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No. 7840
Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.


'Jawohl' is German for 'yes,' but it's used in a military situation when responding to a superior officer.

It's hard for even me to imagine these two having 100% happy consensual sex, but if someone con pull off something non-noncon, I'd be very happy.

Of course, any other pairing with Medic would be nice too. I just want him saying 'jawohl' in a sexual situation, really.

I second this one, btw. Also approve general consensual even if it's possibly angry or bitter or just disturbing.

One of mine that I liked
Oh, earlier today I thought of THE best AU EVER! Soldier is a dedicated postal worker delivering the mail (maybe Mann Co. packages) to all the TF2 guys in their ordinary daily lives. They might still be mercenaries but this probably doesn't directly involve RED or BLU bases. Soldier is naturally very determined too. Nothing will stand in his way! Not even Saxton Hale! Should end with weary Soldier either happily going home to snuggle and fuck class of choice or perhaps class of choice takes an interest after talking to him during previous deliveries and invites him in after a lot of debate with self. You know you want this. Yes, you do.

And a new one from me. A friend recently introduced me to this song. I think this would make an amazing Jane/Tavish fanfic.

Normally I want them back together and preferably with sex but it would be amazing if they were basically so angry and bitter that their enthusiasm turned dark but obsessively vicious towards all and sundry. Would also work fine for any other pairings but that's what I thought of at first. Link contains song and lyrics.

>> No. 7842
Soldier/Spy. I desperately want to see some Soldier/Spy.

Inter-team or cross-faction, con or dub-con or non-con, one-shot or multi-chapter... At this point I'd read anything. I want to see that pairing so badly but I've never seen even a single fic with it!
>> No. 7844

There are a few Soldier/Spy fics. Someone is working on one idea from the request thread, though I don't think it has been posted yet, but there are already two on the chan here.

Butterfly Knife, which has a female Spy/Soldier

Our Duty as Men, which has male Spy/Soldier, cross-faction

There might be more but those are the ones I remember. If you want to help give constructive criticism on a story involving a genderbent RED Soldier and male RED Spy, it's over in workshop.

Note, I approve the notion of more Spy/Soldier and Medic/Soldier in general. Actually, I just love anyone and everyone with Soldier. I'm a slut for Solly.
>> No. 7846
Anon 2 here.

I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me. And the female Spy in Butterfly Knife in particular is not even simply a 63 version of Spy (like the female Spy in Entire Team Is Ladies), but rather a wholly different character with her own backstory that is heavily built upon her gender (she murdered her lovers because they wanted her to be a good little wifey, was never treated with any respect despite her efforts in the war, was forced to join the team against her will as a result of that).

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

In any case, if possible, I'd much prefer the fic to be Soldier/Spy, not Spy/Soldier.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.
>> No. 7847
Dove, I am so agreed with you in that we need more medic/solly. Most under appreciated pairing ever, imo.
So let it commence hencefourth!
>> No. 7848
Can we see some Medic/Scout? Preferably not guro, and with elements of seduction? I've seen Medic/Scout rapefic and it can get a little too violent for me.

I'm a slut for Medic/anyone, really, though I am getting a little tired of the reams (hee!) of Medic/Heavy.

I love the Doktor so much.
>> No. 7851
Kind of inspired by something else I came across. I can't believe I'm suggesting this, I hadn't realized I would like this sort of thing.

Medic is a transman. Thanks to his bizarre surgical skills and access to drugs, he's been able to make improvements on his body but he is far from satisfied. He wishes to make love to Heavy, but is frustrated that he cannot do it properly. So! He conspires with someone, probably Engi or maybe Spy, or maybe in desperation he just does it on his own, to hack into the respawn system. The goal? Give Medic's DNA a tweak so he'll respawn as a fully biological male.

Basically I want Medic exploring his new penis and testicles, surprising Heavy, and of course getting to properly test drive his body in bed.
>> No. 7852
I'd like some Medic/Soldier too. Preferably something related to Medic having Spy's head in his fridge and Soldiers crazy head collection.

And Heavy/anyone that isn't Medic. The big guy simply isn't getting enough love from the rest of the team!
>> No. 7853
>>6 Go check out Caddy's Reposts (it should be somewhere on the second or third page of afanfic by now). It features three excellent stories, the third of which is a completely consensual, non-guro Scout/Medic titled "Go Avay."
>> No. 7858
>>9 Oo, I like that one! "Not now, Scout. You are on fire."

I guess I just hope for more. I like seeing Medic with the upper hand.

Wonderful characterisation.
>> No. 7860
Captcha = ever, smoredu - Yes, do some more forever!

What I want is firey-hot, dizzying romantic foreplay. Romantic and raw at the same time, with atypical pairings.

Not that I have anything against the perennial favorites of Heavy/Medic, Sniper/Spy, et al. I'd just like some love for the others.

Why not Demo and Pyro bonding over the smell of cordite and hot metal? Maybe some tender Engie/Medic topping with bonus fucking machines?

(I'm not jaded, I swear!)
>> No. 7861

I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

I can see what you mean. She is different enough that she can be counted as an OC. (To be honest, Soldier is fairly different as well but I'm too enamored with the plot and the different personality to care at this point. It might make me a horrible person but at least I'm enjoying it.)

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me.

Are you sure? I'm doing my best to make my genderbend the RED Soldier that we see in Meet the Soldier and the comics, a woman not to change her but to show how the team's reactions to her change when she tries to engage in the same annoying trends of yelling at people and attempting to force them into meetings or drills. She's not particularly feminine either (exact same outfit, crew cut, features almost exactly the same), and in her forties besides, so most of the team doesn't view her as sexy. She's simply an annoying "old" woman.

But if you're not interested, that's fine. If you would still be willing to give any constructive criticism though, I'm desperately whoring myself out for it. Most of the people who respond go "I liked it" and I'm all "Okay, suggestions for improvement please?" D:

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

I read it myself and enjoyed it for the most part. To each their own, though. The person who said they were writing the Solly/Spy prompt seems to be keeping it to themselves until they finish it, so it'll probably arrive whole and complete when they do post it.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.

I'm all for that. However, my personal POV of Soldier is that he's too socially awkward to successfully woo someone so he tends to wait until someone makes the first move. That's how I usually view him though, no matter what kind of details I've elaborated into his personality. So, I have no problem with Soldier being dominant, submissive, or anything else in bed but I have a hard time seeing him as directly initiating without fucking it up royally or at least not going about it very sensibly. Which could be hilarious and I do love humor in my porn, admittedly.

I've also rarely seen an openly gay/bi Soldier myself. I suspect it's because his character is potentially very religious or patriotic or otherwise culturally inundated with "American" values, so most people assume he's either repressed or had no idea before. (The reason people make Spy openly gay/bi is because, while still partially discriminated against, it was more openly recognized and somewhat legal in France as well as a few other European countries.) I have no problem with it but Soldier would have to recognize his desires, get over or completely avoid any possible inhibitions, and manage to discuss something that doesn't involve guns, haircuts, or pushups.

