this. He didn’t pry into his friend’s history; no one on the team did. Friendly conversations about pastimes were welcome, but the man rarely partook in the social matter. Often he only joined in talks about battles, even then his comrades didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

“Well uh... I dunno exactly what you’re on about there, Solly... but ah, you’re a good man on my watch. We’ve never been better since you came, ya know?” He firmly patted the other American on the back. “Now if you need some time off I’m sure we’d do alright without ya tomorrow if-“

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, MAGGOT? YOU WOULDN’T LAST TWO MINUTES.” He stood, turning suddenly, poking a strong finger in the Texan’s pudgy stomach. “I’LL SEE YOU AT 0700. DON’T YOU DARE BE THIS STUPID EVER AGAIN OR YOU’LL BE DOING LAPS ROUND THE BATTLEFIELD.” Engi half smiled, that was the Soldier he knew.

“Sir yes, sir.” Chuckling as he jokingly saluted. “I’ll leave you be, partner. Eat up.” Alone in his room once more Solly ate his dinner slowly, pausing for minutes at a time before coming back to reality. How’d you do it? How’d you get me? Soup now cold he drank the rest, wiping his mouth with his hand after. Why’d you get... me?
I have odd sleeping patterns. As always critiques/comments welcomed.

16 .

You know, When I read the first post it was so dizzyingly formatted that I really questioned whether I wanted to read the rest or not. However, after checking back and reading through the rest of your fiction, I can say I am completely hooked. Please, continue. I like where you're taking the story and cleaning up the layout has done WONDERS. There are still some parts where I get a bit confused, but they're not prominent enough to actually hamper my enjoyment. Over all though, great job! I eagerly await the next installment.

17 .

BLU Sniper passed through the hallways with swiftness, getting angrier with each turn. “I’ll fuckin’ kill ‘im if he’s trying this shit.” He arrived at the team’s barracks not bothering to knock as he barged into the Frenchman’s room. Spy never needed to lock his door; no one ever came to visit, there was no need to be barricade further in this hellhole.

“Ah..!?” he came in surprise, whole body tensing as turned to see the Australian mouth agape, still holding the doorknob. Shitting himself inside Spy kept a cool face, even as he struggled from making it slide down the wall, “...Can I help you, Sniper?” he carefully pulled his fingers out, grabbing the blanket and calmly wrapping it around his waist.YOU FUCKING PISSMAN. Get OUT of my room this INSTANCE. He eyed his revolver, considering for a moment how it could better and worsen his situation. Non... oui... non. Maybe. Sniper scratched at his stubble, running an eye over the bare back now presented to him. Scars and burn marks licked around the body of the Frenchman, making him forget momentarily why he was even here.

“... Uh... ” Spy’s cum ran down the wall electing a dry cough from the marksman. “Just get some fuckin’ clothes on and be in my nest in an hour. We gotta talk, spook.” The bushman slammed the door shut, resting his forehead against the wood; a troubled almost wounded look forming, finding it difficult to breathe. He decided a trip to Medic’s office was in order.

The anger was still nestled in his stomach as he made his way to the infirmary. Walking in Sniper gazed at the Medic. Heavy comfortably sitting on the floor with gun parts neatly lined, cleaning each piece with big yet precise hands and a greased cloth. “Hey big guy, need you to do something for me. Our cub needs a little help with target practice. How about you go get Soldier and show ‘im some rounds in the practice range, eh?” Heavy though confused got up, looking back at Medic before getting a confirmed nod from the German. He walked out, Medic’s eyes lingering on Heavy’s back, oh how they pleaded for him to stay.

“Good evening, Herr Sniper, vat can I do for you?” He shuffled papers, getting out folders and making himself quite busy.

“Back room. Now.”

Medic paused, “Now I don’t think is a good time fo-“

“Get in the room now or I’ll tell the fat lard.” The German’s lip wanted to tremble, but he bit down, he made sure nothing showed.

“...Tell him what exactly?”

“Just move already.” Medic stood, looking at the floor rather than Sniper as he obeyed. The back room was mainly filled with drawers and medicinal supplies, nothing interesting for military personal. “Well don’t just stand there, mate.” The doctor began to take off his shoes, followed by his belt, coat than pants. Sniper took off his vest, grabbing a small case of grease from a pocket. “Come on.”

Medic bent himself over a low cabinet, elbows supported his frame. He steadied himself more than just physically. Sniper slicked his fingers, wasting no time as he poorly prepared the man before him. He unzipped his pants, applying an even coat of grease to his member. One hand on the doctor’s hip he pushed himself in before gripping both sides; a sharp inhale being made due from the pressure around his cock. “...don’t... don’t say a word.” Medic’s face was pained, wincing at the intrusion but he knew the drill.

Sniper wasted no time thrusting, grunting with each hard slap against flesh. He hugged the body before him, gripping, tracing, and rubbing at flamed marks that didn’t exist. The German’s eyes watered but he took the pain; he focussed on anything bar his situation. Sniper forced himself deeper at a slower pace, the doctor gripped tight to the edge of the filing cabinet, fighting back a pained cry. He sped up again; he was close, arms wrapped around the Medic tighter.

A light sweat forming over his body he finally came, riding out the aftershocks he rested his head on the German’s back. He kissed softly at Medic’s spine, stopping when he came out of his blissful state. “Argh.” He pulled out, tucking and zipping himself in as he grabbed his vest and left.
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I'm liking all the sub-plots that are going on in this; with the Red Snipers and Spy's relationship, to all the detail you wrote into the battle, and the Blu Sniper and the Medic. I'm glad it isn't just focused on the Soldier and the spy.

19 .

Sleeping wasn’t easy with a restless and preoccupied mind. Solly had been backstabbed numerous over the years, he’d even been lucky to dodge a few but this latest attack was more personal than he’d experience before. He brushed a finger over his new scar, so small like a bullet but the pain was so much sharper at the time. You were so light, so tiny. The American looked at his large hands, many a time have they broken necks or spines, and yet... I could break you... I should have broken you...

Collaborating with the enemy would be a fickle situation, however it would mean his team could get the necessary Intel. If the Frenchman was to betray him he’d have a hostage to barter with, or he could kill him. ...but I didn’t. Solly’s chest felt strange, feeling as if gravity engulfed him. It made him think of home, of growing up and he didn’t like it. This feeling usually came at troubling times, like when his mother walked out or when Samantha Jones from P.E class stood him up. He swallowed hard, pulling the blanket more over his chest. ... Why couldn’t I break you?

He glanced at his alarm clock; his sleep already delayed by an hour. Closing his eyes his shifted his thoughts to ones of battles and blood, soon falling asleep with this more comfortable prospect.


It was a cold and dark night as BLU Spy strolled outside, cig in mouth as he neatly added on pieces to his sapper, plugging and changing some chords in the process. Rubbing his masked face, the fresh bruises served as a reminder of why he decided to act upon his harassing thoughts. He smirked knowing he had the last strike in the matter.

Manoeuvring around RED’s defences never went as sophisticated as he’d hope, bending to get into small gaps, making undignified noises doing so and worst of all getting his suit dirtied and punctured. Who the hell puts two barbed wire fences together? Upon reaching one of the more isolated entrances Spy knelt retrieving his picklock, about to insert the metal into the lock. Hmm? He heard faint footsteps, and opted to cloaking and backing off instead.

The door was quietly opened, seeing an almost mirrored face peep out from behind the door. Well now... What have we here? RED Spy crept out, straightening his tie before walking casually towards the RV no less than two hundred metres away, after seeing the light in his Sniper’s van off.

The curiosity burned to know what his self-nominated lesser got up to with the bushman, but he had other matters prioritised before that; that and he didn’t have his camera beard. Maybe next time... Making sure his other was away he knelt again, wanting to laugh as he tried to normally open the door, and succeeded. A long glance was given to the campervan; it looked almost identical to his team’s Sniper. He wondered how different the interior would be before finally going into the RED base.

He knew these corridors, he knew whose bedroom was whose, and he knew the team’s routine well enough to lower his guard slightly. Although common sense was that no man could resist the pull of sleep after a long day of fighting. Passing by the infirmary he wondered if RED’s Medic shared his bed with a Russian. If the Scout here wasn’t the angry, young man back at his base. If the Sniper wasn’t an abusive, mad marksman like his own. If any of the men shared personas with their counterparts. How they dished out countless taunts and unappreciative hostility at every turn. He sighed, how could being in the enemy’s base put him more at ease than his own?

He ran a hand lightly over the wall as he walked; the bases were so alike he almost felt as if he wasn’t at RED’s base at all, except the peace his body felt made it clear he wasn’t. The enemy of my enemy... is my friend, non?

He had reached the barracks, wasting no time at getting Solly’s door unlocked. He slipped in, silently closing the door behind. Waiting till his eyes adjusted he saw the outline of a large mass in the seemingly small bed. Good evening, petit. He readied his modified sapper cautiously stepping closer to the American. Spy got nearer until a gritty crunch was made from underneath his shoe. What is..? The large bedded mass moved sharply, Spy hesitated, dropping his equipment as the American blur before him slammed him against the wall.

