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No. 7840
Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.


'Jawohl' is German for 'yes,' but it's used in a military situation when responding to a superior officer.

It's hard for even me to imagine these two having 100% happy consensual sex, but if someone con pull off something non-noncon, I'd be very happy.

Of course, any other pairing with Medic would be nice too. I just want him saying 'jawohl' in a sexual situation, really.

I second this one, btw. Also approve general consensual even if it's possibly angry or bitter or just disturbing.

One of mine that I liked
Oh, earlier today I thought of THE best AU EVER! Soldier is a dedicated postal worker delivering the mail (maybe Mann Co. packages) to all the TF2 guys in their ordinary daily lives. They might still be mercenaries but this probably doesn't directly involve RED or BLU bases. Soldier is naturally very determined too. Nothing will stand in his way! Not even Saxton Hale! Should end with weary Soldier either happily going home to snuggle and fuck class of choice or perhaps class of choice takes an interest after talking to him during previous deliveries and invites him in after a lot of debate with self. You know you want this. Yes, you do.

And a new one from me. A friend recently introduced me to this song. I think this would make an amazing Jane/Tavish fanfic.

Normally I want them back together and preferably with sex but it would be amazing if they were basically so angry and bitter that their enthusiasm turned dark but obsessively vicious towards all and sundry. Would also work fine for any other pairings but that's what I thought of at first. Link contains song and lyrics.

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>> No. 15161
So, we know that Medic is apparently married. But what if he wanted out in order to be with Heavy?

Think "The Seduction of the Doktor," but in reverse.
>> No. 15171
I request oral sex while asleep, waking up to oral sex, etc. Any pairing.
>> No. 15177
Requesting ye olde dubcon sex pollen sniper/scout. Sniper gets drugged up,Scout's the only one around who can get him through it. Would love if it's ambiguous whether the scout is into it or not.
>> No. 15182
This place needs more Spy abuse. Sniper, Engineer or the other Spy would be the perfect men for that.
>> No. 15202
Can I just request Vampire fics? I've seen a few around but I know there are more tucked away on the net and i'm having trouble finding the ones that AREN'T here.
>> No. 15205

I have a short list of vampire fics on my tumblr, maybe some of them will be new to you: http://writingcyan.tumblr.com/post/24459926183/yes-i-do-in-fact-know-of-a-few-vampire-fics-in

I'd love any links you have to stories that aren't on the list in return.
>> No. 15219
Does anyone know the fic where Medic and Heavy are demonstrating wrestling moves to the rest of the team and it leads to them having sex in front of everyone?
>> No. 15222
I read a fic awhile back with a Femspy joining the base, getting raped by a Sniper, getting some serious post-rape ptsd. Soldier and Medic help her cope with this, and the femspy has (accidental?) sex with the Soldier and I think the fic ends there... Anyone know it?
>> No. 15227

It's called "Butterfly Knife" by Ze Doctor

>> No. 15228
Here's an idea I'd like to see somebody write up.

Basically, Heavy is in love with Medic, but the German is infatuated with the Russian singer Olga Mannlova - who just happens to be Heavy's alter ego. Believing that Medic would never be interested in another man, Heavy decides to court him as Olga, but things get complicated when Medic starts falling in love with Heavy as himself (does that make sense?)

Well, what do we think?
>> No. 15229
Thanks! It's a really great fic.
>> No. 15260
I'd be super happy with scout/scout where they're both so pushy and narcissistic that the only way they can agree on who tops is a deal/bet/whatever that whoever dominates the other in battle gets to top.
>> No. 15285
How about some Heavy seducing his entire team?
>> No. 15293
I'd love to see a fic where a Heavy is attracted to the enemy Medic. Medic has no clue, and is a fidgety Medic-- afraid to be alone on the field, without a teammate for help; so having the enemy Brute suddenly trying to get close to him would have him panicked and flighty.