Not impossible but a lot harder given that he's very stubborn and he's officially middle-aged, so potentially less flexible (and yes, he'd probably have to be middle-aged to fight in WW2. Even if he wasn't precisely eighteen at the time he tried to join the military, he'd still be early forties at the most logical. Anything much younger and he's going to Europe on the verge of puberty, which is a lot harder to accept without some really good writing. Might get away with it by suggesting he didn't enter Poland until the War had already ended. Personally, I prefer to think he at least made it there during some of the actual War and was a teenager who had already gone through most of puberty at the time.)

Err, but I went off on a tangent. So, uh, it just takes a little more effort making Soldier forward. Unless, of course, it's pure PWP or the writer has a fantastic and reasonable way around it. I'd be happy to read it, don't get me wrong. I'm simply turning it over in my head and not figuring out quite how I'd end up writing it, if I tried. I suppose there's always KGBigelow's approach but, even in Fun Time with Helmuts, Soldier didn't become open about it until after it happened and technically never initiated anything.

Frankly, I remember seeing those hilarious pictures, where someone photoshops a disapproving Soldier into an ordinary TF2 porn pic. I'd wondered recently if maybe it was possible he was disapproving because he was jealous (which struck me as being even funnier at the time.)

... I keep trying to figure something out. I have too many stories as is. I'm hoping I don't figure something out. D:

If you have any thoughts on what would make a forward Soldier happen or how it might work out in his favor (maybe Spy finds it cute that he's awkward or weird or too direct?) or any specific plot ideas then I might be bitten by inspiration. And that would force me to add it into my collection of Works in Progress that might be finished some day. I have a sense of something stirring in the back of my mind but it's nothing as yet. I'm still grasping at straws for something tangible.

I'd like some Medic/Soldier too. Preferably something related to Medic having Spy's head in his fridge and Soldiers crazy head collection.

I agree with both of your sentiments. This idea especially! I am so trying not to write anything else though! Not to mention, the only thing that comes to mind is this conversation.

"So, have you ever fucked those heads you collect?"

"EW! I would never touch my troops that way!"

"Is it because of the decomposition? Because I have a solution for that."

"I know I'm going to regret this but... proceed!"



Seconded so hard! I LOVE all pairings and I'm eager to see any of them with obscenely passionate love. That said, what are the "standard" pairings beyond the two you mentioned? I'm not sure what the utter go-to pairings for anyone else are.

Why not Demo and Pyro bonding over the smell of cordite and hot metal?

I'm not sure what cordite is, too lazy to look it up, but I would totally love to see that. It sounds fun.

Maybe some tender Engie/Medic topping with bonus fucking machines?

I suggested back in the most recent pairing the idea of coming my idea for Engie inventing a fucking machine with some of the other ideas others suggested: Engie and Medic engaging in the use of SCIENCE! for seductive measures and something else I don't recall (might have been the Engie invention rivalry.)

Incidentally, for >>6 and >>8 there's one on the next to last page that I think might already fit your criteria, to some extent. Crappy name and semi-crappy formatting but fantastic writing with a bittersweet ending (also longer than the initial three chapters the story thought it was going to be.) I really enjoyed it at least.

>> No. 7862
Guh, I swear I know words! That sentence was supposed to go more like this.

I suggested back in the most recent request thread the idea of combining my idea, Engie inventing a fucking machine, with a few other ideas that had been suggested: namely Engie and Medic engaging in the use of Science for seductive measures (such as dirty talk and maybe foreplay) and I think the (potentially) friendly Engie vs. Engie invention rivalry.
>> No. 7867
>>12 Hello there Dove

(Self confessed voracious-reader newbie who doesn't really know how chans work but is willing to learn and is encouraged by getting an actual reply - Hi there!)

I've seen quite a bit of the Soldier/Engie "helmetparty" stuff, and some Engie/Sniper. I'm amused by that last. Two laid-back guys for whom precision in the workplace is the norm (wrench swinging aside) do seem to fit together, don't they?

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

Oh yes. Cordite (according to Wikipedia) was invented in 1899 to replace black powder for a smokeless substitute propellant.

I just lovelovelove obscenely passionate (as well as obscene passion) fic. It's probably the one place where my intellectual and hormonal erogenous zones overlap. Pretty please..?

Thanks for that Engie/Medic recommendation. It was sweet and I liked it.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?
>> No. 7876
Re-re-requesting my request of a fic based off of this picture right here: http://tf2chan.net/dumps/src/131498316297.jpg I have desired this particular request ever since I came to the Chan almost two years ago.

I'm also re-requesting my request of a Tentaspy/Heavy porno fic. With Heavy bottoming.

Don't leave me hanging, guys!
>> No. 7884
Scout and dom Medic - Scout's been "trained" before, signed up with TF as a brash, mouthy brat to get away from the past - but something about Medic pushes all his old buttons and he's desperate NOT to be found out.
>> No. 7885
Bonus points for sexy, silky menace Medic as opposed to just barked commands and whip trauma.
>> No. 7889
Too embarassed to namefag while posting this request. I would like to see sounding. It would have to be Medic/any-fucking-body as long as it's not sissy!Scout
>> No. 7892
Scout/Pyro, sensory deprivation.

(Captcha says scalawag - not bad, captcha.)
>> No. 7894
First request here, I hope I'm doing this right. If someone can do this I will be eternally grateful.

Spy/Sniper/ScootMa - I like threesomes, what can I say?

Spy and ScoutMa are together. ScoutMa is intrigued by tales of Spy's adventurous sexual past and bisexuality and decides she'd like to see what it's like having two men in her bed at once. Spy is all too happy to oblige; anything for his petit-chou-fleur.

Sniper has caught himself having decidedly impure thoughts about other guys and decided that that + his history of striking out spectacularly with women must just mean that he's a big ol' fag (not just an awkward, loner bisexual bushman) and doomed to be outcast and alone because it's 1968. Because I assume if trying to figure out your sexuality today is still complicated, it must have been hell during TF2's era. I also like the idea of Sniper that is totally laid back and confident about all things outdoors, fighting, and shooting shit, but absolute rubbish at intimate social interaction. I'm lame like that.

Everyone has tons of hot sexy fun with everyone. How Spy and ScoutMa lure Sniper into bed is up to you.
>> No. 7904
This post has been deleted.
>> No. 7905
Going to go ahead and repost my Demoman/Scout with plot request.

Don't know why I want to see that so much...
>> No. 7906
We all know the Kritzkrieg makes you do super damage when Ubercharged in-game, right?

What if it makes you have super sex performance too?
It can be any pairing, with Medic either a voyeur or in the pair. Preferably if he was a voyeur though, don't know why I prefer that.

And before you ask, yes, it was inspired by http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/131969305927.jpg
>> No. 7908

I stumbled on the answer to a more foreward, relatively realistic Soldier. I guess it's just hilarity to no end. I approve but I fear I could never do it justice. The below is Soldier/Scout instead of Soldier/Spy but it is fucking hilarious and I so want to see that kind of Soldier initiating and trying to get Spy to fuck him.


Also, this could be a great prompt for the Soldier initiating idea that I found in one of the older request threads.

