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Spy/Medic - Chances [part II] (14)

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Recently Spy had been outside much more than usual.

His experience with the enemy Medic had kept his mind occupied... amongst other things. Just thinking about it made him want another cigarette, and with nothing better to do, he headed outside – sunset, he noticed. He was going to have to be careful; it wouldn't do to run out before the next supply truck rolled in.

He knew he was being illogical – it was strictly a one-off encounter; RED Medic had got what he wanted, and the best he could hope for in return was the doctor looking the other way in the heat of battle if he unluckily walked into his little syringe-blasting weapon.

Nonetheless, his gut feeling insisted he spend more time outside, and he trusted it wholly. Anyone with a smidge of talent could sneak about, but it was the sixth sense that separated the dead spy from the live one.

Sitting down, and watching the sundown, he counted that it was nine days since that afternoon. He didn't know why he was so keen on chasing this Medic down... maybe it was just his natural hunter-versus-prey instinct.

He was about to light up – also, his cigarette breaks were taking longer – when he saw the RED Medic step out the main building, shadow long and clear behind him. He had his Medigun this time, but seemed to be intent on something, and headed towards a certain toolshed.

Spy put the cigarette back in its case. Some things were better than nicotine.

He shadowed along the bridge, de-cloaking when the shed provided cover.

"Bonsoir," Spy announced, smirking as Medic jumped slightly.

As soon as he spun on his heel and saw who it was, he relaxed. "Dummkopf, I could've shouted, taken by surprise like that," Medic said, rolling his eyes. "What kind of spy are you?"

Spy smiled. The Medic was teasing him. So far, so good. A part of him had been prepared for this being a trap. But where was the fun without the risk?

"I've been wandering out here between shifts in the medical wing."

"Still no privacy at home?" Spy inquired, a wicked sparkle in his eyes.

Medic shook his head, smiling. "No, I have my own space again. Soldier fell afoul of Demo, as I thought would happen. Never try to separate the man from his first drink of the day."

Spy found it odd to hear about the people his team had to cut and gut their way through as personalities. He was used to it in infiltration missions, but it was a first for this battlefield.

Medic looked business-like all of a sudden, stepping closer. "I've been hoping you'd turn up."

Spy's eyes narrowed, suddenly suspicious of what was in Medic's hands. "I sincerely hope that Medigun doesn't mean you plan to ambush me with your team."

"Nein," Medic replied, shaking his head. "But I would look odd going outside undefended when I had to pass the others. Last time... was an exception."

"So -"

"So," Medic breathed, grabbing Spy by the arms, pulling him in close, "I'm going to return the favour."

Spy's heart beat hard and fast as Medic grabbed his tie and deftly unhooked it, despite his thick rubber gloves. This was a surprise.

"You know, I didn't really think-"

"I know," Medic answered, stripping off his gloves in order to unfasten the suit buttons and belt.

Spy watched, dazed, aware his back had been pressed against the wall and the warm, firm weight of Medic's body pinned him there.

"I've been thinking about what you did," Medic murmured, "every night."

The thoughts surrounding this statement aroused Spy more than being stripped of his control and clothing.

A rustle, and his pinstriped suit hit the floor.

Medic breathed out, pleased with what he saw. Spy had a lean frame, and there wasn't an ounce of fat accompanying the well-defined muscles over it. Scars criss-crossed his skin, but they only marked his trade, and his ability to survive in it.

Spy swallowed, wondering what the doctor had planned for him, as he was admired as though an artpiece for several moments. He was the Spy, *he* was the one supposed to seduce and manipulate the enemy! Yet he found he didn't mind this turn one bit.

"Weren't you... going to return the favour?" he asked, feeling odd, exposed with Medic sizing him up. Maybe it was the glasses, making his eyes feel like they burned into him, like he was branding his name into his flesh. Maybe it was because he was completely naked, and Medic was not.