The Frenchman blinked, he couldn’t breathe, his legs thrashed barely above the floor as the Soldier’s hand tightly gripped around Spy’s throat. “...what maggot has decided to give me a house call, eh?” Raspy gasps came in response as Solly dragged the man across the wall, stopping when the body was in line with his window’s direct but faint moonlight. “...you.”

Solly loosened his grip just enough for the man to breathe, even allowing him to touch the ground. “Oui, petit... me.”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t crush your throat right now.”

“Because you know I could have slit yours by now, Soldier.”

The American glared, “What’s the matter, BLUs don’t like your faggy, French ass? Decided to throw you our way, eh?”

“On the contrary, petit... it was I who decided to ‘throw my faggy French ass’ this way. I did say I wanted to make a deal.”

“Tch.” Solly let go warily before making his way and sitting on his bed. “Fucks sake.” He lifted his foot pulling out sharp shards; both feet were sliced by the damage and mess he dealt to his mirror hours earlier.

Spy rubbed at his sore throat, listening out for any unwelcomed guests that had maybe awoken. Nothing stirred; he couldn’t even hear the snoring from whilst in the hallway. How thick ARE these walls? A curious brow and smirk arose as an outcome of his slowly gaining perverted thoughts. He couldn’t help himself. “What the fuck are you smiling about, Frenchie?”

“Nothing... you are hurt, non?” He walked over, hands in surrender as the American snarled. “Calm down, Soldier.” He brushed away what shards he could before sitting before the man. Pulling the American’s other foot to rest on his folded knee he carefully started pulling the small shards out. “You’ve made quite a mess, and I’m afraid I can’t see too well in this light.”

There was a long silence before Solly leaned to his bedside table, flicking on a small lamp. “...better?”

“Oui...merci.” In between shards Spy stole glances of the now illuminated man. A well fitting white singlet covered the American’s hairy chest and light grey boxes for his legs, there it was again; those troubled eyes couldn’t hide unhelmeted.

Spy eyed his sapper, “Why’d you have that out anyway. Ya can’t kill me with a box, maggot.”

Spy massaged the now fixed foot, a smile on his face. “I wasn’t planning on killing you, petit... I was planning on fucking myself on you.” A predatory glance was given to the Solider, he tensed; Spy could feel it through the man’s foot. “You see, Soldier... I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and like the Engineer I like creating things. Things that I’m sure your mind couldn’t comprehend.” He stretched for the device, but a swift hand gripped around his wrist.

“You probed my mind like some Government conspiracy agent didn’t you!?” The Spy quite surprised that he didn’t give the Soldier near enough credit as he should have.

“Non, oui... sort of. Hmm... by copying your pattern off your team’s respawn program I have configured your brain stem to match frequency with my sapper in a quite experimental way, to which it took many tries and... there are certain operations that well, and by attaching it to both parties I can...” He coughed, words becoming nonsense even to him. “Well... long story short I can ‘sap your mind’. Enter or create dreams while you sleep... participate even.”

So that’s how you got me..? “Don’t you dare use it on me ever again, Frenchie.”

Are you so sure, Soldier...? Don’t be hasty, I had such wonder plans for tonight.Spy nodded; best not argue about the benefits to a man twice his size at this time. He drew his hand inwards, kissing lightly at the hand entrapping his. “So you want the real thing instead...?”
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20 .

Solly’s mouth curled into a frown as he suddenly punched Spy’s jaw. A swift backhand was received in kind as Spy rose from the ground knife-ready. The American whacking the hand away as if it was nothing, gruffly grabbing Spy’s waist and pulling him onto his lap. The real thing... He stared long and hard into the eyes of the Spy, pulling the man by his thighs closer as he did.

It was Spy’s turn to feel anxious, hands creating a barrier between their chests. What the fuck, Soldier? “Gone shy on me now, cupcake?” Cupcake? The Frenchman went to question but was cut off by a rather delicate kiss; he gripped at the singlet, now unwillingly being the eager one.

Solly pulled back licking at his lips. I know this is wrong. He found he breathed easier, running a thumb under Spy’s battered eye. So why doesn’t it feel wrong? Spy wasted no time helping to get the man’s singlet off, removing his gloves to feel the bare chest.

Solly shivered at the touch as Spy’s fingers twirled and explored his torso. “You’re breathing harder, petit.” He started unbuttoning his jacket, smugness radiating.

The American growled. That damn smirk. “Shut it, maggot.” He yanked the jacket off, buttons flying as he worked on getting the now presented vest off. That’s expensive, Soldier. Spy hissed and loosened his tie, using both hands to loop it around Solly’s thick neck. He pulled harshly, forcing their mouths to unite again.

The American groaned, he could taste cigarettes and mint each time that tongue slid against his. Clothes... Clothes... With the vest and undershirt tugged off he examined the seemingly fragile body in his arms. Running a hand down its side, he gripped a hip. He had a man grinding against him, the enemy; a possible ally. Skin much paler than Solly’s own, numerous scars and burns messed with the smoothness. His cock twitched, physical urges taking over his mind.

Spy shifted off the man’s lap to the bed, clumsily getting rid of shoes, belt and pants. An undignified gasp escaping upon Solly flipping and mounting the man. Slight stubble scratching at the Frenchman’s back, he pulled down his boxers, grinding his cock against the other’s arse. Before he could line his cock to enter Spy elbowed his ribs hard, strictly hissing under his breath for lubricant. “My jacket, inside pocket. Argh.” Where is the blasted thing!?

Retrieving the small container he rolled over, mouth parted at the intimidating body over him. Although Soldier was new to this same sex experience he could put two and two together. He opened and slicked his fingers in lube, supporting the man’s lifted hips on his thighs. Sliding an index finger in Spy’s ass he felt inside the cavity, how warm the muscles felt as they tensed around his digit. He slid in another, Spy gripped at the pillow, biting back a moan.

This is the real thing...

A low growl came from the American as three fingers prepared the smaller man. He watched hungrily as Spy squirmed with each movement of his hand. Coating his cock with lube he lined it up properly this time, a long groan finally coming out of the Spy’s mouth as he entered painfully slow. About fucking time, Soldier. Spy pulled the man closer, wrapping his arms and leg around him.

They kissed feverously, Soldier thrusting slow but harder each turn. Spy clawing at the other man’s back, grunts and moans escaping from the two.

“Quiet down, Frenchie.” Spy smirked. “I saw that look.” Solly kissed at the Spy’s mask, moving to the more satisfying lips instead. You’re so soft... Thrusting faster, he growled, forcing a hand under Spy to pull the man closer.

Fuck... A broken gasp came from the Spy electing a curious glare from the Soldier. “Just... There. MOVE. ” Soldier continued, Spy’s eyes rolling back with each stroke that hit those sensitive nerves.

More... just a little... Solly could hear and feel the hot breath of Spy’s moans, the forceful kisses along his neck, the careful sucking on his lobe. Argh... He bit down savagely on Spy’s neck as he came, Spy groaning through barred teeth as it pierced his flesh. Toes clenched, Spy released between their stomachs. Huffed intakes of air were taken as both bodies rested momentarily.

The Frenchman double checked that the sapper wasn’t in use before smiling slightly, stroking the Soldier’s cheek. There’s that face... Solly rolled to his side after pulling out, tiredly grabbing his singlet to wipe the mess off Spy’s than his stomach before throwing it to the floor. “Mmph?” Already Spy was up gathering his clothes. “And what do you think you’re up to, Frenchie?”

I can’t stay here don’t be stupid, Soldier. “I have to leave now, before...” A strong arm around his waist brought him back down as Soldier spooned him.

“Don’t count on that.” Spy struggled but the firm grip remained, drawing him even closer. No, Soldier. This is enough. “If you’re gonna do something you have to do it right, cupcake.” After several half hearted attempts of freeing himself he gave up, glaring but running a thumb over Solly’s forearm. That’s more like it. He licked at the wound on Spy’s neck, sucking the blood before laying a final soft kiss. Spy shivered, not knowing if he felt more afraid of the American’s softer side than battle driven.
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Draw away! This was a lovely update.

22 .

I am overjoyed. I love the updates.
I am eager to see how the relationship would pan out.

23 .

Thank you guys, those comments brought a dorky smile to my face. Just on to say I will apparently be kidnapped tomorrow for just under a week? (Yeah, I both hate and love surprises)
I'll try and finish this update before then but if you see nothing then yes I'm in a location with no internet and little penguins walking on a beach. Till then!

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hurr. i like soldier's nickname for spy

25 .

Do you have a beta? The plot itself is good but I feel at times you are in dire need of some punctuation, especially commas. Also, your word choices could be better; I'm not saying use a thesaurus, but you could use stronger vocabulary to really boost this from good to great.

26 .

Oh my this story is great! Thank you so much for it.

I really look forward to your next update, Auemm!

27 .

BLU Sniper yawned, tipping his hat up as the morning birds chirped. Grunting, he heaved himself off the floor walking over to the ladder, grabbing his rifle and exiting his nest. After a quick word with Demoman and Pyro about staying with the group on the field he ventured off to the Engineer’s workshop. “Oi Truckie. Did you fix it?”