Thanks in advance to any who would attempt this!
>> No. 15335
Yaaaay 666 \m/

As for my request: can I have some Scout topping from the bottom? I can totally imagining him making his partner (I want Spy, but feel free to chose) going deliciously mad with his sexual skills and dirty talk, since he is the boss around here, and he commands! Just because he isn't big and likes dick inside him doesn't mean he is weak and submissive, no! Scout likes to show who is the force-a-nature!

Pretty please?
>> No. 15398

But yea, anyway I notice a lot of the fics on here are like 'one on one' fics. Ex; one spy, one sniper. One engineer, one scout. Why not have like, five of the same class and one of another? Uneven odds I guess. I suppose it's harder to formulate a back story or setting for these types of fics, but hey, who says a good fic needs one?

So, summary; more than one person per class in a fic, not centralized on just two people.
>> No. 15399
If it counts, I've dabbled in Engineer x Engineer before, for my own sick amusement. Didn't think anyone would be keen, so I never shared, haha. It is monogamous though...
>> No. 15423
Several years before RED/BLU, X and Y met and had a one night stand, or maybe a really long weekend. Cue the present where they meet again and one or both recognize the other. They can be on the same team or opposites.
>> No. 15429
How about a fic based on That's Amore?

Not a songfic just using the song as a guideline.
>> No. 15436
Are there any good Merasmus or Old Nick fics out there?
>> No. 15449

Yes Please.
>> No. 15521
I keep seeing this picture floating around of Ms. Pauling, the Scout and the Sniper naked on a bed presumably about to start a threesome. Every time I see it, I wonder what the Sniper is doing there. The Scout was obviously there for Pauling. The Sniper was there for the Scout but who was there for the Sniper? Did Pauling agree to a threesome as long as the Sniper was there? Did the Scout want him there at all? Someone help me puzzle this out.
>> No. 15667
Just general requests:

Porn with hats on. Legit surprised I've never seen this with any pairing or character.
Funny porn. Stuff where it's a little awkward or funny, but still hot.

More specific ones:
Miss Pauling/Soldier. I'm surprised this isn't way more common.
Demoman doing science things. Again, why don't people do this?
>> No. 15790
Air sex.

That is all.
>> No. 15815
so uh crossfaction engineer/spy. actually i'm new to the fandom and can't find ANY engineer/spy...
>> No. 15826
Adding this here because i'm not at all a fan of pyro sex

~Someone getting fucked by a cloaked spy during the humiliation round?

Basically, someone from Blu is trying not to get their skull bashed in by a bunch of Red scouts during humiliation. They're hiding behind some boxes or something and the Red Spy shows up and molests/fucks them while they can't make noise/fight back.

I imagine it being the sniper though, ASIDE FROM PYRO it could really be any of the mercs.~
>> No. 15837
(sorry for my english, its not my first language)
It a VERY long request (its more of a personal vent TBH)

So,I would really REALLY like to see a SniperxMedic story that I had in my head for a while. With multiple teams, ones normal and one full of psico freaks.
I had an idea (but I'm so bad at writing...) where, in the normal team, there are 2 medics: one sadic and more "meet the medic" stiles, and one gentler. The gentler one is in some kind of relationship with the sniper (just a start like in http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600084408) but he get assigned to the freak team (they miss a medic because he decided to kill the previous soldier and take his place).
Now, thing start getting pretty much fucked up because, the freak group is composed by 3 old nazi that escaped trials by joining the mercs (I thought Pyro, medic/soldier and heavy), a subtle russian spy with no heart, a barely sane engie who keeps up by standing away from the rest of the team during ceased fire and a very dark and Psicopath Sniper (CBS whould be the best for this part).
Gentle medic (I called him Joseph but if someone would ever think about writing this thing, can call him whatever he want) is cornered fro the begin by the nazi group but he's able to avoid them for some time (at some point they catch him and mark a svastica with a burning iron in his chest).
Meanwhile, (before the marking) he got friend with the sniper, who misunderstood all the gentle care of the medic for something different.
After the marking event, the sniper told him to hide in his van.
(I imagined this particular sniper like some kind of villain for and old horror movie, the kind of bad guy always two feet in front of you and basically unkillable)He goes to the trio and beat the shit out of them, telling them to not touch "his" medic again unless they want to keep their organs inside.
When the sniper got back to the van, covered in blood, medic is preoccuped and run to him to check for injury. Unfortunatly for him, this only make the brutal sniper believe in his personal, crazy world where the medic is his and only his to care and love.
When the medic tried to refuse Sniper's advances, the assassin reply something like "dont worry luv, I will show ya how much I love ya. Then you will understand and love me back" theeeen, he proceed to assault and rape the medic.
NOTICE, that the sniper never really "hurt" medic (in his head, he is loving him, and he will never hit him). He trap him inside his van, sleeping with him every night and tying him at the begin to not let him harm himself; and no matter how much medic screamed, no one will ever help him (they fear sniper)