Dr. Scuffles

So, weird request ahead. A soldier/spy- could be a one shot, could be a longer piece, whatever you happen to choose. The stipulation is that at some point, Soldier macks on Spy, narrating each step of the process as if he's slowly taking towns in the Dday invasion, ending (of course) with the 'liberation of Paris'. I prefer team RED but it doesn't really matter.


Hi! You're welcome, far as the recommendation goes.

I guess the big three pairings overall are Heavy/Medic, Spy/Sniper, and Soldier/Engineer. Everything else is either secondary or tertiary (the tertiary being the ones almost never seen or never really done before.) Truth be told, I like them all, but I get tired of the first two major pairings a little more easily than I do the last major pairing.

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

I think the problem is less the accents, though that is always an awkward issue to get a handle on. For Demo, it's that he has some very different canon representations. There's the drunk off his ass in the game and then there's the partially drunk, angry man in Meet the Demo. Then there's the WAR! comic which presents him as a very loyal, sweet, sober person. It's nowhere near impossible but it is awkward trying to roll all of that into one very complex person. For that reason, unless the story focuses on him at some point, I think that's why he tends to take a back seat.

Not to mention, the whole thing about racism in 1968, which is generally awkward. Most people understandably don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole as it could quickly derail a plot if introduced. So people either tow the line at realism or ignore it. Some of them may decide to just avoid the whole issue altogether by ignoring Demo. That's my hypothesis anyway.

As for Pyro, that's more of a lack of knowledge issue. Because we know very little about Pyro, unless the story discloses very little about what Pyro is like, Pyro is essentially an OC. Also because we know so little, some people have a very precise way they view Pyro and may or may not enjoy their head canon being disrupted. So, again, I think most people avoid the issue by letting Pyro fade into the background or ignoring him/her outright.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?

What do you mean? Response boxes on all other threads are at the top. And at the very top of TF2 chan are links to the main channels but if you just type in tf2chan.net it'll take you to the main page with every link available.


I intended to have something similar happen in Hunting the Hunter. Might write it as a separate story sometime. Don't know. Either way, I heartily approve and recommend others go for it as well. My idea was a camping trip up north, complete with cabins, and Spy invited Sniper to show up, which he does, and Spy booked a cabin with Scout Ma.


I gave a suggestion for what the plot should be in the last thread. I didn't feel like writing it though.


OMFG! Someone write the story behind that picture. RIGHT NOW. I demand it! Please give me that... Dr. Strangelove joke is applicable and desired.

Holy fuck, I shouldn't have started digging through one of the older request threads. This one I'm reposting because for some reason it really appeals to me. Great idea for really random pairings?


Everyone on the team needs release because of how long they've been out there. So solider puts everyone's name in a hat and they all draw names. Between who ever you want.

I have some more ideas as well, partially inspired by one of my prior requests and partially inspired by the other request thread. I'll always have some dumb shit to ask for.

I really want awkward, friendly Engineer who is having a bad day and has been pushed to his limits so he is beyond cranky but not quite evil. He blows up at the people on his team who have been annoying him to no end and he's just had all that he can take.

So he goes to stew in his workshop or his room. Enter Engie's lover, class of choice, who offers foot rubs, back rubs, and kisses as well as anything else to relieve stress. Break him down and build him back up. Also fine if Engie feels better but still isn't entirely happy afterwards and can't fully get over it until he's fallen asleep. Now at least he can fall asleep.

Also, idea. Evil!Engie kidnaps opposite team Sweet!Engie and rapes him or gets another team member (or machines or toys) to rape him. Poor Sweet!Engie needs cuddles and non-sex comfort from someone he loves and trusts after that.

Also also, idea. Spy sapping sentry is treated as if Spy is raping the sentry and Engie acts as if it is his child or other family member (or wife, if you want him to have been fucking it) and tries to rescue the poor thing. Then he tries comforting sentry after dispatching Spy. Like, he takes it back to base real gentle and sets it up just right in workshop and doesn't hit it with wrench, no no. Shhh. Is a good sentry. It's not your fault nasty Spy sapped you, no no. D:
>> No. 7909
Anyone read the new halloween comic?
What about vegan!soldier, bonus points if he's still a badass and looks after archimedes or something.
>> No. 7915
kind of weird, but a sort-of tavish/jane request:

after the WAR! mess, tavish misses jane terribly and starts pursuing his own team's soldier to fill the void. sexy times ensue, but afterward tavish feels hollow because it's just not the same. whether or not tavish and jane had a relationship beyond friendship before is up to the author, i don't mind either way. could also work in reverse with jane pursuing blu's demoman.
>> No. 7917

I have now! And while it was hilarious, I can't imagine Soldier being a vegan. Vegatable-loving Soldier of any sort I can handle (Jane probably loves tomatoes, given the BBQ and soup, and might love other veggies; my own head canon is he's a farmer's son so he eats tomatoes raw and out of simple anger and sympathy tries to take care of BLU Medic's poor, dying, neglected house plants in Medic's office) but I wouldn't go so far as vegan. I mean, Soldier is extreme, granted. He could go that way but I'd prefer just vegetarian at best. Besides, the fact that Merasmus had to ask who brought the veggie platter, when he knew his roomie was there (and probably knows his eating habits, even if they both try to avoid the dishes), would suggest Soldier didn't bring it (but might have approved of it.) Unless he was just trying to be a dick, which is also possible.

I'm kinda confused though. I thought the official Demo page says he lost his eye (or at least the use of his eye) trying to destroy the Loch Ness monster? So was his story simply exaggerated or was it all true? Also, I don't think I've ever seen Heavy speak in third person before.

(I'm also kind of disappointed they didn't get Makani to draw the newest comic. Not that little Demo wasn't cute as all get-out but this artist isn't as awesome, IMHO.)

I am amused that every time they explain something supernatural it's because Soldier angered a wizard (which I never knew before but it's the best answer ever!) That part of this comic I am totally down with. I love the idea that Soldier is basically a weirdness magnet so that everything bizarre, supernatural, or otherwise alien is drawn to him at all times, no matter his location.

I do wonder where he got the kids from. They seemed okay with it so I don't think he kidnapped them. I think someone was desperate and suckered him into a babysitting job or paid him to take their kids trick or treating.

I now request porn where RED Soldier brings someone home to his apartment, preferably class but anyone really, and tries to get Merasmus to temporarily leave (out to a movie, whatever excuses) so he can have sex with his date. Naturally, Merasmus is hard-headed and possibly angry.
>> No. 7918

I suggested something like this in the prior thread. I heartily approve.

I'm most interested in Tavish pursuing the RED Soldier because I think it's fascinating to try and figure out how Jane and the RED Soldier differ. I like the opposite too but since the Soldiers are more openly insane and we know more about RED Solly than we do BLU Demo, I'm more interested in that. I would still be eager to see Jane trying to pursue BLU Demo, as coming up with differences between the two Demos would still be a lot of fun. I'd actually love if they both do that and then realize what their former friend is doing, making both of them horribly jealous. Then they recognize how much they want each other and make up. Or it furthers their anger into a mutually obsessive rage.

>> No. 7924
Re-requesting this:

I believe someone mentioned gay chicken in another thread and how there should be some in afanfic.