“Oh... uh, yeah I fixed it, partner. Just... just had to mend up some loose wires.” The Engineer faltered, dropping his wrench to the ground. Sniper sighed at the sight.

“Look, mate...” Sniper hesitated, previous day’s motions still in mind. “I’m... sorry ‘bout yesterday but if you think someone’s messin’ around you gotta tell me.”

“... Just some loose wires, Sniper, nothing more. Made the machine strain under the build up...” Sniper firmly patted the Texan on the back.

“Right then.” After two nervous coughs from both men and a passing over of the now reclaimed wrench, Sniper decided upon making his exit. Doubling back only to mumble that he’d bring some beers around tonight success or not and finally leaving after a nod from the Engineer.

Breakfast felt as if it went forever, sipping on his coffee Sniper watched his team. Demoman drinking as usual while laughing at Pyro’s jokes, Heavy and Medic by no means showed their faces in the morning until battle started. Sniper never understood a single word Pyro said, he scoffed into his cup as Scout and Soldier came into the room, yelling over one another in another of their ongoing power struggles. Engineer followed soon after, skilfully moving around the now fisted argument. Humming as he poured himself some cereal.

“Battle commences in twenty minutes.”

After hoisting his rifle off the table Sniper grumbled noticing his pack of cigs had run out. Knowing all too well his Soldier’s mood wouldn’t be any frame to want to share any of his Sniper had to head to his van. “Just in case I’m not there before you fellas start, you know to go on. Remember... stay together. Yesterday was shit, you all know better.”

Demoman turned to Pyro, lips pressed hard together as a childish grin fought to take place on his face, Pyro abruptly laughing at the sight. After several seconds he couldn’t hide his amusement, “Sure thing, boiyo! Haha! Doubt I’ll be fine without ye holding me hand though!”

“Bloody wankers.” Walking outside he made his way to the old campervan, patting its side. “...How ya goin’, darlin’?” Unlocking and quickly shutting the door behind himself he breathed in the musty aroma. Sweat, dust and cigarettes filled his nostrils as he sat down on his bed. Many memories made in his little piece of paradise. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply once more. “...Come on.” He laid down rubbing his face against the worn pillow. “Come on...” The faint scent of pricey cologne elected a groan from the man. Moments went by as the bushman gripped at his sheets, cocooning himself and focussing on the scent.

“Battle commences in five minutes.”

“Oh fuck off, ya bitch.” Rubbing his brow, he got up after a quick kiss to the pillow, collecting some cigarettes and his rifle before he left.


“Now, petit... if I wanted anything other than yourself I wouldn’t have bothered coming to your room.” Spy sighed, lazily tugging his handcuffed hands, the metal grinding against the bed frame. A rude awakening if I ever...

“What’s this contraption? How does it work? What does it do?” Soldier shook the sapper, growling as he flicked at the wires and his cigarette.

“I told you last night, Soldier. Surely you cannot be this daft...”

“Answer the damn question, Frenchie!” Soldier glared, looking more intimidating dressed in uniform than the naked body the previous night.

These roles are so fucking reversed. Spy yawned, wishing he could reach his jacket for his shot of morning nicotine.

“DO I BORE YOU, MAGGOT?” The burning tip of his fag was crushed against the Frenchman’s nipple, harsh insults thrown in retaliation as the man huddled his naked flesh together. A dark, toothy grin came from the American. “Now do I need to repeat myself?”

Fucking Yankee, you’ll regret this; I’ll make you regret this... you’ll see...? “The... these are my handcuffs.” The grin left the Soldier immediately, pursed lips forming as he back handed the Spy. “...you. Where is...” Solly walked into his room, waist wrapped with a towel, to stare at his perfect replica bright eyed. A gun was pointed at him as red mist replaced the copy with his Spy.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, Soldier...”
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Now guys this is NOT the next installment, this is a side story of the main. Hopefully you've picked up enough of my hinting to understand what the deal is, if not well now that's just a shame. Enjoy?

Wants of a Bushman

You’re an attractive man, I could tell even with your mask on. Lookin’ all fancy in that blue suit, it fitted you well. You’re so quiet but it’s nice, you’re not like the others.

You knew somethin’ was up when I pestered you more than the rest of the team. How could you not when you’re always in that room of yours. It really surprised me when you came to my nest first few times, though you didn’t talk much even then. You liked playin’ cards so I thanked God I didn’t know the rules to poker, it made you speak more finally.

You stuck around even through the night, sharin’ laughs and drinks. How we’d start talkin’ about our homelands and the fort, you never talked about family or friends but I figured that’s normal seein’ you’re a Spy.

I’m sure the booze had somethin’ to do with it but God your lips were welcomed. Didn’t think you were so strong either, not used to bein’ the one fightin’ back in this kind of situation. But I think you liked bein’ pinned against the wall not havin’ to be the one to pull the ropes.

Who knew that I could have ever taken a fancy to another man, especially one so different to me? I’d say it’s because of how long we’d been out here but I’d be lyin’. Seein’ you walk around in all those layers, I’d fuckin’ rip that suit off when night came. I want to strip you down to nothin’, see you shuffle backwards on my bed as I climb over you.

Fuck how I want to hold and stroke your body. How I want to grope and kiss every bit of you because you're mine. I want your body stretched out, naked on the bed, so I could vigorously kiss, bite and grope every part of your flesh. It’s mine and I want to touch it so badly.

I’d revel in the fact that I can do whatever I want with it. To just spend the time explorin’ it, appreciatin’ it, feelin’ it... just lookin’ at it. Lookin’ at you, naked in front of me and man, you'd be lookin’ at me with that sexy confident face. But I can tell you’re slightly shy, how you’re slightly self conscious.

There’s no need to be darlin’ oh ’cause I know you trust me enough... and surely you know I love your body. Those scars and burns across your body turn me on. I don’t know why; you must have thought I was a bloody weirdo. Yet still you’d completely trust me and I want to be with you.

I’d hold you naked against me as I run my hands up and down your bare back, feelin’ you twitch as my hand moves over different places, different marks, and the different textures. Hearin’ you breathe next to my ear... you love it when I'm touchin’ your body forcefully, oh you grip me so tight darlin’, around my neck as you bury your face into me.

I want to be controllin’ your naked body, rollin’ you over, holdin’ you down, and bein’ forceful ... ‘cause I just have to kiss you where I want to kiss you, I just gotta touch you how I want to touch you.

I’d squeeze your arse, grind into it, rub it, all ‘cause it's mine and I want to feel it in every way possible. You even let me inside your body. God darlin’ you’re so warm. I want to grab your waist while you ride me; touch you in ways that make you moan. Run my palms up and down your legs, pressin’ into your skin. I want to hear those moans right next to my ear; I want to wrap my arms around you as you lie on top of me.

Seein’ you smile with your nose right up against mine. All I can see are your dark irises, and your smirk out the bottom of my eye but I can feel your hands on my back, your body against mine. How your legs shift and bend as they run up and down me and I want it all now.

I want to run my hand along your cheek and feel you breath into my palm before I take it away, pleasurin’ you in every way you desire, until I slowly get rougher and rougher, until I take everythin’ from you. I want to do things to surprise you, dominate you, roll you over press you down. Your calves over my shoulders, your leg hairs ticklin’ my back, makin’ me smirk as you groan under my weight. Spillin’ myself into you, makin’ you reach bliss with me. Oh how you exhaust me darlin’, you make me exhaust yourself, fallin’ asleep as you cling up real close.

Wakin’ up and havin’ you still here, you’d complain about havin’ a shower in my van but still you’d walk over to it, that naked body hidin’ nothin’. You’d even trust me with you face, pullin’ that dirty mask off so I could see the way your hair grips to your face. Those dark, little curls at the ends. I’d like bein’ in the shower with you even though we know it’s way too small. That certain way you smile as you close your eyes and look up into the water, havin’ all your hair pushed back off your face and drippin’.

Those dark eyelids, and your awkward smile as the water squirts you, you know I’d wrap my arms around you darlin’, kissin’ at those wet lips of yours. You’d make me feel like a man again, I know you would darlin’, ‘cause you’d make me feel like this is right. You’d make me feel like this is not just makin’ me happy.


I got so mad after that call, I don’t know why. I thought it would do me some good to come out to my parents. You gave me such confidence, feelin’ like I could take on the world. She doesn’t talk to me anymore; dad always says I’m the one who broke her heart. I only took this job to make ends meet darlin’, I did it for them as well. I didn’t mean to hurt you, you know I want to make it better, and you know I want to say I’m sorry but I can’t ‘cause it’s not right. I didn’t mean to hit you, please don’t go away darlin’.

I know we’re both angry, but you just don’t understand, it’s not about you and I can’t be thinkin’ of me. Don’t hide yourself away again darlin’, no don’t yell at me like that. Just fuck off darlin’ I can’t stand to feel this way. You gotta stay away from me; I can’t bear to want you.

I came here to fight a war, I shouldn’t be findin’ love. Not with someone like you... not when I’m someone like me. You’ll understand darlin’ time will pass. You just gotta wait, I have too much to do, I have a team to run. All wars end, by then I’ll make it up to you, I’ll make this war between us end too. I promise darlin’, just wait, I promise.
I repeat, this is a side story, not a current update of the main fic. Comments/critiques always welcomed.