After month of this routine, in which the sniper keep him recluse and raped him constantly, declaring his love every single time (cuddling him and telling sweet thing, because in his sich psychopath mind, medic is his lover and he HAVE to remind him and protect him), medic get accustomed to it (something like in http://www.y-gallery.net/view/690767/), to the point when, one day, Sniper leave the door of the van unlocked, and medic do not try to escape. He just sit there and wait for sniper return to greet him.

(and at this point I'm already feeling bad for him but my mind cant stop)

The freak squad was one of the best (they are brutally efficient and more than often, find a way to kill forever the others team's members) and the absence of the new medic is something not felt (to justify why no ones complains for the lack of the medic..)

Happy that the medic loves him to, the sniper let him free to go (the medic will always go back to the van after every match and will be at sniper's side at ceased fire).

MEANWHILE! the engeneer is sick of the situation (one time that medic actually managed to escape and went to him to ask help, he just closed the door of the workshop in his face, to afraid of the sniper) and seeing the new medic with the sniper only make him angrier with himself, so he find a way to get assigned elsewhere.
UNFORTUNATLY, in the rush to not be discovered, he transfered the entire team.. and just to be more and more lucky (maybe, I dunno?) the normal team get assigned and merged with the psico team in a new area where the red (I prefer red but they can be also blu) had accumulated a lot of defeat. (short, they're loosing territories so they thought of merging two good teams and get them back).

When the two teams meet, the norm mercs are happy to have their old gentle medic back (the sadic medic was getting to sassy with the autopsy days..) but there something wrong with him...
(at the begin, the normal sniper and gentle medic were keeping in touch by phone.. till the psycho sniper kidnapped him)

There where my mind stopped working and simply spat out a tons of possible endings, but I would like something where:
1) engeneer, out of sense of guilty, tell the normal team what their medic had to endure (he also says that, with medic, brutalsniper seems calmer and saner, and he is scared of what it will happen...),
2)normal soldier put together a plan to kill the nazis,
3)sniper and spy (cause spy the sassy friend that we all want) try to make gentle medic see reasons,
4)brutal sniper get mad ("they're tring to steal your angel") and murder all the psycho teams (he broke the respaw sistem),
5)the normal team find a way to kill brutal sniper at last, and gentle medic cry for him (maybe he cuddle him while he's dying?),
6)eventually, cause I'm not a so bad persone after all, medic can get over it an be loved by the good sniper?
>> No. 15838
"so uh crossfaction engineer/spy. actually i'm new to the fandom and can't find ANY engineer/spy..."

Really? I'm sure you can find it if you do some searching. Try looking for Asymptote on AO3 for example.