So, I request gay chicken with two Scouts. Maybe the RED and BLU Scout often meet up at ceasefire to play games and contests to see who's better, and then one day they decide to play gay chicken. When neither of them back out, they start to go further than just kissing.
>> No. 7925
I love the Sniper's voice. Especially when he talks really quiet. I can't be the only one who thinks this?

Voice kink! GO!
>> No. 7931

Someone please write this. I would read the shit out of it.
>> No. 7932

This, right?

Demo and Scout go out drinking all the time because they're good buddies. Demo keeps bringing Scout home with him when he thinks Scout is too drunk to go back to the base alone. Demo's mother starts thinking Scout is a girlfriend (and naturally starts griping about her, how manly she sounds, and when Demo plans to marry her.) Scout is horrified but Demo thinks this is hilarious and plays the idea up.
Scout becomes annoyed and eventually reveals he has no problem being Demo's lover, he just doesn't want Demo's mom to think he's a girl. Demo resists the idea because he doesn't want his mother to be upset. Scout finally just tells her and then Demo has to deal with it. Could be a happy or sad ending. May or may not end in Demo and Scout love forever. Also might involve Scout Ma meeting Demo Mum.

How is that for a plot? Could be cross-faction. Could include obligatory jokes involving BLU Soldier.

Captcha: SrkAir birth. The birth of Srk Air.
>> No. 7933
Re-requesting Sniper/Miss Pauling because reading Dove's fic left me hungry for more.
>> No. 7934
Anyhing Scout's legs centric.

Like the request with the leg fetish and the one where Scout's legs are lost in battle resulting in hurt/comfort.

>> No. 7935

I've kiiind of been kicking around an idea for a Sniper/Pauling piece, but it involves femdom and I'm really not too sure about it. Btw, where is this other Sniper/Pauling fic you speak of?
>> No. 7936
So, I usually don't like requesting because I feel bad for being a shitty writer and not being able to contribute as much as I'd like, but I've got this one idea I would NOT be able to do justice to, and I know there are some people out there in this fandom twisted enough to execute it. Anyways. (Also, if you squick easily, you might not want to read my idea.)

The idea:

Degloving. It doesn't necessarily have to be of the hand, though I do have a thing for hands. (tried to write a pyro/soldier one about a hand obsession that got creepy. finished product ended badly) I don't care which classes are involved, though I tend to like more unusual pairings (again, not nessecary). Also, I don't care if the degloving happens because the person has died and several days of humid exposure has cause the skin to slough off of the flesh, if someone is really skilled with a knife and skinning, or by some other means. So long as skin is removed, resembles what it was removed from, and something is done with it. No guro restrictions; feel free to go all out. Adding elements is more than welcome. If I can't tell if I should be horrified or aroused at the end there is no better result.

Thank you for reading.
>> No. 7944
So.... turns out Soldier has some new (robot-themed) lines now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8H1RjjoGKs&feature=player_embedded.

"Come with me if you want to live! With me! In my apartment! I need a roommate!"

I just... See, that line has potential but I can't help but see... /various scenarios/, shall we say, ruined by Soldier insisting on acting like a robot.
>> No. 7950

Yup! That's the one. Nice captcha. I wonder how badass Srk Air is to have a name like that?


Please do write it! I feel kind of bad for leaving the only other Miss Pauling/Sniper fic hanging but I can't help it. I have a bunch of other crap calling to me and I'm trying to finish those first.

Here is mine. I should've edited it more before posting.

Also, if you need a sounding board for ideas, I'd be happy to help. Just email me. Can't swear I'll be useful but I am like a freaking plot bunny farm over here.

So, I usually don't like requesting because I feel bad for being a shitty writer and not being able to contribute as much as I'd like,

I personally don't feel bad requesting because I look at it as contributing an idea that might inspire someone else. I have LOVED so many of the ideas in these multiple request threads and I've been inspired by a few of them. Others I've loved but know I can't do justice to. I think of it as doing the idea a favor by releasing it into the wild and waiting to see if some other writer snatches it up. Wait, that metaphor... Er, I'm just feeding their imagina—DOH! NOOOO, I'm not trying to slaughter the little plot bunnies! I want them to liiiiive! So that I may read them and enjoy them greatly! D:


Ahahahaha! Oh, those are good. The tone is hilarious but not exactly sexy. Still... I think Soldier pretending to be a robot could have hilarious implications, even in bed. I mean, from a Soldier/Engineer perspective anyway. Soldier/Medic as well possibly. Actually, it could be very cute with anyone but those two have some very specific applications roleplay-wise.

Also perfect:
"I am a ro-bot! Boop! What is love?" (We can teach you. In bed.)
"I am pro-grammed to be scary." (Let ol' Engineer fix that.)
"My foot will transform into a foot - with your ass wrapped around it!" (You meant to say your dick instead of your foot, right?)
"Scientists in the future have studied your ass for centuries - and sent me back in time to kick it!" (You meant you were sent back to fuck it, right?)
"I will find you. That's what I do. That's all I do. There you are! Shutting down." (Then he hops out of that costume and into bed!)
"I cannot be bargained with! I cannot be reasoned with! I do not know where I am! I am a robot, I don't understand anything!" (Poor thing, your programming is incomplete. Just relax and let Engie take care of everything.)
"I will never feel pity, or remorse, or fear, or comfortable - in this costume." (Then lets get it off you and have some fun.)

Also, as horrible a roommate as Soldier would be, my immediate thought to that line was "YES I'LL GLADLY BE YOUR ROOMIE. I'm currently a dead beat but I'll be happy to do the dishes. When I feel like it. I swear I'm not a hippie..."

(Also, for some reason "I am going to slap the magic out of your mouth!" followed by "I'm calling the police!" turns me on. That's from the last page of the comic. It makes me wonder how many restraining orders the RED Soldier has on him.)
>> No. 7957
I would like to see HeavyxHeavy or SpyxSpy... Just something I thought of...
>> No. 7965
Poker Night at the Inventory. Heavy mentions he has nightmares that involve "dead Doktors everywhere". This sounds like a prompt for a great hurt/comfort, or perhaps Heavy freaking out over it and having sex with Medic just to prove to himself he's still alive. Sweet drama.
>> No. 7966
A female gets a job with the team, sneaking in disguised as a male class of choice, for unnamed political reasons. Bound breasts, etc. Engie finds out from respawn records, and Medic finds out from medical examination. Both now have to be bribed with sexual favours to keep her secret.

Bonus points for a threesome with all of them, especially if there's a fucking machine.
>> No. 7968

I find that very adorable. It reminds me of one of the stories in Anne's request thread (I think) following the incident in Mercy where Medic was killed by an explosion hurling a can of green beans through his skull. In other words, yes, we need more of this.


... Is it wrong of me to approve of this entirely (including the fucking machine threesome) but with the added notion that the woman was REALLY hoping those two would find out because she wanted to screw them all along? So the bribe actually gives her an excuse not to feel slutty (vaguely) and they can't tell anyone else or what's the point of getting more bribes from her? I would also prefer this as a You and etc. with no explicit class or anything else.

Yeah, I'm all kinds of stupidly fucked up.

I swear I'll shut up for a day, one of these days.
>> No. 7970
Quite honestly, I get the feeling that there isn't enough Same-Class-cest out there. Perhaps a fic where each class is secretly screwing their counterpart?