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This is the most chilling backstory behind the phone call in Meet the Sniper I've ever read. The story was desperately hot and sexy and desperate... then this. Dunno whether to fap or cry. Well done.

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I'm amazed.

Both the sidestory and the new update, wow! The update was short, but very pleasuring to read! I, sadly, didn't understand much of it's ending, though.

And the sidestory, maan. I feel a bit bad for the BLU sniper now... it sure was intriguing, I'm looking forward even more to more updates, for both main and sidestories!

Thank you so much for writing this fic, Auemm

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omg snipes was such an ass to medic I wanted to slaughter him, now this. I really don't know what to say, but please continue. I don't know how to really express how much I want this fic to continue either with side stories or updates. I just want to know more about the dynamics of this version of the universe you've created. I'm all yours.

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Uh.. Uh.. I don't know what to say, Marty. Thank you.

Well now, I did mean for it to be 'confusing' but not so you couldn't understand what the deal was fullstop. Apparently I didn't do too well but I'd rather not bluntly explain, have a slow read of the last paragraph and I hope you get it.
Thank you for your lovely comment, (to both)Anonymous'.

I really didn't expect these wonderful comments. I'll be sure to keep writing. Next update unknown, my family plus Christmas season can equal insane.

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Solly blinked, a gun, there was a gun aimed him. “AHHHHH!” He charged, surprising and tackling his Spy to the ground. BLU Spy fascinated at the struggling match on the ground before him. Smiling like mad he took the time to pick at his handcuffs. Oh you idiot.

Hands now free he grabbed for his clothing, messily putting as much on as he could. Undershirt still undone and vest in hand, a final zip of his pants he was off. A last glance at the pair and an eyeing of the flexing muscles in the American’s back, how that towel managed to stay on would forever be questionable, he cloaked and hastily backtracked through RED’s base. Doing his best at passing a groggy Scout and Pyro, his heart stopped, hearing a confused grunt from the Bostonian. Fuck... Fuck... “Yo, man did you hear something?”

Pryo shook his head and Scout shrugged in kind, continuing to walk to their dining room. “So anyway, Ma sent me a letter and I wanna write back but...” Spy crept away fixing his shirt before leaving the base and scrambling back to his own as fast he could.


RED Demoman warily walked into the laundry, feeling good at there being no surprises in store for him. Grabbing his clean clothes from the other day he changed then and there, throwing his wet towel into the basket. Hands rubbed strongly through his wet hair, his small fro gaining stature as the water flicked from it. Fixing up his eye patch he placed his beanie firm down onto his head. Hearing Scout and Pyro in the kitchen filled the Scot with urgency. “Oh no ye don’t.”

In his need of haste, he stubbed his toes against the washing machine, cursing as he limped to the kitchen. He was too late. Pyro was already downing the rest of the milk, mask just up enough so the carton could meet his lips. “All I ask for is to have some bloody milk so I can have meh fruiteh bix, laddie! Meh fucking fruiteh bix! Ye’re like a fucking cow with ‘ow much milk ye have in ye!”

Pyro wiped his mouth, giving the man the thumbs up and a smile before pulling his gas mask back down. The Scot was furious; he didn’t want to have toast again, the only spreads being butter, jam or peanut butter. Being allergic to the latter didn’t make this any better. Engi after witnessing the event slapped the back of Pyro’s head. “You’re a real pain, you know that, boy?” Scout chuckling as he munched away although not amused when Demo took his bowl of half eaten cereal.

“Hey man, what was that for? I didn’t even do nothing!” Pining as he made a poor attempt at retrieving his breakfast.
“Yer friend. Yer pain. MY BREAKFAST.” Demo smirked, a victorious crunch as the spoon left his mouth. “I’ll get you back one day, laddie. Ye can bet yer sweet, latex, fuck suit I will.” Scout shuffled his chair slowly away from the demolition man, not as unnoticeable as he’d had liked. He felt quite scared for himself but more so for his friend as he watched the Cyclops glare. Pyro was glad no one could see his face, he had no idea what the hell just happened. Engineer decided he’d grab two apples for breakfast, leaving as fast but as calmly his short legs could take him. The men not even noticing their Sniper’s presence as his thumbs twitched and bit the insides of his cheeks.


Solly pinned the still gun wielding RED Spy to the floor, making sure the man couldn’t aim the weapon at him. “So... I never expected this, Soldier.”

“Eh?” Solly came to, accessing his comrade and trying to work out what the deal was.

“Conspiring with the enemy... I thought you were better than that, but oh you did so well. Not even I would figure that someone like you could do this. I’ll give you that much credit.” Spy still struggled, looking across the room for anything that could help him.

“Now listen here, Frenchie...” Shit. This isn’t good, Solly. He licked at his lips, throat becoming dry as Spy took note of the terror forming in the man’s face. “I’m not a traitor. I’m doing this for the team.”

Spy let out a smirk, eyes squinting ever so slightly. “Oui but of course, Soldier... I, myself go around screwing the whole lot of BLU, just so they cannot run as fast because they ache too much from my glorious butt fucking. For the team you see.”

Smart ass. Soldier heaved a sigh he didn’t know what to do. What could he do? “Spy... I’m not a traitor. I have led this team for years and always put my men before the needs of mysel-“ Spy fired his Ambassador leaving a small hole in the wall as his smirk widened.

“What in blazers did you do that for, maggot?” The shot’s noise deafening and harsh.

“Save your speech for when your men come, Soldier. I’d love to see how you get out of this alive...”
So... I kinda have these side fics that have been pestering me in the back of my head and I found myself already starting one. You guys didn't seem to mind my first. Comments/critiques always welcomed.

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Ahh, so that's what happened! I finally understood it!

Great chapter as always Auemm. The next chapter sure will be promissing! Oh I just can't wait to see what'll happen... though It can be pretty much asured the soldier won't get away with that, sadly. Well, 'doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it!

And please, do write these sidestories as well! I'm certain they'll be like, or better the one you posted here.

On a sidenote, do you have a steam account? It'd be pretty cool to chat with you.

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Yes I do have a steam account. Hmm.
Should Auemm not be silent, awkward and creepy and actually accept/add/talk to other people on Steam? Maybe... maybe not.
On the other hand-

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There you go!

I hope we talk soon.

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Another side story, NOT an update of the main.


“I am not stupid, Doktor!” the massive man pinned the BLU Medic to the wall; he had no way of escaping, “Why do you treat me different from team!?” Medic hesitated. What do I say? How can I say?

“Herr Heavy, put me down right now or I vill file you for harassment! You vill be replaced ah-“, The Heavy rammed his lips down upon the Medic’s neck, such force winding the smaller man. Pressing their chests together the Russian gripped tighter, moving his lips to meet the startled man’s. The warmth and wetness elected an instant moan from the doctor before he grasped at what just happened.

“I knew it...” Heavy pulled back glaring, not loosening his grip in the slightest, noses touching as he grunted. “You are a coward, Doktor.” Medic bore a look of complete astonishment.
“V-Vat?” Heavy let go of the man, walking out of the room in a rushed state. I will be ruined, I will be spat out. How could he tell? Medic panicked, his heart pounding and hands shaking.

He sprinted to his desk, tidying files, putting away folders. What am I doing? What can I do... he’s probably out there already telling the team. He gasped for breath, unbuttoning his jacket to loosen his collar. He placed his hands on the desk, trying his best to breathe deeply, puffer in view just in case. Oh what have you done dummkopf, what have you done? Wait... You didn’t do anything. He... Medic came to, his thoughts now rational as he looked towards the infirmary door somewhat wishing the large man was still there. “Heavy you... you’re ill like me?”


Many awkward days past as the Medic tried to do his job, running after his Heavy. The Russian only pausing when the Medic needed his puffer, catching his breath best he could. “Come along now, Doktor.” The German cringed; the larger man spoke so coldly towards him now.

Medic whispered just enough for the man to hear, “I am not a coward.” A curious brow rose from Heavy at the man’s soft words.
“What was that?” He turned making eye contact for the first time since their previous encounter. Medic wavered; he did not fear the man but was put off since his unusual behaviour.

“I said I am not a coward. Vat you did was unacceptable. You are lucky I have not gone to Admin about zis.” Although I cannot blame you too harshly if you have this disease.
The Heavy lowered his gun, “Then why not just say you were... what is word... homos-“

A weighty, forced cough interrupted the man. “I am ill, Herr Heavy. Nothing more, nothing less, I vill sort myself out and I suggest you see me for a check up. Your behaviour the other day vas very concerning.” Before the man could deny the Medic went onwards still within range of the Medigun’s beam but far enough to prove that the Russian had no say in the matter. “You vill see me at 1630, do not be late.” Heavy scratched the back of his bald head and decided to get today over with fast as he could. Heaving his gun upwards he ran, taking back the lead.


The day’s battle was exhausting, Heavy collapsed on his bed mindful that the Medic was expecting him soon. He glanced at the clock on his wall. Fifteen minutes. Ten for snoozing; the rest to walk down to the infirmary. He nodded to himself, just ten minutes. Closing those strained eyelids he fell into a deep sleep. Aching muscles finally being able to relax as the room was filled with mild snoring.