Medic looked up, chuckling softly at the apprehensive, but longing look in Spy's eyes. "Oh, yes," he answered.

"With interest," he added, slowly dropping to his knees.

Spy's cock twitched in anticipation, suddenly realising what the Medic had in mind.

The doctor's hands were warm, and those fingers were as nice as Spy had fantasized. Slightly rough, but his touch was gentle, and it made his cock stiffen to its fullest at the explorative brushes.

"Easily pleased, I see," Medic teased warmly.

"Bastard," Spy shot back, and shuddered as Medic deliberately rolled his thumb over the head, watching him with an evil smile on his face.

Medic teased and tested his patience, using his dextrous fingers to stroke his balls and the underside of his erection, making his hips rise from the wall.

"Docteur, I wasn't this cruel to you," Spy complained, thoroughly overcome; his eyes were shut, having relinquished all control.

Medic finally granted his wish and pressed his lips over his aching flesh. Spy closed his eyes, lest they roll into the back of his head, as he was eased into an obliging mouth, that almost immediately began to pleasure him, the doctor's head bobbing leisurely against his hips.

"You're good," Spy murmured, trying not to let himself slide to the floor bonelessly under the doctor's ministrations. He was very good. It was intriguing, knowing the doctor was experienced at these things. "If this is your medicine, I want more of it."

The doctor smiled, but didn't stop for an instant, focussing on nothing but sucking softly, his hands tracing the Spy's legs and thighs.

Spy moaned, having held it in as long as he could. The Medic was just too damned good. This was how he wanted to die on this base, he decided, deliriously.

Medic's hands changed course, sliding over his stomach and chest, tracing the bumps and ridges, until his fingers found a nipple, teasing between two of his fingers. The response was a deep sound of appreciation, and Medic shifted his hands attention to it and its twin.

Spy was cursing softly in French under his breath.

The doctor was relentless, tracing him around and along, as though searching for some invisible imperfection, but finding none. That, combined with the heat and depth of his mouth was pushing him closer and closer to oblivion.

Spy held onto Medic's shoulders for dear life. Déjà vu.

Medic's hands finally slid up to his ass, and began to massage deep into the muscles there. Oh god, how could the man have known he liked that so much?

"I'm going to come," he muttered, feeling the end coming for him.

The doctor didn't even hesitate, didn't stop for an instant. All it took was for his tongue to make contact unexpectedly with that sensitive area below the glans. Medic heard the choked cry, and swallowed everything Spy gave, feeling his skin shiver against his hands.

Spy shuddered deeply as Medic withdrew, feeling both amazing and drained. All he wanted to do was lie down and enjoy the afterglow, maybe play with the Medic's tie idly before the next round.

Medic smiled as Spy sank to the ground to recover, and sat next to him. It just seemed right, to be companionable about this odd scenario.

"Did I pass the examination, doctor," Spy said vaguely, making the Medic laugh.

"You're very healthy, Herr Spy," Medic answered, in his most professional tone. "Although I think we've breached *that* professional relationship."

Spy regained his breath and his thoughts after a few moments, and turned to the doctor. "Then maybe we can play the grown-up version," he said suggestively.

The other man's face became suddenly solemn. "Spy, I am sorry, but you know we can't keep doing this."

"Why not?" Spy asked, taken aback.

"Because sooner or later we will get caught, and we will both be killed. That is not what I want to happen." Medic looked uncomfortable. He was aware he had taken two huge risks with this, how many more chances did he have left to play?
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Spy didn't share his sentiments, and frowned for a moment. "Ah," he said at last, looking rather disappointed. "I suppose it is easier when you put it that way..."

"That's not what I meant," Medic said quickly, sensing what Spy was saying. "If you weren't BLU... I mean..."

"Then we need a safe haven," Spy mused aloud, pleased.

Medic looked exasperated. "I don't want you dead!"

"Tell that to your team. I believe we usually attempt to shoot and stab each other a few times a month."

An awkward pause.