And... Sniper. Drugged, trussed up like a present and left upon various class's metaphorical front doorsteps. (Extra happiness if this is spy's revenge.)

Last but not least....
One of the classes managed to steal a magical book off of the Wizard (the one that sent them back in time for that one map) And, surprise, surprise, it turns out to be a spell book completely devoted to Erotica. Peeping-tom spells, libido spells, love spells, fuck-each-other senseless spells, summoning of fetish gear, summoning horny tentaspies, magical bondage, and everything else. It's all in the book. The class starts off with a few simple spells and rapidly builds up confidence. Then, they unleash an orgy. Possibly including both teams.
>> No. 7971
> 43
I am seconding this SO GODDAMN HARD I believe I ruptured something.

Captcha: Liqure Saline.

Medic? I believe the captcha is calling you.
>> No. 7972
Based on the newest TF2 comic, I'd like to see RED Soldier x his Wizard roommate. Preferably consensual, but with bickering.
>> No. 7974
In the normal game, when a team wins, most of the time they can charge in and kill any member of the losing team they find. Well, I want to see a fic where, instead of that, when the winners catch a losing team member, they can pretty much do whatever sexy thing they want to them as a reward.

A big plus for me would be if the losing team member that was caught was Engineer.
>> No. 7975

Oh baby.
>> No. 7978
Amazing how fast Rule 34 kicks in huh? I'm kinda impressed.

So instead of raping them metaphorically, they'd be raping them literally!
>> No. 7979

Seconding this.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person to have a leg fetish.
I really wouldn't like Scout as much as I do if it weren't for DEM CALVES.

On a side note, I'm very tempted to give this a whirl. I'll have to entertain the idea some more and see if I feel compelled to write.
>> No. 7980
I usually don't bother making requests in these threads, but you know what? Fuck it.

I'd like if somebody wrote some straight Engineer porn. The lady is up to the author. I just like to picture him as a very romantic guy in the sack and I'd like to see him treating a lady right.

No I'm not feeling lonely shut up.
>> No. 7981
ScoutMa in the middle of an epic group thing. NOT with the classes, with her boys. Preferably Scout's entry-into-manhood via learning just how messed up his family is.

I can't believe I'm even bringing this up, I'll just go asdfghjkl;...
>> No. 7982

okay with this.
>> No. 7986
i'd love to read a fic inspired by those ridiculous military experiments conducted in the 50s/60s - especially if it involves LSD (like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86D0BFq1hI )
first, our favorite mercs are reduced to a giggling uncoordinated mess and then they inevitably discover that touching stuff suddenly feels, like, seriously nice man. which could lead to a full-out orgy or just two classes of your choice hooking up, or maybe it'd just be a new experience for an established couple.

as for the setting, it could be an official experiment performed on both teams simultaneously or it could be one of the Medics' private project - either drugging his own team or having a Spy contaminate the enemy's drinking water. Or it's all Administrator's doing and the Medics have no idea what's going on (and are tripping balls themselves).
>> No. 7987

THIS. Seconded so very, very hard.
>> No. 7988
>>54 THIRDED. Most definitely ! Sounds very intersting !
>> No. 7989
I made the request for that old engie x you fic, and I've kept looking but haven't seen hide nor hair of it -- it's really superb, and while it wasn't exceptionally romantic, engie was definitely being a good Southern gentleman. I will redouble my efforts to find it. We needs it!
>> No. 7990
>>43 >>44

I love you for suggesting this. Especially the magic sex book. I'm a geeky IRL RPGer and though I never RPed anything like that, there were a couple of RP books out there for it. They always amused me.

I suggest for the trussed up Sniper, as Spy's revenge, that he be left on Heavy's or Demo's metaphorical doorstep.

I approve! But I want to add, maybe they break up since Solly's asking for a roomie? Or maybe they need more rent money and when the other class moves in is when the reader discovers their relationship.

Dude, we need a threesome of RED Soldier, Merasmus, and an alien related to that one update where he got sci-fi gear!


You have given me a great idea. Thank you! I am intending to write three short vignettes based on one of my own prompts as an exercise in writing something short but evocative. This will help me with the idea for one of them. It's gonna be Engie btw.


I've been wanting a lot of this lately! So much. I second it and I may even write it properly someday. For right now, would you accept a short reversal? Engie's had a super bad week/month, comes home wound up, and his wife helps him unwind? I wasn't planning actual sex but maybe I shall include that. It's going to be very short, as the nicest story in a three part vignette circling around the theme of Engie hurt/comfort.

I think it's funny but Engie really is the guy I most easily see as being gay, bi, or straight with nothing to constrain him to any specific one outside the story itself. (I automatically write everybody as bisexual, unless I'm aiming intentionally for straight or gay and even then I tend to lapse into bi. I can't help it.)


I could write that. I already had a Scout family made at one point, for HtH, and I thought about Scout Ma being kind of fucked up (having kids young and bad decisions from there) and also a bit "gonna change the world" villainous out to break-up the RED/BLU monopoly on government yeah. My Scout's already kind of fucked up from his oldest biological brother being how he is. Not sure I should inflict incest on him... but what are writers for? Hah hah. No, seriously, not any time soon. I am working on way too much shit and if I start writing another semi-AU of HtH I might as well slog away at HtH instead.

If anyone wants to write that before me, dive in. I'd suggest, unless you have awesome ideas for brothers, to focus on Scout.

>>53 >>54

Fourthed! I like the idea of the Medics not knowing what's going on and tripping balls too!


I wish I could help. I don't know it. I would love to read it when you find it, though. |:

Hey, if anyone knows where most of Lolo's stuff is, perhaps she wrote it? She seems to have written a lot of class x you stuff. I'm guessing based on skimming the class x you thread here and an older request thread.
>> No. 7995
Engineer convincing Sniper to go to Texas and vice-versa, showing each other their homes and cultures. Sex is very much wanted.
>> No. 7997

I recommend this be combined with the idea of a ranch and horse riding be involved, from the previous thread. I don't know enough about horses and riding to get it right but I'd love to see this. Engie owning a ranch and horses would be awesome. Plus, I love cowboy Engie!

Also like the idea of Sniper taking Engie to Australia. Especially given australium and the hilarious stereotyped nature of most Australians, with Sniper being kind of the exception. Also, for some reason I want to see Engie lassoing a kangaroo. And getting a medal or something for it. Australians boxed kangaroos to become king (currently or prior) so what does one get for lassoing a kangaroo in public?
>> No. 7999
Simple, slutty, unbelievable hot and messy Engie/ Pyro PWP to the tune of Electric Six's "Danger! High Voltage." (For the love of god go watch the video, and get that glowing genitalia in there! Heck, keep the moose and the saxophone as well.)

It doesn't have to be a songfic ('cause those are often weird and amateurish) just so long as you're inspired.
>> No. 8010
Kinda reluctant to post this, since probably no one else wants it...but I kinda have an armpit fetish. Don't know where it came from either. Soldier/Anyone with this and I will love you forever.
>> No. 8011
Someone has a harem of Scouts, preferably Spy. It could just be a dream sequence, too. I got the idea from this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/ekl21c.png
>> No. 8017

... I would read armpit porn.