He woke; it was dark, heart sinking to see he was more than six hours late for his appointment. “This is bad...” Frowning he walked out to the kitchen. He missed out on dinner, grabbing and drinking from his vodka bottle as he gathered the makings of a sandvich.

Drinking as he made his sandvich, the Russian created the only meal he could make with his eyes closed. Cutting it diagonally and finishing it with an almost novel like olive, he flicked off the light and decided upon having a walk outside, eating as he did. Walking down the hallway towards an exit, a faint outcast of light emitted from underneath the infirmary doors. Surely the German wasn’t still working after such a long day. Hesitating at first, he knocked lightly on the large double door.

“... Vat is it?”

Almost as soon as the hand knocked it retreated, sighing faintly he opened the door. There he was, the German hunched over his desk eyes like daggers towards the doorway. “I saw light was on so... thought I should just see if yo-”
“You’re seeing me now? Heavy can you not tell the time? 1630, I made myself quite clear.”

The Russian’s stomach dropped, he knew the man was right, and there was no sense in debating with the Medic that exhaustion was a valid reason. He shut the door behind himself, walking and presenting the other half of his sandvich as a peace offering. “I’m sorry, Doktor. I have no excuse.”

Brow buried the German was reluctant in accepting. Is it something in the food he eats, that has made the symptoms arise? He does share a lot with me. “Nein. Danke, but I am still full from Demoman’s gumbo.” Nodding, the bigger man finished it off.

“Why are you still up, Doktor? You should be sleeping, it was long day.”

Don’t talk of sleep. Taking off his glasses to rub at his eyes, he murmured, “To be blunt, I’m trying to find the cause of why a man makes themself believe that a man is a woman... and why a man considers themself to be said woman.” Speaking out loud gave the Medic another hypothesis. Something in the mind saying otherwise, maybe a parasite... The blank look on the man before him made the Medic subconsciously plan aside dates for a full body check up, for both of them.

After glancing at the rushed paperwork and diagrams from texts he couldn’t work out, the Russian decided to take a stab in the dark to why the man was so stressed. “If you are trying to understand why I kissed you, or why you have little crush; you are looking at this the wrong way, maybe. Strong willed man like you should just say how he feels, not try to find out why he feels that way.”

The Medic would have been lying if he said that statement didn’t surprise him. It also dirtied him.

Heavy eyed the floor, the dull tiles seemingly more friendly than the German’s aura, “I... I welcome this crush. You are only man on team that I would, you know, trust for needs. Physical needs.”

Instinctively the doctor’s body drew into itself upon the forward statement. “You are... disgusting, and need help. If I wasn’t the only one out here who actually wants to help you, you’d have been killed by now for such treason against nature.”You definitely need more assistance than I do.

The Heavy was silent, his whole being almost intimidating to the doctor hadn’t it been for those hurt eyes. “I don’t need help, Doktor.”

“Nein, you do and zis vould have been easier if you had come like I told you.” The German continued with his scribbling of notes and bookmarking his texts on Human Anatomy and Psychology.


“I need to figure zis out, Heavy, before this gets more out of hand... I cannot vork if yo-“

”DOKTOR.” The large man hit the desk with a clenched fist, startling the Medic but drawing his complete focus to him. “I am not ill, Doktor. Why can you not see that? I am not bleeding, I am not dying. Why do you think something is wrong?”

“Heavy... but you. Trust me.” You’re being rather ungrateful.

“I think... Doktor is more uncomfortable with Doktor rather than me.” A pitying hand reached up for the Medic’s face but was tossed aside. That was the last draw; this had gone on long enough.

How dare you... How DARE you.

The German’s patience withered fast, throwing books, pens, anything at the man. “You... GET OUT, GET OUT NOW.” To his rage the man did not move, wincing his eyes as numerous things repelled off his thick frame. Don’t give me that look, don’t you dare feel sorry for me. YOU ARE THE PATHETIC ONE. “I DO NOT... do not...” he struggled to breathe searching his desk frantically for his inhaler. Where..? The doctor now coughing, the Russian looked concerned, rushing over after finding nothing remotely similar to a puffer on the desk and holding the man against him.

Medic clawed desperately at the other man’s shirt, gripping and near ripping the material off and yet pushing away as he did so. “Doktor... breathe... breathe with me. Focus on my chest, ups and downs. Copy this, Doktor.” Beads of sweat formed on his brow as he tried to tune into the respiratory motions of his once trusted friend. “Focus, Doktor.” A strong inhale. His body being moved in tow with the Russian, he could feel the beats of the man’s heart against his cheek. How it thudded in his ear or maybe it was his. A slow exhale. Medic struggled to match, breathing in the man’s vodka coated air instead. He felt hot, forcing his tie knot down and loosening his collar. Inhale... exhale... inhale... The rest of the room seemed so distant; he noticed he was still clutching the Russian even though his breathing was steadied. His breathing was fine.

“How long have...?” The larger man softly shushed him, running a thumb against the back of his Medic’s neck as he continued holding the man.

His tired body tensed in time with the Russian’s strokes. A small groan escaped from the back of his throat as the rubbing became firmer, forcing his head to rest on the Russian’s chest. He’d forgotten the feeling of heat from another person’s body. He found himself nuzzling into the man, pushing himself off the man whence he realised. “Please leave... You need to leave right now.”

“Nyet.” The man pulled him in again, tight but not uncomfortable. There was nothing the doctor could do, the man was too strong.

With time I made myself resistant, with escapism I kept the thoughts at bay, but what have you done...? “Heavy. Don’t. Get off me, this is... ” Why have you done this to me? I thought you were my ally, my friend.

That tender kiss to his forehead made his whole body tremble with fear and uncertainty. How those large hands held him made him numb from their gentleness. He felt nauseous, shutting his eyes tightly in hope it would help distance himself from his situation.

“Doktor... look at me.”

Soft whimpers of protest followed the man’s request, the German desperately trying to pull away. Why are you doing this? Can’t you see this is not right? “Nein, go away...” His Russian friend filling him with a known fright years went unfelt now. Doing his best to make sure his tears did not leave his eyes.

“I won’t go away. You need to trust me, Dokor. I will be the one to help you now.”
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awww, I hope the medic has a good ending.

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That was beautiful!

But I do hope you feel better. Crappy life sucks. Best wishes!

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I really like this Heavy x Medic one.

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Bump chicka wow wow

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The sun rose over the desert horizon, orange beams of light shining through what tiny amount of cloud cover there was. BLU Spy would have taken his time to admire its glory had he not been still struggling to get to base. Fucking Spy, fucking sand, and fuck you... you fucking RUNNING. Sneering at the sweat stains under his armpits, and fighting the will to take off the balaclava from his overheating head the man slipped inside the back end of BLU base.

“Battle commences in sixty seconds.”

I’m afraid not. Waiting until after the siren signified the start of another daily war the Frenchman made his way to the communal showers. Body easing as the hot water washed away the night’s and morning’s mess. Closing his eyes as he cleaned himself the man enjoyed what silence he could. I’ve made quite a mess for you, Soldier. The faint smile on his face leaving as soon as it came. Making sure his cleanliness was above average he lastly took off his mask, sheltering his face towards his chest as his arms covered and quickly washed his hair and face, putting the mask back on just as fast. Maybe too big of a mess... Drying himself off the Frenchman wrapped the towel around his waist, leaving the bathroom, cloaked until in his room.

Throwing his dirty clothing on the floor Spy prepared a fresh suit, laying the well tailored garments over his mattress. A knock on the door startled the Frenchman causing him to instinctively cloak.

“Oi spook, ya in there?” Backing away from the door Spy awkwardly crouched, towel barely able to stay around his waist he clinged onto it. Sniper? “Spook, are you there? I need my whole team and I know you aren’t out there.” The bushman took a thoughtful pause, “I just know you aren’t out there so I figured...” The door opened slowly, the Frenchman held his breath as the intruder wondered into his abode. So you figured you’d come check up on me? Oh please.


RED Spy yelled and squirmed as Solly pinned him down. “I require assistance!” In his panic the American slammed the other man’s head harshly on the ground, knocking him out. His fingers twitched, the only previous time of ever hurting his own team being when the man he slept with was disguised as them. A groan escaped the RED Spy’s lips as Solly practically threw him in his closest. Conspiring with the enemy... No. NO. I’m not... this is for the team, I’m using the enemy. Using.The closest was closed with a harsh slam as light beads of sweat formed on his brow.


“Battle commences in sixty seconds.” The Announcer’s voice carried throughout the whole base, almost completely disguising the Ambassador’s firing.

RED Sniper jerked upright, he’d know Spy’s gun fire a mile away, urgently making his way past his stunned team mates to Soldier’s room. “Yo Snipes, the exit’s that-a-way.” Scout wiped his mouth with his sleeve as he grabbed his bat and equipped his hat securely on his head.

“Move it, kid. Just forgot somethin’.” A quick tip of his hat was enough to disinterest the young man.

“Jesus Christ, man. Move it up.” A playful shove out the door was all Pyro needed as a reason to annoy Scout the whole battle, starting with a light whack on the head with the butt of his axe.