"I am a spy. I know the risks. I take them. And this is no different. And so far, it has been excellent. Wouldn't you agree?"

Medic wanted to say something, but Spy pounced on him first.

"But for the moment..."

"No, dummkopf, this is exactly the recklessness I –"

Spy shushed him effectively by finding his throat with his teeth, loosening the tie in the process, whilst the doctor's voice faded into a quiet gurgle. His mouth kept him quiet, whilst his hands worked on getting the doctor out of his uniform. It seemed only fair.

The lab coat became a sheet beneath them once he had pulled the Medic's arms free of it – and the other man was subtly assisting him, despite his protests. The cotton shirt went next, Spy mentally cursing whoever created buttons.

He sat up, and saw two things: one, the doctor looked deliciously dishevelled on the floor, tie still half-on and his deep breaths made the smooth plane of his chest rise and fall sharply. Two, that he had got carried away, the doctor's neck flushed red with his bites and kisses.

"Ach, no more looking," Medic groaned, and pulled Spy back down to him, who was only too happy to continue.

His mouth trailed down across his chest, finding a hard nipple with his lips, and latching onto it, dragging his teeth over it experimentally, pleased to hear a shuddering gasp from the other man. Although, it was getting him aroused too, and as much as he hated to admit it, Medic had a point, they weren't safe here... ah, he wished he could continue to make the other man writhe until he begged, but they were lacking time...

He shifted up, and supplied Medic a wicked smile, pressing his hips down against the other man's.

"Das... that's –" Medic shuddered, losing his surface thoughts as Spy rolled his hips against his, and a firm hand took their cocks and began stroking them together, heated flesh adding to the delicious sensation. It was basic and dirty. Medic liked it. A lot.

Spy struggled to keep his balance, to keep a nice rhythm between them, and hold his own weight. He groaned, pleased, when Medic's hands assisted, one surprisingly strong grip holding him steady, the other, assisting between their bodies.

"Merde," Spy mumbled under his breath, as it came apparent that neither of them were going to last this one; Medic's little sounds were driving him closer and closer and he could feel the doctor tense underneath him.

It was Medic who gave out first, burying his cries into Spy's shoulder. The sensation of liquid heat slickening their stomachs was enough to drive Spy over the edge, gasping as he responded in kind, until they settled into a sticky, sweat-slick mess across the outstretched lab coat.

Spy lay there, panting softly, and his stomach flipped gently at an unexpected kiss placed against his mask. What on earth was that?
They lay there for a while, recovering, and neither really wanting to deal with the clean-up process. Finally, something had to be done, and the lab coat was sacrificed for this purpose.

"So... I'll be seeing you?" Medic said eventually, once they were dressed, in a sad, but hopeful way.

"No, you won't," Spy answered, smirking. "I'm a Spy."

"You know that isn't what I –" Medic tried to warn, but Spy had cloaked before his eyes. He was gone.

Medic smiled a little to himself. Spy had refused to acknowledge a farewell. Perhaps he did understand what he meant...

And so, it looks like there will be a third (and theoretically final) part. Thanks for reading, concrit always welcome. I hoped you enjoyed it. :)

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"I'll be seeing you"/"no you won't i'm a spy"
i love this

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I love you Charshy. So much. ~<3

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This is buff ting, and pretty much the perfect reading material for rolling in drunk. Cheers!

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Hazzas are in order!

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I'm not sure how porn can be simultaneously hot and dirty AND adorable and sweet.

But this is.


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you.are an awesome writefag.it was hot,and cute,and good end.and i had the best fucking[LOL] mental images.mmm.i look forward to more of your writing.

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great FF, very enjoyable to read!

btw. adding some german and french utterings is very cute :3

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Part III soon, plz. X]

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I'm really really enjoying reading this. You do good work. :3

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Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! You all make me grin like a loon and wiggle happily that people are enjoying it... and to have achieved fapworthy status, I am proud. :3
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