I was actually coming over to request scent-centric smut, which is not totally unrelated, but every time I've wanted to ask for it, I've stopped myself with a 'No one else wants that'.

So, I will take some courage from you, Anon 61. I want some seriously-getting-off-on-the-smell-of-their-partner porn times. My preference is for Sniper/Spy (since of all the guys I 'ship in TF2, Sniper's the one I can most easily see being into that...)
>> No. 8027
Oh yeah, I kind of forgot to link to this last night after posting. My new thread has some requests in it. Cat Bountry, it sort of relates to yours. Also, the anon who asked for Engineer being raped during humiliation.


It sounds delightfully bizarre (haven't looked at video, sorry) but I'm never comfortable writing for Pyro, generally, so I defer in favor of hoping that someone else will write it.

>>61 >>63
I would be all over that shit, arm pits or not (but I like arm pits.) Smell is not necessarily easy to write about IMHO. I salute anyone who goes for it, especially with either suggested pairing. I... I might try it out as an experiment, just to see if I can write such a thing, but not right now.

HAHAHAHA! I like how they're just all around him, admiring him. Holy crap, is he sitting on a teleporter?! I don't know what to think. I approve, though. I approve so hard. Especially if it's a sexual fantasy that Spy has.

May I also suggest a Heavy having a sexual fantasy about a bunch of Medics? Or an Engineer with a bunch of Soldiers? It could turn humorous too. (I feel horrible, for just choosing the most obvious ideas but I just keep seeing how HILARIOUS it would get if the Medics or Soldiers got out of control and started bickering over the one Heavy or Engineer.) Or, hell! Spice it up with Heavy imagining a bunch of Soldiers and Engineer imagining a bunch of Medics!

Bwahahaha. Let's take this places with every class fantasizing about a bunch of one class in their harem, imagining how great it is, and then realizing how it could go so horribly wrong. Not all of them have to be sex, either. But most of them do.

Heavy/Soldiers, Engineer/Medics, Spy/Scouts, Scout/Heavies, Pyro/Spies, Medic/Pyros, Sniper/Demos, Demo/Engineers, Soldier/Snipers

I like this. Let's do it, people! At least one of them?

Also, I'm going to try and shut the fuck up for a few days in this thread. I swear. I'm sorry I keep making so many fucking posts. I get enthusiastic about this. ):
>> No. 8034

Yep, thirding (is that even a word?!) this. I was the person who request scout-amputee-stuff in the last request thread so I'm just gonna be a lazy shit and copypaste my own message:

"Something deep about Scout. So he wouldn't always just be the cocky, obnoxious brat without any character depth. The way I see it is that he acts that way just to hide his imperfections and fears.

Also, scout is 20, so he is an young adult, not an teenager.

I've been thinking a plot where Scout would lose his leg, possibly due a respawn malfunction. The story would examine his coping with grief for losing the "only" thing he is good at, running. Romances and sex are a nice bonus. The fic can be very dark, I'm such a sucker for angst and tradegy. I also have a huge kink for amputees. This could also include robot limbs, now that I think about Engineers robot hand.

I would also love to see something male Pyro and Scout related. I've always imagined Pyro to be the second youngest on the team, 25 or so. Due to this Pyro and Scout would come along well, they share same intrests and stuff. I like the idea that Pyro wears the suit and mask because he is badly burn. Thats arousing in a dark way.

YES I would definetly want to see some amputee porn, especially Scout/male Pyro. As I mentioned earlier I have a huge fetish for amputees. I'm not into amputee raping thought, it would destroy the tenderness, even I like some rape stories.

Also the idea of Pyro helping Scout to get trough the loss of his legs is very adorable. If the Pyro is badly burn, he kinda knows what it feels like to lose something and to be "marked" for the rest of your life.

And I still had something to say but I forgot what it was as I got so carried away with this amputee thing...Dangit.

Oh now I remember! The "scout loses his ability to run" -story would also work with paralysis as the reason, but IMO it is more interesting with amputation. Somehow that way it would be so much more...final and shoking."
>> No. 8041

Hells yes, Dove. Please would you write the Engie/Medic/x threesome? No writing so lubricious as that by someone who shares the kink, you know.

I admit to loving Engie's teddybear physique. And Medic's fierce intellect and accent simply... reach the parts others can't. I like the idea. A lot.
>> No. 8048

I know but please, someone write this!
>> No. 8053
I didn't know whether to come here or in the gen fic request thread. I guess I'd like porn if someone could figure a way to lead into that, but pretty much I desire Soldier and Sniper in an Odd Couple trope. Maybe along the lines of something happening to Sniper's van and Soldier wanting a roommate. Might be even more hilarious if Soldier caused the van incident inadvertently. Their personalities are bound to clash, but something about it works.

Bonus points if Engineer is a regular visitor, being friends to them both. Double plus bonus if there's a threesome.
>> No. 8059

I still approve all of this but I'm trying not to comment on things that have been mentioned before, especially if they've already got backing in this thread. Also, it seems that Banimal might be working on it. Check out the Muscle Management thread for a link. I haven't read it yet, because I was trying to stay focused, but I never seem to learn that I need to avoid afanfic if I wanna be truly productive.


You tempt me, Mus. I also like these things (ENGIE IS MADE FOR SNUGGLES) but I don't know that I write Medic that well. I'm definitely going to give it a whirl sometime in the future but since I haven't been grabbed by any specific ideas regarding it (no thoughts for how it begins or how it should develop) I am letting it sit on the back burner. That doesn't mean I need ideas but it hasn't grabbed me so, if you want to be evil as hell, suggesting more specific things that you'd like to see might stab me in the creative bits quicker. Still, I can't promise anything regarding speed on my end.


I don't know who Slenderman is. Is that a superhero? BTW, guys? I've wanted a Hellboy/TF2 crossover forever. I just never said anything before because I didn't realize until Halloweens how that could have been very fitting for this month. TOO LATE NOW MAYBE THANKSGIVING

Also, I have a weird thing about Delirium from the Sandman running into a Soldier, who is of course one of her peoples (YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE, THAT MAN IS DELIRIOUS.) Of course, there's that scene where she tries to get into Hell, right? Yeah. Soldier would totally piss off anyone, including Delirium (though I don't imagine he'd do it by punching what appears to be a little girl), so uh... if that's what she would (supposedly) do to the demon lady, what would she threaten Soldier with? It could be sexual dude (though not with her, that might break rules even though she's actually older than time.) Let's get creative! THOSE RASPBERRY-FILLED CHOCOLATE PEOPLE WERE FRANTICALLY COPULATING.


I am seething with rage (I don't need more stories) and happiness right now. I call DIBS on this one! I mean, don't let me stop anyone else from writing it but holy fuck, Kilo. That is UP MY ALLEY SO HARD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm going to try and keep it short, I have so many stories eating my life away. Also, I'm going to add in >>45 because I think that is fucking perfect. And YES I will have threesome with friendly Engineer, you bet his sweet ass I will!