Damn him to hell if BLU Spy couldn’t stop looking at those dark brown eyes as they looked right through him, scanning the seemingly vacant room. Over his desk, his cabinet, his bed. Merde. The confused look on the Australian’s face was enough to clarify he’d been caught out. Merde, merde, merde.

The blue pin striped suit felt smooth as the Sniper ran his fingers over it. Sitting down on the bed, he flipped through the clothing with his hands, grumbling he remained there longer than his concealed host would have preferred. “I know you’re in here, spook.” Those brown eyes darted from corner to corner trying to find any glimmer or sign he was right.

“Our control point is being captured!”

The Announcer’s declaration bellowed through the base which always stirred some fear in the pit of everyone’s gut. Bringing that old feeling as a child being scolded, worsened by the knowledge your way of life was in jeopardy. With that the marksman left quickly, doubling back to close the door silently and take a final overlook. “Dammit.”
To be honest I am quite surprised that this is still on the board. I do apologise about saying I'd update then vanishing, if anyone is still reading this I thank you. I am writing some a-fanfiction that is TF2 based at the moment but is not related to this story, so keep a look out? Unsure whether to actually make a new thread with those said fics. Comments/critiques always welcome.

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Been following this story from the beginning. Glad you updated finally! I love the way both Spies are played in this, as well as Solly's confusion on the whole matter.
I can imagine him being unhinged yet confused about this.

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I bumped it to read more. And i am happy that i got more.
So... thank you, that you are still on the ball.

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more :c

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Here, have part one of my very first '______ and you' fics. Nothing to do with main fic, just... Sniper and you.

Wrong Turn

You didn’t mean to take that right turn, fleeing up the stairs from the enemy Scout, but you panicked, adrenaline coursed through your veins causing your wounds to bleed faster, you needed to hide and anywhere would do. You could hear the cocky taunts becoming louder, desperation making your eyes water and heart jump to your throat. You rammed the nearest door down, an almost silent gasp escaping from your mouth as your team’s Sniper cursed at you before getting his machete out and throwing it at the Bostonian taking aim behind you. The dangerous glint in the American’s eyes dulling after the sharp blade pierced his body to the wall.

“Bloody hell...” The Australian spat out the window before retrieving his knife. “Now why the bloomin’ fuck did ya lead him up here? Ya see what you’ve done? Ya led him right to me, now I hafta find another nest ‘cause he’ll be tellin’ his lil friends over in BLU base all about his lil find over here... ya understand?” You trembled; maybe it was due to the blood loss, maybe to the terrifying bushman in front of you speaking in an accent so rough you were certain it wasn’t English that he was yelling at you. “What the hell is wrong with ya?” he tipped his hat upwards, scowl diminishing at seeing your bloodied mess still standing near his doorway. “...and what the hell happened?”

Before you could muster the strength to respond you found yourself falling as the world around you turned to black.


If the pain wasn’t enough to stir you, it was certainly the noise. Coming about guaranteed no comfort upon seeing you were still in the Sniper’s now deemed redundant nest. The battle was still going? Barely, the sun was setting and it was starting to become cold. “...I see you’re up.”

You almost didn’t know he was there; silently hunched over his rifle as he used a crate underneath to steady himself. He looked rather comfortable in his fold out chair with, was that a stubbie holder with a jar in it? A light chuckle broke your concentration, bringing your gaze to meet his. “You know what; don’t even think the lil mongrel knew what hit ‘im. No one, not even he’s been back since your lil rough up.” You felt over your wounds, seeing the worse of them already bandaged did make you feel slightly awkward. “I hope you don’t mind, you... you were pretty messed up. Oh, and ya know, sorry.”

“Sorry?” You were grateful for the support the wall gave you in helping your sorry self up. The call for ceasefire was made, electing a grateful sigh from you. God knows how long you’d be in the infirmary but it was always better than respawn.

“Oh no, no, no.” Sniper laid down his rifle, drawing the blinds as a force of habit. “Don’t think you’re quite ready for that just yet.” Arm wrapped behind your back he helped you back down on his makeshift bed on the floor, making himself quite comfortable beside you. “I didn’t mean to yell at ya like that. Not really professional of me, especially to a teammate.”

The authenticity did set you back, hell even him talking this much did. You only ever heard the little ‘thank you’s at dinner and the occasional taunt or curse while he played cards with Heavy and Demoman. Not that you paid much attention to him, definitely and especially not the little things. Like how he hid his bed hair with that hat of his, or that he only liked eggs when they were sunny side up, no, definitely not. He offered a jar of water, praying that he washed these things and not wanting to seem ungrateful you took a large mouthful.

“Mmph!” your eyes bulged at the unexpected taste.

“Whoa, didn’t know ya liked vodka that much.” After taking a sip himself he couldn’t help but laugh at your spluttered coughs.

“You could have told me!” You kicked his leg, wishing you hadn’t at the pain of your own.

“Here lemme have a look.” His long fingers brushed your calf pant leg up, carefully picking the bandage he placed earlier. “You’ll live, though that Scout sure seems to like ya. Not the first time he’s been this persistent though I guess.” You didn’t find it too odd how he was lightly tracing around your injury, it was almost soothing. Trips to Medic involved an embarrassing lot more.

“Yeah well he doesn’t like to lose, and unfortunately for him, I don’t either.” The Aussie couldn’t help but match your smile, even taking his aviators off. His eyes were a light hazel, a dark rim accompanied them. His gaze seemed to see right through you. The upcoming warmth in your cheeks made you look away.

“Well now, although you were doing just fine and all, I hope ya didn’t mind me buttin’ in.” Normally sarcasm and taunts pissed you off; normally they weren’t said in such a nice manner.

“Well I guess we should get back.”

“Oh uh..”


“Well, I dunno. Kinda the first time I’ve had to talk to you by ya’self.” Scratching the back of his neck appearing somewhat uncertain the marksman nudged you with his elbow. “Just one on one. Feel more comfortable talking to ya is all.” You couldn’t say that this isn’t what you wanted, you would have given any excuse to be alone with him but under better circumstances would have been more sensible.

“Yeah it is kind of nice, don’t really talk as much as we should. Did... did you finish that scarf that Pyro was helping you with?” It was a real effort to stop fidgeting with your finger nails as Sniper looked surprise that you would even know about that.

“Ah, yeah, was a mongrel to finish, kept droppin’ stitches and havin’ to go back.” He cleared his throat along which followed with a nervous laugh. “You better have not told anyone else about this lil fad. Just ain’t much to do out here is all.” The few silent minutes that passed were comfortable, it wasn’t until he took your hand in his that startled you.

You turned your head and suddenly found his soft lips suddenly on yours, protesting hums at the suddenness of it Sniper pulled away just as fast. “Aw shit. Shit. I thought that maybe you... ‘cause I kinda, ya know.” His face turned slowly into one of dread. “I’m sorry, here I’ll help you up.”

You had no idea what to say to halt his attempt at getting up, so you decided upon pressing your lips as hard as you could muster against his. A short silence, a short blank stare was all that passed before your panicked frenzy to get each other out of uniform. You helped with taking off his shirt as soon as he took of his vest, not wanting to waste any time. His body was slim yet muscular, you couldn’t help running your hand down his torso, fingers brushing through his chest hair.

He tried to be careful as he pulled down your pants, injuries making you near grunt whilst so. The slight discomfort was worth the reward of Sniper planting light kisses down and around your legs, hands running down your outer thighs. You still couldn’t help but feel nervous as those strong hands slid off your underwear ever so delicately, leaving you very open to the man between your legs. As he knelt back to admire the view before him you were glad to see you weren’t the only one aroused. Cupping and stroking him through his pants only made your breathing harder, you couldn’t lie, you wanted him. It had been too long out here, too many nights alone with only your hand and imagination, whimpering his name in faint moans.

“Nuh, uh, uhh....” The marksman picked up your hand, kissing your knuckles. “Not until ya fit for duty.” A quick wink was all you saw as he laid you back down, bending over he teased your stomach and hip bones with soft licks and nips, drawing a soft trail of saliva down. He looked up just enough to see your blushing face before kissing down your groin.

“No, you don’t have to, it’s- Oh God!” His mouth was hot and wasted no time as his tongue worked its magic on your burning arousal. You tried not to cry out but he didn’t give you much of an option. Gripping under your thighs he lifted your legs over his shoulders, your arse not even touching the ground as he took you deeper. It all happened too fast, wrapping a lanky arm across your stomach to better grip as he ravaged you. You couldn’t even feel the increasing coldness the evening brought; you were smouldering inside and out. Soft whines of ‘more’ if he slowed down were swiftly followed by moans of satisfaction. Your body twisting and toes curling with every stroke of his tongue and warm mouth, you couldn’t last much longer and he could tell. A pleasing drone came from the back of the bushman’s throat as you came, sucking your fluids as best he could before easing your weak body back to the ground. Your ragged breathing and pounding heart was all you could hear as Sniper laid back down beside you, his hand stroking your bare leg.