With that said, I wouldn't mind more of that pairing either.
>> No. 15854

If either of you are still looking and haven't seen it yet, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a good crossfaction Engie/Spy fic. http://archiveofourown.org/works/577207/chapters/1035231
>> No. 15858

Thanks, will check it out. And I just realized I forgot to add that the other fanfiction I mentioned isn't crossfaction, so sorry about that. (It's still good, though.)
>> No. 15873
Does anyone know where I can find some Heavy/Soldier? Like besides the story where they beat each other up the one where they frick in the showers that are located somewhere on the chan? (Because I've already read them both like twice) I think they'd make an interesting couple and I'm really curious to some new material involving them.
>> No. 15890
Whoa whoa wait, where is this?! I've never seen a single fic (and only one or two pieces of art, ever) of Heavy/Soldier!
>> No. 15939
Okay, so you guys like Sniper/Spy, right?
And you know how the average public server team has roughly six snipers and six spies?

Are you following me?
>> No. 15955
I know this fic is super old, but does anyone know if phenomenology a scout/medic fic by miarr has a part past three? Someone mentioned they had it it in the archive so many years ago, and I've been looking for it for a while.
>> No. 15998
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 16006
I second the first two suggestions. For the first one I could see Pyro finding them and playing with them. Not sure how it would work as an adult fanfic *shrugs * but I'll read it anyway.
>> No. 16031
Don't know if this request thread is still alive, but:

If it hasn't been done yet... I want a fic based on this fanart


Most preferably that it leads to porn/sexytimes/what-have-you. I'm totally fine if writer plays it more towards the erotica bent--meaning sex is not a necessity, but sensuality/sensory input and emotional saturation becomes key (all because of Vampire!Spy and immortals being creatures of senses rather than carnal lust).

If this fic has been done, then just point me in the right direction.

Ideally I want the factions to be as they are in the art, but writer can feel free to switch things up... with only one exception.... No BLU!Sniper x RED!Spy. It's like the only pairing I can't read.

Other than that the sky is the limit. Multi fills, one-shots, multi-chapters, slow burn/build, pwp, AU, Halloween themed costumes/loadouts, go nuts. I just want to know the story behind this art.

Bonus points if this scene in the fanart + caption somehow happens in the fic... and the question posed is answered by Vampire-Hunter!Sniper. Super bonus points if this is somehow cannon--because magic is a thing in TF2, and does anyone else remember Australia is a futuristic utopia?
>> No. 16036
Male Pyro/Demo. It's Pyro's first time in bed and he is incredibly curious/playful. Demo takes it in stride.
>> No. 16050
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 16051

A ton of those already exist. The Nucleus Incident is one.
>> No. 16055
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 16058
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 16059
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 16063
Yes. This!
>> No. 16077
I wouldn't mind seeing some body swap fics or the tiny team idea. I know there's The Nucleus Incident but there's not to many out there like it :/
>> No. 16094
Pyro pegging Scout. That's all I've wanted for a long, looooong time...
>> No. 16159
Dispenser glitches out so it dispenses orgasms. Or orgasmic sensations. Your pick. Bonus points if Sniper and/or Demo included.
>> No. 16162
I've had this prompt burning at the back of my head for awhile, something about Heavy being sexually helpless. Someone finds some kind of restraint that's so strong, even he can't break loose. Strong, large men bottoming for much smaller, thinner partners is a kink of mine that I don't know if there's much of any material for.

I'm a masochist in more ways than one, so my gut is telling me to make it a noncon fic (which I usually never read or write) where Medic's like, "heh, you really thought I loved you?" and sort of reciprocating Heavy's gentle, kind love with very violent, cold dismemberment and rape.
>> No. 16182
Mmmmmhmm, anon #699, I like the way you think.
>> No. 16193
Okay, so I've started fleshing it out a bit. I want, for a change, for everyone else on the team to have turned Medic down for sex. They think he's creepy and unattractive. Heavy's the only one who likes him, and Medic takes advantage of this. Also hacking a few limbs off in the process, because he's a terrible person.

Either that, or a similar idea with Classic Heavy x Modern Heavy, because I see Classic Heavy as someone who would only have sex with someone who would challenge him (i.e. Modern Heavy).
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