Thanks to this idea, I have also made a change to my BUDDY COP request. It needs to be Soldier, having accidentally gotten his old partner killed, paired with Sniper as his partner. The other Soldier should be the Defense Attorney. Demo needs to be the one in the Witness protection program. Also, the other Demo could be Soldier's previous partner or else he's Chief of Police!

Administrator should be Mayor. Saxton Hale can be the Mob Boss that is connected to her and who they are trying to take down. Spy should play the Prosecution Attorney. Heavy is still the Judge. One Medic is a witness or a professional consultant witness and the other is forensics for the police. Choose whatever pairings you want but Cop Soldier and/or Attorney Soldier should totally have had something in the past with one of the Demos. It'd be funny if it was Cop Soldier/Mob Witness Demo and Chief of Police(or partner) Demo/Defense Attorney Soldier.

... Engineer is the only one I can't figure out. I keep thinking about it and all I'm getting is two Engineers sitting on a couch, totally no where near anything related, playing video games like Street Fighter or something. Or in an arcade maybe. They seem to be refusing to cooperate. Maybe they're the friendly eccentric geniuses that the Buddy Cop duo go to when they can't puzzle out the clues. Like Sherlock Holmes' older brother. Imagine two Engie's giving them the "I was having fun and now you're bothering me with THIS?" look, before tossing something out, totally solving the shit out of it, and then going back to their game as the Cops look at one another before running like hell to get to their car and REACH THE TRIAL IN TIME! Or something.

Somebody please, I'm serious. Go wild with this one. It will be more beautiful and hilarious than it has any right to be. I don't know if I can write justice drama parody or I'd try it myself.
>> No. 8060

...And I love the idea of a Slenderman crossover (I wonder if he would get along with Odd Scout :P), but actual porn is a bit not sure if want.

Sorry if noncon is too overdone, but I'd be interested in a story where someone is raped, and since the classes are so similar, this affects their feelings towards their rapist's counterpart. For extra angst they could have been a couple or good friends before, but that's not necessary.

Also, is there a sameclass pairing that hasn't been done yet? If so, it should be.
>> No. 8062

I imagine there would be a lot of stalking/ paranoia build up and then rape later. Actual porn for me is a do want, very violent actual porn. I'm glad someone else likes the idea though.

lol I think Slender Man would just eat Odd Scout. I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
>> No. 8063
Hey, please I could have some links to long Adult Fanfics? Preferably with Spy/Sniper.

I'm not entirely sure where else I could ask, but thanks in advanced.
>> No. 8064
>>70 >>71

Slender Man vs. Spycho

Before or after rape of Sniper. If Eximplode doesn't mind other people writing the TNI characters. (I still haven't really read TNI, haven't taken the time as I know it's long, but I know about it and I've seen some fan arts.) Good idea or bad idea?


Holy crap. Look for anything with Anne the Cat Detective as the author in here, most notably Mercy, Mercy Redux, the Shuffle, and Howl, Dog (what-if sequel to 'The Sun Is Burning'). Also The Defiant Ones series (she wrote it but someone else posted it here.) She writes lots of long, absolutely lovely Spy/Sniper stuff. This is just the longest completed stuff, I think.

There are also lots more long ones written by other people in here too, I just don't recall them all off the top of my head. Crossdressing Fortress is another great one that only recently had some Spy/Sniper but it's so good. "SNUFF" - [Sniper/Spy; KOTH Viaduct] is mostly Spy/Sniper and it is amazing. The Reed Fields, Dances with Tigers (short but related to the Reed Fields), and Moi Petit Bécassine are also amazing.

And that's just Spy/Sniper stuff. Some of those are complete, some of them aren't.

I would give you links but shit, just click "all threads" and these will be unveiled. The names are exactly the names of the threads, I believe. Pro-tip, anything else with a large number of posts is going to be long or extremely well-loved. Seriously, just dig through Afanfic and you'll find what you're looking for. You'll be reading for days. There's also the archives, if you go to tf2chan.net and scroll down a bit.
>> No. 8066
Dances with Tigers (short but related to the Reed Fields)

Both fics are Spy/Sniper and by the same author, but they aren't related at all. The characters and the events are completely different, the Spy and Sniper in Dances with Tigers --- SPOILERS.SPOILERS.SPOILERS --- eventually leave BLU and RED, go live in Australia, make peace with Sniper's parents, get married and grow old together.

Mercy, Mercy Redux (the events of Mercy from Sniper's pov) and the Shuffle take place in the same Universe, they are all part of the same long story. There is also Shuffle Rashomon Addition (the events of Shuffle from other people's povs) and Cease Fire (distant epilogues).
>> No. 8078
What I'd really like to see is Creepy!Pyro/Engineer.

Basically Pryo is a little to obsessed with his teams Engineer. To the point of stalking, possessiveness, and anything else you can think of. It'd also be interesting if Pryo gets angry and lashes out when he finds out that Engie is already in some sort of relationship (either with a wife or another team member)
>> No. 8079
>>64 It would be funny to see heavy imagining about having a huge harem of medics.
>> No. 8085

Kilo and Anon may now hate me forever regarding my rushed attempt at RED Soldier's room mate adventures! It's not complete but I wanted to be able to post some of it while it was still Halloween here. I am frivolous like that, yes. D:

Sorry, it's been a long time since I read Dances with Tigers. I knew something was the same.

The opposite is also true. Now imagine every single Heavy in some kind of skimpy garment and looking coy.
>> No. 8088
I still approve all of this but I'm trying not to comment on things that have been mentioned before, especially if they've already got backing in this thread. Also, it seems that Banimal might be working on it. Check out the Muscle Management thread for a link. I haven't read it yet, because I was trying to stay focused, but I never seem to learn that I need to avoid afanfic if I wanna be truly productive.
I too usually try to avoid mentioning things that has been said before but I just thought that request was on the very end on the last thread and... so yeah, sorry.

And thanks for the info, I'm gonna go check that out!

(sage because this isn't really related...BTW captcha was "cumference", I sense something good...)
>> No. 8092
Ok, I do believe I got a very sexy idea.

Sniper and Spy, Spy lied about his sexual escapades and is still a virgin, Sniper not being very skilled either, so when they first have sex its really bad. So, they need practice.


Captcha: facts -agreed.
>> No. 8093
Harem full of Heavies sounds like best idea ever!

I'm dying. Virgin!Spy does delicious things to me...
>> No. 8097
We need Medic imagining about a harem of Heavies and Heavy imagining a harem of Medics.

Don't forget sniper/spy and vice versa.
>> No. 8098
>>69 Haha! Dove, ask and I shall continue to tempt you, and simply point upthread..

Anon from 41:
"A female gets a job with the team, sneaking in disguised as a male class of choice, for unnamed political reasons. Bound breasts, etc. Engie finds out from respawn records, and Medic finds out from medical examination. Both now have to be bribed with sexual favours to keep her secret. Bonus points for a threesome with all of them, especially if there's a fucking machine."
Add to that your suggestion:
"... Is it wrong of me to approve of this entirely (including the fucking machine threesome) but with the added notion that the woman was REALLY hoping those two would find out because she wanted to screw them all along? So the bribe actually gives her an excuse not to feel slutty (vaguely) and they can't tell anyone else or what's the point of getting more bribes from her? "

Let me also add to the mix the thought that Medic might be playing with the concept of Orgone (universal life force, from sex, according to Wilhelm Reich in 1930) as a modification of the Medigun. Maybe that's where he and Engineer can be working together?