“Now for that, I’m not sorry.” Heaving a contented sigh the Aussie scooped you up in his arms and kissed your cheek twice before placing one on your lips. You had no doubt that you looked silly with your afterglow smile and badly aimed kisses, but you couldn’t give a damn. This was too surreal to try and make sense of anything now. “Don’t think ya know how long I’ve been wantin’ to do that...” That damned blush in your face returned as he stroked your cheek. “Can’t help but watch ya throughout the day when I can. Find myself worryin’ about ya in battle, then realise I’m still thinkin’ about ya after as well... but enough of that, suppose now we really should be gettin’ back.” You playfully pushed him off you, both smirking as you gathered your clothes, Sniper even helping you with your pants. “Heh. Come ‘ere, limpy.” You both made your way to base, hoping your wounds looked bad enough as an excuse for being away so long.

Part two is almost done, just thought to upload first part now instead of a huge wad of text later, late thank you to Theminiarkana and Anonymous. Comments/critiques always welcomed.

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>>47 Jesus Christ. A Sniper/You fic that doesn't involve rape, bondage, or piss? I must be dreaming.

And part 2?! There's a part 2? Sweet! Can't wait. Really can't. Post it now. Please. Dear God Please.

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Different writing with this fic, it's more like Scout dialogue but heres hoping it works. SoldierxScout random fic.


Where the hell have you been, it’s taken you ages to finish your damn debriefing. Don’t like waiting around for shits sake, why do you need to report to a bunch of fucktards miles away from this shithole in the middle of nowhere. Nah man, don’t tell me it’s your duty or some trash, I’m better than some random suit. No you’re not going back to camp yet, I could’ve done heaps of crap but instead I’ve been waiting. No instead you ARE gonna follow me, I don’t care that it’s still daytime and you don’t know what the rest of the team is doing. You’re gonna take off your pants and fuck me right here and now does that get through ya thick skull, MAGGOT. Been waiting for fucking days I can’t handle it man, yeah, yeah that’s right come over here. What are you freaking stupid? Yeah come on we’re gonna do this. Don’t you dare think about going away. Don’t make me hurt you, man. I can see ya freaking hard on from a mile away, besides you ain’t a good liar. Are you done with your complaining yet? Alright now let’s do this.

You gotta come over here where it isn’t so open, don’t worry about me, see it’s not that uncomfy on the ground I can lift my ass up and everything. Oh come on, you’re just gonna unzip and pull it out? Fuck that man, take your shirt off at least. Don’t argue with me, I always win. Geez, that’s some fine ass American muscle here but you can already tell yeah? You’re pretty fine yourself. Yeah, of course now come on stop being so stiff, gimme a kiss. Mm, yeah come on you know I’m irresistible baby. What do you mean gotta make it fast, I’m the one STILL waiting oooh shit yeah alright you jack me off and I guess I can jack you off, it’s only fair. Gee man not so rough, I got hold of yours too ya know? Mmph. Lick your lips to make ‘em softer, psh forget it come here, let me do that for ya. Heh you know that little growl only makes ya cuter.

Alright, alright.. yeah.. like that. Do that trick with your tongue, you know when yo- ohhh. Shit man, I’m gonna explode right here if you keep doing that. Yeah I know that’s the point but come on, I wanna... I wanna you know... please? Really? Hurry man, hurry. Whoa, whoa, whoa be careful though. Wait why are you carrying lube, you fucking someone I don’t know about? Oi, jarhead answer me. Whaddaya mean you’re the one who’s been waiting for this, all I had to do was ask? ...you’ve been waiting every night in your room hoping I’d come round? Why..? But I haven’t come ‘round ‘cause I thought that since last battle you- so what have you been doing for the past four- ...you jack off to me at night? ......how many times have you done that? Shit.... that’s hot. Now. I want you now, hurry it up or I’ll be ramming my dick into your ass. Be slow.. slow, why do you like doing this? Well I know why you like doing it because I do too but... don’t tell me to shh. Jane... Solly... please tell m-- Oh God. Fuck that’s big, shiiiiiit. Yeah I’m ok, no you don’t need to be gentle. Harder. Shit, fuck. FUCK. No don’t stop, kiss me, hold me, man. Just... yeah... keep looking at me. Just me... only me, I can’t breathe, I’m close. I can’t take this anymore man, I need you to cum. You... you what me? Argh...

You better not have been fucking joking, man. That’s not fair to mess around like that. Really..? ...I, well I... I love you too.
I thought I uploaded part two with Sniper ages ago, crap, my bad. I'll take a look tomorrow(er today) and see what I've done with it. Comments/critiques always welcomed.

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Sniper and you continued.

Wrong Turn(Part2)

It was Spy’s night to cook which always took twice as long as it should. ‘The flavours need to mature’ he’d always say, who gave a piece of crap you were all starving. Sitting at the dinner table already, the tantalising smell of garbure was testing your patience. You already spent hours in the infirmary getting fixed up, you didn’t want another few on top of that waiting for a simple meal. Dinner was finally called as the rest of your teammates dragged themselves in. Pyro taking his place to the right of you, Spy to the left, and Sniper taking Demo’s spot directly in front of you. “Oi...” Already drunk the Scot had a very difficult time processing what the problem actually was, so opted to laying on the bench instead of the spare seat; Soldier slamming Demoman’s serving besides his head. “Hey, thanks boio...”

“Yeh...” Soldier sat at the head of the table, yelling what appeared to be some form of grace before everyone commenced eating. You snuck upward glances of the bushman when you felt he wasn’t looking, this afternoon’s activities still swimming in your mind. That smug grin plastered over his face upon catching you was somewhat irritating; making you wish you weren’t so predictable.

“You look happy, Sniper. Whose head did you splatter in such a remarkable way?” In a rather disinterested tone Spy attempted dinner table conversation. Paying more attention to his soup then anything the filthy bushman had to say.

“Aw, got nothin’ to do with that, though I did get a nice hit on that lil runner when he got a tad too close for my comfort. Nah, I’m certain it’s this soup. Really hits the spot thanks, mate.” Another wink was passed your way it was hard not to roll your eyes.

This caught Spy’s interest and unfortunately sparked a long story about how his mother used to make it when he was little. Sniper stayed polite through the process but you could tell he knew that he regretted his own sarcastic reply. You decided giving him something a bit better to focus on. Slipping your foot out of your boot you slowly grazed the man’s leg with your foot. Nothing? You didn’t want anyone to notice but couldn’t help but want to get back at him. Placing your foot against his crotch sure caught his attention, as you took another mouthful of soup you rubbed softly. That pink being formed on Sniper’s cheeks was priceless, you could get used to having the upper hand as you teased at the increasing bulge in Sniper’s pants. Clenching his fists Sniper’s brow showed signs of perspiration, shooting what could be said a death glare from across the table.

“Your soup is getting cold.” Licking your lips with the last drops of dinner was enough for the bushman.

“...I’ll finish it later.” While the rest of the team were getting up to do dishes Sniper abruptly left the table and headed outside.

Spy muttered something harsh in French and you felt your stomach drop. Leaving your dirty dishes in the sink you followed only after a few minutes had pass, and when the others weren’t paying attention. The outside breeze chilled you to the bone, your best bet being that he retired to his campervan for the night. You hoped to hell he wasn’t too mad to let you in. Knocking at the door you attempted to look in though the little window to the right, there was a light on but the curtain blocked anything worth looking at. “Come on.” Sighing, you knocked again this time being greeted by a shirtless Sniper. “Oh I’m...” He pulled you in, slamming the door behind you and pushing you against the wall.

“What the hell was that back there?” Avoiding his gaze, the heat emitting from his body made you wonder if he ever knew what it felt to be cold. “Well?” Lifting your chin his face bared no anger to your surprise.

“I just wanted to get you back, God I don’t know.” Sighing again you stroked his arm. “I’m sorry. Maybe we’re both taking things a little too fast and if you want we can take... it... slow..?”

“Shhh, shh.” Laying a finger lightly on your lips he pressed himself against you, the hardness against your leg was difficult to ignore. “Oh love, we can take it slow... then even slower, then maybe speed things up a notch... but I do rather like it slow.” Leaning close to your ear, that faint whisper made your knees weak as he kissed up your neck. “Shall we see if ya fit enough for duty now..?” He kissed you with those tender lips as he lifted off your shirt, those hands practically gliding over your waist. Grinning as he squeezed your butt he slowly unzipped your pants, you held onto his shoulders while you flicked off your boots along with trousers and undies.

Kissing at his collarbone you eyed the little bullet holes that covered randomly over his upper body. His skin was more slightly more tanned on his arms, no doubt from the time spent in his homeland. That smile of his as you took off his pants gave you butterflies. His cock twitched beneath his briefs which weren’t covered in gimmicky koalas like Pyro said thank God. Drawing the band back you snuck a peek, feeling hesitant about the size. How could that possibly fit?

“Mmmm.” Sniper fixed your eyes on back on his as he discarded his briefs. Shoving numerous bullet shells and a few whetstones to the floor he sat you ineptly on his tiny pullout kitchen bench. Making you hoist your legs, toes gripping at the sides of his hips. You couldn’t help but smile as he Eskimo kissed you before returning his attention to your lips. Your arms wrapped perfectly around his neck, your flesh being warmed by his heat alone.

He shifted one hand between your legs whilst the other, your hip. His fingertips circling lightly around your entrance, watching you twitch and face flush. The marksman began prodding you with his index finger, his middle joining to stretch you out. He toyed with that one certain area causing you to near pant. You held your breath as he lined himself to enter.

“Relax, love. I’ll be gentle...” He kissed your forehead as he penetrated you. Your whole body tensed, it had been quite a long time, more than you’d like to admit but he kept his word, stretching you as he carefully entered.

He was slow at first, only changing speed when those little grunts turned into soft moans. Sniper gripped your hips tightly, letting himself get into a rhythm. “F-Fuck.” You could barely support yourself with each timed thrust as he searched for those places that made you moan the loudest. He held you as you instinctively wrapped your legs around him, picking you up and shifting you to his bed. To be honest it could barely be called a single but that was fine, being this closed in together with him over you was nothing to complain about.

The smell of sweat and sex would have been immense, it didn’t dawn how loud each other’s breathing and screams of pleasure were until he whispered in your ear “Cum for me.” The pressure and sensations would have been enough, but to have that while staring into those eyes of adoration, you cried out reaching bliss as he came inside. Riding out his orgasm the bushman rolled to his side, drawing you in with one arm as you stroked his chest barely able to open your eyes. He smirked, kissing your eyelids. “I know it’s a bit squishy but I sure as hell don’t mind if ya don’t.” He grabbed your leg, spreading it over his stomach. “Just so ya don’t fall off.” He smiled again as you snuggled against his chest, thank God tomorrow was the weekend.
A belated part two. Hope the porn makes up for the time gap. Comments/critiques always welcome.

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God I love Sniper when people don't make him abusive and obessesed with piss....

Ffffff this was wonderful and if I was a guy I would've came...
Damn it,

I can only dream...

Wonderful writing, please do more of the main or any side story!!!

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Let's switch to the main for a bit.

BLU Spy took this time to breathe once more, changing into his suit as fast as he could; the cufflinks were always harder to put on when he rushed. Heaving a frustrated sigh the Frenchman joined the battle field stopping by resupply to grab a normal sapper. Did you get out of your little situation I wonder, Soldier. The odds of lying your way out of that state of affair was little to zilch. Maybe Scout would have been foolish enough but not that damn Frenchie. Spy paused, “Frenchie? What am I saying?”

“You tell me, fag.” BLU Scout spat in his direction whilst pouring some alcohol over his neck, hissing at the burning sensation as it ran into the tiny holes in his flesh. “That fucking Medic is so pissed off at me.” His grimace turned quickly into a smug smirk, replacing the bottle back and snatching some ammo for his scattergun. “Don’t think he likes sentries since yesterday.” Spy remained silent, unsure to why the young man was even talking to him and for this long. “....Whatever man, get the fuck out there, Jane’s been a complete nut just running in time after time with live grenades, I don’t ... Just take out the sentry. Sick of this bullshit, I need to get paid today.”

An assuring nod sent the Scout on his way; Spy was probably the only one at base who knew about his family situation at home. About a frail mother alone in some hospital in Boston, the youngest son trying hard to pay the bills while his bastard siblings grew to be the white trash they ever so desire. He felt no remorse however, life wasn’t meant to be simple and it’s easier to leave burdens behind. Not wanting to reflect too deep into the past Spy finished a quick cig before heading towards the gunfire.


“What have ya done, mate...?” RED Sniper cautiously entered his leader’s room, fingertips on the handle of his kukri. The room was a mess; glass on the floor, sheets half off the bed and a silent nearly bare Soldier being the focal point of it all.

“He’s... he’s ok. He’s ok...” The bushman saw the man’s lip quiver and his grip tightened, drawing his blade finally after seeing a familiar gloved hand hanging out of the closet. “Wait. Please wait. He attacked and I...” The Frenchie got too nosey he shouldn’t have been snooping. No. I shouldn’t have...

The Soldier standing before him was not the proud man he battled with. This whole situation was too eerie for the marksman, circling around the still Soldier he checked RED Spy’s pulse then shook him. He knew respawn would have picked up the body if he was dead but he checked anyway. “I know what this is about, mate. I saw you yesterday with him on the battlefield, I just... I wasn’t completely certain about what I saw and when I told...” He looked back at the knocked out Spy. “Well yeah, he decided to look into it. I just didn’t think you’d do us in...”

“I DID NOT. Did not. Will not.” Soldier turned around a bit too fast as Sniper readied himself.

“Then why would he attack you if you didn’t turn us in?” Regardless of his battle stance Sniper’s eyes showed pity and uncertainty, a longing for a reasonable excuse to this whole situation.

“Because he was here... the BLU Spy was here in my room, in my bed.” The bushman’s lips parted. Solly closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “He was here of his own accord, I allowed him to stay and I did not alert the rest of the team. The act of ceasefire was not dishonoured... I am using the enemy as a means to acquire necessary information about BLU.” The Soldier remained in his solitary stance, opening his now glassy eyes.

Sniper hesitated, “This... this is above me, mate. Ya know I have to tell someone about this. I... I can’t allow you to be on the battlefield. Piss... Solly.” The Australian’s voice was very low, each word said slowly and clear. “I need you to stay here. If you leave we have no choice but to accept you as a traitor. The only thing stopping me from slicing off your limbs and getting admin is a shitload of trust, earned loyalty... and a gut feeling.”

The only thing Solly could manage to do was stand there. “You know I would have broken your neck if I found you did this. If I even thought you betrayed RED.” Soldier tossed him his room key from his bedside table.

“Yeah... sure thing, but you don’t know me. Afraid to say I know you and it’s ‘cause of that you’re not dead.” Returning his kukri to its holder he picked up the knocked out Frenchman. A small oomph against his back was the only noise made from the Spy. The bushman purposely turned his back to him, making his way out slowly. “Don’t let me be wrong about this, mate.” He shut the door, snapping the key inside the lock.

The bed strained under Solly’s weight as he laid back staring at the roof. How can I prove you right if I know what I’ve done is wrong..? A fly lazily flew in circles above; the drone was surprisingly comforting compared to silence.Why... why the fuck did you choose me..?


“COME AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN YOU RED NECK MIDGET!” BLU Soldier roared as he raced towards the enemy’s level three sentry. Firing two badly aimed rockets before ripping the clips off the grenades on his chest he dived in head first, the sentry killing him before he hit the ground. A spray of crimson and mattered flesh rained down shortly after his explosive display.

RED Engineer was glad he had his mouth shut and goggles secured as he looked up, soft cool spits of blood washed over him. “How many times do you have to make the same mistake before you do something different?” He wiped his face, the blood now only small smears as he tweaked his sentry, making sure it was ready for another round with the enemy Soldier.

“Aye... ‘tis a sad show.” RED Demo rubbed at his eye patch, loosely holding onto his grenade launcher as he leant against a dispenser. There was no need to waste ammo blowing limbs off the apparent psychotic Soldier, not when he ran so willingly to death. “I don’t know why we’re even botherin’. All we’ve got is this sorry excuse and the lad trying to get the point. Speaking of which where the bloomin’ hell is the rest of our team?”


RED Pyro and Scout walked around the outskirts of BLU’s base, creeping when they reached an entrance to what looked like a large shed. The room smelt of oil and it was dark, sunlight coming through small holes in the tin wall barely illuminated the space. It was hard not to bump into things Pyro almost tripping over what might have been a cable. “Be quiet, man. Gotta try and find something that BLU might not want us to see.” A swift shadow ran across besides them and Pyro forced a gloved hand over his friend’s mouth silencing his shocked cry. They both listened and looked out intensely, a full minute passing before Pyro took his hand away, a relieved sigh left Scout’s mouth. “Guess it was nothi-“

“Oh hey!” Almost joyfully the remark slipped out of BLU Scout’s mouth as he slammed his bat into his double’s chest, winding and knocking him back into Pyro. “This area’s out of bounds for a couple of blockheads like you.” Dropping his bat to change to his scattergun the young BLU was able to get one hit on the other Scout’s right chest before the gas masked terror flicked on his flamethrower, flames spewing forth as the BLU covered his face, the smell of burnt hair was horrid as he fled into the shadows once more.

“Aw shit.” The Bostonian clutched at his wound, Pyro hoisting him upright only to try half dragging him back to where they entered. Scout’s feet fumbling as he tried to back up.

“To what do I hold the honour of boys?” A Southern drawl startled the two; clicking his tongue disapprovingly his soft footsteps could be heard from above. “Now now, afraid this is my little piece of heaven and I can’t have you two messing it up.” A switch was flicked as the room lit up; broken and half made machines littered the large garage. A smiling Engineer dressed in BLU looked down below. “Scout if you please.” BLU Scout sniggered as he slammed the emergency lock down, the RED’s only exit being closed off by a thick metal door. “Let’s have some fun, fellas.”
Biggest update yet. So many delicious new threads, goes to show how often I visit. Mmph. Well I'm a bit tired of the writing I use for my main fic, I would like a beta if anyone is interested? It would help to pump out updates more fequently,

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Oh wowo, I remember this fic. Thanks for the update.

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Oh, yes!! Need MOAR!

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Did I mention I LOVE the relationship between Scout and Pyro here?
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