Perhaps also with the idea of Status Orgasmus, a state that can last minutes to hours. It differs from multiple orgasm in that the person never actually gets to come down between them. (Never mind it was a term coined in 1995.)

I am grinning now as I scatter the plotbunny lures about.
>> No. 8103
...which isn't to say I won't be (ahem) squeefully grateful if anybody else wants to have a go at this one.

>> No. 8107
Well I'm not really used to requesting so here it goes. I'd like to see some Scout/Spy works. It seems that most of the stuff that this chan involving this ship is usually focused on non-con dark stuff as opposed to anything romantic like other ships around here. So I guess I'd like to see that.

I guess class wise I would like to see RED Scout/BLU Spy with a look at how they got into their relationship (so character development is a must I tend to prefer it in my fictional romances, fanfic or otherwise).

I suppose this could also be put in the general thread too but it seems like most people tend to look at this thread for ideas. Anyway hope this is enough to make a request out of.
>> No. 8108
Spy getting some absolutely devastating news from back home. Of course being Spy he decides to remain professional, but the emotional shock eventually takes his toll on him and he cracks. Cue someone finding out what's up and being a shoulder to learn on in a totally awesome bromantic way. Or sexy way. Or both.
>> No. 8149
Either Scout/Spy or Sniper/Scout with Scout getting really flustered/embarrassed?
>> No. 8151

Seconded LIKE WHOA
>> No. 8153
>>86 Unf, yes please.
>> No. 8156
Heyso. Finally managed to seize on a searchable phrase and found two-thirds of the engiexyou fic I was looking for.. no male end unfortunately, but some is better than none.

Of course, it was still here on this board.
>> No. 8157
I feel weird for suggesting this, but as I can't get it out of my head.

Medic/The Doctor (Doctor Who)

General idea: The engineer finds a strange blue box sitting out in the desert. So he brings it in to run tests on. A man pops out, and is quickly subdued by the team. It is soon discovered that he has two hearts, and is left to the medic's "tender mercies."
Bondage, non/dub-con, puns and possibly drugging ensue.
>> No. 8158
YES. Especially if it's the 10th.
he didn't get tied up enough.

My idea:
Just not explored enough.
Sniper and Spy, in their vests, and just their vests.
Because Pyro burned everything else.
And then baked a huge dish of chocolate pudding.
>> No. 8159
Spy spanking Engineer. I can't begin to tell you how much I want this.

Can be either a sexual or punishment spanking. Or maybe it started off as punishment and turned into sexual (that would be just great right there).
>> No. 8162


And Soldier or Engineer spanking anyone.

Like Soldier getting fed up and decides to whip his men into shape sort of thing. Or Engineer giving a good lickin'.

Yeah... that sound nice.
>> No. 8197

I've actually been working on (almost) exactly that, for the last several months, on and off. Seeing you request a story that I've already got in the works has motivated me to pull it together and crank it out. It's actually BLU Spy x BLU Scout; hope that's not a major disappointment for you. Since (as you said) there is character development, it's no one-shot, but I'll try to get as much done as quickly as I can.
>> No. 8199

Seconded harder than anything I've seconded in a long, long time.

Bonus points if the Doctor first pops out in the middle of a battle, when the Heavy is hurt and begins to yell 'Doktor!'. This may be followed by 'Little man is not Doktor!' and 'Yes I am. I'm the Doctor.' awesomeness. And then some vivisection fun (two words that really, really shouldn't go together...)
>> No. 8202
Okay--bare with me here. First time suggesting a story. Multiple pairings and plot.

Alright. So the two teams have been cut off from their respective organizations. No rations. No power. No bullets. No re-spawn. To make matters worse-- they're in one of the colder climate maps, like Viaduct. The trains carrying the supplies can't come in, as an avalanche has covered the tracks. The 'war game' has been brought to a temporary stand still, until the engineers can get the needed supplies from the trains to fix the shorted out fuses that power their respective bases, so they can power up the re-spawn machine once more, and get back to killing each other.

Some of the team mates from either side have died in their last fight (before they figured out that each base was powered down), and won't be around again until re-spawn is fixed; because of this, the teams decide they need to work together, and hold out through the storms and declining rations, till the trains come through.

I was thinking, maybe BLU could have lost their Sniper and Medic, and that RED could have lost their Engineer and Heavy.

The BLU Engineer will have to work between the two bases, trying to figure out how to fix problems and hopefully restore power. Maybe he discovers that he can power up the enemy base again, but hides this information, as then only they'd have the re-spawn.

The RED Medic must work between the two has well. Tending to wounds that were inflicted in the last fight, but were unable to heal, as his medi-gun relies on being charged from the main power supply in his base. He'll have to fix the wounds in the old fashioned way. Time and a good doctor.

The RED Sniper-- being the only bush man left, and the only man between the two bases that has the knowledge to stalk and hunt prey, now has to go out and hunt for wild game. Bringing back the meat for sustenance, and the furs for warmth in this harsh climate. (Concrete bases get cold when there's no power)

I was thinking the pairings could be RED Sniper/BLU Spy (the spy accompanies him on hunts, as his team suggested it was the only way the spook would be useful-- Sniper disagrees. The two enemies are spiteful and bitter, but things change after something dramatic happens on a hunt. Maybe Sniper saves Spy from a bear, but gets hurt, and the Spy drags him back to the bases.)

BLU Engie/RED Pyro (The ever curious fire bug wants to learn all it can from the Texan. A helpful assistant turns into more?)

RED Medic/ BLU Heavy. (The Large Russian helps the doctor move medical equipment from base to base, and helps him in the infirmary. Medic misses his own friend, but finds a common interest with this one.)

Other pairings are fine too-- main thing is cross-base romance!
>> No. 8204

... I want this more than anything now.
You know, this could also translate pretty well into a possible roleplay plot, too. That just sounds hell as fun to write about. If I were confident in my abilities as a writer I'd definitely try this.
>> No. 8205

I do have quite a thing for waistcoats/vests of all varieties... I second this.



This hits so many of my kinks.

Stop giving me plotbunnies, chan...

If no one else claims this by the time I finish one of the things I'm already committed to, I might have to write it, but I am really hoping someone else does...
>> No. 8214
To 94 (Sorry still unsure how to select people on this chan)

Oringinal requester here. I'm looking forward to your story now and I'm happy, if a bit humble, to think my request is helping you finish it. Don't worry about the pairing being exact that doesn't bother me, besides the request was very general anyway.

Anyway best of luck on the rest of your story and I hope to read it soon.
>> No. 8215
"I was thinking the pairings could be RED Sniper/BLU Spy (the spy accompanies him on hunts, as his team suggested it was the only way the spook would be useful-- Sniper disagrees. The two enemies are spiteful and bitter, but things change after something dramatic happens on a hunt. Maybe Sniper saves Spy from a bear, but gets hurt, and the Spy drags him back to the bases.)"

...please someone write this.
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